The Year of the Cat Ch. 02

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The workweek trudged forward until blessed Friday. Janice and Matt were getting along famously. A daily routine had spontaneously emerged that would involve the two meeting briefly in the morning over a cup of coffee before departing for their respective jobs.

It was usually Janice arriving home first at the end of the workday. She would get showered and changed and browse the internet until she heard her roommate arrive through the front door. Matt would undoubtedly be dirty and tired from his physically demanding job. She surprised him one day, handing him a cold beer upon entering the front door.

“Just what I needed! You’re the best, homie.” They had taken to calling each other ‘homie’.

Matt would then shower and change into his house clothes; normally his grey sweatpants and a T-shirt.

When evening would descend, the two would eagerly chat as they prepared dinner together; discussing their day, venting, or telling each other funny stories. Then, they would enjoy their dinner in peace at the dining room table.

There was none of the typical squabbling over cleaning duties they each had been used to with previous house mates. They were both committed to keeping the apartment clean, peaceful and full of laughter. After dinner was usually spent together on the couch watching their Netflix show. A joke or a discussion about the episode afterwards would be their last chat before finally saying goodnight to each other and parting ways towards bed.

Matt found that he enjoyed Janice’s company beyond his obsession over her physical attributes. For one, she made him feel like the funniest guy in the world; she would erupt with laughter at the slightest joke from him, no matter how dumb it was.

Janice appreciated Matt’s company too. His relaxed nature and sense of humor were a sharp contrast to the angry edge her boyfriend typically displayed while they were living together. Matt’s calm, rational demeanor turned out to be something she didn’t know she needed in her life. He made her feel completely safe and secure and little by little it became easier for her to be herself again. Neither one could deny the organic chemistry between them was palatable.

One evening, while watching their show on the couch, Janice announced: “My mom has been bugging me about coming over and seeing where I live. Do you mind if I invite her over for Thanksgiving weekend?”

“Of course not! You don’t need my permission. This is your home too, you know.”

“Yes, I know, but it’s only fair that I ask. You’ll like her. She’s super fun.”

“Can’t wait to meet her.”

“She can’t wait to meet you! I’ve been bragging to her all about what a great guy you are.”

Matt blushed.

“…And, since you can’t be with your family or Pam for thanksgiving dinner, she insisted that you spend it with us!”

Matt didn’t have any family to speak of that he knew. He had been adopted as a child by an aging couple who had passed away when he was in his late teens. As for Pamela, she had told him, via text, that she’d be away with her son at their extended family’s home in the mountains for the holiday.

“That’s really nice of you two.” exclaimed Matt. “Do I get to cook the thanksgiving turkey?”

“Oh my god! Yes, please! Mom was planning on just ordering Chinese for us.”

The end credits began rolling across the screen.

Janice sighed. “I think I’m going to head to bed now.”

With that she reached out her arms towards the ceiling in a long, yawning stretch.

Matt bit his lip trying to conceal a groan of pleasure watching her shirt stretch tight across her massive bra gripped breasts. The bulging tit meat bursting out of the tops of her cups ballooned against the compressed garment, accentuating her quad boob to a breathless degree. The poor bra looked like it was holding on for dear life.

Despite his constant, raging hard ons, Matt was getting more used to the shocking displays Janice would create on a regular basis. Even though she had yet to appear before Matt without a bra, her complete indifference to how she carried her breasts had Matt’s attention in a vice grip day after day after day.

“Goodnight, homie.” she smiled as she left the room.

Matt shook himself out of the tit trance. “Goodnight, homegirl. Sweet dreams.”


Sunday evening, after dinner, Matt stretched out on the couch in his light gray sweatpants and T-shirt, bringing up the next episode in the series they were watching.

Janice was on a phone call with her boyfriend in her bedroom. Matt could hear her speaking excitedly with a loud voice in the room, but he couldn’t hear what she was saying. He thought it sounded like an argument.

A few minutes later he heard her bedroom door open. He noticed, as she took a seat, that her eyes were red and she was sniffing.

“Everything ok?” he asked.

“Yeah… well, no. My boyfriend has been a total dick to me this whole week. He is not happy about my decision to move here.”

“I’m mobilbahis güvenilir mi sorry. Anything I could do to help?”

“Not really.” she said laughing softly. “Bobby will get over it.”

“Fair enough.” he smiled, “Ready for the next episode?”

“Uhhm… actually…” she hesitated.


“Before we do that… do you think I could use your tub to take a bubble bath? Pretty please?”

Matt’s bathroom was the only one in the apartment with a tub. Janice’s bathroom just had a stand up, glass shower stall.

“Oh! Sure. I actually just cleaned in there. Go ahead and soak some of that stress away.”

She thanked him and left the living room to gather her bathing supplies.

Janice returned a moment later carrying two towels, and a bottle of bath product. As he heard the water faucet start in his bathroom, Matt got lost in a daydream picturing her huge, soapy breasts being squeezed as she bathed them, sensually. He decided to try to distract himself with a book.

About a half hour later he heard his bedroom door open and close again.

“Sorry. I forgot my robe.” Matt heard her say as he looked up from his novel. She only had a towel wrapped around her waist like a skirt. However, bunched against her chest she held another towel, apparently too small to wrap around her upper body. Her back was completely bare. It was the most skin Matt had seen from her yet.

Just then, Bubsy cat approached her blocking her path. The feline flopped over onto his side, waiting to receive pets.

“Oh you! Bubsy, you pick the worst times for lovies, I swear.” said Janice in a playfully squeaky tone.

Secretly, over the edge of his book, Matt watched Janice bend at the hip. She released her towel with her right arm to pet the black cat. Her left arm still held the towel against her bosom, but one arm could only cover so much area. In fact, her left hand looked like it could barely reach where her right nipple should be. In their compressed state, her upper breasts ballooned out from the top edge of her towel.

When he saw the towel fall from Janice’s side facing him, Matt’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. The large cloth was still held in place by her left hand, but her entire, squashed side boob was completely visible. Her cream colored skin was smooth, without blemish. Her enormous breast’s soft roundness slowly undulating from the movement of her arm. Janice petted the cat lovingly, seemingly unaware of her nearly naked state, for almost a whole minute.

Matt would have loved to sit and stare at the gorgeous spectacle, but his rapidly expanding dick was making a spectacle of itself too.

He finally tore his eyes away and subtly placed a throw pillow on his lap, hoping Janice wouldn’t connect any dots.

She stood back up adjusting her towel again. Matt averted his eyes, pretended to have been reading the whole time.

“Matt, do you care if I go bra-less tonight?”

Inside Matt leapt for joy, but he played it off as nonchalantly as he could muster, “Nope. Feel free… no pun intended. Hehe.”

Janice giggled, then fell silent for a moment, smiling at Matt. “I keep having to remind myself that you’re not like Bobby.” she said shaking her head. “After three years living with him I almost forgot how to be comfortable in my own skin… It got to the point where I did what he said just to shut him up.”

“That’s no fun.” Matt sympathized. “I hear a lot of women say the moment they finally get to take off their bra is the best part of the day.”

“Oh my god! It TOTALLY is!! You have NO idea!” exclaimed Janice squeezing her eyes closed and hugging her towel covered bosom. “Anyway, thanks for being so awesome.” she said. Her eyes sparkled. “I’ll be right back!”

She retired to her room. Once the door was closed Matt let out a relieved sigh. Beneath the throw pillow, his boner snaked down his pant leg trying to stand.

Several minutes later Janice re-emerged wearing her usual yoga pants and dark, oversized tie-dyed T-shirt that draped as loosely as it could over her curves. Matt noticed right away the wild amount of movement under her shirt, as well as her bosom sitting slightly lower on her torso, yet each breast retained an amazing roundness. Her nipples were rigid and visible pinpoints on the multicolored fabric.

“God, this is so refreshing!” Janice exclaimed, taking a seat next to Matt on the couch. Her breasts rolled hugely and squashed together under her shirt with every movement she made.

Matt expected Janice to be at least a little more self conscious in her un-bra’d state, but, to his delight, she carried on just as she always had; with little to no compunction whatsoever.

Spreading her arms across the low back of the sofa, she reclined, inadvertently thrusting her tits forward. Her shirt tightened around her giant globes allowing Matt a spectacular view of how round and full they were in natural gravity. The points of her nipples poked out a little mobilbahis below the center of her curvature.

“Good god. They must be absolutely perfect!” he mused, lustfully. Matt’s boner was still hidden beneath the pillow on his lap, but it pulsed angrily and jumped at every new position she took as he “watched” their show together.

The end credits rolled finally. Janice sighed. Matt held his breath waiting for her to start her customary pre bedtime stretch. To his delight she stood to her feet to enjoy a full body yawn. Throwing her arms wide and arching her back, Matt marveled at the sight of her incredible tits, each one bigger than a basketball and still visible from behind her back.

“Goodnight, Matt.” she yawned shuffling her feet towards her bedroom.

“Sleep well, Jan.”

Matt waited to stand only after he heard her door close, his throbbing erection making a large point in his sweatpants.

“Damn! I need to cum.” Matt groaned as he made his way to his bathroom to grab a wad of tissue paper.

Flipping on the light, he immediately stopped dead in his tracks. Hanging from the hook next to his towels was the biggest bra Matt had ever seen. It looked like an oversized comic prop to him at first.

“She must have forgotten her bra after her bath!” he thought. A white tag hung off of the dangling strap. Matt couldn’t help his curiosity. His shaking hand grasped the strap and brought the tag closer to inspect: “36 J”

“Holy shit! And to think she barely fits in this!”, he thought.

Matt ran his hand over the enormous amount of satin fabric, imagining the huge, beautiful breast that dwelt within. His large hand looked dwarfed next to the size of the brassiere cup. He wouldn’t have been able to grasp one breast with both of his hands, he imagined, ecstatic.

Suddenly, he felt his knees buckle under him. His angry cock had finally had enough and started lobbing a hot load of jizz inside his underwear. Matt steadied himself against the wall until his orgasm passed.

“Jesus!” he sighed. “That’s never happened before!”

Matt stripped off his wet sweatpants and boxers, then cleaned himself up. Suddenly, he heard his phone chirp a text message. It was from his girlfriend Pamela:

“Sweet dreams, handsome!”

Matt felt a wave of guilt wash over him. It wasn’t often that Pam displayed affection. When it did happen, Matt would normally be in a good mood for days afterwards. Now, it seemed different to him, less exciting, which made him feel even more guilty.

Climbing into bed, Matt didn’t bother putting on any clothes. He just wanted the night to disappear into slumber and wake up to a normal work day tomorrow.


Matt felt like he had just closed his eyes, when his alarm clock startled him into Monday morning. Looking over at his phone, he noticed a text message waiting for him. This one was from his boss:

“Go back to bed. Project delayed. Be here Tuesday morning.”

“Best…news… everrr..” he murmured contently, snuggling back into his pillow, returning to sweet slumber.

Meanwhile, Janice awoke to her own morning alarm and began getting ready for work. As she was getting dressed, she noticed her bra was missing.

“Where could it be?”, she wondered out loud. Just then she remembered her bath and where she last saw her undergarment.

“Oh shit! I left it in Matt’s bathroom!”

Slipping a robe over her shoulders, she quietly made her way towards his room.

“His door is shut. He must have left for work early today.” she thought, as she turned the doorknob and quietly entered. Heading straight into the open bathroom, she retrieved her bra exactly where she left it hanging.

Then, with a turn of her heel, she spun around to leave the room. To her surprise, there before her, on his back, limbs outstretched was Matt, fast asleep in bed. His unexpected presence would have been enough of a shock to her, but he was also totally naked, uncovered by the bed sheets…and his dick was completely erect. A gap in the curtains allowed a beam of morning sunlight to fall onto his bed. It just so happened to illuminate Matt’s hard cock like a spot light. Janice gawked in disbelief.

“Oh my god! Why is his thing so BIG!?” she immediately thought.

She and her boyfriend Bobby had started dating in high school, so Janice had not seen many penises in her life. Bobby enjoyed telling her how lucky she was to be with a guy as big as him. Janice didn’t know any better, so she accepted it as the truth; but this one in front of her right now was over twice as long and about three times as thick as her boyfriend’s.

Janice’s mouth hung agape, completely forgetting her covert duty. She only finally snapped out of her trance when Matt began stirring in his sleep. Quick panic engulfed her and she hurried out of the room as quietly as she could. She then ran across the apartment to her room, shut the door mobilbahis giriş and leaned against it catching her breath.

Janice finished getting dressed and quickly departed for the office, hoping to avoid Matt before she left. She managed her workload fitfully, distracted by visions of Matt’s huge, glowing cock.

Lunch time came and Janice found Kendra in line at the cafeteria giving Fransisco an eyeful of dark cleavage.

The ladies took a seat together in a quiet corner.

“Kendra, can I ask you something personal?” Janice asked in a whispered voice.

“Sure, girl. You know I won’t bullshit you.”

“Thanks…” she hesitated.

“Well…Go on”

Janice tried to find the best way to phrase her question. Finally, she bit her lip and just said it: “Have you ever been with a guy who was…big?”

“Big? Like fat?”

“No, like BIG…like, big down there.” she said pointing down to her lap.

“Oh! A big DICK!” she said, loudly.

Janice panicked looking around the crowded room. “Shhhh!”

Kendra laughed. “You’re damn right I have! Plenty times. Why?”

“No reason, really. Just… does it hurt?”

“Hell naw!…Well, yeah. First couple times were kinda painful… but you get used to it. Then, it’s the BEST!! Why? Someone show you their big ‘ol dick?”

Janice, in a panic, blurted out: “He didn’t show me. I mean, he was asleep! It was a total accident! I…”

Kendra put two and two together and quickly snapped her fingers. “It’s your roommate! You saw your roommate’s dick and it was HUUUGE!”

Janice desperately tried to shush her friend.

“I had to sneak into his room to grab something this morning.” she anxiously explained. “And then it was like… BOOM…right there! Out in the open.”

Kendra threw her head back in laughter. “Girl! You’re a trip! Ok… so, how big are we talking?”

Janice’s blush deepened to crimson red. “Scary big!”

“Mmm! You know what this means, right?”

Janice looked confused, almost afraid to respond. “No?”.

Kendra crossed her arms, causing her cleavage expand from her partially unbuttoned blouse. “It means you’re inviting me over to meet him!”

Janice shrugged. “Sure.”

“No harm in a simple introduction.” she thought to herself.

Kendra eyed Janice. “That is… unless you’re gonna go for that big meat yourself.”

“Me?! Oh no! Nonono.” Janice shook her head emphatically. “I’ve got Bobby.”

Kendra laughed out loud again. “Well then, all’s fair, J-Cup! Let’s hit up happy hour after work, then we’ll drop in on your horse-cocked roommate!”

Janice agreed, apprehensively.


Matt had spent his day off thinking of something special he could do for his girlfriend.

His constant obsessing over Janice’s huge tits made him feel like he was cheating on Pam.

He remembered her mentioning that she was born and raised in the South. “A good southern dish for a date night might help her warm up to me a little more.” he thought. “I’ve got that Jambalaya recipe I could try. I should make a test batch of it for dinner tonight.”

Groceries were bought, veggies were cleaned, ingredients were chopped, everything was coming together ideally. Looking up at the clock, Matt noticed Janice was late getting home from work.

“Her job probably gave her some overtime or something…”

Moments later, over the sizzling of the pan, he heard footsteps and women’s voices approaching the front door.

The doorknob turned and in strode Janice followed closely by a gorgeous black woman dressed in a business skirt and half unbuttoned blouse. Matt couldn’t help but do a double take when he saw that the new girl had a tits almost as large as Janice’s. The woman’s cleavage was exploding out of her shirt, pushed into display by two frilly edged brassiere cups.

“Hey, Homie! This is my friend Kendra from work.”

“Hi! Pleased to meet you. I’m Matt.” shaking her hand gently.

“Mmm! The pleasure is mine!” she replied, eyeing him up and down unabashedly. Kendra had seen the look in Matt’s eye as soon as she walked in the door. It was the same look Fransisco gave her everyday in the lunch line.

“I think we got a Titty Man here!” she said to herself, excited.

Turning to Janice, Kendra spoke: “Girrrl! You just said he was fine! You didn’t say he could cook too!”

The color dropped from Janice’s face in embarrassment. Matt blinked at her, wide eyed.

“Cooking! Yes! Oh look!” Janice interjected loudly. “You’re making…food. What is it? It smells wonderful. I’m hungry. Are you hungry? I…”

“Oh hell! You’re in here cooking Jambalaya!” exclaimed Kendra, examining the simmering ingredients.

Matt smiled excitedly. “Yeah, I’m trying out this recipe for my girl. She’s from Louisiana.”

“Boy! I’m from Louisiana!” exclaimed Kendra.

“Really?! Perfect! I need an expert opinion. You gotta have a plate. You too, Janice! It’ll be ready in just about 20 minutes.”

The girls retired to Janice’s room and closed the door while Matt continued to cook in the kitchen.

“Damn girl!” Kendra excitedly whispered to Janice. “That’s a sexy ass roommate you got, lucky bitch!”

“Well, YEAH!” Janice furrowed her brow. “By the way, thanks for calling me out like that!”

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