Ticket to Hell

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It was the last day of our senior year of High school and Mark and I was just killing time till his little brother got out of school. We had a ritual that we started on the 12 years earlier; we would start a huge bond fire and burn all of our schoolbooks and papers from the year. Mark and I started to throw a football around, and after I was tackled by mark I started to yell. I must have yelled loader than I thought cause when we looked up there was Sister Mary.

She was younger then the other nuns in her mid 30’s, and although her order dress in a very modest traditional habit it could not hide her perfect shape.

She immediately pulled Mark off me and stated to him “If your so eager to fight why not wrestle with her.”

Mark quickly agreed and she lunged at him taking him to the ground. Her Vail and wriffle flew in the air as they rolled on the ground. She had the most wonderful head of hair that went to her ass. That she kept pined up in her Vail but was now fling free.

Then her blouse came open and revealed her ample breast 36c.

Marks pants came unbutton and unzipped as she finally lay on top of him pinning him.

I was dumbfounded for what I saw but I also had a huge hard on and I saw Sister look at it and give me smile.

She looked at Mark and said, ” Well your done you and Rick better go clean up your mother is coming soon.”

Mark and I walked away with out saying anything till we got to his home and then we didn’t talk about what took place ever again.

In fact that was the last time I saw Mark as his entered the service and was shipped off to California the next week, we never even said good bye.

Two weeks would pass till I next saw Sister Mary, I just turned 18 at the 6:30 am Mass on Sunday. I was serving the Mass and before I could change out of my casset she asked if I would have time to talk to her. So we started to walk away from the church together when she asked ” Rick you know the church grounds and school grounds better then any one do you know some place we can talk in güvenilir bahis private.

I told her I did and she asked me to wait and return with a picnic basket and said lead on.

I took her to a place only Mark and I knew of it was inside the shed building on the far end of the property. She said” the maintenance man and men’s group would likely come there” Then I open I hidden trap door” They wont go down there!” I said.

I was a large secret room that was used for the Underground Railroad back before the civil war.

There was no light but a lantern that I lit. The floor was still covered by hay, as it was when it was used to hide slaves.

” This is perfect” she said and took out a blanket from the basket and lay down.

“Come join me” she said, and so I sat down beside her.

She then said ” Rick, I know you got excited when you saw me wrestle with Mark, and I just want you to know it is ok it is natural, and I am glad you kept what happen to yourself, I know I can trust you to keep what happens here as well.

I became a nun very young I was 16 when I entered the order… Although I love being a teacher, I never known what it is to be a women and to be loved as a woman by a man.

I watch each year as young boys turn into men here and I can’t help wanting to know what it is to have a lover and make love with them. I have read many books on the subject of love and sex and I have simulated my self often (my cock got very hard at the image of Sister masturbating) but it is not enough I want to feel my lover take me and love me as only a man can.

I was going to do Mark right in front of you but he shot his fluid before I could even get started and his was so small,

Then I saw yours protruding against your pants and well will you be my lover and make love to me?

I want to tell her god yes I wanted nothing more since I was 8 but before I could answer her, her lips was against mine. Her tong started probing my mouth like a cat trying to get a mouse out of his hole. We kiss long and türkçe bahis deep. She moved my hand to fondle her right breast threw her blouse. She unbuttons my casset and her hands went for my pants. She unbuckled my belt and unbuttons my pants open the zipper as I fumbled unbuttoning her blouse, Sister Mary yank down my pants and underwear to free my cock. It was very ridged and as her soft hands fondled it she whispered ” Now that’s a cock! Hmmm” I almost shot my wad to her Sister talks dirty to me

” Rick Love” she said, “there is something I always wanted to do can I?”

Before I could tell her yes she had moved down my body and started kissing my shaft.

I could not believe it. ” I Oh Sister” she said, call me Ellen that was my name before I be came a Sister and now that you’re my man I don’t think Sister Mary is appropriate.”

She took my cock in her mouth holding it lightly with her teeth and moving her tong all over it thrust her head back and forth rapidly

She gave me my first and her first blowjob.

She started to take off her veil and wiffle but I begged her to leave them on and she did. She only stops sucking to catch her breath once.

With each inward thrust I could feel her tonuses against the opening of my cock.

Finally I came and filled her mouth

Umm she moaned and swallowed.

She was impressed that I did not lose my hard on.

She said, “I thought we would have to wait awhile for you to be that hard again but hey I’m not complaining!”

She said boy is it getting hot in here and took off her blouse. After I took off the casset and my shirt she let me remove her bra. It was black and see threw, very lacy, it had to snaps and hooks holding it. As I moved it away it was as though I unwrapped the most beautiful gift I had ever seen. Her breast were round and firm milk white with pink skin nearing the nipples. Her nipples were dark and stood out at least an inch.

I fondled both as I attacked her mouth as she did mind earlier.

“Baby suck on them they want you güvenilir bahis siteleri too.” she cried

I sucked on tattooing them with hickeys. “I’ll have to be careful when I shower that no one sees them ” she said. She stood and undid her skirt. It feels to reveal a pair of thong panties that was almost a black g-string. “I got this to excite you but I see that was not necessary now!” She said.

“No it’s great thank you ” I replied.

Before me was standing the most beautiful women I ever saw long legs in black hoses, and prefect breasts

Brown deer eyes

And the reddest lips.

She removed the thong to reveal a small shaved pussy

She started to finger it as I joined her as I continued to pay attention to her nipples with my tong.

“Mmmmmmmm she moaned,” Use that tong down here pushing my head into her pussy licking slow, she pointed out were to find what she called her clit.

I licked and blew her pussy for almost an hour.

Eat that pussy she would scream.

She then pushes me down like she did Mark. Explaining what it was she placed a condom on my cock and mounted me.

After about 3 minutes her pussy curtain ripped and she let out a scream but continued to pound me for about 30 more minutes.

Then felt her convulses and cum just as I exploded and did the same.

She did not bother to dismount nor did I loose my now numb hard on but she took out a cigarette from her veil where she hides them from mother super

And lit it.

As she took a drag I thanked her for the most earth shattering experience I every had. She said ” no thank you” and offered me a drag. I held her close to me and kissed her neck.

She took out a bottle of wine and too glasses and we drank wine together.

We went threw one bottle of wine a loaf of bread a wheel of Brie, six condoms (although one broke)

And six hour of love making that day. We made love many times that summer but in the fall she was transferred any I never saw her again.

Some would say I had a straight ticket to hell because after all she married to god. But I would say she was the greatest gift God had given me. And I never even gave it a second thought has to how a nun would come by condoms and thong underwear, I was just glad she did.

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