The Vacation Ch. 03

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You look at me like I am out of my mind, but as you watch me get dressed you realize that I was not kidding about going shopping.

“Well?” I say. “What are you waiting for, I’m almost dressed!”

You sigh and get off the bed. You grab a shirt and pull it over your head and pull your pants over your hard cock. By the time you finish dressing I am waiting by the door for you.

We walk out and get on your motorcycle. You gun the engine and we zoom off towards the mall. My hands gripping your thighs tightly as you race towards the mall. My hands slide up just enough so that you can feel the heat of them next to your cock. You shift a little trying to trying to get my fingers closer to your throbbing cock.

With a small evil grin on my face I lean into you and move my hands up just enough so that one hand rests on the tip of your cock. You feel my hard nipples pushing into your back as I press against you.

The feel of my hand just resting on your cock is driving you mad. I feel wetness beneath my fingers as I slowly move my hand down a little. Your cock throbbing against my hand makes me very hot. I run my hand down some more to the base of your cock then up again slowly. I softly bite your neck as I move my hand back to your thigh.

You think to yourself how you are going to get me back for this torture later as you hear me giggle in your ear.

We pull into the mall and you park the motorcycle. I grab your hand and lead you into the mall. I lead you past a few stores and stop at the food court and get an Icee.

I take a sip of my Icee and kiss you. I press myself against you, grabbing your ass and pulling you closer. My cold tongue explores your mouth as I move my hips against yours. You moan softly as my tongue caresses yours. I squeeze your ass and grind against you one more time before releasing you and grabbing your hand again.

I pull you behind me as I make my way to Fredrick’s of Hollywood. I look behind you and give you a sexy little smile as I pull you into the store. You raise your eyebrows at me and a smile forms on your lips.

Once inside we walk around and look at all the stuff. I grab whatever seems to catch your eye. When we have picked out a few different outfits, I lead you to the dressing room. I push güvenilir bahis you against the wall and kiss you deeply and passionately. I grab your ass and give it a squeeze as I pull you closer to me. As I suck on your tongue, my hands run up your back. I pull away from you and push you down on to the bench.

I begin to do a sexy dance as I slowly take off my shirt. I drop my shirt on the floor and turn around to face you. I run my hands over my bra, teasing my nipples thru the lace. I slowly run my hands down my stomach to my pants and unbuckle them as I turn my back on you. I pull my pants down as I bend over, giving you a nice shot of my ass.

“Pick what you want me to try on first,” I say with a wink.

You look through the stuff we picked out and select a black sheer lace bra with a matching pair of panties.

I walk up to you and straddle you as you sit on the bench. I take the bra and panties from your hand and set it next to you. I kneel with my legs on either side of you and my butt resting on your crotch as I wrap my arms around you. I nibble on your lip as I wiggle my butt against you. I feel you growing hard beneath me.

“Close your eyes,” I whisper in your ear.

You comply as I crawl off of you with one last nibble on your lips.

I take a step away from you and change into the outfit you picked out.

“Open your eyes.”

You open your eyes and the first thing you see are my hard nipples straining against the lace of the bra in front of you. You reach up and caress my breasts, running your fingers slowly over the soft lace, teasing me. I grab you and pull you up so that you are standing in front of me. I turn my back on you and start dancing erotically in front of you. I look at you over my shoulder as I press my butt against you.

You put your arms around me and caress my breasts as I move my ass against your crotch. I can feel you getting harder and harder as my lace covered ass moves over your cock. After a few minutes of this I turn back around and push you back down on the bench.

“Pick out the next one.”

You choose a sheer black and purple ruffled baby doll type nighty, you close your eyes as you hold it out to me.

I take off the black lace outfit and slip on the nighty.

I straddle türkçe bahis you once again and you open your eyes. Your eyes take in my breasts again; you begin kissing them softly through the very sheer purple material. Your hands slide down my back to my ass as I grind against your very hard cock.

I kiss your eyes closed and grab the last remaining outfit, a black bustier with garters and crotchless panties. I stand and strip off the nighty and put on the last outfit.

You moan as you feel my hands at your pants, undoing the button and zipper. I push you down so that you are lying on the bench. You moan softly as I free your throbbing cock from your pants. I straddle you once again as you open your eyes. I lean down to kiss you and you feel my soft breasts pressing against your chest. The bustier leaves them naked with just a ruffled piece of cloth encircling them.

You pull me upwards and take one of my nipples in your mouth and suck greedily on it. A small moan escapes me as your other hand pinches my other nipple. You move your hand slowly down my tummy as your tongue works my nipple. You feel soft lace and continue down until you feel my soft shaved pussy lips.

I moan as your fingers run along my lips. You feel how aroused I am as your finger easily slides between my nether lips. Your finger finds my swollen, throbbing clit and begins to play with it. I pull your face to mine and kiss you deeply. I pull your tongue deep inside my mouth and caress it with mine. I moan softly against your tongue as your fingers continue to work my clit.

Your finger glides around my clit as my moans get louder. I can feel my orgasm getting closer. I don’t want to cum yet so I grab your hand and place it on one of my breasts. You begin to lick one of my nipples as your fingers play with the other.

As you play with my breasts I position myself so that my pussy lips are resting on the shaft of your hard cock. Your cock throbs against me as you feel my hot wetness pressed against you. I move my hips and slowly slide my dripping pussy up and down along your swollen cock. You close your eyes, loving the feel of my slick pussy sliding along you.

After teasing you with my pussy for awhile I have to taste your hard throbbing cock. I pull away from güvenilir bahis siteleri you and turn around so that my face is above your cock and my ass rests in front you your face.

I eye your cock hungrily as I lick the small drops of liquid from the tip. Then I slowly run my tongue along the shaft of your cock, tasting myself on you. One of my hands goes to your balls and I begin to massage them. My tongue finds your head again and flicks across your head. You feel the warmth of my lips as they surround you and I slowly pull you into my mouth.

I moan softly against you as I slide you deeper into my mouth, one hand at the base of your cock rubbing in a circular motion, the other massaging your balls. As my lips move up and down I move the hand on your balls down a bit and run a finger along the soft skin between your balls and your ass. You moan loudly as my finger gets closer to your ass. I increase the suction of my mouth against you as I slowly run my finger around your puckered hole.

I slowly let your cock slip from my mouth and bring my finger to my lips. I suck on my finger and get it nice and lubricated. I slide your cock back into my mouth as begin to tease your asshole with my wet finger.

I feel you shudder as I slowly insert the tip of my finger in your ass. Your moans get louder as I move my finger in sync with my lips. I can hear your breathing getting faster as I my lips move along your cock and my finger works your ass. You begin to fuck my mouth harder as you feel yourself going over the edge. Your asshole grips my finger and pulls it deeper inside you as your cock twitches in my mouth.

You let out a loud grunt as you send the first wave of your hot cum down my throat. I swallow it greedily as I continue to fuck your ass with my finger. Your ass pulsates around my finger as you shoot wave after wave of cum in my mouth eventually filling me and it begins to dribble out of my mouth. After you are spent I slowly lick the spilled cum off of you and stand up.

You look at me glassy eyed, your chest still heaving as you try to catch your breath.

“I guess we better buy this stuff,” I say as I flash you a smile.

I gather up the items we picked out and dress myself. I hand you your clothes and watch you dress.

“Are you hungry?” I ask.

“Hungry?” you ask somewhat stunned.

“Yeah,” I say. “I hope you’re hungry because that was just the appetizer.” I say with a wink as I walk to the register and purchase the clothes you picked out.

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