Therapy and Hotel Rooms

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I had been in therapy for three months and had just come to the realization that I was in actual fact attractive to women. I’d spent the last twenty-six years thinking women had only been interested in me for money (That I didn’t have.) felt sorry for me or in some way or had ulterior motives for wanting to be with me. However it turns out I’m sexy!

Times that girls had quickly turned away from me when I looked in their direction wasn’t because they had realised what an ugly git I was, it’s because I’m sexy and make some people feel self-conscious because of it. To think it only took my therapist to knock me about the head with a big, heavy book to make me see sense. Her words were something like. “When I first met you, you struck me as being amazingly self-aware but it has been a struggle for you to accept that you’re attractive.”

This was the first day with my new self-awareness; it felt good. So good I thought I’d take the day off work. I’d called in sick. Now I could strut about all day revelling in it. Indulgent of me maybe but I thought I had it coming.

I thought an early lunch would be a good idea so I headed to a little café in the nearby shopping centre. It was one of those self-service places where you walk along with a tray selecting you own meal. Not really busy yet but it had a quiet buzz of private conversations about the room. I got myself a tray and began picking my way along the counter.

The whoosh of steam from the espresso machine bought back memories of my Mum taking my sisters and I into cafés as children. I always liked to eat the little packets of sugar cubes that would be on the table. Mum always said I’d get diabetes if I ate to many of them. It’s a shame this place didn’t have red formica tables I’d have been transported back in time.

As I got near to the cashier I could hear her conversation with a very attractive woman paying for her food.

“What should I do? He’s very good-looking but I think he’s a bit shy. Do you think I should ask him?” The attractive woman was saying as I moved my tray up next to hers.

They both looked at me. I smiled then busied myself with finding my wallet.

“What would you do?” Asked the cashier, looking at me for an answer.

“What would I do about what?” I replied as if I hadn’t been listening.

“What would you do if Beth here asked you out for a drink?”

This is the point where in the past I’d have gone bright red, mumble something stupid, then shuffled off thinking they where making fun of me. Not today!

“I’d ask where she was taking me.”

“Really? You’d like being asked out by a woman?” Beth asked.

“Are you kidding? I can’t think of anything better than being asked out for a drink by a sexy woman.” Then I handed over my money and asked the casher if my coffee could be bought over to me. I winked then moved off to find a table.

Maybe the wink and the sexy bit were over canlı bahis the top but they both had big grins as I left. When my coffee arrived Beth had brought it over.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?” She asked.

“No, by all means, please sit.” I said managing to keep my cool.

She was so good looking. Older than me in her late thirties I’d guess, red hair and a sharp but delicate face. I tried to act as if this happened to me every day.

“Would you?” she asked “Like to go out for a drink I mean?” Looking strait into my eyes with an unwavering stare that made me feel slightly uneasy.

“Sure I’d love to. When are you free?”

“How about today?” She said with a shy, mischievous, smile.

I laughed a little at this, it was the look on her face. Here was someone whom I thought was very sophisticated, at lest ten year my senior, looking like a naughty schoolgirl.

“I’m not busy today… Why not.” I was trying to play it like I wasn’t about to shout and jump for joy. Bliss, I think they call it?

“Where would you like to go for this drink?” I asked as nonchalantly as I could.

The schoolgirl look widened across her handsome face. Her eyes grow in size again. “How about a hotel. Down on the seafront?”

I was slightly stunned. I’m not used to being propositioned. I just looked at her for a moment, astonished. She started to look uncomfortable and shifted in her seat. I had to say something fast or she would bolt.

“I’m sorry, I’m not used to beautiful women asking me to hotels. I think it’s a great idea.” She looked relieved.

“I don’t ask lots of men. This is my first time.” She was trying to cover her self. I felt for her. It takes a lot to approach someone. I can only imaging what it was like for a woman. Our society is still hung up on old stereotypes.

“It’s O.K. you don’t have to explain. I know how you’re feeling.”

“Not exactly you don’t” She look inspecting her fingernails. “I’ve only been with one man, my ex-husband, so this is a big step for me.” Her hands where shaking slightly as she talked.

I reached over and took her hands in mine. “I’m Steven by the way, nice to meet you Beth. Shall we get out of here?” She nodded and we got up together and left the café.

It was a bright spring morning outside. The sun was fairly low and shining in our eyes as we walked arm in arm down the street to the car park. Beth wanted to take her car which was fine by me as I don’t have one.

We talked as Beth drove though the growing midday traffic to the seafront. It was not far, about two miles or so. I think we where both feeling a little apprehensive. She told me how her ex-husband had been the man on top type. In eighteen years of marriage it had never altered and seemed to permeate though their whole relationship. Finally she’d had to leave him, feeling her life was wasting away. That was a year ago now and she was still waiting bahis siteleri for things to liven up.

We arrived out side one of those big, white, Victorian hotels that are in most seaside towns around Britain. Beth and I walked up the steps into the lobby. It was very well decorated. I knew it had been renovated last year and they had made a good job of it. We found our own way to the room having no luggage. Beth and I both giggled about the rye smile on the pretty receptionist face as we wound our why though the corridors.

Beth opened the door. It was a very regal looking room, all gold gilt and velvet. I shut the door behind us and pushed her up against the wall kissing her as deeply as I could, while lifting her bare leg and running my hand up the out side of it to her cheeks. Grabbing a handful of her delicious ass, I could feel she had on a thong. I ran my finger down the string between her cheeks to her wet pussy. Her pubic hair was so soft to the touch.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Was all she said, unbuckling my jeans as she did. They dropped to the floor and I peeled my T-shirt off. I was naked. I never wear underwear of any kind, it always feels to constricting.

Beth had pulled her dress off over her head. That red hair was now a little tussled, adding to her appeal. She had simple white cotton bra and knickers on but she made it look so good. I didn’t know where to begin.

Sinking to my knees I pulled her thong down to the floor. She stepped out of it and I got my first look at her amazing cunt. The hair was every bit a vibrant as the hair on her head. It was setoff by beautiful pale skin. There was me all this time thinking she had to have dyed her hair. I didn’t think anyone had hair that colour. It was such a bright and vibrant shade of red. I was just about to dive in, tongue-a-blazing when she pulled me up.

“Please no. No one’s ever done that to me before.” She said timidly.

“Then it’s about time someone did. Don’t worry, what happens here, stays here. Let your self go. Trust me.”

I gave her a smile then lifted her up. Beth wrapped her legs around my waist. I carried her over and laid her down on the edge of the bed. Getting on to my knees I pushed her legs apart. Her lips opened themselves up as I moved her legs. Fuck it was beautiful. I could not wait to taste her and left foreplay to the one side.

She was sweet. I licked the length of her wet lips. The sound of her gasps started to play in my ears. I eased her outer lips open with my thumbs and ran my tongue around the inside of them. To my surprise she peed a little as I did this, right into my mouth.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t what happened.” She was mortified. Her face was a picture.

She tried to get up. I smiled at her, pushed her back down and dived between her legs thrusting my tongue into her, wet and now hot lips, pushing it as far into her as I could.

“But… but this is so dirty. bahis şirketleri Oooooohhhhhhh, so fucking dirty.” Her hands were pulling my head onto her cunt as she spoke. Beth started to pee onto my face.

This was new ground for me. No one had pissed in my face before. I was loving it and so was she. I tried to get as much as I could into my mouth but everything was getting drenched. My face, Beth’s pussy, her thighs and the bed. I reached a hand up under her bra and twisted a nipple.

“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m coming, I’m coming!!!!” She was howling and digging her nails into my scalp as the orgasm shook her.

I wasn’t going to give her any time to recover. Getting up, I lifted her legs over my shoulders and slowly eased my cock into her. The feeling of that beautiful, wet, cunt gripping my cock was ecstasy. Watching her face as I pushed in and out of her was giving me an extra thrill. Every time the head of my cock touched her cervix she would shake a little, her face would contort with a twisted smile.

“I want you to get on your knees then open yourself for me.” I told her as I pulled out.

Beth didn’t hesitate. She flipped over and got onto her knees head down on the bed, reaching back with her hands ether side of her ass. Her fingers pulled those succulent lips as far apart as possible. Words cannot describe how fucking sexy this looked. I moved onto the bed behind her and rubbed my cock over Beth’s dripping wetness.

It was no good I needed to be inside her, fucking her as hard as I could. She exploded as I pushed my entire length onto her. I didn’t care how fast I came. Fucking Beth hard was all I cared about as I grabbed hold of her hips. She was shouting out her approval louder than I had ever heard anyone before. I heard my own voice adding to hers as if I was outside of my body. Beth was pushing back into me and shouting out as she did.

“Fuck me Steven, fuck me hard.”

I did not need encouragement. I knew I was close. The pressure was building in me. Beth must have felt this too.

“Don’t cum in me. I want to taste it, I want it in my mouth.” She was begging. This increased the build-up within me. I was going to erupt.

I pulled out of her. She pushed me onto my back and fell onto my dick, smothering it with her mouth, sucking the helmet and squeezing the base of it with both hands. That was it. I came in her mouth holding nothing back. Her eyes bulged and she gagged, a little Semen came out of her nose, she lifted her head and coughed but then went strait back to sucking my cock. My whole body was awash with pins and needles. I couldn’t speak. All I could manage was a big soppy smile.

I had to stop Beth sucking my cock it was just too intense for me. My legs would not stop jerking about and I was so glad I was already lying down. She moved up the bed into my arms. We lay there in a dishevelled state. I’m not sure for how long we where both silent and still. When I did try to speak all I could manage was a strange gurgling sound from the back of my throat. She kissed my nipple then became still again.

I advise every one to consider therapy.

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