So Very Hot

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So very hot ….

It had been a long hot summer so far and it didn’t look like there was any relief in sight. The temps were climbing every day into the 90’s. Everyone was slowing down. It seemed even the traffic lights had no ambition to change from red to green and nobody was complaining because they didn’t want to move anyway.

Few people were out and about but his attention was draw to an orangy glow moving down the street. The figure glided along the sidewalk, almost floating. So graceful and confident and soft. A beautiful women. The breeze blowing down the avenue caused her skirt to flutter a bit at the hem revealing even more of the golden skin of her thigh. He was captivated. He watched as she walked toward him. He took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly imagining the sweet scent of her skin.

He was sitting at his desk, in the corner office of a usually busy downtown, daydreaming. Dreaming of a crisp winter day trying to cool his mind if not his body. Seeing her hot body didn’t help that any. It fueled a fire that was smoldering in his imagination. She had on a flowing wrap-around shirt and a tiny tank top and probably no bra… her breasts were swaying as she walked and her nipples were pressing through the thin fabric. He couldn’t stop staring.

The streets were nearly abandoned in the heat. The store owners were happy to see anyone walking outside. The ice-cream shop was doing well today. Remarkably so was the coffee shop, lucky for them they put a smoothy bar in early in the spring to attract the summer crowd.

As she passed his window he got up from his desk and told the receptionist that he would be back soon. “I’m stepping out for a moment, it sounds strange as hot as it is but a change of scenery might be good for my mind.”

As he stepped out the door he saw her duck into the coffee shop. “Yes!” he thought to himself, “what a wonderful opportunity.” He hurried down the sidewalk to the coffee shop.

They were standing in line next to each other. He was quite a bit taller than her but her high heeled sandals gave her a bit of a lift. He breathed in deeply, her scent was sweeter than he imagined. Beautiful fresh flowery perfume and fresh sunshine on her skin filled his senses. He stood there dazzled in a trance.

“Are You ok?” she asked rather loudly, he thought.

“Um yes… I’m fine thank you. And you?” he said but had a curious look on his face, he assumed a look that matched hers.

“Oh, the waitress asked You a question and You just kept humming a tune and smiling.”

“Sorry, that was pretty rude of me. I guess my mind was just somewhere else,” he blushed a bit. If they could read his mind….!

“That’s ok. we just wanted to make sure You were all right. The heat is really canlı bahis getting to people.” She said in the softest most caring voice he had ever heard.

“Thank you. That’s really very kind of you. I value kindness.” he smiled with a warm soft smile that made his chestnut eyes sparkle. She was taken by him.

“I hope you don’t think I’m being forward… but would you like to join me?” he asked in a quiet shy voice.

“Oh my yes… I would love to, thank You,” she answered almost too excited at the invitation.

They sat by the window. Kind of silly, there weren’t any people to watch, but there were a few cars driving through town. The conversation was pretty light.

“My name is Jack. I work at the bank building on the corner,” he offered.

“Nice to meet You Jack, I’m Jill,” she giggled a little, “I own a small tabacco shop down the street.” she extended her hand.

He had a wonderfully firm handshake. Very confident. She was soft and gentle. He liked her immediately. She was warm and friendly… and kind. They seemed to connect with when their hands touched and their eyes met.

“So you’re the new owner. I’m happy to finally meet you. I walk by the shop often, I’m waiting patiently for you to open,” he stated eagerly.

“I have a bit of a confession to make,” she started, “I’ve seen You sitting in the window at Your desk and I always thought You were a handsome man and that I would like to meet You. I just never had an excuse to come in the bank to find out what it is that You do there. And coming right out and asking a clerk just didn’t seem right!” she was starting to babble nervously. She caught herself and blushed. “I’m sorry I’m happy to finally get to meet You, too. I feel a bit silly now babbling like this.”

“No need to apologize, really. I’m flattered that you would think that. I’m an advocate for small business and commerical loans at the bank. I love small business, always have. I owned and managed my own business for years this is my opportuntiy to give back and help people returning the favor of those who took a chance on me over the years. I’m surprised we haven’t met before this.”

“Oh, the commercial loan thing… well, I had a bit of a windfall and always wanted to do something fun rather than the drudgery of the office that I worked at before. So… this was the fun thing that I did.” She continued to explain and he seemed to hang on her every word. “I once was in a small cigar shop in Windsor and I fell in love with the concept. The had a very large humidor that was orginized beautifully by not only the origin of the cigar but by size and shape and flavor. The mild to robust. Slender and mild to large and robust. The back room was a beautiful sitting area that You could sit enjoy the cigar bahis siteleri and a cup of coffee and chat with others.”

She had a sparkle in her eye when she spoke of her new shop. A certain passion he had never really seen in someone when they spoke of a business. The passion intrigued him.

“I’m sorry, i’m taking up the entire conversation. Please tell me about Yourself.”

“No please go on. I’m enjoying listening to you. Your voice is so smooth and comforting. I could listen to you for the rest of the afternoon.” He knew he went out on a limb with that statement.

“Well, with the idea I had I went to a decorator and started the cigar rolling…!” she started to giggle at herself. He laughed and it was a real laugh. Not a phony trying to make her feel better kind of laugh.

“You are so refreshing. I’m glad I spotted you walking down the avenue today.” he blushed terribly from that. “Well, there you have my confession now. I’ve seen you a few times and thought I would sort of follow you. I figured you must work downtown or maybe live in the area. So… I left my office to see where you were headed.”

“Oh my, now I’m the one that’s flattered. thank You for such a compliment.”

Our conversation continued for some time. It seemed that only minutes had passed but then Jack looked at his watch. “Do you know that we’ve been here for 2 ½ hours!,”

“yes, actually I did realize that. I’ve been enjoying myself so much that I didn’t want it to end.” she said with a sad tone.

“It doesn’t have to really. If you walk me back to my office I’ll put things away for the day and you can give me a tour of your shop.”

“What a wonderful idea. I would love an objective eye to look at it. I’m proud of it, but not too proud to have someone in business help me.”

“Consider yourself in taken care of!” his voice had changed, or so it seemed.

Her heart kind of skipped a beat and her mind spun a bit. “thank You for that. it makes me feel good knowing that You care.”

They walked back down the hot hazy avenue first to his office to close things up. Then to her shop to open a whole new world. A world she had only imagined. A world she had fantasized about so many time. One she thought would never be hers in reality.

She unlocked the door, she had to jiggle the lock a bit and her hands were shaking. “i’m sorry I guess i’m a bit rusty. it’s been awhile.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t have imagined that.” he said with a bit of a grin hoping she might catch her own double meaning.. and his. Kind of Freudian he thought.

“I haven’t been here in a few weeks. I was out of town and taking care of a few family matters.”

“Your family? Spouse?, Children?, Parents?, Siblings?”

“All of the above…less the spouse.” bahis şirketleri she was a bit timid to tell him about that relationship. It had scared her deeply. “My children went to spend time with their grandparents before school starts again. This way I have some time to get the business going too!”

They stepped though the door and into the most wonderful world. The rich smell of tobacco and coffee and the sweet smell of robust port. This blended with the newness of fresh decorating filled their senses.

“Oh my gosh it’s beautiful.” she exclaimed. “I had no idea it would be this nice. The finished everything according to plan, a million faxes and thousands of phonecalls.” she said all of this with a dazzled look in her eye. “i’m sure You won’t give me an objective opinion now that You’ve heard me going on”

“yes I will, of course I will.” he took off his jacket and and went to work rearraging things a bit. Moving things in the display case, a few of the nicknacks and a couple chairs. “How about that?!”

“You really do have an eye for this. thank You. to show You how much I appreciate it I would love for You to be the first to have a cigar in the smoking room in back.”

the stepped in through a drapped doorway into a paneled room with large overstuffed chairs. Jill stopped short and took in a deep breath and Jack pressed against her back and grabbed her around the waist so she didn’t topple forward. He held her tightly. turned her and kissed her fast and deep. they french kissed for a long while and when they pulled apart he said “I’ve wanted to do that since you first placed your lips against your coffee cup for a sip.”

He could feel her breath quicken and her breasts swelling against him. He pressed into her and she could feel him swelling and hardening. He brought her arms up over her head and held them with one of his hands and pressed her against the cool paneled wall. He lowered his mouth to hers and trailed his tongue down her neck and shoulder. It was a perfect moment. One that would last forever in her memory.

His mouth continued to trail down her breasts. She whispered, “oh please yes.” She closed her eyes and breathed in deep. She melted into him. It felt so right.

She parted her legs for him. He brought her arms down behind her back and held them together again. He pressed his hand onto her shoulder and she went to her knees for him. Her eyes still closed. she trusted him so completely. He carried her away.

“beautiful, pet. so good.” he said in a deep breathy voice that intoxicated her. His palm gently caressed her cheek. He unzipped his trousers and she took him in deep and fast. He gulped to catch his breath. then soft moans. His hips began to thrust into her deeper taking her mouth as if it were a warm wet cunt.

He spread her out on the soft rug that was near a table and chair and setting. He took her wrists and bound them with his tie and held her ankles with his hand and buried his mouth into her…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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