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Jenn had invited James over to study for an exam in their psychology class on Monday. James liked Jenn but felt pretty innocent about the situation: a nice night studying with a cute girl. Jenn had other intentions though…

It was eight o’clock on Sunday night when James knocked on Jenn’s dorm room door and she eagerly answered it. He apologized to her for being a half hour late and said the line in the cafeteria was huge. Jenn just looked at him, smiled that reassuring smile that made him feel good all over, and said it was okay. Brushing her shoulder length black hair back with her hand, she continued to say that the test wasn’t going to be so difficult that studying couldn’t be delayed a little bit. James laughed a little in agreement and went to reach for his books when he was surprised by Jenn suddenly leaning against him. He looked in her blue eyes quizzically for a second and saw she was smiling at him. She reached down to his pants and grabbed his crotch. James looked at her shock and she leaned in close and whispered in his ear to relax and that she hoped the line at the cafeteria wasn’t the only thing that got long that night.

Jenn deftly pulled off her shirt and bra, kneeled down, and pulled James’ jeans open. James’ cock flopped around in front of him as Jenn yanked his jeans güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri down. He was half hard and pointed right at Jenn’s face. She smiled up at him, parted her willing lips, and wrapped them around his throbbing boner. Still kneeling, she leaned forward, holding herself up on James by gripping his ass with both hands. As she took him into her face she looked up at him and arched her eyebrows for a moment and he knew that, if not for his member in her mouth, she would be grinning devilishly. She hummed her approval of the situation on his unit and started to bob her head up and down slightly. She wanted to drag it out until he could no longer stand it.

Jenn ran her tongue up and down James’ shaft every time he entered her oral domain completely, his balls touching her chin. When he’d almost left her mouth she sucked ever so slightly on the head of his prick, hitting his hotspot with the tip of her tongue. Several minutes of this passed blissfully by and Jenn started to quicken her pace. Now each time that she went all the way down though she held James in for an extra second or two with his cockhead down her throat so she could dart her tongue out under his cock and lick his balls. He didn’t think it possible but he started to feel himself get even harder at the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sensation of her tongue running the length of his shaft and licking his balls.

Jenn now started raking his ass cheeks with her nails and the sensation of pleasure and pain sent chills up his spine, the base of his skull tingling like never before. James let out a moan of approval and Jenn moaned happily in response; she was now aware of the power she had over him, aware that he was hers for the taking. James’ cockhead let precum flow in response to the pleasure Jenn was lavishing upon him and she lapped it off every time she tongued his tip. Jenn finally began to assault his cock with her mouth, bobbing her head quickly, sucking harder, and running her tongue all down his pulsing length. James now constantly moaned and encouraged Jenn to release his passion on her, his breath becoming ragged.

James had never felt such oral pleasure before. Jenn continued to stare up at James, her eyes devouring the look of lust on his face like her mouth devouring his tool. She knew he wouldn’t be long and, with one hand still gripping his ass, she used her other hand to gently squeeze his balls as if to coax his cum out of them. Her head bobbing, her mouth sucking, and her hands gripping him were güvenilir bahis şirketleri almost too much for him to stand and he told Jenn so. She continued to look up at him, her eyes smiling as her hands and mouth worked their magic on his body.

James finally gave into the pleasure and stopped holding back his cum. With a loud grunt he shot his first squirt down Jenn’s throat, with her mouth wrapped completely around his shaft and his balls wrapped in her hand. Both hands tightened their grips slightly in response and the slight pain in both his ass cheek and his balls turned James on just that much more as his second squirt landed on her tongue on his way out of her mouth. James’ third squirt hit Jenn’s face and he continued to moan loudly at the exquisite pleasure of the orgasm she provided him. Jenn swallowed what was in her mouth and smiled up at James while still in the throes of his orgasm. Meanwhile, James’ last three squirts of cum hit Jenn on the throat and all over her tits and he realized it was the greatest feeling ever to have been orally pleasured by her.

Jenn licked up the cum from her body with her fingers, smiling devilishly at him the whole time. When she finally finished cleaning herself up, she licked her fingers, swallowing and savoring the last drops of cum. Totally clean and her thirst for man juice satisfied, she stood and kissed James deeply. Jenn let go of James’ lips and drew his ear close to her mouth. With a smile on her face she whispered, “If you thought that was good, let’s get you back up and show you what my pussy can do…” But that’s a story for another time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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