Three of a Kind

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Note this is pure fantasy, remember to always use a condom especially with strangers. Even if it is a very erotic feeling!

I hopped on the train to find it already standing room only. As per usual not one person even looked up from their seats, everyone engrossed in their own little worlds as they made their way home from work or wherever they were going.

I held on to the rail above me as the train bundled along rocking from side to side. Next to me was a man probably in his mid 40s who caught my attention. He was close enough to smell his aftershave and looked well dressed and quite handsome. I positioned myself around a bit so the next time the train jolted my elbow briefly caught the side of him. As he looked round I deliberately made eye contact with him and with a smile apologised. All he did was smile in return but held his gaze long enough to look me over.

Less than ten minutes later the train was at its next stop and more people piled on. The influx of people in the aisle pushed him against me. This time it was him who turned around and said sorry to me.

“It’s ok I’m not sorry.” I smiled at him.

“I beg your pardon?” He asked quizzically. I noticed he looked me over again somewhat shyly.

“I’m not sorry you bumped into me! You smell really nice.” I replied smiling at him .

“Oh thank you. Erm so do you.”

“Really I’ve hardly got any perfume on and I don’t think it’s all that strong. Have a closer smell.” I said as I moved my head towards him. He breathed in a little and then out, I felt it warm on my neck. I noticed him glance down to my chest, he could see right down my cleavage and the top of the lacy black bra under my top. I had a feeling I was close to snaring him but had to keep playing it slow. The first one had to be chosen wisely.

“This train always gets so busy doesn’t it.” I said to him as I bumped against him again my skirt covered hip rubbing against his leg accidentally.

“After the next stop it should clear out a lot and seats will become available.”

“Oh that is a shame I’m quite enjoying bumping against you!” I said smiling and making prolonged eye contact with him.

“Are you?” He replied somewhat nervously.

“Yes and I think you are aswell?” I said quietly in his ear.

“Why do you say that?”

“Well…your eyes keep going down to my cleavage to start with.” I said quietly to him as he started to blush.

I put my head right against him now in full on flirt mode. I felt my pussy start to get moist with excitement as I got closer to him. I brushed my leg against his crotch briefly feeling his erect cock. Suddenly the train jolted a little as it came to a stop and his spare hand grabbed my leg right on a suspender strap. I looked up at his face as he realised I was wearing suspenders and smiled and fluttered my eyelashes. His hand never moved, I was getting closer to fully seducing him.

At the stop people filtered off just like he said leaving some seats. He sat down first and I moved across and sat opposite him.

“Mind if I sit here?” I asked with a smile.

“Of course not.” He replied glancing at my legs as I sat down. I made sure I sat down as lady like as possible so not to show off any stocking top in the split of my skirt. I wanted to keep the tease going as long as possible to build the sexual tension.

“Enjoying the view?” I asked as he turned his gaze out of the window.

“Yes it’s a nice countryside isn’t it.”

“I was thinking more about when you looked at my legs.” I quietly replied as he turned his gaze back to me. He never replied but just looked at me.

“Just to clarify for you I am wearing stockings and suspenders.” I grinned at him fluttering my eyelashes again at him. “I saw you glance at my legs as I sat down and felt your hand on my strap when the train stopped.”

He didn’t know where to look or what to say as he blushed even more. Now was the time for me to go in for the kill. I slipped off a heel and touched his leg with my nylon covered foot making him almost jump out of his skin. I giggled to myself and worked my foot up to his groin between his legs. Just as my foot found his erect cock straining against his trousers I leaned forward across the table and whispered “I’m not wearing any knickers either.”

“Wow.” Was all the poor bloke could muster in reply as I put my foot back in my shoe.

“It makes it easier to fuck me.” I whispered again. “Would you like to fuck me?”

“Erm what? I don’t know. Why?”

“You don’t know? Do you not find me attractive?” I teased.

“Yes you are very attractive and sexy. It’s just very strange to be propositioned by a woman on a train.”

“Well I’m horny and want to fuck and I think you are hot so I guess it’s your lucky day!” I purred not breaking eye contact with him.

“There must be a catch though? This seems too good to be true!” He laughed finally breaking his nervousness a little.

“The only catch is on that toilet door over there which is where güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I’m going to ride your cock ok? I’m serious and how hard your cock is right now its telling me you want it aswell.” I said rubbing my shoe against his cock again. “Go to the toilet and I will be in within 20 seconds I promise.”

And then he stood up, looked around somewhat nervously and headed to the toilet. I gave him a few seconds and then got up out my seat and made my way to the toilet door without stopping or looking around.

I slid opened the cubicle door to find him sat on the toilet grinning up at me. I eased myself into the small space and closed the door.

“I thought you would have your cock out by now.” I told him as he began to fumble with his trousers and pulled out his rock hard cock.

I quickly hitched up my skirt to around my waist, his eyes widening at the sight of my classy underwear. I turned around facing away from him and backed over him. Straddling him the best I could in the confined space I grabbed hold of his cock feeling how hard and hot it was and rubbed it over my bare wet pussy.

I slowly eased myself down on his reasonably long cock, one hand holding onto the side of the cubicle for support as the train trundled along at speed. I managed to get enough of his cock in me to start moving up and down on his cock. Suddenly the train jolted to one side briefly and I slid straight all the way down on his cock. I moaned out loudly as he did aswell as his cock now fully filled me.

Time was of the essence now and I recovered my composure and started to ride him hard and fast reverse cowgirl style. One hand on a rail and one on the toilet door. He had one hand on my hip and the other pawing at my top of my thigh rubbing my stocking tops.

This was no love making it was raw, quick sex designed to get both of us off as quickly as possible and that is exactly what I needed. I bounced hard on his cock, concentrating on keeping a good rhythm. For his part he tried to thrust up to meet my movements. I desperately wanted to scream out loud as his cock stretched my pussy but held myself back to small moans to avoid anyone hearing me.

As I ground my arse down on his groin I heard his breath get shorter and louder.

“I’m close to cumming.” He whispered breathlessly.

“Cum deep in me.”

“Are you sure?” He asked breathing harder.

“Yes just fucking cum in my pussy”. I replied back grinding down harder on his cock.

He suddenly grabbed my hips with both hands and held me down and with a growl his cock twitch inside me. A gush of cum shot deep inside me making me groan and shiver in delight. I clenched my pussy around his cock to milk as much cum as possible from his cock as he continued to shoot his load in me.

I sat on him feeling his cock twitch inside of me, both of us panting away catching our breaths from the furious fucking we had just had. I lifted myself slowly off him feeling a large portion of his cum slide out aswell. I moaned at the feeling of his cum dripping from my pussy as his cock came out of my cock. I stood up giving myself a few seconds then smooth my skirt back down and turned towards him.

“Who are you?” He asked as he started putting his cock away. “I want to do this again.”

“No I don’t want your number or name you won’t see me again. Just think of this as being your lucky day! You can think of this everytime you fuck your wife!” I said shifting my gaze to his wedding ring in his finger.

I felt the train slowly come to a halt and then stop. Great timing as this was my stop so I slid open the toilet door and stepped out giving him a cheeky wink and head off the train onto the platform. I headed out of the station quickly with a big smile on my face thinking of what I had just done and the intense fucking I had just had. As I walked along I could feel some of his cum slowly running down the insides of my thighs. Rather than being satisfied with what I had just done it was only making me horny for even more.

I hurried along in the low evening light until I got to the restaurant that I had booked a table for. I strode confidently inside on a bit of a high from my train journey experience. Once sat at my table in the corner I ordered a large glass of wine and some food. Whilst waiting for my food I looked around to see if anyone would catch my eye that I could snare into my sordid fantasies.

A couple of tables away near the window I spotted a man only a few years younger than me, probably in his late twenties. I observed him on and off for a few minutes until my food arrived. Just as the food arrived he looked up and noticed me looking briefly at him. I smiled but didn’t see any reaction from him to begin with.

I slowly ate my meal, still thinking of my little train adventure and how it had left my pussy still very wet with the guys cum and my own juices. Every so often I looked up and across at the young man eating alone. The more I looked across güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at him the more often I caught him looking at me and each time the glances got longer.

I decided to go into my tease mode now I started to get his attention a little. The next time he looked up I managed to time taking a bite of my food into my mouth. I lingered over putting the fork in my mouth making sure it looked as erotic as possible. Once the food was in my mouth I made a big point of pursing my lips. A quick glance up at him and a small smile from me I saw him now staring intently at me until he looked away quickly.

I decided that the next time I caught him looking at me I would ramp up the teasing and make it more obvious. After a few minutes I saw him out of the corner of my eye look up at me. Very slowly and deliberately I crossed my legs and unlike on the train I made it very obvious that he would see my stocking tops on show in the split of my skirt. After crossing my legs I continued finishing my meal making sure the dark band of my stocking top on one leg was still on show for him.

Now every time he looked up at me I gave him a little smile back. I could tell he was a little embarrassed about me catching him looking at me but the more he did it the more I smiled back in encouragement. As I finished my wine and called for the bill I saw him get up from his table and go and pay for his meal at the bar. Once I had my bill I got up and made my way to the bar aswell and confidently stood right next him.

“Hi, did you enjoy your meal?” I asked him straight out as he paid his bill.

“Erm yes thank you did you enjoy yours?” He replied seemingly a bit stunned at me asking him the question.

“Did you enjoy the view aswell?” I said flashing him a wide smile as I paid for my meal.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Did you enjoy the view!” I laughed

“What view?”

I leaned in close to him at the bar and whispered,

“The view of me eating my food and my legs.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” He replied nervously.

“You do! I saw you kept looking at me when I was eating and when I crossed my legs. It’s ok I don’t mind I enjoyed you looking at me!”

“Oh.” Was all he could muster in reply. Despite his vagueness I noticed he couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

“It seems a shame that we both ate at separate tables doesn’t it?!” I said to him as I sat myself down on a barstool crossing my legs right next to him. “How come you were dining alone?”

“I’m this way for work that’s why.” He replied gazing down at my cleavage.

“Oh I see well at least you won’t have to drink alone now will you?!”

He very kindly offered to buy me a drink and we sat at the bar drinking away for a good half an hour with me constantly flirting. At one point I took hold of his hand and put it on my thigh. He looked a bit shock by this but still never took his hand away.

“You are cute guy you know.” I said to him fluttering my eyelashes as I slowly squeezed my hand onto his so he could feel a suspender strap through my skirt.

“Thank you, you are very pretty aswell you know.” He replied. I was almost there at seducing him he was finally falling into my trap. I stepped off the stool my skirt riding up even more and briefly not only showing the band of one of my stocking tops but also the strap and a lot of flesh.

“Whoops you got an eyeful there didn’t you!” I teased as his eyes widen at what he had just seen. “It’s such a nice evening let’s go for a walk around the gardens.”

I led him by his hand out of the French doors into the garden. It seemed he was in a bit of a daze of what was happening just like the man was on the train. Who knew finding a quick fuck was so hard!

Once outside I led him to a secluded part of the restaurant garden away from prying eyes and grabbed hold of him.

“I want to kiss you.” I announced brazingly leaning into him. Thankfully he dipped his head down to meet me and our lips locked. My hands roamed over his body, down his back, over his toned bum cheeks and thighs. I was very impressed with his body and inside of me was beginning to burn with desire. Also his hands responded and found their way over my arse and the back of my thighs. Now was the time to test him out and take things further and I slid a hand around the front of him to his crotch. There through his trousers I found his cock, hard and straining against the material of his trousers.

I broke away from his tender kiss and turned away from him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked somewhat tinged with disappointment.

I looked over my shoulder and as seductively as possible said to him,

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Wow are you sure? We don’t even know each others names?” He replied in shock.

“That makes it even more exciting though doesn’t it?” I replied bending over a little and slowly hitching my skirt up past my stockings and my bare ass showing him I had no knickers on.

“Fucking hell!” güvenilir bahis şirketleri Was the only words he could get out at the sight of me bending over the back of the wooden bench with my skirt pulled up against my waist.

“You are man enough aren’t you?” I teased with a wicked smile.

“Yes of course! But I haven’t got a condom have you?” He asked in slight embarrassment.

“I don’t…but as I said that makes it more exciting doesn’t it!” I purred as seductively as possible in reply.

I repositioned my feet a little bit further apart and bent over a bit more and stuck a hand down to my groin and pulled apart my pussy lips.

‘I’m ready now, just fuck me.” I demanded.

I heard him fumble at his trousers, the zip being pulled down, the belt jangling as he undid it. After a couple of seconds I felt him move forward then his hands on my hips. I jumped and moaned at his touch, the expectation of what was about to come sending a wave like electric through me.

He rubbed his hard cock over my pussy lips making me moan in anticipation. Eventually he slowly eased himself between the folds and into my pussy. I pushed back a little on him to encourage him.

“Come on fuck me hard and fast.” I said desperate for his cock and cum.

He started to fuck me slowly at first building up his rhythm and speed as he grew in confidence. I held onto the bench listening to his cock fuck me and his balls slapping against me savouring every moment. I felt his hands all over me as he fucked me as if he wanted to touch all of me. At first on my hips then gripped around my thighs feeling my stocking tops and finally reaching around to grope my boobs through my top.

By now he was really pounding into me from behind. Despite not having the biggest cock his rhythm and angle of fucking me was hitting all the right areas for me. I reached down and found my clit and started rubbing it furiously to match his fucking of me. The wooden bench creaked with every thrust of his cock in me.

I felt his breath in my ear increase as I rubbed myself harder and got closer to my own orgasm.

“Are you close to cumming?” I asked him breathlessly.

“Yes I’m close.” He panted in reply.

“I want you to cum deep and hard in my pussy. Go on give me your load.” I begged of him as my own orgasm started to build.

He thrust even harder with short quick thrusts now, his hands holding tightly onto my boobs. He started grunting loudly his cock getting closer to shooting it’s load as I tried as hard as possible to hold off my own orgasm until he came. He thrust deeply in my pussy and then held himself in me as his cock twitched and started to shoot his load in me.

My legs started to give way as my own orgasm hit me, my pussy clenching tight around his cock as I moaned out loud bent over the bench. I felt so dirty and slutty yet turned on like never before. This was daring, exciting and somewhat taboo.

I flopped over the bench with him leaning on top of me breathing hard. After a few seconds he recovered enough to pull out and stand up allowing me to stand up aswell.

“That was fucking amazing who are you?” He panted.

“I’m just someone you was lucky to meet tonight.”

“And other nights?” He enquired as he sorted his trousers out.

“No just tonight sorry. Have this as a reminder though.” I replied as I gave him a peck on the cheek leaving a small red lipstick stain as I smoothed down my dress.

Once I was out of the restaurant and onto the street I took a deep breath and smiled to myself. As I walked along looking for a bar to go into I could feel the cum start to seep out of my pussy and onto the insides of my thighs. It felt so hot and horny aswell as being so taboo that I had just taken the cum of two strangers in a matter of hours. But it wasn’t enough, I still had a craving for more and the first two I had to really work for. I just wanted one more that would just take me and fuck me hard and shoot deep inside of me.

I found a decent looking bar a few minutes walk away and headed inside. The first thing I did was to go to the toilets and check my make up and dress. By now I was looking less than perfect after the fucking in the restaurant garden and touched up my make up and sorted my dress out before heading back to the bar.

I ordered a double vodka and orange and scanned the room. It was still quite early for a Friday night so wasn’t all that busy but there was plenty of people about to look at and see if anyone took my fancy.

This time I was going to be really picky as I wanted a certain type of man. One who knew how to fuck. A couple of young men made eye contact and another man tried to make conversation but non of them were close to being number three.

After about 20 mins I was ready to give up and head to another bar when I felt a presence next to me at the bar. Out the corner of my eye I saw a tall well built man stand up to the bar waiting to order his drink. I made a quick look up and down over him and was immediately struck by his chiselled jaw sporting some stubble and his strong arms. He certainly physically looked like he had potential to be my third one now to test whether he had it personally aswell.

“Mine’s a vodka and orange. Double please.” I said to him as I turned towards him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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