The Day Our Planets Aligned 01

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When Pam and I married we were both virgins in the sense that we had never had sex with anyone else. We met in our late teens and married when we were 21. When we finished having children we were still relatively young. Pam is an attractive blonde, petite, smallish breasts (but nice, with perfect nipples), lovely legs, flat tummy and small butt. I remember a workmate once told me that he would love to fuck her so I very early accepted the fact that she had wider sex appeal.

Our sex was, and still is, very satisfying. I am a good match physically with the possible exception of cock size. I have a six inch cock in both length and girth which is not small, but I always felt slightly wanting in this area when we fucked.

If anything, I lean towards being oversexed and this explains a lot of things in respect to our relationship. The fact that we were ‘virgins’ (as defined) also contributed to our sexual state.

For example, from a very early stage in our relationship I was keen for her to take another man and I openly encouraged her to do so. She had similar desires, but being a very reserved person she was never likely to be the initiator. Yes, she fantasised. Sometimes with her boss. Sometimes with a black man because of their legendary big cocks. She also had erotic dreams from time to time and would tell me how realistic and beautiful they were.

Importantly she always maintained that if she ever got the opportunity, I would not be allowed to watch because she would likely, in her state of sexual excitement, do things to him

I might not approve. For example, suck his cock. I hadn’t ever said that I would object to this but she felt that I might and end up spoiling her pleasure by attempting to stop it. We had always imagined the act being performed in our bedroom with me outside a closed door.

My main fantasy was always one of her being fucked by someone with a bigger cock than mine. We both knew that it would be something special providing the man was decent and caring and a total stranger, black or white. It had to be sensual not mechanical like porn videos are.

We both had the feeling that eight inches would be her perfect size. During our sex when she started to stroke my balls I would invariably say “how would like to put your hand down to stroke the balls of an eight inch cock and find only the balls hard up against the lips of your vagina?” The thought a big cock totally inside would quickly bring us both to orgasm

For some time I believed that her doctor had fucked her a number of times. She told me that on one occasion he was performing a legitimate internal examination then started fingering her for pleasure. She knew what he was up to and moved her pelvis to show him that she approved. She noticed that he had an erection. He asked her whether she was enjoying it and she said that she would enjoy it more if it were his cock. He locked his door stripped down, got onto the table and fucked her. At least this is what she told me and I believed her because I knew that she liked and trusted him.

We would use this experience as stimulation during sex for some time. I would ask her whether she had taken his cock in her hand, yes she had, mainly to guide it. I would ask whether it was bigger than mine and she would say fatter not longer. Did we have sex on the days when he fucked her? No, she manufactured an excuse on those days. Did she feel a sense of guilt when she walked back into the waiting room? Yes and she felt that the staff had an inkling. She was, after all, full of his semen. She would change and wash her panties as soon as she got home.

I absolutely loved this talk and it was a massive turn on for me.

Then after a year or so of absolutely believing this, she admitted that it did not happen. She had been stimulated by his examination, she did display her pleasure but the rest was made up No doubt a reflection of what she would have liked to happen which became the canlı bahis basis of her fantasies.

Some years went by without the result we had been seeking. I remember we went into the sex precinct of the city one summer night and I insisted she wear no bra or pants. Her nipples were on show through her lightweight top and the fact that we knew she was not wearing panties under a lightweight skirt made us both very sexy. I had a fair idea that it would not lead to her perfect fuck and it didn’t. As we sat in a male strip club (our one and only visit to such an establishment) a man sitting behind ran his hand up her back but that was as close as we got that night. I’m glad that nothing eventuated because it was a little on the seedy side and potentially a bit risky..

I also suggested that we visit a swingers’ club but she was averse to the idea of taking pot luck and potentially being disappointed. On reflection I’m glad we didn’t, given what was to come.

A couple of years later I suggested we start going to a nude beach near our interstate holiday unit which we visit twice a year. Pam was hesitant and somewhat concerned at the thought but succumbed after much encouragement. I too had some reservations about taking off the gear and going starkers but I quickly settled into it.

This beach is quite difficult to get to and is scarcely populated during the week when we go. It is not legally nude but the state government turns a blind eye. Nudies are up one end and clothed the other. It is a large beach and the two groups don’t mingle. It borders a national park and clothed hikers regularly walk from one end to the other to continue their national park sojourns and perv a bit as they go past. The rear border of the beach comprises a steep inaccessible hill (part of the national park) and a wire fence runs along the back of some small undulating sand dunes separating bush from sand.

It is quite usual to have the beach almost completely to oneself on early morning weekdays, with a small increase in population occurring from about 10:00am onward. Most of the nudies are elderly and mind their own business. The men (who outnumber women by about 5 to 1) enjoy putting their cocks on display but never interfere with the privacy of others. In the early days Pam quite enjoyed perving on them but became a bit blasé after a while. I would encourage her to perv but she would say “what’s the point? they’re not likely to come over and ask for a fuck with you here.”

On one occasion she pointed out to me that a young couple were having sex under a towel near us. We were up in the dunes on that day. That was the only time we had ever seen any sex act. Once or twice we saw men with erections walking into or out of the water but, again, this was rare. We would never have expected a sexual liaison there.

The water is warm when we go in Spring and Autumn and the sun has plenty of kick in it. Surfing nude at this beach is a sheer joy and is one of the reasons I go. As is being naked in the warmth of the Queensland sun.

I have become totally relaxed with nudity at the beach now but it never fails to turn me on sexually. On the other hand Pam still has mild reservations about showing off the full naked body and doesn’t get quite the same strong sexual urges. I remember once asking her to slightly spread her legs when a man walked close by and she reluctantly did. The man looked intently as he passed and she was flattered but she would not normally do this without encouragement from me. The man would have given her a mental as do many of the others at the beach. She is aware of this.

Then one day we arrived early to find the beach isolated. It was a beautiful day in the making so we stripped off and lay on our towels at the point where the flat sand part of the beach meets the small dunes. We were obvious to anyone coming onto the beach.

A little while later a man arrived on his own and started to come towards us.

“Hi bahis siteleri my name’s Peter, do you mind a bit of company?” he asked.

“Not at all” I said, not really knowing how to handle a situation which had never previously arisen.

I estimated him to be in his mid 40’s. He proceeded to lay his towel on the sand and remove his shorts. I noticed that he had fully shaven genitals and was tanned all over. He looked good! It told me that he liked displaying his cock. What might this mean for us? My heart began to race in anticipation.

This was the very first time that Pam had been so intimately close to the naked body of another man.

We chatted for some time. Pam was sitting between us. It became apparent to me that she was frequently transferring her gaze from his face to his cock. He also had noticed her roaming eyes and his cock began to show signs of arousal. Fattening slightly with a touch of precum showing.

Pam’s thought processes appeared to be (later confirmed) “I’m pretty sure this man wants to fuck me.”

By her obvious focus on his cock, the firming of her breasts and rise in her nipples, Peter read the signs and was obviously thinking (later confirmed as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear ) “Pam is being stirred up by the sight of my cock and I’m pretty sure she wants me to fuck her.”

Out of the blue she leaned over and started to stroke his shaft and caress his nob sliding her fingers over his precum. I was surprised at how forward she had suddenly become but couldn’t help but think that the moment had at last arrived and there was nothing I would do to stop it.

He knew the time had come. He got up, grabbed his towel and said “where can we go?”

Pam said “into the dunes up the back.”

He looked at me and asked “is this OK with you Robert?” and I replied along the lines that he should be gentle with her.

I couldn’t see the act from where I was but I felt that I was a part of it. They returned about 20 minutes later. They both looked very fulfilled. Peter’s cock was flaccid but still quite big.

He ran down to the water and had a quick dip. When he returned I casually asked him whether he had come to the beach looking for sex. He said it was the last thing on his mind and would have made no move had Pam not aroused him by her obvious glances at his cock. Even then had she not started to fondle it, it most likely would not have developed into intercourse. But he was pleased that it had because she was in his words “a sensational fuck.” I found that very satisfying coming from someone with a much bigger cock than mine.

At that point Peter decided it was time to move on and we said our goodbyes.

I then asked Pam the obvious. “Did you enjoy it as much as Peter?”

“More” she said. “It was beautiful. His cock filled me like never before. I even felt him ejaculating inside me and I don’t ever remember experiencing that ecstatic feeling before. It was amazingly sensual.”

“Was he the magic eight inches?” I asked.

She replied, “I’m not sure, but after he had come he rolled over onto his back and I noticed that his nob was resting on his navel which tells me that he was easily two inches on yours. A lot bigger.”

“Did you take him in the mouth?”

“Not at the start.” she replied. “When we got to the dunes his cock was so big and hard I couldn’t wait for him to drive it deep inside. When we finished and he asked me if I had enjoyed as much as he, I said probably much more and to prove it I took his wet nob in my mouth for a minute or two. I was hoping to get him rock hard again so he could slide it up once more while I was full of his semen. Unfortunately we looked up to check our surroundings and noticed some people arriving at the beach and realised that it was time to stop.”

“Did you stroke his balls when he came?” I asked.

“Yes.” she replied. “That was a wonderful moment and what’s more, the shaft was completely in and the bahis şirketleri balls resting on the lips of my vagina as we had always fantasised.”

She lay back and slightly parted her legs. I noticed semen on her vagina and mentioned that she was leaking and did she want a tissue. Her response surprised and delighted me.

“No thanks, I want him to remain in me as long as possible.”

And with that she reached down and gently eased it back in with her finger.

So ended the most incredibly lucky day at the beach. All our wishes had been fulfilled by that one unplanned encounter. In terms of our criteria Peter fitted the bill perfectly.

I desperately wanted to fuck her then and there. After all, I was the instigator of this fantasy and it had just become reality. Precum was pouring out of me. Unfortunately other nudists were taking up their positions along the beach and it was out of the question. Moreover part of me was saying ‘let her bask in the memory of their beautiful orgasms, don’t spoil it for her ‘, even though the thought of entering her with his semen fresh in her body was dramatically increasing my arousal. Had the beach been as isolated as it was when Peter arrived I really don’t know whether I would have been able to hold back.

That night at home I asked her why, given past reluctance to openly seek it (despite all our fantasies) did she come on so strong with Peter.

She said that when she saw his beautiful cock so close to her becoming aroused, her animal instinct took over and she could not stop what she then went on to do. “I almost felt like I was in a trance and all I wanted was for him to enter me as soon as possible. I was oblivious to how you felt. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so ready for it in my life.”

“Tell me what you enjoyed most?”

Unhesitatingly she rattled off the following-

“The psychological effect of having another man for the first time, the size of his beautiful cock and, given how wet we both were, the ease by which it slipped to its full length on the first thrust. The way he fucked. Deep and slow thrusts with his entire cock inside me on each thrust. The length of time he was able to fuck without ejaculating. We fucked non-stop for at least ten minutes. Then to top it off his climax which seemed to go on and on.”

I was so happy for her. It seemed like it had satisfied all our fantasies. While I had pleased her in the past, one area where I was at times deficient (and we often discussed it) was my inability to last anywhere near ten minutes. Five minutes would be my limit and she was often left in a state of anti climax and wanting more.

Needless to say Peter became the object of sex talk during our sex from that point on. Even though I didn’t see the act, Pam’s detailed description never fails to turn me on.

Would I allow another Peter if given a choice? Probably yes but it’s highly unlikely that the planets are going to align in that manner again. We only go to the nude beach three or four times a year and we have never seen him since. Usually there are a few people already set up when we get there and we resign ourself to sunning and swimming and the memories. Pam often strolls up to the same spot to relive it. Even that’s enough to turn me on!

Interestingly our relationship became stronger after that day. Pam was so grateful that I let her have her way with him. Despite the fact that I had, over many years, openly encouraged her fucking outside our marriage, she had always held reservations that if the opportunity ever arose, I would reneg. I admit to having been jealous at times when men showed interest in her so she had reason to think that way.

For her part she made it clear that sex with any other man in the future could not now provide her with the absolute ecstacy that this liaison had. She believed no one else’s cock could give her as much satisfaction and the circumstance would surely never be repeated. She would always make herself available for Peter if he passed by again but regrettably we both knew that this was unlikely to happen. In the future she would be content to dream that it was his cock inside her whenever we had sex.

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