Time For Dinner

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We were anxious to get to dinner before the snow started to fall again. After some online talk and flirting, we had decided to finally get together during my science teacher’s convention in Denver. The conference was over but I had scheduled a flight the next day so I could finally meet you. I had booked us a quiet room at the Copper Mountain Resort so we would be away from anyone you might know. I really wanted you to feel comfortable this first time, although neither of use really disguised our nervousness very well. The awkward hellos in the hotel lobby had given way to some hand holding and talk of marriages and loves lost over drinks at the hotel bar.

Neither of us quite knew where to start as we returned to our room. You were cuddly and affectionate but not sexual toward me as I wrapped my arm around your waist as we walked tentatively down the hallway. As we stopped at our door and I fumbled for the key, you leaned up and kissed me on the cheek.

As the door opened, you reached around my face and turned it toward you. As I stared into your eyes, I could see your concern about what we might be about to do. But I could also see anticipation … a light behind the fear that said you were pleased that I was there with you and that you had gotten up the nerve to come and meet me. I leaned against the open door and pulled you in beside me. As I stared into your eyes, you leaned forward and raised your chin, testing the waters. I moved my lips softly to yours and we kissed for the first time …tentatively, softly. Our kisses were filled with anticipation.

I moved my other arm so that you were in my embrace. You were soft against me and willingly moved forward as you wrapped your arms around my neck. Our second kiss was more forceful and filled with desire. I could feel your body release some of that nervous tension we had built up and you kissed me back comfortably.

We were inside the room but ignorant of our surroundings as we held our embrace. No longer kissing, we were just there in each others arms, hardly believing that an innocent compliment in an email had led us both into this situation. I squeeze you even more tightly and you softly moan. “It’s been so long,” you say softly.

As you finally break our embrace, you turn to walk over to the bed to open your suitcase and prepare for dinner. But you only make it one step away before I wrap my arms around your waist and pull you back toward me, your back fitting perfectly into my body. You sigh, and lean backward. You sense my nervousness about what you want, so you reach for my hands and slide them up your body until each hand is covering güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri one of your soft, supple breasts. You squeeze your hands, making mine squeeze into your breasts thru your sweatshirt. Knowing it is okay, I continue to lightly fondle you, pleased with how firm you are and how responsive you are to my touch. It takes no time for your nipples to harden against my palms and it is obvious to you by the hardness against your ass that I am excited as well.

You lean back, close your eyes and sigh softly, “Yes, Stephen. Touch me… that feels so wonderful. It has been so long since I have been touched this way.”

“I’m glad I can make you feel so good, Faith. You are so much more beautiful than your picture.” It sounds like a line, but you can tell by the tone of my voice that I am sincere.

A quick glance at the clock by the bed reminds us that we have dinner reservations in 45 minutes. “Okay, big fella,” you say jokingly. “I need some time to get ready so we will have to pick this up again later.” You step away and I unwillingly let you go. You grab your overnight bag and head for the bathroom, making one sexy glance over your shoulder as you enter the door. I didn’t realize how enticing you eyes were until that moment.

As a typical male, I am dressed and ready in minutes. I picked the light blue shirt to try to highlight me eyes and the tie is just to make me look more serious than I really am. I notice that the light material of my slacks is doing nothing to hide my excitement for you and do my best to calm myself down while you are getting ready. I really don’t want to scare you off before we get a chance to know each other better.

In only a few more minutes, you step from the bathroom. Your hair is pulled back but not too tightly. I am glad since your eyes are highlighted, gleaming with happiness. You have chosen a dress of red and black, one that hugged you body in all the right places. The spaghetti straps run across broad, smooth shoulders and run down a little too far before catching up with the material of your dress. Your ample breasts are more visible than not as they lift themselves up above the material. The hem of your dress blends into the black nylons that cover your shapely legs. What originally started as a passing glance at you changes as I take in your beauty. I turn the desk chair to face you and mouth my feelings. “Wow, Faith. You look beautiful.” Your smile tells me that you believe me.

You look at the clock and realize we still have a good 25 minutes until we need to be in the hotel restaurant for dinner. “Looks like we have some güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri time to kill before dinner,” you say smiling. “What should we do?” I am about to suggest we go back down to the bar for some drinks and start to get up from my chair. You walk toward me and put a hand on my chest. “No Stephen, just sit down. I have an idea.”

You can see I am confused, so you reach down to the hem of your skirt and slowly begin to move it up your legs. Soon the tops of your thigh high nylons are in view and I am anticipating a brief glimpse of your panties. You continue to raise your skirt upward until I realize that what I am seeing is your neatly trimmed pussy. I look from your hips to your face and you smile. “Well, I’ve show you mine, now you show me yours!”

I’m surprised but pleased that you have taken the first step. I am also surprised that you can’t already see mine since it practically tearing its way out of my pants, you vision has so excited me. I start to slide my zipper down but you say, “No, no, no. Pants down please.” I raise my hips from the chair and slide my pants and underwear down to my ankles. It feels good to be unrestrained but I worry that your anticipation will turn to disappointment when you finally see me.

You lower your dress and step forward. I can hear you breathing, just slightly heavier and deeper than before as you lean down to me in the chair and whisper, “Is that for me?” I have to catch my breath before answering, “You look so beautiful and your teasing only enhanced the situation.”

You step forward so your hips are right in front of me and raise your dress up again. Being so new to each other, I am not sure what you want or where to start with you. I lean forward and blow lightly on the hairs surrounding your opening and you reach out and put your fingers in my hair. I run a hand up the inside of your thigh, stopping just short of your lips, not sure if this is what you want. You reach down and cover my hand with yours as you slide it up to cover your pussy. A few brief motions and you release me, allowing me to rub the cleavage between your lips. I stop at the top and lightly circle your clit as you bend your knees slightly. I am close enough to you to see the goosebumps rise on your skin.

“Mmmmmmmm,” is all I hear as lean your head back and close those eyes that have already told me so much tonight. I continue my motion until I can feel the moisture you are producing in the palm of my hand. I pause and let my middle finger circle your opening. “Yesssss,” pours from your mouth.

I am aroused as I have never been with a güvenilir bahis şirketleri woman before. The newness, the excitement, your beauty and eagerness and the pure desire between us has made me as hard as I can remember. You reach down and touch me softly, running your fingers up and down the underside of my shaft then wrap your hand around me and squeeze. My moaning now joins yours.

We may both be nervous about this first encounter but neither of us shows it anymore and our hand busy themselves on each other pleasure points. My hands continue to rub you as you stroke me but I sense you want more. I stop my hand near your entrance; fold together two fingers and slide them into your opening. I begin to stop as they are barely inside you but you lower your hips and slide me deeply inside as you gasp in exhilaration. You move slowly up and down as you raise almost off of my fingers, then let them slide back inside. “It’s been so long since a man has touched me this way, Stephen. God, it’s been so long.”

I start pushing back against your motions as you hips speed up. Soon we are just a blur of motion, my fingers reaching inside as you continue to ride them. Suddenly, your legs stiffen as I can feel you tightening around my fingers. You bring all of your body weight down on my hand as you sit across my legs and lay your head against my shoulder. “Oh God …..” is all I hear as you have your first orgasm with me. I am smiling at the thought of being able to please you.

You raise your head off my shoulder and look into my eyes, smiling. You lean forward and kiss me more gently than I expect. At the same time, I feel your hips slide forward until your lips touch the head of my penis. You pull back to look at me at the same time as you slide forward so the head of my cock parts your lips and I slide inside you for our first time. You keep moving until I feel myself totally engulfed by you.

We look into each others eyes and smile as you slide across my lap and I raise my hips up to reach you. You start slowly, but the pace soon quickens as we both feel our pleasure building. We continue to move as one, each motion taking me deeper inside you and rubbing head of my cock against the very depths of you. I can feel myself building to climax but you get there first. The tightness of you around me is all I can stand and I cum with you as you tighten and squeeze me. “Come on Faith. Come for me. It’s okay… come for me baby,” I urge you. “Oh Stephen, I want you to come with me. Come on darling… come on.”

We cum together, breathing heavily into each others mouths as we kiss, our tongues exploring each other. My arms are around you, pulling you as tightly into me as I can as your hips make one last push toward me.

As we both relax, you sit up and lean back away from me, smiling. “We better get going or we are going to miss dinner,” you say. “I’ve worked up quite an appetite, Stephen. How about you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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