The Wedding

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The wedding had been beautiful. The bride a vision in white, the groom tall and handsome in his tuxedo. The church had been filled with friends and family from all over, congratulating them when they left the church in a hailstorm of rice to go to the reception. It was going to be held in one of the big hotels in town and upstairs they had a suite reserved for their wedding night.

The room where the reception was held was decorated all in white, with flowers all over, mostly roses, the brides favorite flower. The buffet tables where all set up with masses of food for everyone and a huge cake for the bride and groom to cut.

After the food had been served, the cake cut, the last dance for the night danced and almost all the guests gone, the newlyweds went upstairs to their suite. As they stood in front of the open door, he picked her up and carried her over the threshold as it was a custom. Once inside he gently set her down on the couch of their small, but very pretty sitting room. Off to the side was a cart with a bottle of champagne chilling for them to enjoy. He settled himself beside her and with a groan took off his shoes and cast them aside. Smiling he leaned back. Everything had been fun, but it had been a long day for both of them.

Slowly she kicked off her shoes as well and sat back. He got up, opened the bottle of champagne and filled two fluted glasses. Handing her one, he slowly kissed her, for the first time truly alone, as his wife. Together they got up and walked into the bedroom. The bedside lamps where on and cast a soft glow around the room. She turned her back to him and asked him to unbutton her wedding dress. He fumbled with the buttons, nervous suddenly. They had gone to bed together many times before, but this night was after all very special.

Finally güvenilir bahis he had all the little buttons down the back of her dress open. Slowly it fell to the floor and she stood before him in a virginal white bra, white lace panties and a white garter belt holding her stockings up. Just looking at her like that took his breath away. Quickly he undressed and just wearing his boxers led her towards the bed. They stood in front of it kissing deeply for a long time. Their hands roaming their bodies, feeling smooth skin and not much else. Her breasts where crushed against his chest and he could feel her nipples through the softness of her bra.

Reaching behind her he took it off and tossed it across the room, in direction of her dress. She pushed him away from her a little bit, so she could bend forward and unclip her stockings from the garter and slowly rolled each one down her legs, just teasing him. He stood and watched and the bulge in his boxers was unmistakable. Finally she stood before him just wearing her silken underwear, which he pulled down in one swift movement and his followed shortly thereafter. Kissing again the fell on the bed, laughing like two kids, making love while their parents are downstairs.

Laying on her back she watched him while he explored her body with his hands and mouth. Gently he traced a finger around her breasts, just barely touching them, drawing circles around her nipples, watching them harden under his touch. When it almost became impossible for her to bear, he moved to the other one and then back again. Her back was arched up, waiting for his touch, wanting him to do more then just feel her with his hands.

While he finally took one tender nipple in his mouth and slowly, tenderly drew his tongue around the türkçe bahis hard nub, his hands moved downward. As soon as his hand touched her tight, her legs fell open, wanting and needing his touch. His hand moved across her silken skin, upward to the triangle of hair, where he could feel her moisture already. Gently he probed around, till a moan escaped her and he knew he found what he had been seeking. Ever so slowly he began to massage her clit, rubbing it with soft strokes, making her want more. Moaning she lay on her back, her arms above her head, back arched, thrusting herself at his mouth still on her breasts and his hand on her pelvis. She wanted his head between her legs, replacing his eager and nimble fingers.

Finally she couldn’t stand it no more, she pushed his head downward. Laughing he gave in. He turned around on his side, to give her the pleasure she was seeking, but at the same time she pulled him up towards her. Rolling on his back, he pulled her with him in the classic 69 position. Her legs beside his head, her hips open and inviting, he pulled her down lower, blew over the soft hair and let his tongue wander over her clit. He felt her shudder with excitement. Slowly he began exploring with his lips and tongue.

First licking her, then gently nibbling, then thrusting with fast strokes, then slowing down to barely touching her. At the same time, she had settled down in between his legs, one hand on the hard, rigid penis, gently pulling it off his stomach, she licked across the shaft with just the tip of her tongue, teasing him. Licking across his head, never fully taking it in her mouth, letting her lips trail up and down, kissing him.

She drew little circles around the engorged tip with her tongue when she finally took all of him in her mouth. güvenilir bahis siteleri Just taking him in there, not sucking or licking, but just letting him feel the moisture and warmth of her mouth. She could feel him getting even harder. Ever so slowly she circled his head with her tongue, tasting his pre come. While she was licking him, she could feel her own climax building. Her hips where rotating in the rhythm with his licking, going faster and faster. Just when she felt he was about to climax, she stopped.

He was surprised and groaning he looked at her, was she was doing. She turned around, and sat on him. With one hand she parted her lower lips, with the other she lifted his penis off his stomach to gently insert him into herself. Inch by inch she took him inside, till he filled her. Slowly at first, she began to move. With one hand she reached behind her to gently squeeze and caress his balls, with the other she guided his hands up to her breasts. She sucked his index finger till it was wet and then pushed it back down, so he could circle her nipples and make them even harder.

Her head was thrown back, her long hair where running down her arched back. She increased the tempo in which she was moving, laying down on top of him, so she could feel his shaft rubbing her clit when they moved. He was holding on to her hips, matching her speed and movements, he was going in as deep as he could. Both of them where panting and very close to climaxing. With a jerk she sat back up again, riding him as fast as she could, getting the most enjoyment out of herself and him. Moaning loudly she climaxed. She collapsed on top of him, while he gripped her hips even harder and finally came himself with a loud groan.

Breathing heavily they lay together for a while, kissing, feeling and still enjoying each other for the first time as husband and wife. Eventually they got up, drank some of the now warm champagne and went into the bathroom with the huge tub to take a bath together.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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