The Absence Ch. 02

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Six yards of saree wound around her supple body did more to accentuate her sexuality than hide anything. She went to get the mutton curry and rice for the young master whom she had only just deflowered, as it were.

As she stirred the curry to a simmer her mind was on the stirring inside her. Lokesh (whom she had called ‘chinayya’ or young master for years now) represented unbridled libido but also a certain sophisticated gentleness which she had never experienced before.

Her mind was specifically on the tender kisses he implanted on her bare back before the demands on his virgin body made him fuck her. The amateurishness and the quick release were no surprise for so young a man. Nor was his desire to fuck and ability to release so soon after having been masturbated to a finish.

And while her mind was on the spots on her back that came alive to his kisses, she took in her breath sharply for she felt it again. It was not in her mind. Lokesh had come up behind her. There was just a band of soft cotton going diagonally across that beautiful expanse of flesh, leaving much of it open. He could even see the bulge of the side of her breast before the saree stole away the sight from him.

No one had ever kissed her, much less in an area not associated with plain and simple fucking. The men in her social circle that she was likely to encounter just mounted her and pounded into her. In like fashion, she pounded into them. The vigor made up for the lack of finesse, sometimes leaving her wonderfully tired and relaxed, even if a bit sore. It was just sex.

The kisses on her back were something else. Lokesh kissed the middle of her back and she shivered. He gently pressed his lips up on each spot down the spine, sucking her till it released with a pop. She gasped. He moved lower. And lower. And lower. Her pussy melted and flowed. Already the accumulation of cum from him had seeped and saturated the clutch of cloth of the saree she had tucked between her thighs. Now she surged.

The waist of her saree stopped him whereas the lower part of her body had already been reduced to jelly and she had subtly spread her leg and was ready if he reached the cleft of her buttocks and went anywhere from there.

He did not. He traced the way back up. The knot at the back of her neck — she did not know that it could send the same electric shock that she felt when her nipples were toyed with! Oh, she wanted him so badly!

He nuzzled her, standing up to his full height now. She moved her face sideways and the gentle caress of face upon face and the wisps of hair excited both of them. Also standing up to its full height was his erection. But prodding her made him wince as the cockhead was bulging, unprotected by foreskin and canlı bahis feeling super-tender. He reached down and pulled it back up so that it was pressed between them. His abdomen, his raging erection and then the crevice between her buttocks.

She could feel its complete dimensions. There was something about that first fuck with him that left a lot to be desired. It was more about overcoming his first pangs of hunger and nothing more than that. She wiggled her buttocks and felt him — it was going to be delicious to take that in deliberately and consciously. She was going to take him the way she wanted, she told herself.

For now, it was Lokesh doing the taking. His cock was warmly snuggled up to her accepting buttocks. His body was pressed against her. His hands went to the front to claim her breasts. The cotton was seductively soft and even softer were the breasts within. He held them, weighing them. Fingers searched out her nipples and played with them. Obediently, they stood to attention. He caught each between his thumbs and fingers and stroked them gently, tugging. All through the cloth because despite searching, in his ardor he could not find the way to go below the garment. His hand slid lower, caressing her tummy and threatening the probe the vale between the legs.

It was all too much for her and she swung around facing him. Her hand reached below and held his cock firmly. It seemed to hum with a life of its own. Her own desire had soared with his gentle kissing, nibbling and stroking. She now noticed that the cock could not be contained in her hand. But she knew a place where she could contain him in full and use him. “Fuck him like an animal!” her mind told her, much like the way she was used to being mounted. She wanted to do the mounting. She wanted to be the … be the… be the…

A sputter from the curry told her it was thickening more than she intended. She turned off the stove and still holding his cock asked him, “Don’t you want to eat?”

“Yes, I do. But not what you think?” he replied. He was a virgin till a short while ago. But his educated mind had been imaginatively absorbing the sexually charged content he viewed on YouTube. He was a different kind of guy. In theory, he knew the anatomy of a woman intimately. But beyond that he favored the exploration of a woman so beautifully depicted in many a movie. A woman had needs. And he could especially see in lesbian-themed movies that a woman’s need was a great way to open a pathway to his own needs.

And here he was with a woman at his disposal. With plenty of time at hand. He had not tried something silly with her. It was she who had opened the floodgates. And now he intended to do everything.

Without knowing it in so many words, bahis siteleri Laxmi felt it in him. Her face reddened at his suggestion that there was something else he wanted to eat. “Eat what?” she asked, her voice in a stutter.

He kissed her eyes as he spoke. “Did you see on my computer what that woman was doing to her friend? Like that,” he explained. The flow between her legs was definitely not his or her cum from before. She was melting inside. She had never had anyone kiss her down there. In fact, till she saw it on the computer she had not heard of it or imagined it.

“But what about this?” she asked of this imaginative novice. She slid her hand up and down his cock which was now dripping onto her feet and the floor below. There was no answer. She remembered the scene on the computer when the women had swiveled around and each woman’s face was buried in the other’s crotch. Maybe that ….

They slid to the kitchen floor. He shimmied down so his face was at her abdomen. The saree was damp from all sorts of things. Her sweat, which smelled sweet to him, her cum, her natural aroma. She tugged her saree loose but left it to him to unwrap her. He nuzzled her, kissed her and stabbed at her with his tongue. She moaned loudly. Quickly her knees were up and spared wide as she comfortably lay back leaving herself open to him.

He did not disappoint. As fervently and tenderly as he had kissed her back, he kissed her between the legs. The difference between sucking on her skin and sucking here was apparently. . her guttural groans and moans filled the room as swiftly as his mouth filled with her juices.

“But what about you? Hunhh? What about that?” she babbled, her hand mimicking how the cock had felt in it. Pressing his head into her crotch lest he misunderstood what she wanted she slowly swiveled around. Already his cock was within her reach and she grasped at it, stroking it steadily. He was beautiful! That cock was so full, so large, so full of promise! As the swiveling continued it loomed over her face and her response was instinctive. She let him enter her mouth. She twirled it with her tongue and let him swirl in her mouth.

Lokesh changed the rhythm of his mouth to accommodate his care for her … he made loud smacking kisses on her pussy. And then felt like fucking her so he pumped her mouth. She squealed as she tried to provide his cock with a channel to fuck inside her mouth. The deep suction on her pussy caused her to convulse. She added her hand to his cock to control the hammering so that she fucked him at least in part with her fist.

He was going to cum again and her hips were already thrashing uncontrollably as she came. Her buttocks thumped the floor and rose to fuck his face. She threw herself bahis şirketleri wildly, the cock escaping her mouth as he tongued her mercilessly. She was cumming and it was instance. She held on to his cock fisting him and kissing its head intermittently as she chanced upon it now and again.

“Laxmamma!” he groaned loudly into her pussy as his cock responded to her fisting. She knew he was cumming and she had not stopped cumming either. continuing to control the stroking with her hand she gave him the comfort of her mouth. Her mouth provided him with a warm bubbling shelter while her hand gave him the pleasure. Her own legs wrapped around him to make sure her pussy did not miss one single tongue stroke or face fuck.

She thrust her pussy up fully, the mound projecting into his face. Her hands worked the cock furiously. He jetted into her and she took his cum into her mouth fully. Some she could not help swallow. Some flowed out of her mouth. His cumming would not stop. Her fisting him did not stop either. Neither did he stop sucking on her. Nor did she stop cumming.

She drank and tasted him fully. Her tongue continued to swirl around the pillar of flesh. The struggle to say connected and control the pulsing was equal on both sides. He kept his mouth plastered to her pulsating pussy. She kept her fist around his cock and the head in her mouth.

When the incessant motions of cumming ebbed and everything came to a quiet after the storm, neither of them moved. They lay like that. His face on her cheek and she with him in her mouth.

He did not shrink even a bit. His cock had spilled its seed only out of compulsion. Otherwise he was not satiated one little bit.

He dozed off eventually. She gently rolled him off. His cock was upright waving in the air. I have still not taken that in to my aching, yawning pussy, she thought.

When he awoke she was sitting with the saree again wound around herself damper than ever before; more stained that ever. In a plate, she had a heap of rice hollowed to take a large servicing of mutton curry in a moat in the middle.

He lay there as she carefully placed small balls of rice and gravy in his mouth. When there were pieces of meat to be fed, her fingers entered his mouth and he sucked on the them like he was sucking on her teats. It made her shiver. Slowly but surely, the feeding become messier. She licked at the gravy that was on the sides of his mouth. The bit that dripped on to his chest. And then the dots of curry she placed on her nipples and brought it to her young master to eat off her.

And then she lay back and he ladled on small dabs of curry to eat from each breast. Her neck. Her tummy. And further down. And from between her legs. And the curry tasted special when he did that.

He was eventually fed and nourished. So was she as she ate off his body. Finally, she was ready to fill herself with his cock and be pounded by someone who really knew how to make love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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