Serendipity 20: The Fairytale Ends

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XX. The Fairytale Ends — But Not Too Badly

Last night or not, this was Sunday morning, and you know what that means.

“… Eddie and Caleen … can we come in?”

Of course they could!

And once again, they found Daddy and Mommy and Nonna Georgia, not wearing any clothes, and we reveled in the miracle of those children horsing around, and playing with us, and all of us loving each other and, well, it’s just one of the most wonderful experiences that this life can offer.

But today it had to be a different. The time for bedroom hijinks had to be cut short, because this was the day that Nonna Georgia had to pack up to go see Aunt Lauren and Uncle Matthew and the other aunts and uncles.

We thought about how I was going to get up to Lauren’s and Matt’s. The bus would take almost three hours, and the train, an hour longer. And by plane — ridiculous! With check-in, security, baggage claim, and the trip from the airport, going by plane would be almost five hours, for hundreds of dollars more. In the end, Candace and Ted agreed that the very best way would be a road trip to see Aunts Lauren and Jane and Mai and Uncles Matt and Paul and Ben!

Despite the circumstances, we tried to make it a normal road trip, and indeed, it’s hard to remain somber when you’re in a car with a three-year-old and an almost-two-year-old and you’re off to see about a dozen aunts and uncles! I was almost able to forget.

We drove into the guest parking slot in Lauren’s condo building and unpacked ourselves and my stuff. We rode the elevator up, and we were surprised at the elevator door by — well, by everyone! Everybody was happy to see everybody. No surprise that Candace ran over and threw her arms around Matthew and James and started laughing and crying. They, in turn, held her and looked at her, almost proudly, kind of like they were looking at their own daughter. Ted? Ted, of course, wasn’t bothered — he knew Matt and James, and he knew how easy it was to fall in love with his wife.

The children, of course, were fascinated by Lauren’s baby — now only two weeks away.

Caleen was the first. She wanted to know if they could talk to the baby that was inside Lauren. Candace looked questioningly at Lauren, but Aunt Lauren happily replied, “I think the baby would love to have you say ‘Hello’.”

She pulled up her top to expose her big, round, nine-month belly and told Eddie and Caleen to get close so the baby could hear them. The kids got closer, one on each side, and said “Hello, Baby,” and then, “We can’t wait for you to come out so we can play together.”

Then Eddie asked, “Can we pat the baby?”

“Sure, but gently — he’s only a baby, remember.”

So they gently patted Lauren’s belly, almost like they were stroking the baby’s head.

Then Caleen looked up at Lauren and asked, “Can we kiss the baby?”

A look of abject horror began to appear on Candace’s face, when Lauren said, “I think that would be a very nice thing to do — so the baby will know that people already love him.”

So Eddie and Caleen each planted a gentle kiss on Lauren’s belly.

What Caleen didn’t know what that she had just kissed her future husband for the very first time.


The strange thing was, during the entire drive up to Lauren’s and Matt’s, and all the while everyone was there, and even as they were preparing to leave and we were all saying our good-byes — there wasn’t a word spoken about the preceding three-and-a-half weeks. And no suggestion of “the next time,” but also, no implication that “this won’t ever happen again.”

After everyone left to return home and prepare for the coming week — Candace and Ted both were headed back to work on Monday — Lauren suggested we have a cup or two of tea (Sleepy Time — I love that little bear in the nightshirt!).

Then Lauren said, “So, … .”

So I told Lauren about my weeks-plus — my arrival, reuniting with the children, seeing Ted again, about the three magical weeks, about Candace’s frequent Skipe (?) calls, and her warmth and affection — and about her desire to share in the happiness that she saw Ted and me experiencing. And without getting into graphic detail, I explained exactly how we arranged for Candace to share in our happiness after she returned home. By the time I was finished with my account, Lauren and I were both pretty well exhausted.

Lauren got up to pour the last of the tea. Then she came around behind where I was sitting and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. She rested her chin on my head and then said, simply, “I love you, Grandma.”

Then, “I won’t ask how you are — I’m going to make an educated guess. You’ve spent almost a month living a fairy tale. You spent all that time in an intense situation of loving and being loved, and now it’s come to an end, and I’m going to go out on a limb — I’m guessing that you’re left with an incredible feeling of emptiness, right?”

My marvelous granddaughter understood.

“And that’s why I think you should canlı bahis be with Matthew for awhile.”


A little bit about Matt and me.

Matt and I could have had a “thing.” Heck, Matt and I could have been a thing. Except for one other thing: It was obvious from very early on in my first visit with Lauren and James and their condo-mates, Jane and Matt, that there was something special between Lauren and Matt — or “Matthew.”Apparently, my granddaughter had decided, from very shortly after she first met him, that her roommate’s father would be the man in her life, for the rest of her life. Further, this special connection was obvious to everyone — everyone except Matt, that is. And it’s not that Matt is so dense. It’s more that he’s such a modest, self-effacing man that he could never imagine anyone as exceptional as my granddaughter ever feeling that way about him.

Fortunately for Lauren and Matthew — and all of us who love them — Lauren communicated her feelings toward her Matthew by the simple expedient of getting pregnant by him. So a fine man has disappeared from my bed, but he now has a permanent place in my life. I’m so happy for both — for all — of them.

But now, my loving granddaughter understood what I was feeling, and in her wisdom knew that spending time in the arms — and bed — of her husband would help me make the transition, from the fairytale existence that I had briefly enjoyed with Ted, and the children — and Candace — to something that more resembles real life.

But how would Matt take to this generous suggestion, which was, to say the least, “unusual”?

You have to know Matt. He is an extraordinarily smart and capable person. He knows as much about world events as anyone I’ve ever met. He understands computers, and he started and manages a software services company that has over 40 employees now. Like many people in this city, he has picked up a lot of useful Spanish, but what I didn’t know was that he also had four years of Mandarin Chinese in college. He’s handy around the house, can fix most plumbing problems, and do electrical wiring. I learned that he even knows how to tear down and rebuild an automobile carburetor (if there’s ever a need for that particular skill again!).

But when it comes to understanding personal relationships, Matt knows just two things: One, his wife is a goddess. And two, the women in his life — Lauren, his daughter, Jane, and now Mai — know much more about the world than he ever will, and they are usually right, and that if he just does what they say, things will generally work out right.

So when my amazing granddaughter — yes, I know I’m using that word a lot, but I am continually amazed, by her intelligence, her insight and understanding, and her loving care for all the members of their large “family” … well, she’s simply amazing. Anyhow, when she suggested that maybe I should spend the next several nights with Matthew, I knew immediately that she was right. I remembered how it felt when Matt would stand behind me — whether we were completely naked or fully clothed — and put his body against me and both arms around me and — enfold me, I guess is the best word — and that total feeling of being cared for that I experienced at those moments, and I knew that was exactly the feeling I needed now.

And so, with these things in mind, Matt came to my room.


“Matt, are you okay about this?”

“About what?” He affected a sly smile. “Do you mean, am I okay with getting to spend several days and nights with you? Yeah, I guess I could be okay with that.”

“Okay, okay — will Lauren be all right with this? I mean, this won’t put any — strain, …hurt the way things are between you and Lauren? I mean, with the baby coming and all …?”

“I guess I understand your concern. But Lauren says that you need to spend several days — nights, actually, I guess — with me. And if Lauren says that’s what needs to happen, well, … I’ve learned to trust Lauren in things like this, and over the years, she’s never been wrong. So, yes, I’m very okay with spending some private time with a gorgeous woman who’s also a sexual dynamo — and whose company I cherish.”

Matt. Somehow always managing to do and say the perfect thing.

“Besides, she dug out my old prescription for erection pills and slipped me a few earlier this evening.” My granddaughter. Always thinking of the other guy — or gal, in this case.

“So, shall we get comfortable?” He walked over to “close” my door, leaving it open 8 or 10 inches, as always. (I once asked my granddaughter about this “custom” among all of them, and she explained, simply, “No one has anything to hide. Besides, you might just see something interesting.”)

I had already undressed and showered and was in my dressing gown, so I left Matt to “get comfortable” while I had one more errand to attend to.

I went to the dining area and got one of the side chairs that didn’t have arms, and I brought it back bahis siteleri to my bedroom (again, not quite closing the door).

Matt took one look at the chair, and he broke into the broadest, happiest smile.

Taking both my hands in his, he sat his naked, lovely butt on the chair, and, with my collusion, guided me down onto his lovely erection.

And as I felt myself sinking my drooling pussy onto that fine piece of meat, I knew that Matt’s firm cock and soft kisses would lift whatever it was that might be weighing on me.


About ten o’clock, Matt and I headed toward the kitchen, stark naked, of course, to get something to drink. On our way back to my — our — bedroom, we passed by Matt’s and Lauren’s room. As customary, the door was partially open, and we were able to see most of the bed, and Lauren, Jane, and Jane’s husband, Ben, on it.

What we saw was my beautiful, extremely pregnant granddaughter on her hands and knees in the sixty-nine position, with Jane lying under her. She was crouched down low enough that Jane had full access to Lauren’s pussy, while Jane had her legs pulled back so that her pussy was similarly accessible to Lauren. And then there was Jane’s handsome husband, with his cock all the way inside my granddaughter’s asshole, and Jane telling him, “That’s it, Baby, fuck her asshole. Come in her ass. Shoot your jizz up the pregnant slut’s asshole!” I guess marriage and motherhood had not substantially diminished Jane’s bawdy, nasty approach to sex.

In the midst of this, I couldn’t help but notice how hot my granddaughter looked being pregnant. I guess you’d have to say that Candace was hot, too. But Candace was “pregnant cheerleader hot.” My granddaughter, on the other hand, was “pregnant fashion model hot.” Anyway, I was pleased to see that her advanced pregnancy had not tempered for lust for — lust.

Jane had apparently achieved her objective of bringing my granddaughter to a shaking orgasm, and that response triggered Ben, who pushed all the way into Lauren’s rectum. His hips jerked several times before he stopped and remained still, buried in Lauren’s ass.

Then he gradually withdrew his cock from Lauren’s asshole, and I knew instantly what was going to happen next. Jane lifted her head from Lauren’s pussy and directed her husband’s juicy, drippy cock into her mouth and proceeded to do her best to suck it clean. Then, she removed Ben’s cock from her mouth and, just as I expected, Lauren sat up, and Jane buried her face between Lauren’s buttocks and began licking up the juices that were oozing there. After she’d licked up what was on the outside, she put her lips around Lauren’s anus. I could see Lauren’s buttocks, flexing, as she tried to squeeze the last of her husband’s sperm into her “sister’s” mouth, and Janey, with her lips sealed around Lauren’s anus, trying to suck out and capture every drop.

Then Lauren stopped her flexing, and Matt and I knew where this was inevitably headed. Lauren turned around and put her mouth to Jane’s, and they exchanged the juices that Jane had extracted from Lauren’s ass. Ben looked on, mesmerized by the erotic, filthy behavior of his wife and my granddaughter, but he was too exhausted to do anything more than watch, as the two beautiful women mouthed each other, until finally swallowing his jizz and whatever else was mixed in with it.

Matt had moved in behind me and was squeezing and fingering me while as we watched this incredible display. Finally, I couldn’t take any more. I grabbed his cock, which I had been squeezing all this time, and pulled him toward our room, telling him, “Matt, I need to be fucked — do things to me that you don’t even know you know!”


The next morning, it was the life I remembered with their large family. A steady stream of breakfasters at the counter and small table, loading and starting the dishwasher, straightening up the place, making beds. James, Matt, Mai, Jane, and Ben off to their jobs — Matt and Ben going together, since Ben worked at Matt’s company and was kind of his V-P. Soon Janey would be taking some time off to help when the baby came.

The baby! My granddaughter’s baby! Holy crap — I’m about to become a G-GILF!

I was especially watchful of Lauren and Matt — Matthew. I was looking for anything the least bit strained between them. Not a thing. Instead, what I saw was the constant, quiet communication between two people who were meant to be together, and who know it.

When the others were gone, it was Lauren and I. We talked about the baby, and how she was feeling, and what it was like to be away from work, and what were her plans after her maternity leave (she and a co-worker, a new-father-to-be, had worked out a job-sharing arrangement with their employer). Also a little about how I was (pretty good, actually). I played with Christiana, Janey and Ben’s daughter. She’s a bright, happy twelve-month-old with her mother’s face and hair, but also with some exotic accents, especially bahis şirketleri around her eyes, that had to come from her handsome father (and his gorgeous Eurasian mother).

Some shopping for dinner, yet one more thing for the baby, a light lunch of iced tea and chicken salad, and a nap — for both of us. Lauren was tired, and Matt and I had had a rather “late” evening, with lots of “interruptions.”

We started dinner, then went to hang the new mobile we’d just purchased for over the baby’s crib.

Then the others started drifting home. Jane was the first. She kissed Lauren hello, then gave me a similar greeting, and then began bubbling enthusiastically. From the moment she’d sensed that Lauren was pregnant, with her father’s — Matt’s – baby, she’d been ecstatic. Her sister was having a baby! Janey was going to be an aunt!! (Lauren — and Matt — had explained to me that almost from the moment they became roommates in college, Jane had wanted Lauren and her dad to be together. How do these — children — know these things?)

Then everyone was home, there were drinks (non-alco for Lauren, of course), and, at last — and in defiance of the season — a lovely Provencal stew of lamb and spring vegetables. There were seven of us, plus Christiana. Truly, a big, happy family around that big dinner table. I was suddenly struck by this overwhelming sense of — of optimism, I guess would be the word — that the world was continuing to function properly after all.

Clearing off the table and loading the dishwasher, a little time in the living room, more drinks for a few, then off to our rooms to be with our partners (and their child, for Jane and Ben).

Matthew and my granddaughter tenderly kissed goodnight. Ben might join her later.

And for a second night, Matt took my hand and we walked off to my — to our — room.

We headed straight to the sex, of course. We began tonight providing oral affection to each other. I managed to keep Matt hard for perhaps 20 minutes before I finally allowed him to cum, in my mouth of course, but he insisted that I share with him.

Then it was his turn — or my turn, depending on how you look at it. Matt simply worshipped my pussy, with his lips, his tongue, his nose, his fingers. After a session that seemed to go on for hours, with perhaps four or five varied orgasms, I finally said, “Now, Matt.” He curled his four fingers upward inside my cunt while he sucked most of my pussy into his mouth, and I just exploded, bucking up and down, clawing his head, yanking on his hair, squeezing his head between my thighs. I think I squirted. I might have used some coarse language, too.

We stayed for a long time, with his head on my tummy, my hands stroking his hair.

We finally ceased our pleasurable pastimes and realized that our activities — what we had done, and what we had tasted — had left us with considerable thirsts. As usual, we walked to the kitchen, naked, to get something to drink. Coming back, we passed by Lauren’s door, to see that Ben had not come to visit her — Janey had. We left them alone — those two certainly didn’t need any help that we might be able to give them.

When we got back to the room, we sat up against the headboard and just talked. (Yes, talking with Matt may be as gratifying as fucking with him. I promise to get back to you on that.)

[This next part won’t be very sexy to most people. What I hope you remember is that my time with Matt was not for the purpose of getting laid. It was to help me adjust to the loss that I was feeling because my three-plus magical weeks with Ted, and the children — and Candace — were over, and I needed to deal with that. I promise I’ll be more sexy soon — promise. Maybe even something anal! ]

“So, seeing you and Lauren, together, you look so happy. I mean, just so — content, with where you are, and being with each other.”

“I thinks that’s it, Georgia. With Lauren, everything is … just right … things just as they should be.”

So I asked him, cautiously, if — with Lauren and the baby — he still spent some nights with Jane.

“I do, and if it’s been too long, Lauren insists. And, yes, Paul still spends nights with Lauren; and Janey insists that her husband has frequent visits with his mother — they’ve been lovers for even longer than Paul and Lauren, and Janey’s not going to let anything jeopardize that.”

“What about James — Paul — and Jane?”

“Paul — James — spends regular nights with Janey — again, Lauren would insist on it. And now, I think Mai simply accepts it. She realizes that the thing between Paul and Janey is central to all our relationships.”

“And you and Mai …?”

“With Mai, it’s more complicated. Mai and I don’t have bonds that are quite as close as the others, but we were there for each other during a time that was kind of hard for both of us, when Janey and Ben were getting together and Mai and I were trying to figure out where — and if — we fit in. It was a difficult adjustment, for both of us. So, yes, Mai and I do have our “reunions,” and to tell you the truth, they’re kind of sweet. They’re more tender than sexy, and — I don’t know how to put this, but they seem to cement the connection between Janey and Ben for us.”

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