Sex , the 300lb Girl Ch. 01

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My name is Rachelle (it’s pronounced Rachel), and as the title tells you, I’m a 300lb BBW, this is the story about a wild night of sex, to be more accurate, the night I lost my virginity.

To more accurately describe myself, I’m 5’10, I’m close to 300lbs, with long blonde hair, green eyes, natural double E cup breasts, and freckles everywhere. I’m a California girl through and through. And tonight, I’m wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a pink t-shirt with hearts on it, a white cotton bra and thong panties.

I’m sitting in my favorite bar, it’s not far from where I live in Malibu, and I’m polishing off of 3rd beer, when a nice gentleman comes walking in and takes the stool next to me.

He’s about 6’0 with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and he looks to be fit and trim, I mean, he’s wearing a suit, but, he looks like he’s in great shape. I wonder if he’s into bigger women?

I tell the bartender his drinks are with me, and I look at him and smile.

“Hi, I’m Rachelle…” I say, smiling at him.

“Rachelle? Hi, I’m Steve…I must admit, I didn’t expect such a pretty lady to buy my drinks tonight.” He says, extending his hand to shake mine.

We sit and talk for a few minutes, when he stops and stares deep into my eyes.

“Rachelle, would you like to get out of here, in all honesty, I just stopped here before getting a bite to eat, would you like to join me for dinner?” He asks, again flashing his blue eyes at me.

“I’d love to join you for dinner…” I say, blushing slightly.

I pay for our drinks, and he takes my hand and leads me out of the bar, we get in a taxi, because we’re both too buzzed to drive. And we go to an all you can eat buffet.

“Is there a reason why you chose here?” I ask.

“Can I be honest, Rachelle?” He asks.

“Of course.” I reply.

“I watched you walk in to that bar, and I knew instantly that I had to have you. I brought you here so you could eat, I love watching a girl eat. I’m sorry if what I say offends you, it’s just, you’re so incredibly sexy…I’m sorry, I’ll stop talking now…” He says, blushing slightly.

I say nothing, I just lean up and kiss him.

“I think you’re sweet, you want a big girl, and you want to make sure your big girl is satisfied, am I right, Steve?” I ask.

“Yeah…” He says, taking my hand in his, and leading me to a table.

To my surprise, I had a really good time, we had great conversation, and because it was all you can eat, I must have had 5 plates of food, and he didn’t seem to mind at all.

When I finished all my food, and my 6th cup of coffee, illegal bahis he just looked at me and smiled.

“Rachelle, would it be wrong of me if I asked you to come back to my place?”

“Wow, you just met me, and you’re already asking me back to your place?” I say, meeting his eyes.

“Yeah, is it wrong of me to ask you that?”

“It’s not wrong, but, instead of your place, how about a hotel? I saw a nice place about a mile from here, we can spend the night, or, however long you want to stay.” I say, batting my green eyes at him.

He says nothing, he calls for a cab, pays the bill, takes my hand in his, and escorts me outside of the restaurant.

A few minutes later, the cad arrives and to my surprise, we go to an upscale hotel on the other side of town.

He gets a room for 3 nights, grabs my hand and leads me to the elevator, once inside, he begins kissing me, and his hand grabs my breasts, I actually have to push his hand away.

“Save that for the room, lover.” I say, wiping my mouth off.

The kiss actually left me breathless, and I can feel the dampness in my thong panties.

We get to our floor, and we race down the hallway, he unlocks the door to the room, we walk inside, and quickly he pins me against the door, kissing me passionately, squeezing my breasts.

“You don’t want to waste time, do you, Steve?” I say, lifting my shirt over my head, showing off my white cotton bra, which barely contain my double E breasts, he tries to grab my breasts again, I push his hand away and just slide my bra straps off of my shoulders, exposing my soft, fleshy mounds, with huge, puffy nipples.

“Your breasts are beautiful!” He says, grabbing my left breast, and rolling his tongue around the nipple, and biting it softly, and doing the same to the right breast.

I finally unhook my bra and let it fall to the floor as he leads me to the bed.

He shoves me down on the bed and gets on top of me, and we begin kissing again, after a moment, I feel his hand on my stomach, then on my jeans, then between my legs, and quickly I shove his hand away.

“I’m not ready for you to go that far, Steve. I just met you, slow down, I promise I’m worth the wait.” I say, softly smiling at him.

We begin kissing again, and this time it’s my hand that goes between his legs, stopping at the throbbing bulge in his pants.

“Open your pants, Steve, show me that hard, throbbing cock.” I say, sitting back.

First he takes off his suit jacket, then he takes off his dress shirt, showing me his white under shirt, then he takes off his slacks, now he illegal bahis siteleri stands in his boxer shorts, and slowly he lowers them, showing me is fully erect cock.

“Oh my God! How big are you?” I say, my mouth wide open.

“I’m 10-inches when I’m rock hard. Do you want to touch him, Rachelle?” He says, coming closer to me.

I nod my head yes, as I reach out with my left hand and firmly grip his manhood.

I begin to slowly stroke him up and down, just out of instinct, my right hand goes inside my pants, but, I realized that wouldn’t be fair, so I stop stroking him and stand up.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

I stand and unbutton my jeans, and let them fall around my ankles and I quickly kick them off, now I’m just standing in my white, thong panties. And my pussy is quite hairy, with hair sticking out the sides and top of my panties, and my panties have a noticeable wet spot in them.

“Oh wow!” He says. “You’re gorgeous, Rachelle.” He says, as I come closer, again gripping his cock, as his hand goes inside my panties, and I feel him slide a finger inside me.

We start kissing again, and I feel him start to pump his finger in and out of me. Does he realize how much he’s turning me on?

“Your pussy is so tight, I want to feel my cock inside you.” He whispers in my ear.

“Be patient, I’m worth the wait, trust me.” I say, but, can I wait, that’s the real question.

He starts kissing me more passionately, I feel his cock ooze some precum.

“Ok, lover, are you ready to see her?” I ask, hooking my thumbs in the waist of my panties.

He nods his head yes, and I lower my panties around my ankles, showing off my hairy pussy.

He walks toward me and gently rubs his hand over my mound, teasing my clit a little.

“Lay on the bed, I want to taste you.” He says, pushing me down on the king size bed in the room, and as promised, he buries his face in my hairy snatch. He licks for about a minute, then he comes back up my body, and kisses me.

I had never tasted myself until that moment, and I found it enjoyable.

“Did you like that, Rachelle?” He asks.

I nod my head yes, and he again buries he face between my legs.

He begins nibbling my clit, which is becoming super sensitive. Then he begins sucking on my clit, push two fingers inside me and curling them, touching my g-spot, driving me insane.

“I want that cock inside me, please, give me that cock.” I say, lust in my eyes.

“If you want this cock so badly, you’re going to have to do something for me.” He says.

“Yes, anything, and canlı bahis siteleri I mean, anything.”

“Oink like the pig you are, come one, Rachelle, oink for me.” He says, looking at me with those blue eyes.

“Oink! Oink! Oink! I’m a piggy! Oink! Oink!” I say, lowering my head.

“Good girl, lay on your stomach, I want to fuck you from behind.”

“As you wish, Sir.” I say, rolling over and laying on my stomach, placing two pillows under my stomach.

“Sir? Is my little piggy a submissive?”

“Yes, Sir…I mean…Oink!”

He comes up behind me, and slaps my ass a couple of times, he starts to rub the head of his cock over my pussy lips. Then slowly, very slowly, he begins to enter me.

“Oh my God…you feel so good!” I moan out, as his cock fills me.

“I want you to oink with every thrust I make, can you do that, Rachelle?”

“Yes, Sir!”

He begins fucking me, slow at first, my pussy is so tight I’m surprised he can even move.

“Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink!” I say, keeping my promise to him as well.

The shaft of his cock is rubbing right against my clit, which is so swollen and sensitive.

My breathing becomes heavier and ragged.

“Sir, I’m going to cum, may I cum, please?” I say, practically begging.

“You may cum, piggy.”

I have a loud orgasm, I’m surprised I didn’t squirt, that’s how loud and intense it was.

“Can you finish in my mouth, Sir, please? You’re not wearing a condom, and I don’t want to run the risk of becoming pregnant, so, please finish in my mouth.”

He slowly pulls out of my pussy, and I lay flat on my back, hoping he’ll sit on my chest and fuck my mouth that way.

My wish is granted, he sits on my chest and starts wiping the head of his cock over my mouth. I can still smell my pussy on his cock.

I open my mouth and he slides his thick, rigid cock all the way to the back of my throat, I gag when I feel the head of his cock touch the back of my throat, but, I quickly compose myself.

He slowly begins fucking my mouth, his balls hitting my chin.

“My little piggy loves my cock, doesn’t she?” He says, meeting my eyes.

I give him a thumbs up for yes, and he starts fucking my face faster.

After a few minutes of this, I feel the precum start to ooze from his cock.

“Are you swallow, piggy?” He asks.

With that I hear him grunt, and his cock begins throbbing, and he fills my mouth with his load. I manage to swallow every drop.

He pulls out of my mouth, and what he did next was unbelievable, he wiped his cock off in my hair.

“That was incredible, Rachelle. Thank you.”

“You’re incredible, too, Sir.”

“Get some sleep ok, I want to fuck you again in the morning.” He says, laying down and turning off the light.

I lay next to him, already thinking of tomorrow morning.

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