The Work Out

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Saturday afternoon, they had gone to the gym… she loves to watch him work out, after his work out, he goes to take a shower as he wasn’t getting back in the car all sweaty like that, as he goes off to the locker room and gets into the shower she enter the locker room, he doesn’t know she’s in there, coming out with only a towel wrapped around his waist he hears someone whistle him, although he can’t see her as she had hidden behind one of the showers.

Looking around to see if he could find who was whistling she sneaks up behind him grabbing his waist, jumping from being startled he looks at her with a devilish look on his face.

”What are you doing in here might I ask?” he asks in surprise.

“Oh I wanted to see you in your towel” winking at you as she wraps her arms around his shoulders.

She reaches up and kisses him, things begin to get a little warm in there…he tries pushing her away.

“Honey not now not here please!” he pleads.

Being the stubborn naughty girl that she is, as always she doesn’t listen.

Kissing him deep… she runs her hands up and down his back as her tongue searches for his, her hand slowly finds its way onto that mass that was growing inside that towel, massaging it gently, she takes the towel and drops it to the floor, taking her into his arms, kissing her neck, working his hands slowly all over her, removing the top that she was wearing and her bra as well.

Gently he takes one nipple into his mouth, suckling it gently, nibbling it lightly as soft moans of ecstasy escape them in unison. Slowly her shorts are lowered to the ground, picking her up gently laying her on the bench behind them.

“What happened to not here honey not now?” she asks deviously.

“Well girl you win”, he spreads her legs getting in between them.

Taking his rigid bulging throbbing mass into her hand guiding it into her hot wet hole,

“Oh is someone just a little excited?” asking with a casino şirketleri devious tone in my voice

“Oh you know it” he replies… When it comes to you I just cant help myself”.

Pumping that hard throbbing mass into her slowly, she wraps her legs around his waist and raises her ass off the Bench …

“It feels so good.” She cries out as her nails rake his chest.

Pace picking up, harder and faster and deeper as their soft moans grow in intensity as they echo off the lockers, he feels her pussy clamping down as she is about to cum… his head throws back as he his cock and balls tighten and his body tenses as they reach the most dynamic orgasm together… upon finishing they get up again, telling him to get dressed.

She puts her clothes back on… kissing him deeply; she goes out into the gym and waits for him.

Walking out of the locker room, he sees her waiting for him… walking over to her he bends down kissing her, his hand wanders across her back.

”Baby lets go home I have something for you when we get there” he says in a devious voice.

“Honey I thought you had to go to work after this?? She replies.

The hell with that they don’t need me that badly today…he takes her hand as they go to the car, the drive home was quiet, and she could tell he was thinking.

Arriving at home…he opens her door and suddenly picks her up in his arms.

”What are you doing?” she asks in surprise.

“Baby you started this in the locker room” he replies.

He manages to get the door open as he carries her inside…putting her down he pins her against the door…kissing her wildly…his hands savagely running over her body…removing her clothes faster than she put them on yet very gently…his body pressed against hers, she could feel his mass growing again as he pushed it against her.

“Oh god baby…your getting so hard again” she whines softly.

“Oh yes I know” he moans softly.

Removing casino firmalari his clothes, their hands run over each other in the heat of passion…he picks her up, holding her against the door as her legs wrap around his waist. Sliding her down his very hard cock, he buries his cock deep into her pussy, nibbling at her neck like she’s never felt him do before, his pace picks up faster and harder, suddenly he stops…looking at her with the look of lust and desire.

”Baby don’t stop now!!! She cries out.

“Oh not by any means baby!” he replies.

Carrying her to the couch he lays her down, her legs still wrapped around him…he releases her legs pushing her knees up to her chest…he pulls his cock out for a moment…ramming it back into her.

“Damn you girl…the next time I take you with me to the gym you won’t start this”.

”Oh you want to bet I wont, watch me little man…if doing that is going to get a reaction from you like this then you can bet I will do it all the time” she replies in a sexy devious voice.

His pace picks up and he fucks her uncontrollably…”you could have gotten us caught in there today” he snickers.

“I don’t care…I wanted you and that’s all there was too it”. She replied.

“Well you got me baby…and your going to have me all day” he replies in the tone of desire.

Watching the expressions on his face change, feeling his body tense and his cock and balls tighten, he rams his cock into her one last time as he pushes her over the edge and they hit the most earth shattering climax together as he shoots his hot cum deep into her screaming pussy, her pussy clamps down on his cock milking it for all it’s worth.

Loud screams are released from him, his body begins to convulse from the intensity of his orgasm. He collapses on top of her for a moment, running her fingers over his head.

”Baby I need another shower” he says quietly.

“Yes you do, let’s go” she replies with güvenilir casino a devious tone.

Getting up off of her she heads off toward the bathroom…

”Where are you going?” he asks.

”With you silly I have to clean up too.” she replies.

“Alright but behave yourself in there I really do need to get to work sometime today!”

“Oh really…well we shall see about that now won’t we?? She asks.

Getting into the shower together…he begins to wash up and is just about done when she starts on him again…her hands slip around his waist…taking his cock into her hand stroking it gently…he tries to stop her but it was too late…his cock had already begun to grow again in her hand.

”Damn it girl what did I tell you?? He whines…as his eyes close.

”Honey I know I’m sorry I just cant resist you…you know that” she replies softly.

He turns around to face her; she kisses his chest softly, his mass growing even harder to the feel of her lips on him.

“I will take care of this for you baby I promise”…she gets down on her knees in front of him taking his cock into her mouth running her tongue over every inch…up and down his main vein, circling the head of this cock with her tongue lightly as his body shutters, he holds her head as he starts fucking her hot mouth, deeper into her throat she sucks his cock in, sucking it harder and faster, stroking his cock gently with one hand…massaging his balls with the other.

He leans back against the wall giving her better access to him, he continues fucking her mouth faster, she takes him all the way to his balls, when suddenly she feels him tightening, looking up at him…

”Come on baby give it to me, I want it all baby” with those words he pumps her mouth a couple more times as he explodes deep into her throat, coating it with his hot thick cum.

She swallows every drop, sucking him one more time, getting all that was left for her to get, she starts to pull her lips off him running her tongue over the head one last time as his body shakes.

Looking up at him, she stands…” Baby now I will leave you alone and you may get ready for work.” Getting out of the shower she dries off and lets him get ready for work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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