The Wall Ch. 02

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I almost collapse into him, panting as my breathing begins to return to normal. I cling to him, my arms tight around his waist under his coat and his arms wrapped round my shoulders, I rest my head on his shoulder as he softly caresses my hair. I can smell him, breathing him in, a faint smell of sweat mixes with the leather of his coat and I can feel him pressed against me, hard, still packed away, I still haven’t got my treasure.

Its only but a moment since he was whispering in my ear how he was going to fuck me but instead he is just standing quietly, gently holding me, sweetly giving me time to breathe, but I know him well, I will have to make a move quickly, I know he will pounce, before I know it he will have me pushed up facing the wall and his belt will be off he will have slipped inside me and be taking me in a mad frenzy, grinding me into coming before he does, it wont take me long, and then he’ll completely lose all of the measured self control he has shown me so far , ramming in to me ….but no not tonight, I wont let him.

I start to move my hands up and down his back, I can feel how tense the muscles are through his t-shirt, how easy it is for me to slide my hands round his sides and to that silver buckle, I slowly undo it, much as a big part of me wants just get the thing off so I can finally have him.

I force myself to take the time, as he tilts my face up to his and I look into his eyes innocently as I can manage, he kisses my bottom lip tenderly and I almost forget that this is the ploy used to throw me off guard, like so often before, so I respond tenderly but catch his bottom lip in my teeth playfully as I pull away, he looks surprised as he realises his belt is now open, so is his top button and I am slithering his belt out of its loops, he smiles again, almost daring me to continue only this time I smile too. I tell him to close his eyes and to my surprise he does, he has a quizzical look on his face, but plays along, more out of curiosity than anything else I guess.

Touching his finger tips I walk behind him, wondering if he’ll remember I still have has belt. Behind him I take the belt and thread it through both of his arms drawing them together, I wrap it round both his arms slightly above the elbows and pull them closer, then I thread the end of the belt through the buckle, with a short sharp tug I secure the belt and do it up, I walk round him and look at him standing there, he opens his eyes and looks at me licking his lips, teasing me again, almost mocking me, I wonder if he’s doing it on purpose, I know he loves to provoke me, but I already have my plan.

I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri take both lapels of his coat in my hand, manoeuvring him round so his back is now facing the wall then I pull him closer and kiss him once hard on the lips before I wrench the coat backwards off his shoulders, ensuring that along with the belt it will hold fast his arms. I push him hard against the wall, he almost loses his balance but I let him think I neither notice nor care.

As I walk up to him, he doesn’t say anything but he looks amused. I rub my hands over his chest. That t-shirt will have to go! You see the problem I have is how to get it off now I have done such a good job at binding his arms, as it happens though I have an idea, I move closer so I am pressed against him, and I slip my hand into his coat pocket, I feel a packet of cigarettes and lighter and I pull them out, in the other pocket I find what I am really looking for, a small army penknife I know he always carries.

I back away and take a cigarette from its box, I put it loosely between my lips and I flick the zippo lighter, I look at the flame before lighting the ciggie and then I look at him, he looks at me slightly worried, I smile wryly at and snap the lighter shut snuffing out the flame.

I return both the cigarettes and the lighter to the coat pocket, he relaxes a little and I look up at him parting my lips like I am going to kiss him, he closes his eyes and instead of kissing him I put the tip of the cigarette to his lips, he opens his eyes and takes a long drag, I then take a drag before throwing it on the ground and stepping on it.

He’d forgot the penknife though and it is to that I now turn my attention, he laughs nervously as I open it up, right in front of his face, I put it to my lips and kiss its shiny blade before I touch it to his chin, I trace it down the front of his neck, he gulps, then over the neckband of his t-shirt, down further I go, tracing patterns on the t-shirts fabric, I take my time drawing it down to the hem, stopping to drag it across his nipples lingering and making little circle motions round them then back across them, when I get to the hem of the t-shirt I hold it down with one hand in front of that huge bulge in his trousers and I cut at it with the penknife.

The fabric gives easily and I sear the blade through the fabric, making sure the tip of the cold blade is contacting with skin as I go, I get up as far as the middle of his chest when I drop the penknife to the ground and just rip the rest, he sighs quietly and looks skywards. I press up close again güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and rub my hands over his chest, this time feeling skin, loving the whiteness of his skins contrast against my long black nails, I very gently run my finger tips up and down his body now, getting more intense with each new stroke.

I start kissing his shoulder, I love his shoulders, that smooth incline from shoulder to neck and sweeping upwards towards his ear, delicious spot of pleasure, I trace my tongue all the way up to behind the ear, pausing to kiss here and there as I go, I know he likes this as much as I do, when I reach his ear I gently blow inside it, I know this drives him wild and its fun to watch him squirm, the same way it was fun for him to watch me squirm earlier.

Now its time to move back down the neck again, back to that spot he loves so much right at the very base of his neck, a kiss, a lick, another kiss, a very gentle lick that barely touches skin then when least expected, I bite hard, I pull away then kiss the spot again, kissing it all better for him, then licking it lovingly before latching back on firmly with my teeth, this time sucking harder and harder, the bruised red mark he’ll have tomorrow is going to be a stunning reminder of tonight, I love him looking all bruised and dishevelled, like he’s just been half fucked to death, and no doubt by tomorrow one of us will be.

He throws his head back skywards quite a lot now, the breathings faster, I scrape at nipples with my nails and he tells me he’s going to end up coming inside your leathers if I don’t do something about it, I mock him with the promise that I will, just before I take one of his nipples between my teeth and let my tongue and teeth play.

I kiss and tease his body with my tongue and nails, before i move down towards where I know he wants me to go, things change because I am before him now, on my knees, between his legs, looking up at him, I love looking at him from this angle, he is god-like and at my mercy, I run my hands up the outside of leather clad legs from the tops of his fuck off boots and down again, he feels a little more powerful now looking down at me and he promises me that when he gets his arms free he is going to grab hold of me, rip into me with his cock and fuck me into the middle of next week, I just smile at him and hope so.

I run my hands back up the insides of his legs and they meet in the middle just below the zip, I reach up a little higher and slowly pull down the zip, he springs forward to greet me just an inch or so away from my lips, I slide the leathers güvenilir bahis şirketleri down a bit so I can get to him better.

As his balls nestle gently in my hand, he groans at me, begging me to suck him off, calling me his whore again, I smile and kiss one of his balls and in turn the other, I take one into my mouth gently and suck, he becomes still, I release that one and do the same with its twin, then I run my tongue from underneath the ball bag over and across and up to the the thick base of his cock, I place hard little kisses all the way up the shaft, so huge and stiff now its hard not to just undo him and let you carry out your promise.

I stick to my resolve, I reach the his swollen tip and I flick at it with my tongue, I do this a few times and by now he’s desperate to thrust into my mouth and shoot his load, I run my tongue up and down, pausing at the tip only every second or third time, licking just under the head in between I don’t want him to quite know when to expect my lips to wrap round him, so I lick upwards one last time bringing my tongue to the tip and playing just before I take him in to my waiting mouth as far as I can, my mouth was made for him completely, my lips were always meant to be looked down at by him, I am holding the base of his cock and its throbbing, I am trying to move my hand up and down but he’s pumping my mouth so fast he’s not letting me, I feel sorry he cant grab the back of my head right now because I know he loves to so much.

Those groaning noises mean he’s not far off now, I have to think fast as to where he’s going to come, sometimes he loves to reach for my breasts when I am wanking or sucking him and he pulls out in time to spurt his fountain over them, sometimes he just wants me with my mouth open in front of him as he comes, right now I think he will be coming where he is, he tells me to swallow and of course I will, he knows I do but as a last act of defiance I hold the base of his cock firmly, suppressing him just for a brief moment before I let him come into my warm waiting mouth. He says ‘fuck’ a lot just before he tells me what a good girl I am for not spilling a drop.

I lick him clean, very very gently, he’s so sensitive now, carefully I put him away, I zip him up and do up the button. I tell him I am sorry about his t-shirt as I pull his coat back up on him properly, he tells me its O.k. I go behind him and undo his belt again, he stretches his arms, glad he can finally move them and I go to lace his belt through its loops for him, he tells me to leave it and he rolls it up and puts it in his pocket. He smiles at me, I smile at him, then he tells me he’s done with the wall for a while but but still means to have me tonight on the way home. He tells me we are taking a short cut, I tell him the only short cut I know is through the cemetery…

he holds my hand and smiles his wicked smile again.

..too be cont’d

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