Theatrical Fun

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Last night Brad and I went to see a community theater production of “West Side Story” at the local high school with friends. By the end of the third scene we couldn’t take the bad singing and acting anymore, so we excused ourselves to go look for something to eat.

We sighed with relief as the sounds of the play were left behind. We wandered around the halls for a while, opening up lockers and snooping around. Suddenly Brad stopped in front of a bathroom. He pushed against the door and it slid open then looked at me with a devious grin.

“I think we need to make some messes,” he said.

“Messes?” I asked, trying to sound innocent. Brad smiled as he took my hand and led me into the bathroom.

As he locked the door, I walked to the middle of the pale green tiled room. I stood there with my hands behind my back, waiting for him to finish.

Brad turned and took two long strides to where I stood and pulled me against him. His arms circled around my waist as his fingers intertwined with mine. Our lips met in a long, soft kiss as he backed us up until my ass was pressed against the counter. He kissed across my cheek to my ear.

“Hop up,” Brad illegal bahis whispered into my ear. He moved slightly to give me room to get onto the counter.

I smiled as slipped onto the cool surface. My skirt slid up to reveal my stocking-less legs up to the mid-thigh.

Brad kissed his way along my neck then back to my lips. Our kisses grew hungrier as his hands moved down my back, across my hips and over my thighs. I lifted my ass up as he tugged my panties down, sliding them off and letting them fall to the floor.

His strong hands guided my thighs apart. I gasped softly as he slid two long fingers into my pussy as three fingers from his other hand began to rub my clit.

Brad’s fingers moved in and out of me, knowing just where to touch to quickly bring me to the edge. He alternated between slow, steady stroked then hard and fast. I held onto his shoulders, digging my fingers into them as he brought me closer and closer.

I cried out as I came, my pussy tightening around his fingers. He kissed me deep as he continued to finger fuck me until my last spasm.

“We seem to have created mess number one,” Brad said as he slipped his fingers illegal bahis siteleri out of me. I smiled as I took his hand, covered with my juices, then licked and sucked the fingers clean. He moaned as I cleaned his fingers.

I finally let his fingers slip from between my lips and smiled at him. Brad smiled back as he reached between us and took off his pants and boxers then pulled me so that I was sitting on the very edge of the counter. He slipped off my skirt and let it fall on his clothes.

He kissed me as his hands moved to my hips, holding me still as he positioned himself at the entrance to my pussy. I moaned against his lips as his long, thick cock slipped into my very wet pussy.

“Oh god, you feel so good,” I whispered as he filled me.

Brad smiled as he moved slowly in and out of me, his hands still on my hips holding me in place. I ran my fingers through his hair as we kissed again. He fucked me long and hard, in no rush to be finished as he alternated the pace and depth of his thrusts.

He suddenly paused, buried deep inside me, and slipped off my sweater and bra. I tightened the muscles in my pussy around his cock, massaging canlı bahis siteleri it. Brad moaned as he cupped my full breasts, holding them up. He licked one nipple, sucking softly on it, as he gently tugged on the other.

I whimpered softly, “That feels good, darling.”

“How does this feel?” Brad asked as he went back to playing with my breasts and slammed his cock into me hard and fast.

“Oh god! That feels even better!” I answered with another moan.

He responded by moving faster and harder, his hands falling away from my breasts to rest on my hips again and his mouth pressed against mine. Brad kissed me hard as he pulled me closer to the edge of the counter, allowing him to get deeper.

I gasped as I returned the kiss, my body started to peak again. “Oh! Yes! Oh Brad!”

My pussy tightened around his cock as I came, bucking my hips. He groaned, squeezing my ass, as he started to orgasm, filling my pussy with his hot cum. Brad continued to pump in and out of me until he was spent.

His head fell against my shoulder as he caught his breathe then he kissed me softly. There’s the second mess,” he said with a smile as he slid his cock out of me. I laughed and kissed him again.

We quickly cleaned up as much as we could, suddenly aware of how long we’d been gone, and got dressed again. We slipped out of the bathroom and found our way back to the auditorium and our friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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