The Deluxe Package

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She was cooling down from an intense workout.

“That instructor was on a mission today!” she thought.

She headed towards the showers. She normally did not take showers at the gym but she had booked a massage for that day and she never wanted to go to the table sweaty. She turned on the water very warm. She paid little attention to her hair as the sweat from the workout had already done its worst and it would have to be dealt with before she went out for the evening. She soaped up and was quite aware of the developing knot in her lower back.

“Well I definitely have to mention this to the masseuse when I get there.” she thought.

Still feeling the workout high in spite of the soreness in her back, she let the hot water fall on her and closed her eyes as she rinsed off. She lingered a bit until she realized she was not at home and others were waiting. She reluctantly turned off the water and toweled off. She headed back to the locker wrapped in her towel and got her bag from the locker. She pulled out her panties from the bag. They were a low rise electric blue pair with a mesh front that nicely contrasted with her luscious brown skin. Not a pair she would normally wear to the gym but it was laundry day. She decided to go braless since she was going straight to the spa. She finished dressing putting on a pair of shorts and a loose fitting tee shirt and headed out to her waiting sporty Fiat.

When she arrived at the spa, she was impressed. It had been over a year since she had used this spa, her time being spent at the new chain that offered monthly memberships. The lighting was very subdued and pleasant. Native American flute music wafted through the lobby. The receptionist welcomed her. The former gatekeeper had been a severe woman who was direct and all business. The new receptionist was pleasant and welcoming.

“have you been with us before?” the receptionist asked.

“About a year ago” She said.

“We are under new management now, I hope you like our new atmosphere. I see you are scheduled for our deluxe package. ” the receptionist continued with a sly look in her eye.

“I got a groupon and I thought I deserved it.” she said

“I’ll call you when your room is ready. Please help yourself to water and a light snack” the receptionist said.

“Thank you” she said.

After about 15 minutes a woman emerged from behind the curtain. She had the most relaxed and peaceful look about her. She practically floated out of the waiting area making an appointment for the following week. She left an envelope marked “Ramon” on the counter.

After a few more minutes a clean cut 30ish muscular man with light brown skin and a slightly receding hairline appeared at the curtain wearing a tight fitting under armour shirt.

“Is my 2 o’clock here?” he said in a soft low voice.

The receptionist called out to her “your room is ready.”

She canlı bahis şirketleri gathered her bags and headed towards the curtain. Ramon took her hand lightly and escorted her into the back area, her left hand in his and his right hand resting on the small of her back. He opened the door for her and provided a large towel and a locker for her to use.

“You can put you stuff in there and come through that door when you are ready” Ramon said.

She stripped down to her panties and stored her stuff in the locker. She admired herself in the mirror and thought “I look hot, F this fifty shit.” She wrapped the long towel around herself and confidently strode through the divider to the other room.

Ramon offered her an aromatherapy mask, lavender.

“how did you know?” she said as he tied the mask over her eyes securely but not tightly.

“Please make yourself comfortable, lay down on your stomach.”

“like this?” she said as she positioned herself on the table as best she could with the mask obscuring her vision.

“perfect” he said. “Is there anything specific you wanted to work on today?’

“My lower back is kind of tight and I just did an intensive Zumba class so focus on the lower muscle groups.” she said.

“Do you prefer a firm hand or a soft touch?” He said.

“More firm than soft but if it doesn’t feel right I’ll let you know.” She said.

“Sounds good.” he said as he began to apply massage oil to his hands. “I am going to start with your shoulders and work my way down to address that tightness in your lower back. From there I will work on those lower muscle groups.” “Place your arms on you sides please.”

She placed her arms at her sides as he warmed up some oil in his hands and began to spread it liberally across her shoulders. He placed his palms on her shoulders so that his thumbs were intertwined. Starting with light pressure he began kneading her shoulders gradually increasing pressure.

“Oh.. that’s good there, keep that pressure” she said.

“Gotcha” he said as he was less tentative and began to move more methodically. His hands mirrored each other as he moved from the base of her neck to her shoulders. He grasped the edge of the towel and moved it down to expose her upper back. He warmed up some more oil and started to apply pressure to her shoulder blades. With his palms flat he made sweeping motions from the spine to the edge of the shoulder blade without pushing down on the spine. First the left, then the right. He paused to move the towel again. He exposed the lower part of her back, the crack of her ass was just barely visible. He applied some more oil and continued his motions down her back. He alternated these motions with long strokes up and down her sides using the pressure of his thumbs to manipulate her muscles.

“Let’s take a look at that lower back” He said “why are you so tense?”

“I canlı kaçak iddaa exercise to relieve stress but I may have overdone it today” she said while thinking about her son struggling at school far away.

Ramon started making gentle circular motions with his fingers and gradually intensifying the pressure while looking for signs of discomfort. He moved on to using the heel of his palm to loosen the muscles that were causing the tightness. She sighed as she inhaled the scent of lavender from the mask and began to feel her tension dissipate. As he observed her reaction he took her cue and continued his ministrations until she was as limp as steamed spinach.

With broad strokes, he swept up and down her sides again and rested his hands on her shoulders. He used his thumbs and forefingers to encircle her arms and in a swirling motion stimulated them from shoulder to wrist, first the left, then the right. Using his palms he applied more pressure and continued to work those muscles.

“You did sign up for the deluxe package right?” He asked.

From her semi-conscious state she replied “You got that right.”

With that he used both of his arms and again rested them on each shoulder. With a bit of pressure he swept the triceps muscles on both arms causing her arms to cross behind her back. She could feel him grasping her wrists together with one hand. She felt him shifting and then a silky fabric was wrapped around her wrists and hooked around her thumbs. The fabric was secured and she began to get alarmed. Sensing her tension, he said “all part of the deluxe package.” She felt uneasy but a tiny bit intrigued.

He removed the towel completely from her body. He smiled as he saw the panties she had worn to the table. With Two hands he repeated the swirling motions on her left leg that he had used on her arms. He put his hands together interlocking his thumbs and Swept up the outer part of her leg and then back down again. He repeated the process on her right leg. He then applied pressure with the palms of his hands and drew up the outside of her left leg. When he reached her hip, he came down the inner thigh in the same fashion. Still somewhat disoriented by the tug of the silk binding on her wrists she began focus on the expert hands of Ramon and allowed herself to relax again.

He drew up her left leg again and when he drew down her inner thigh she could barely feel the tickle of his fingers as they ever so slightly brushed against the fabric of her panties. That light touch sent a shudder through her that she tried to ignore.

He reversed the order and drew down the outer thigh and then up the inner thigh. On the second pass there was a more definite contact initiated between Ramon’s fingers and her sensitive regions. The stimulation was getting to her. Ramon continued to stroke her and she began to respond involuntarily. Ramon noticed canlı kaçak bahis the slight dampness that was developing between her legs and with more intention he continued to her inner thighs. His the edges of his fingers finding more and more contact. She was beginning to tighten and release with the rhythm of his motions.

The intoxicating effect of the lavender mask and the attention of Ramon’s skillful hands were engulfing her in an erotic mood that made her mind fuzzy. Desires were being awakened and anticipation was taking over. She became aware of what she was feeling and the spell was broken.

Just as she was beginning to focus on regaining control he withdrew from her inner thighs and rested his palms on her ankles. He slid up her outer thighs on both sides. When he reached her hips he hooked his thumbs under the sides of her panties and tugged at them. She slightly lifted her hips without thinking and he pulled the electric blue lace and mesh down her thighs stopping at the knees. She was surprised as he gathered the material and tied the edges together binding her knees as her wrists were bound. Before she could react, Ramon lifted her hips off the table and her knees glided underneath.

She was now completely exposed before him, balanced on her knees, wrists bound and ass in the air. Her mind was full of alarming thoughts but she was unable say anything. Her body was responding for her. She could feel the reaction inside her as Ramon drizzled warm massage oil over her ass. He grasped the globes of flesh and roughly kneaded them occasionally stroking up and down her thighs. Her mind was swimming in erotic feelings as she wished she could see what was happening.

He lubed up his right hand slipped it between her inner thighs. He stroked the edges of her labia while stroking her back with his other hand. He gradually intensified his stroking now using his full palm and fingers on her entire surface of her labia. He then drizzled some more oil directly over her puckered rear entrance. He traced around the edges of her sphincter with his other hand while continuing to stroke her labia. He narrowed down his attentions to her fully erect clitorus as he felt her breath quicken. In a few seconds she was panting and trembling as he felt her muscles begin to tighten, her climax building. He roughly invaded her sphincter with the index finger of his other hand. She let out a scream and shuddered coming in his hands and collapsing on the table.

Ramon untied the silk bonds from her wrists and the panties from her knees and covered her with a warm towel. When she recovered she got herself together gingerly and made her way to the changing room. She opened her locker and started to get dressed when she realized that Ramon had kept her panties. She dressed and headed towards the curtain commando. The receptionist gave a wink and a smile.

“I gotta wash my hair or maybe start a little something with my husband when I get home” she thought. “Or maybe just some extended time in the tub with my lavender beads.” As she put her Fiat into sport mode and watched the numbers become italic.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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