Senior Year Memories – Addison

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Big Tits

(Usual Disclaimer Time: Even though this story almost entirely takes place in a high school setting, all the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, where clichés roam free and things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, please remember it’s all in good fun. This story is a spin-off from my highly serialized Senior Year Memories series, and if you want to get all the story beats I’ll recommend reading everything up to Chapter 22, but if you’re just here for the sex, it’s still quite fun.)

(Author’s Note 1: I’d like to again thank MisterWildCard for acting as a second set of eyes on this chapter and for his honest editing and fantastic suggestions. Please check out his story, “Brooke’s Wild Ride” in Erotic Couplings, as it acts as a canonical side story to Senior Year Memories starring Regan Hills High’s favorite blonde cheerleader.)

(Author’s Note 2: To all of my faithful Senior Year Memories readers (and anyone who’s just stumbling into this for the first time, hi, welcome, hope you enjoy!), today I present to you something a little different. This is a spin-off story of sorts, an extended version of a scene originally posted in Chapter 22 of Senior Year Memories. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve made more than my share of mistakes in both life and writing, and one of my biggest ones lately was underestimating the demand for a reappearance of Homecoming Queen Addison Gonzalez. She doesn’t have much importance with the story going forward as the year progresses and is, overall, not one of my favorites in the SYM pantheon, but just because she’s not one of my favorites doesn’t mean she’s not one of yours. And so, I present to you, an extension of that opening scene from Chapter 22. Apologies for not thinking this through earlier, I hope this proves enjoyable.)


From September to November of the year I’m chronicling, I had sex with nineteen women from and around the periphery of Regan Hills High School, and by December I’d come to know a lot of them in different ways.

Like Brooke King, some of them were new friends.

Like Kaitlyn Pruitt, some of them were old friends made new again.

Like Mrs. Lynn, some were longtime crushes.

Like Rachel McNeil, some of them were old enemies made new friends.

Like Tori McNeil, some of them were old friends made… well, not friends anymore.

Like Josie Wong, some of them had even become more than friends.

I knew a lot of the girls I’d been with quite well and considered more than a few of them very close. If it weren’t for the weird incest vibes, I’d even say I felt like a lot of them were family, but since that’s a little weirder than I mean to go, I’ll just say that I was really good friends with some fine women, and couldn’t have been happier for it.

The tricky thing, though, was that I didn’t know every girl I’d been with all that well. Sometimes it was because they were just a passing encounter, while other times it was just a matter of lousy scheduling and not being able to see any of them again. While there was nothing wrong with this, it did create some particular problems when trying to do something special for each of those nineteen women.

Take Addison Gonzalez, for instance.

That the 18-year-old cheerleader and Homecoming Queen was gorgeous was undeniable. The short, lean Latina had a kind, beautiful face with deep, friendly brown eyes and a bright smile that she loved to use often. With curly black hair that fell about to her mid-back and soft brown skin, she had a face made for magazine covers. Her body, however, was made for porn, with a tight, dancer’s build, E-cup tits that she loved to have touched and an even bigger ass. I’d had sex with her on Homecoming while she wore her gown, sash and tiara, and found her to be a kind and enjoyable lover.

The problem was, unlike many of the girls I’d been with this year, I never really spent any serious time with her after Homecoming. I knew she was a kind and gentle person from reputation and what little time I spent with her, that she had lousy taste in boyfriends (if Kyle Bowman was any indication), and that she was friends with Kaitlyn and loved to throw parties and have fun with the rest of the cheerleaders, but beyond that she was a mystery. When I wanted to get her a gift during my mad Christmas plan, I thought it would be an easy task, one where I’d just have to ask one of my many Christmas co-conspirators from the cheerleading squad who could give me an idea of the sort of big thing she’d like.

The problem with that was, well, that most of them weren’t of much help either. Jade and Rose were never particularly close to Addison, and though Brooke and Kaitlyn were closer, the most they could tell me was that in many respects, despite her outgoing exterior, Addison was a fairly private person when it came to what she really liked.

If I wanted to know what Addison would have liked, it came down to asking her myself.

Still, canlı bahis when I went to her house and found myself with her in her bedroom and its walls pretty much plastered with posters for Disney movies and princesses, I didn’t quite expect the answer she gave me.

“Revenge?” I asked.

She nodded. “You asked me what I wanted, and what I want is revenge.”

“I heard you, I just didn’t expect… revenge to be part of your vocabulary,” I said.

She sat down on her bed, smiling that winning smile. Wearing a pretty blue dress and a very fluffy pair of slippers, she looked perfectly comfortable and at ease, not someone who was, well, asking for my help with revenge.

“I’m a cheerleader. I’m the Homecoming Queen. I’m *not* stupid,” she emphasized.

“I never said you were, I just thought…” I waved my arms around at her room.

She looked around, then rocked her head side to side slightly. “Okay, I can understand where you’d get some of that idea.”

“And you being really nice,” I said.

“There’s that, too,” Addison said.

“So, you’ll understand why it might catch me off guard that you’re looking for revenge?” I asked.

“I wasn’t looking for it. Not until you came in here. Until you came in here, I was a girl with a problem she didn’t properly know how to deal with, but now? Now I have you, who wants to help me, and a mutual enemy we both hate,” Addison said.

Though I was confused for a moment, that moment wasn’t a long one. “Kyle Bowman.”

“Kyle Bowman,” she repeated, patting the bed beside her.

My last encounter with Kyle Bowman was at Homecoming, and it was a bit of revenge of my own in response to him assaulting me a few days before. With the help of Kaitlyn, Brooke and Tori, I was put in a position at Homecoming where I could humiliate him by having sex with Addison, his girlfriend at the time and the Homecoming Queen to his Homecoming King. Couple his humiliation with the reveal of some of his low level criminal activities and, well, expulsion was easy to come by. Last I heard, he was at some private school back east where rich parents sent their problem kids.

Was wrapping myself up in the fucked up world of Kyle Bowman something I wanted to do again? Did I really want to press my luck by helping Addison seek revenge on him?

I sat next to her. “Talk.”

She sighed. “There’s not a lot to talk about, but I’ll try to make it quick anyway because… yuck. After he got expelled, Kyle was texting me like crazy, trying to apologize and forgiving me for fucking you and telling me about how everything was a frame-up, but it wasn’t, was it?”

“Well, we did frame him up, but it was for stuff he actually did, so I’m not sure what the official wording would be,” I admitted.

Addison nodded. “Sounds right. Well… I thought I could ignore him. Block his number, change my number, but he kept finding a way in, kept trying to contact me and… I just hoped he’d lose interest, but he turned out to be a lot more persistent than I thought. He was… he wasn’t the guy I thought I liked before. He started saying things. Vile, personal things. The kind of things, like… it made it feel like he thought that just because we had sex before, he felt he had a right to control what I did with my life, that he had some sort of claim over who I was just because we’d been together. He wanted to make me feel like less of a person because I wasn’t the girl he wanted me to be, and…”

She trailed off unhappily, but it was easy to pick up where she was going. I said, “…and after a while it became difficult to not believe him, even in just some little way?”

Addison nodded. I said, “Kyle’s got a way of doing that.”

“I don’t want to let him have that kind of power over me. I don’t want his words, or the pictures and videos he’s been sending of him with all these random girls… I don’t want any of them to have any power over me, because I don’t want that son of a bitch to take up any of my thoughts anymore. So, that’s why I’d like your help for a little revenge,” Addison said, standing up from her bed.

“What do you need from me?” I asked, eager to help.

Addison smiled. “Something you’re uniquely qualified to provide.”

Reaching up, she pulled off the shoulders of her dress, dropping it to the floor around her ankles and revealing herself to be quite deliciously naked, save for her comfy slippers. Her soft brown skin begged to be touched, her wide, dark nipples erect and needing to be sucked. Her pubic hair had grown in some since I last saw her, a dark but well-groomed patch pointing to her sweet, delicious pussy lips.

Sensing where this was going, my cock twitched in anticipation.

“I’m listening,” I said, smiling.

Sauntering over to her desk nearby, she toyed with her phone for a moment and propped it up so it was facing the bed.

“He thinks he can break my spirit by screwing random girls, well, I want to show him that not only doesn’t it work, but that two can play that game. bahis siteleri I want you to fuck me as hard as you’ve fucked any girl in school, to make me scream, and believe me I intend to scream. I’m going to scream about how lousy a lay that bastard was and about how you’re so much better, and about how he means absolutely nothing to me. I could fake it if I have to, but I know you’re good, and I know you can make it so, so real,” Addison said, her hands dropping to her pussy and fingering her sweet, moist lips. My mouth watered at the sight, and it was now decidedly uncomfortable to sit still with how hard my cock was.

“So, Ryan, what do you say about helping me with a little revenge for Christmas?” Addison asked.

Looking her up and down and taking in her massive, sweet tits, I’d have been a fool to say anything but “yes”. Even so, when she spun around, showing off her juicy, round ass, squeezing her bountiful flesh in a way that would’ve raised the dead, I thought my answer to be a pretty easy one.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out all ten inches of my thick, hard cock. “I’d say: Merry Christmas.”

Addison looked at me skeptically, then burst out laughing. “Merry Christmas? That’s what you’ve got to say to this?”

Not exactly expecting laughter, I replied, “Well, I was trying to be funny. A lot of girls find it cute.”

“Oh, it’s cute. A little silly and unexpected, but definitely cute,” she said, leaning over and kissing me. Then, as if sensing my discomfort at her laughing at me, she bent over and kissed the head of my cock.

“I like cute,” I said, my voice hitching up a little higher as she sweetly took my cockhead into her mouth before letting it free.

“Good, ’cause as you see, I’m all about cute. Today’s not about cute, though,” Addison said, sauntering back over to her phone. “You should probably get naked.”

“Right,” I said. If I should’ve been uncomfortable with an impromptu sex tape whose sole audience was going to be Kyle Bowman, you wouldn’t have known it for how quickly I stripped down naked on Addison Gonzalez’s bed.

She fiddled with her phone for a moment more, then stepped out of her slippers.

“As they say in the movies, lights, camera… action!” she declared, turning her phone’s camera on.

“Hey, Kyle! Remember me? It’s your ex, Addison! Yeah, I knew you couldn’t forget me, not with, you know, all the videos you’ve been sending me lately?” she said cutely. Though I couldn’t see everything the camera saw, she was bent over in such a way that I was sure only her face would be visible.

That wasn’t going to last long.

“I’m sure you also remember this!” she said, stepping backward far enough to show off her impressive, naked body. “You and me, we both know I was the best you ever had, but, Kyle? You’re not even close to the best I’ve ever had, at all. You didn’t know shit about how to treat a girl, could barely give me an orgasm with a map and instructions, and your dick… well, I don’t know how you make it look so big in all your pics, but I’m gonna assume a lot of zoom was involved.”

I snorted at that. Addison looked back and smiled at me, perhaps the prettiest smile I’d seen from a girl who was known for her pretty smiles. Revenge looked pretty good on her, I had to say.

“I’m also sure you remember my friend here,” Addison said, stepping aside so I could see the camera.

“Hey, Kyle! How’s life? ’cause I really hope it sucks,” I joked, waving to him and not doing a damn thing to hide my nakedness or my large, erect cock.

Addison strolled over to me, her ass swaying seductively with every step.

“You think you can win me over or break me down with your pitiful excuses for sex tapes?” Addison taunted, pushing me down so I lay flat on the bed. She sat next to me, still facing the camera. “You can’t do shit to me because you are fucking nothing to me. I live my life how I wanna live my life and I do what I wanna do, and you wanna know what I want right now, bitch? I want to get seriously fucked like you were never once fucking capable of you stupid fucking son of a bitch, and Ryan here’s gonna do it because he knows how a lady really needs to be treated, isn’t that right, Ryan?”

“Damn straight!” I exclaimed, shooting a thumbs up from the bed.

“Good!” Addison squealed, gleefully. “Now, here’s one of the many, many things you ain’t never gonna get again, Kyle!”

No longer teasing, Addison bent over and took almost half of my cock into her mouth, giving me a perfect fucking blowjob. It was wet and it was sloppy, but her pace was perfection, bouncing up and down and taking a little more with every bob until she was deepthroating me. I couldn’t see for sure, but I had to imagine that her bouncing tits looked positively luscious as she sucked on me, bouncing and swaying when they weren’t pressed against my thigh…

I realized that we were making this for an audience, so I had to make this a good show. I took a handful of her silky black hair and helped guide her blowjob, bahis şirketleri moaning loudly so I could be heard.

“Fuck you know how to suck a cock! That’s so fucking good, I can’t believe you can take all of it in!” I exclaimed.

Addison pulled her mouth from my cock, gasping and trailing strands of drool from her sloppy blowjob. “It’s almost too much for me, but I’ve always loved nice, big cock and a man who knows how to use it. Hey, Kyle! Remember how I wouldn’t suck your balls? I let you down easy because I didn’t want to tell you they smelled like ass. When you got a real set of balls and a guy like Ryan here who knows how to keep them clean?”

While her hands continued to jack my cock furiously, her fingertips barely touching each other for the thickness of my erection, she bobbed her head down and licked and sucked my balls as if her life depended on it.

“Oh god, Addison, your lips are so soft, you suck my balls so well! Feels so good!” I exclaimed, not exactly needing prompting for this one because I meant every word of it.

“Good! Because there’s something I want from you,” she said, her voice low and needy but easily interpreted. With my cock nice and wet, she wrapped her massive tits around it and started titty-fucking me. Even at her immense size, the head of my cock still poked through, enough that she was able to lick my cockhead as she bobbed up and down on me.

“God, your tits! Fucking amazing!” I exclaimed.

“You know it, and because you know what to do with them, you can do whatever you want to them, whenever you want to them, unlike you, Kyle!” Addison said.

“You shouldn’t have been such an asshole!” I yelled, as much on Addison’s behalf as because I wanted to call him an asshole. Between her blowjob and tittyfuck, I was getting really close. I didn’t know if she wanted me to hold back or let loose, so I just thought I’d follow her cues.

“Cum for me, Ryan! Fucking cum all over my face and tits like he never will again!” Addison hissed.

That… that was a pretty good cue.

“Gonna cum… gonna cum… cumming… CUMMING! FUCK!” I roared.

I hadn’t been saving up cum for this exact purpose, but I was glad it’d been more than a day since my last encounter, since it made for a pretty good fountain of cum. At the time, this wasn’t exactly a concern since between Addison’s lips and massive breasts I was pretty much in heaven, but with shot after shot drenching her face and the tops of her tits, it had to have made a great show.

“Mmmmm…” Addison moaned as the last drops dribbled out of me, licking her lips and tasting my cum. “Fucking tasty. Better than your nasty cum, Kyle, entirely.”

Addison turned to face the camera, lifting her tits so she could lick as much cum from them as possible. It was an undeniably erotic sight, but one that would’ve taken her forever if she’d just kept up with a drenching like this. I saw her reach for a towel, and she almost made to clean herself up, but almost as if a light bulb had gone off over her head, she stopped.

“Oh, this’ll be too good…” she muttered to herself, pulling her desk chair around so it was in front of the camera.

“What?” I asked.

“Just follow my lead,” she said, her voice soft to me, then louder as she faced the camera properly. “So you really think you’re hot shit when it comes to sex, Kyle, but when you’re done, you’re done. Ryan here… he’s gotta recharge like any other guy, but he’ll be back and ready for more in no time. You wanna know the great thing about him, though? He gets off on getting girls off. He isn’t a selfish little prick like you, Kyle, he’s the kind of man who knows how to make a girl feel real good, ain’t that right Ryan?”

She placed her hands on the back of the chair and thrust her ass out toward me, giving me a great view and an even better idea of what she had in mind.

“I’ve never left a girl unsatisfied,” I said, licking my lips and sliding off the bed. I crawled behind her, admiring the beautiful view of her full, round ass and the faint view I had of her pussy beneath. No doubt the camera had an excellent view of a cum-covered Addison looking pleased and cocky as I crawled up behind her, teasingly running my fingers along her slit.

Addison shivered. “Oh fuck that’s good, fuck that’s good. Do it, Ryan, show him what a real man’s like; show him how to really please a lady.”

“Gladly,” I said, happily replacing my fingers with my lips and tongue.

“Oh fuck, fuck, yesyesyesyes, that’s it, right there!” Addison squealed.

Tight and hot, wet and waiting, Addison’s pussy was absolute perfection. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love going down on a girl. I love the taste, I love getting to know each girl’s perfectly unique and utterly sexy pussy, I love making them feel good and hearing that I’m giving them pleasure. I may have taken a little more this time than usual, because I really wanted to give Addison a good time while she was fucking with Kyle (and maybe because I really wanted to show that asshole up too), but I still wanted both of us to have fun.

Going by the way Addison carried on, shaking and gripping the chair tighter as I went to work on her, I thought I was doing a pretty good job.

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