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As I sat there in the bathroom at work, still not believing what had happened before I left Sarah’s house. It’s true that secretly, I had been in love with her for close to 10 years. Only problem there is that she was married. Granted, she was married for about 5 years at this point and her husband was actually a rebound. And before she met him, I had actually professed my love to her. But she did not see it that way because of our friendship.

Sarah & I had met in high school. I was a senior & she was a junior. When we first met, she was dating a friend of mine and that’s how we met. She thought I was the biggest dick on the planet, while I had thought she was the biggest bitch ever. Kind of like the way you see things on TV, huh? As time grew by, we became friends then we became best friends. She broke up with her boyfriend, met another guy, & we were all friends. After high school though, her then boyfriend went into the Air Force. But her & I stayed close while they still dated. One day though, she was relaxing on me & looked me in the eyes, saying, “You’re my teddy bear.”

And that moment melted my heart. I fell instantly in love with her, but hid my emotions. Until one night on a mountain, I told her my feelings. She wouldn’t accept the words for fear of my friendship with her now ex-boyfriend.

As the years went by, she met somebody else & they fell in love. Eventually, they got married. But the weird thing was our relationship. illegal bahis It sounds crazy, but she would grope me through my pants & I would do the same. If we were swimming, I’d sneak up behind her & remove her top & she would grab my cock through my shorts. Mind you, none of this was in front of her husband, but other friends.

Every time we talked just her & I, the discussion of relationships would come up & I would say something jokingly & her response would be, “See! That’s why I could never have a relationship with you! You can’t be serious!”

Then about 5 years into her marriage, she started having problems & wasn’t happy in her marriage. We would talk about things & I would talk serious with her about trying to help her fix things. But something happened one day as we talked…I cracked a joke & got that comment from Sarah. So I decided to call her on it & looked at her, saying, “I can be serious! Watch!”

I got up from the part of the couch I was sitting on & laid down behind her on the couch, holding her in my arms. As I held her, I started complimenting the way she looked, how sweet & caring she was, how much I adored her & our relationship…the whole time, running my hand up & down her leg.

But that’s when things started to happen. I noticed she slowly started to spread her legs open as I talked & caressed her leg. So I started caressing up higher on her leg to kind of test her, seeing how far Sarah would allow illegal bahis siteleri it. Her legs started to spread open more, so I started to go higher as I caressed. Her leg felt so smooth that I savored every touch I was giving her. That is, until I realized I was at the base of her shorts. Still talking to her from the heart, I reached my hand up into her shorts, where I inserted my finger into her pussy.

Sarah let out a low moan as I started fingering her for the first time ever. As I laid there with my arm around her, slowly bringing my finger in & out of her pussy, with her moans very low & passionate, & my other arm around her, I decided to see what I could do next for her.

As I fingered her pussy that was now getting wet, I slid down the couch & pushed her shorts & panties to the side for my first ever view of her pussy. Keeping my finger in Sarah, I started licking her pussy as she let out more moans, apparently enjoying what I was doing. I still couldn’t believe she was allowing me to do this. After all, she was married & we both knew this was wrong. But yet, it felt & tasted so right. Never before had I ever tasted a pussy so delicious. I pulled by finger out to start sucking on her clit, as her moans go louder. Sarah appeared to be enjoying the attention from me, her best friend of so many years.

After a few moments, I stopped licking & sucking her clit, but put 2 fingers inside her. As I fingered her some canlı bahis siteleri more, I looked up at her face that she had now covered with a book for some reason. I asked her if she wanted me to stop & her response was, “I do not know.”

I then told her, “I’ll take that as a no.”

So I then reached my hand up to lift her shirt up as I fingered her some more while she continued to allow moans of pleasure escape her mouth. As I lifted her shirt up, that’s when I saw she was wearing a black bra…which made me enjoy this even more, as that’s my favorite bra color. I continued to pump her pussy with my 2 fingers & eat her pussy out while my other hand fondled her breasts.

During the whole time, my cock strained against my pants, wanting some attention as well. But I figured things had become just a little to dangerous at this time & my only goal was to satisfy Sarah. So my 2 fingers continued to work her pussy as she was dripping on the sides of them.

After about 15 minutes of this, something triggered us both into reality to where we stopped. We just looked at each other, as she still laid on the couch with her shirt up at her neck. I couldn’t believe what had just happened & I am sure she felt the same way. I had also realized I was late for work & she understood, as we both agreed it was best that I left.

When I got to work, I could not get the image out of my head of Sarah, looking as beautiful as she was, laying on her couch, allowing me to eat her out. Thus brings me to now, as I sit here in the bathroom at work, with the visual playing in my head as I stroke my cock to relieve the tension of Sarah.

And it leads me to wonder…could this happen again?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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