Student Landlord

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*** This is my first story and based on true events; names were changed but everything else was kept in, even the messages. It’s probably a bit long winded but I hope it’s worth it! ***


I was determined to move on with my life. It had been my decision to finish things with my boyfriend Phil; we’d been together for five long years. It had been exciting to start with, I was seventeen and he had been nineteen; it was cool to have an older boyfriend. (Especially one that could get you drinks on night’s out.) But at twenty-two I had grown up and gone to university and he was a dropout that still had a teenage mindset despite being twenty-four. I was more of a mother to him than a girlfriend. And the sex had stopped being fun for months. I just hadn’t wanted to admit it to myself. He wasn’t my first, and although we’d had some great sex, it was rare that he could be bothered to work on my orgasm. There had to be better out there for me than that. If anything, it made me all the more better at making myself cum, that I had down to a fine art now.

We broke up in the summer, and I was more than ready to make the most of my final year of university and single life. I had a lot to catch up on. I had always been the most innocent in my group of friends. I had only slept with two men, and although we’d tried new things like having sex outside and even anal (both of which I surprised myself with by thoroughly enjoying!) I felt miles behind my friends who always had a one night stand or a fling to tell about during pre-drinks.

For my last year I was renting a room in a three bed house in a residential area of the city, one house sandwiched by many others in a long street of houses. I was sharing with two other girls that I had met briefly on the day I moved in. They were nice but both shy and both seemed to spend most of their time back at home with their parents. Baffled me why they chose to waste so much money renting but it meant I had the place to myself more often than not and that suited me. The landlord was called Cormac, an Irish man in his mid-thirties that lived two doors down. I’d met him twice when I viewed the house and signed the contract and again when I collected the keys on moving in day. We’d got on well and even had a bit of banter back and forth, such a relief from the uptight landlords I’d had before. I immediately presumed he was married, just having that image of a typical landlord in mind but I never asked. I never really paid much thought to him, certainly didn’t think of him in a sexual way. He wasn’t really what I usually went for; I couldn’t help myself for a tall, dark and handsome. Cormac had a shaved head, and wasn’t even hugely tall but he was slim and well built.

I worked in a cocktail bar in the city called Warehouse and loved it there, the tips were always good and the staff always knew how to have a laugh. My boss owned five other clubs in town; one of them was a rock/alternative bar open till 6am which the staff from my bar often went to after we’d closed at 4am to have a few drinks and a dance.

One night in work, when we were busy and I was doing a long line up of cocktails; shaking them up and pouring, shaking and pouring, I glanced past the guy I was serving and saw Cormac. I smiled at him and carried on chatting with my flattering customer hoping for a good tip. (It helped having 34E boobs, I’d always been busty and with not being very tall at 5’3″ and being slim they stood out all the more!) I glanced again past my customer to see who Cormac had come in with. He’d gone further down the bar where a gap had opened and my colleague was serving him. He was with a woman but I couldn’t see who. I think she had dark hair but really there were too many people to tell. He soon disappeared back into the crowd and I carried on serving drink after drink, having a laugh and a dance with the rest of the staff as we worked.

When the night gradually got quieter I ended up chatting with a boy on one of the other courses on my campus. He was sweet but nothing to brag about. I told him we were all going for drinks in the other bar when we were done and he said he’d meet me there. I couldn’t help getting excited about finally being single in uni and went over to the club after quickly sprucing myself up in the toilets. Our uniform was black and I was wearing a close fitting black t’shirt dress, simple but extremely flattering.

I found the boy, Stephen, that I’d been chatting to at the bar waiting and we bought in a round of drinks. We were all too sober to start dancing so went up to the under cover smoking garden on the first floor where it was a bit quieter to chat. I didn’t smoke but nearly everyone else did so we always ended up here until we were ready for the next drink and a good song to come on. Stephen sat next to me and joined in the conversation with the rest of the staff. He was funny and interesting and kept giving me naughty looks. I was really getting excited now, and a little bit drunk. But it helped with my nerves, I’d only slept with two people, it had been a long time since someone new had seen me naked, I needed the dutch courage!

We canlı bahis fell out of the conversation and spoke quietly to each other in the corner. He told me I looked hot and how he loved busty brunettes. I knew I was blushing but I couldn’t help it. We joined the others when they back down for another drink and a dance and I kept close to Stephen the whole time. The dancefloor was packed and hot so we could touch without anyone even noticing. He held my bum from behind me and gave a good squeeze, I pushed it back for him in response and soon felt both his hands on my hips as we danced. Carefully I slid a hand down between us and gave his crotch a cheeky squeeze. He groaned in my ear and I felt myself getting wet just at the sound. Once the others were drunk and completely taking over the dance floor and the DJ we carefully sneaked away.

It was a five minute walk to my place, which I knew was empty, and we spent the walk laughing and flirting and holding hands. He smacked my bum as I unlocked the door and we fell inside. In seconds we were in my ground floor room, falling on to the bed. We couldn’t get our clothes off quick enough, but once I was completely naked I was suddenly nervous. He didn’t notice though and was all over me. He was hard and desperate to get his end in. I couldn’t help staring at his cock, it was so weird to be with someone new and not knowing what they liked. I was quickly sobering but he was still drunk and was clumsily pawing away at me trying to find his way in. It didn’t last long and I began to wonder if this was what all my friends were banging on about in all those drinking games. Big deal. He was snoring before I knew it, and with a huff I pulled on a t’shirt and eventually went to sleep too.

The next morning was awkward. I woke up first and quickly pulled on my little pyjama shorts. The room was a state from last night and I realised how badly he stank of weed – and now my bed did too. I called his name but he didn’t wake up, he wasn’t as attractive as I remembered from last night. And certainly wasn’t near as good as I expected. I had at least hoped for a chance at an orgasm. Fat chance more like. I woke him up with a shake and said he needed to go because I had plans (like washing all of my bedding…) He thanked me a for a good night and said he’d text me. Great, a text. Bye then.

When I waved him off, I gave a glance down the street just before closing the door but faltered when I realised Cormac was just locking his front door a few houses down. He turned to get into his sport car and saw both me in my skimpy pyjamas and Stephen walking off with a grin. Ugh, cringe! I closed the door quickly, hoping that Cormac might think I was my housemate.

I was putting my new lovely and clean and fresh bed sheets on when my phone buzzed. I guessed it was going to be one of my mates, I’d texted my closest friend Sophie about Stephen and expected it to be her ready to take the piss out of me. But it was Cormac on my Whatsapp.

‘Sneaking boys out are we?’ I covered my mouth horrified. Oh god, he did see. I thought for a moment before typing a reply.

‘Oh haha, I was hoping you hadn’t seen me..’ I hoped it sounded okay and casual and carried on pulling the duvet cover on until my phone buzzed again.

‘I can keep a secret’

‘Oh it’s not like that, it’s just embarrassing’

‘Was he no good?’


‘Poor hooty, you need a proper man xx’

‘I’ll let you know when I find one’ He didn’t reply for a while then and I worried if it was something I’d said. I could see he’d been online and read it and gone off again. Damn. I was having my dinner when my phone buzzed again.

‘Nice legs hooty xx’

‘Behave. What’s hooty?’

‘It means busty xx’ I grinned. I never imagined Cormac saw me like that! And he must be interested to message again.

‘Oh you’ve noticed then’

‘You looked hot last night. Shouldn’t have wasted it on a boy.’ I got up and peered through my blinds. My room was on the groundfloor and looked out onto the road, right onto the pavement even. His car wasn’t there; I wondered where he was messaging me from. I imagined him looking at my boobs while I worked and remembered suddenly that he’d been with someone last night too.

‘Well you were busy if I remember right..’

‘Nah, just a friend xx’

‘That’s what they all say’ He didn’t reply again and I wished I’d said something else; I sounded like a grumpy girlfriend. A couple of hours passed before my phone buzzed again. I snatched it up excited.

‘Hey, I had fun last night. You wanna meet up tomorrow night? X’ It was Stephen, I huffed disappointed and looked out my window again. Cormac’s car was back. I told Stephen I was busy and then went to bed. I spent the night imagining Cormac, first we were having sex in his car, then my sofa, even the kitchen on the counter. It felt so naughty to think of my landlord like this, I wondered if all the banter we’d had before was him coming on to me. What a sexy thought! And I was normally so quick to pick up on things like that, how had I not noticed?

I’d given up on waiting for a message from Cormac. bahis siteleri I checked now and again and saw that he’d been online but I wasn’t brave enough to message him first. Especially as it was him that had never replied to me.

The girls had laughed about my night with Stephen and how I’d expected it to be so good.

“It was a one night stand, they’re never good.” Sophie had said like some wise Yoda of one night stands.

“Then why do we bother?” She shrugged.

“Some are fun.” She said with a grin and I rolled my eyes. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to dump a guy that could give me an orgasm when he wanted to. I wondered if I’d ever find someone now that would.

Cormac was also Sophie’s landlord, it was her that put me in touch with him for a room in the first place. She lived a few streets away. I asked her – as casually as I could – what she had thought of Cormac.

“He was alright. Why?” I shrugged, but realised even that was too much. “Do you like him?”

“No. Well he was okay. We had a laugh when he gave me the keys and stuff. Just wondered if you’d spoken to him much.” In other words, had he come onto her as well?

“Not really.” She looked at me suspiciously but I quickly changed subject.

A couple of weeks later, on a Sunday morning when I was still in bed after working late the night before, I woke up to a buzz on my phone. Grumbling I eventually reached for it, complaining that someone had woken me on my only day off. It was a text. Cormac.

‘Hi girls, I’ll be coming over in fifteen to sort the washing machine.’ Washing machine? I didn’t even know there was anything wrong with it. He’d obviously sent the message to my two housemates as well but they were never in on weekends. I wondered suspiciously if he already knew that. Shit! Fifteen minutes, and I’d ignored the message for ten minutes! I hurried around my room tidying and then quickly in the kitchen before there was a knock on the door.

“One minute!” I quickly pulled on a pair of leggings and a hoodie over my little black vest, it had lace along the front and looked a bit too revealing considering the size of my boobs so I quickly pulled up my hoodie zip and opened the door. He was wearing messy work clothes and had a sly smile and raised eyebrow when he saw what I was wearing and how long I’d taken to open the door.

“Quick tidy?”

“Uh, no.” I said with a grin making him laugh. He went through to the kitchen and I saw him make a quick glance into my room. Thank god, I’d tidied. My heart was thumping from rushing and I hoped I didn’t sound out of breath.

“So what’s wrong with the machine?”

“You don’t know?” I shrugged and caught him looking at my chest.

“No one said anything to me.”

“Cat said it wasn’t spinning.”

“Oh.” I realised I hadn’t brushed my hair and felt like an absolute state. I probably smelt of beer as well from work. I asked him how his house was coming along, he had told me when he first met that he was doing it up. Hence the paint covered clothes. He asked me how uni and work was going and we made other small talk as if he’d never whatsapped me at all. When the conversation ran out I felt suddenly awkward.

“I’ll leave you to it then.” I realised my hoodie didn’t cover my bum as I walked away. No doubt he saw everything in those leggings. My heart was still thumping. I went back to my room and heard him taking apart the machine. I was desperate for a shower but wondered if it would be inappropriate to go while he was here. I decided he’d be in there for a while working on it so I grabbed a towel and went on upstairs. I wondered what he thought of me when I turned the shower on. I hoped he didn’t think I was being suggestive with it. While I was washing my hair I couldn’t help imagining Cormac coming up the stairs and opening the door. I slid a lathered up hand down to my clit as I thought about him stripping him off and climbing in with me, kissing me and feeling me and pounding me. I shivered with excitement as I came and quickly finished up and dried off. I wished I’d brought some fresh clothes up to change into but I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Instead I wrapped the towel around me and wrung out my hair to get off the worst of the water. I went down the stairs, trying to go quick without being too obvious that I was trying to hide. I could hear him working on the machine still so I hurried into my room and changed quickly. I chose a top that was a little see through so I made sure I was wearing my favourite black bra. I pulled on my snug super skinny jeans, hoping I didn’t look as though I was trying too hard. I blow dried my hair and had just finished putting on some foundation when he knocked on my door. I fluffed my hair and grabbed the towel before opening the door to make it look as though I was just tidying.

“I fixed it.” He looked me up and down with those naughty dark eyes I had begun to love. I wondered if he’d thought about me in the shower.

“Oh great. What was wrong?” He nodded his head towards the kitchen for me to follow him through. The machine was spinning and there was a bizarre collection of items bahis şirketleri on the counter. Amidst a load of fluff there were hair grips, hair bands and cigarette tips. He looked at me accusingly and I laughed.

“Those aren’t mine! Well, maybe the hair bands. I put them in my back pockets.” I pulled one out of my jeans as proof and we laughed. “I don’t smoke though.”

“Probably Cat then.” He said. “Hey, you know how you said you were looking for a room for next year? I’ll be renting my spare one out then if you wanted to take a look?” I had told him I was thinking about doing a masters next year, but needed a cheaper room.

“Yeah okay, sounds good.”

“Well why don’t you come round now and give it a quick look?” This is it, I thought. This was his move.

“Sure.” I slipped on some shoes and grabbed my keys. I didn’t know what to expect of his house, or even of his behaviour in it.

He gave me a tour of the rooms, the spare room was full with tools and paint pots but it was a good size and had a nice big window. There were a few bits that he was still doing up round the house and he told me about them, all the time with that wicked sparkle in his eye. I felt nervous as he showed me his room, even going so far as opening his wardrobe. I took the piss out of him for folding his clothes so neatly. There was a brief moment where we stood together next to the neatly made bed and I felt breathless. I moved past him, suddenly nervous and awkward and led the way back downstairs. He made us bagels and we sat on the sofa with the TV on. He told me about his family and we laughed about his brother’s antics. While he talked he ran his hand through my hair and I dared not even comment on it for fear of sounding like a silly girl. He was older than me and I so wanted to impress him. When I leaned forward to put my plate down his hand moved down my back and settled just above my bum. I tingled under his touch, and thought that that was how I was supposed to have felt with Stephen. He kept talking, again not bringing any attention to what his hand was doing. It slipped up under my top and he just rubbed my back slowly, never going up as far as my bra and I began to yearn for it to.

Continuing the conversation I asked him about his job, he was a physiotherapist, and I smiled thinking how it could mean he was good in bed. After all, he knew all about the body right? I was already wet thinking about his lovely big bed upstairs and was glad I went for that bikini wax last week. It was a new beauty routine that I’d been doing for the last couple of months since breaking up with Phil. I was completely bare down there; it felt so sensual against my lace underwear. I had to stop myself from gyrating my hips; Cormac was smiling mischievously as though seeing my struggle.

I said I needed the loo and left him to go upstairs. I checked my hair and teeth and made sure my boobs looked good in the top before opening the door. He was on the stairs outside. I went to go down and stopped on the step above him making us draw level. There was no pretence now, no nerves. He ran his hand through my hair again and slipped the other round behind me pulling me into his kiss. It was soft and long. I felt myself going weak and put my arms around him. Immediately the pace went through the roof and he grabbed me kissing me hard. I kissed back just as hungry and let him push me back towards the bedroom. We laughed as we stumbled through the door and I turned so he fell on the bed first with me on top. His hands were everywhere and I felt myself melting under them. I was on top and it was my time to impress. I pushed him back down as I sat up, pressing on his crotch with mine and moved my hips tantalisingly. I slid down and began undoing his belt and zip. I knelt between his legs and pulled his trousers down slowly. I was desperate to prove myself, and hoped he’d return the favour. An older man’s got to have some tricks right?

I pushed his trousers down to his ankles and gave his bulge a quick kiss before slowly pulling down his snug boxers. He laughed at my gasp, which was really quite genuine. He was huge, and hard. I could barely close my fingers around him. My confidence was bashed when I imagined trying to put his cock in my mouth. Oh god, he was so wide. I kissed him from the base up and gave his tip a cheeky flick with my tongue before kissing from the base again, getting him nice and wet from the base up, all the better for taking him in my mouth. He moaned as I ran my tongue over him again but slower this time. I pulled back his foreskin and slowly pulled him into my mouth, knowing how my big lips must look wrapped around him. He watched as I ran my tongue over him and slowly pushed myself down on him. I struggled to go far and moved back up again, he was getting harder and harder. I bobbed up and down pushing myself further and further each time until I was breathless. To catch my breath again I moved down to his balls, I kept my eyes on him to see if what I was doing was okay. I took one ball in my mouth and rolled it around and then onto the other. His eyes went hazy with another moan and I knew I was onto something. I ran my tongue from really low and let it go right over his balls and all the way up his shaft that was rock hard now. I moved between my mouth and hands keeping up the pace and pressure until he pulled at my arm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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