The Ultimatum Pt. 01

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Big Tits

How do you know if you’re perfect for someone?

I thought Sarah was the girl for me. We met in college, she was a smart, studios girl with big ambitions. I was a charming slacker who was coasting on his ability to cram for tests and write decent papers the night before they were due. We met at a friend’s house party (really just 20 bodies crammed into a kitchen) and struck up a conversation.

It was the kind of chat young people always engage in to try to hook up: Haven’t I seen you in the library? Oh yeah, I hate that professor too. That’s my favourite band!

She was pretty, and flirting with me as well. At 21 Sarah was radiant. Flowing chestnut hair, golden hazel eyes, soft skin. She was wearing a sort of soft pink turtleneck that hugged her curvy shape (she letter told me she’d packed on the dreaded “freshman 15” – more like 20 – and never lost it). She had very large breasts, a not-insignificant tummy roll, and pudgy upper arms, all of which were plain to see. Her jeans hugged her broad squishy butt. She had a glowing smile and a nice laugh, and she touched my arm when I joked about falling asleep in class.

We kissed that night, her mouth tasting of wine and desire. I wrapped my arm around her soft waist.

I walked her home in the wet fall night. She didn’t invite me but we made a date to go for drinks later in the week.

I was nervous and horny as hell. I tried not to masturbate in the days leading up to the date but I was so excited I ended up having a wet dream, something that hadn’t happened to me in years. God I wanted her.

The night in question came and I was vibrating with excitement. We met at the bar, which was cozy with wood panelled walls and candles on the table. We ordered our drinks and talked more. Lots of get to know you stuff like about our families and hobbies. When I was in the bathroom she moved her chair closer to mine, and soon we were sitting with our legs intertwined and talking about how cold it was outside, maybe I should crash at her place.

The moment we walked through her door we started to kiss again. She was wearing another turtleneck, which she later told me was to hide her body but in many ways enhanced her biggest assets. I pulled it over her head, revealing an overflowing, too-small nude satin bra. Her breasts juggled in the cups. Below was her squishy tummy, and she had delicious back little rolls under her bra straps. I undid the button of her jeans and pulled them down, she was wearing a mismatched thong that allowed some pubic hair to escape it’s borders. She kicked off the jeans but left her wool socks on. I stripped like my clothes were on fire and got in behind her, kissing her neck and running my hands over her body, rubbing my cock against the soft skin of her ass, grabbing her heavy breasts and her soft tummy, then pushing my luck and sliding my hand into her panties and using her considerable wetness to gently rub her clit. She started moving and pushing her ass into my dick. I grabbed her hips and pulled harder. We continued like that for a few minutes, eventually her voice pitched up and her panting turned to a breathy ‘yes, yes, yes’ and she came, shuddering against my hand. I took her cue and came on her back, my semen dripping down into her asscrack.

She smiled at me over her shoulder and we lay down on the couch together, enjoying each other’s skin.

We didn’t do anything else that night. No, we decided to take it slow. One night we just made out. Another she jerked me off while watching a movie, slowly sliding her lotioned hand up and down my cock until I sputtered and splattered on her wrist and my chest.

Eventually we worked our way to full sex, me on top, thrusting hard, her ankles on my ass, until I spasmed a milky load into the condom.

That’s how it started. We dated, then moved in together, and we were good for a while. We both graduated, and I got a decent office job which paid ok but was boring as hell. She applied to do her masters and then a phd. She was smart and organized, but kind of a stress-case. As the months rolled on, we are distant. She was always working, always stressed.

Our sex life slowed. At first it just became less frequent, but she seemed uninterested, seemed to be doing it out of obligation. Then it stopped entirely. I was rejected too often that I stopped making advances. Communication broke down. We were like two roommates who tried to avoid each other. We ate at different times, I slept on the couch half the nights.

Why didn’t I leave? Two reasons. 1: I still loved her, and wasn’t ready to give up the promise of those early moths. 2: I still lusted after her. I’d never met anyone I liked with such a delicious chubby body that made me so hard. And she had just the right amount of ambivalence about her shape to drive me wild. Sometimes she had seemed embarrassed of her pudginess, trying to hide her canlı bahis tummy with her hands, which meant she was so grateful for my lusty advances that she let me do crazy things to her: tonguing her asshole, fucking her feet, rubbing my cock all over her face, summing in her armpits. But all of that was a becoming a distant memory.

The first time she caught me masturbating I tried to hide it. I managed to get my cock away before she came in the room but there was no way to hide video of the chubby woman getting a full face a cum on my computer screen. She pretended nothing happened. I was embarrassed but we got past it.

Or at least, we didn’t mention it again. More time passed, and I realized I was going insane with horniness. Something clicked in me and I decided to say: fuck it. I started jerking off openly. I came in her bra cups and panties and left them in the laundry basket. I jerked off in the shower, making no effort to hide the sounds of my orgasm. And then the day that changed everything.

She was coming back from the grocery store. I heard the front door open but Something had changed in me. I kept jerking off. She came into the room and said my name.

“Yeah?” I said, hard cock in hand, still stroking.

“Oh… I, uh… I’ll ask you later.”

“No, it’s okay, you can ask me now.”

Behind me, a woman with a fat ass was being fucked, doggy style.

“Can you turn that off?”


“I just wanted to know if you can make dinner.”

“Sure, as soon as I finish this.”

I closed my eyes and kept stroking, until I came all over the hardwood floors. I shuddered in my chair, then tucked my cock back in my pants and got some tissues to wipe up the cum.

“Okay, I can cook now. Any requests?”

I could see that she was rattled but again, she didn’t say anything about it. I wasn’t sure what had happened to her libido. Was it just the stress? In any case, I was emboldened.

I started trawling the chat rooms and forums, trying to find anyone to talk smutty to me. Online I was a kinky sex god, fucking and sucking and stoking and licking. But that was all a fantasy.

In real life I was becoming depressed. I know I should have confronted the issue. I should have said, “Sarah, our physical relationship has vanished. It’s very important to me to have physical intimacy, and sex is a part of my life I’m not ready to live without. So let’s either work on this and figure out what’s come between us, or I’m going to have to find alternatives.” The alternatives were to leave, or to start fucking anything that got me hard. Which to be honest, was most things.

And so, were come to Stella. Stella was the receptionist at my work (although at some point she was promoted to office administrator). Stella was a big girl herself. She was short, with brown hair, thick sturdy legs, and the most mammoth perfect tits, which she displayed proudly. I mean, seriously, She stretched the limits of office-appropriate clothing as much as she stretched the cotton fabric of her sweaters with the immensity of those tits. And she liked me. She flirted shamelessly, calling me ‘sexy’, and ‘hot stuff’ whenever I passed by. But to be honest, my will was eroding.

One day I went into the supply closet to get some toner for the copier. I was up on the stepladder when the door opened behind me and Stella walked in.

“Can you grab me a box of pens?” she asked, looking up at me coyly.

“Sure thing,” I replied. I grabbed the box and stepped down but she was right at the base of the ladder, so I sort of bumped into her chest. I stared down at that valley of flesh and instantly became hard. And she knew it. She stared down at the tent in my slack and smiled.

“What are you gonna do with that?”

‘Uh, sorry.”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” she said, giving me cock a playful squeeze.

“Oh fuck,” I said, closing my eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she said with mock innocence, sticking out her bottom lip. “Oh, is it these?” She squeezed her tits together with her upper arms and waggled them in my face.

“Shit,” I said and grabbed my cock through my pants.

“Go ahead, I won’t tell.”

I pulled it out. My balls were massive, swollen with semen and desperate for relief. I started jacking off, stroking while staring at her big titties. She kneeled and pulled down the neck of her sweater, then flipped down her bra cups. Her tits were beautiful: heavy, slightly saggy things with big areola. She pinched her nipples, causing her areola to contract and her nipples to harden. She looked up at me with total lust and stroked while staring into her eyes. I came vast amounts of semen all over her tits. She smiled, put her cum-covered tits back in her bra, fixed her sweater and left with her box of pens.

I was gobsmacked. I started obsessing about her. I flirted more openly with her at her desk, and she more than bahis siteleri reciprocated. She got my cell number off the company directory and started sending my insane pictures of herself: her tits, her big ass, her wet pussy. Her fingers with a line of sticky girl goo stretched between them. One day she brought me over a coffee cup, but inside was a pair of her panties sticky with her substance. This went on for a few days. I wanted her so bad but I was afraid to to more.

Finally she followed me into the men’s room, locked the door behind her, pulled down my pants and sucked my dick like a Dyson. She squeezed my balls and shoved her finger up against my asshole, and I came like a firehouse. She guzzled it down, kissing the tip of my cock and she removed it.

She got up, and I thought she was leaving when instead she pulled down her panties, leaned over and stuck her ass at me.

“Eat,” she said, being very clear.

I fell to my knees, eating her ass with abandon, then her pussy with my nose up her ass. She came hard, falling back into me and nearly suffocating me with her ass. She cleaned herself up, kissed me on the forehead and went back to her desk.

I was on cloud nine. I couldn’t wait to bury my cock in her. I’d lost all sense.

I met her after work, the first time either of us even suggested. We went to a bar near the office and got a table near the back.

“You have a beautiful cock,” was the first thing she said. I nearly did a spit take.

“Thanks. Your body is incredible.”

“Oh, these?” she said, shaking her big tits.

“Yes, but not just those. Your ass, your belly, thighs…”

“So you like big girls…”

“Oh yeah, my girl—”

I stopped dead. What had I just said.

“You have a girlfriend?”

“Fuck. Yes, I do, sort of.”

“What does that mean?”

“I mean yes, I do. We even live together, but…”

“But she won’t fuck you.”

“She won’t fuck me.”

“How long has it been?”

I felt weird talking about this with her, but also relieved someone was asking about me for once.

“Months! And before that, pretty rarely.”

“My poor baby. No wonder you have so much cum backed up.”

“I have to jerk off all the time just to function.”

Stella smile. An evil smile of a plan hatching.

“Listen, I have an idea. It may seem radical, but one way or another it’ll get you what you want. Either it’ll open the floodgates, or set you free…”

Stella told me her plan. It was crazy. It was daring. It was maybe a little cruel. But it was going to work.

A few hours later we were back at my place. Stella had planned everything, like she was staging a play. I don’t know why I trusted this woman who I barely knew with her insane plan, but after eating her ass on the floor of the men’s room I guess caution had gone out the window.

Stella stood in the centre of our living room, wearing a pencil skirt, fishnets, black patent high heels, cats-eye glasses, her hair in a severe gun, and a white silk blouse that was so tight her tits were exploding out the top. I sat on the couch, blindfolded (though I could see through it) and naked.

The front door opened, and there was Sarah: looking frumpy and disheveled, her hair a mess, her glasses fogging from the crisp evening air.

“Who the hell are you? What are you doing here?” She saw me. “What’s going on, are you okay?”

“Shut up. I’ll do the talking.” Stella stepped up to Sarah. They were about the same height, but Stella’s heels made her tower over Sarah. “Listen, I’m the bitch who’s gonna take your man unless you pay close attention and do what I say. Comprende?”

Sarah was in shock. She didn’t know whether to run or attack or what. She just nodded, looking scared and weak.

“I understand you’ve forgotten how to fuck.”

“Excuse me?”

“Answer the fucking question. Did you forget how to fuck?”

“No,” she whimpered. God she seemed pathetic. I was starting to really resent her. Part of me hated her, wanted to see her lose everything.

“Look at that man over there. That sexy, loving man. He says you’ve abandoned him in the bedroom. Do you have any idea how much he’s had to stroke his poor dick?”

“I’ve noticed him doing that, but…”

“But what? Speak up, you cow. If you don’t want him anymore, you have a right to tell him, instead of just hiding.”

“I don’t feel attractive. All I do is sit at my computer. I’m boring and fat. He’d be better off without me.”

Stella softened. She could see the problem, and she knew how to handle it. She strode over to me, heels clicking on the hardwood.

She sat down beside me and put her hand around my cock, which started to get hard right away. Sarah whimpered again.

“Do you think she’s boring?”

“No. I think she’s putting too much pressure on herself, forgetting that there’s more to life than her bahis şirketleri school work.”

“Do you think she’s fat?”


“Speak up. Do you think your girlfriend is fat?”


I heard Sarah sigh.


“Yes, she’s fat. Her tits are huge, her belly hangs over her waistband. Her thighs are chubby. Her ass is big. She has a double chin. But…”

“But what?”

“But I like that.”

“Bullshit,” said Sarah, surprising us all.

“You don’t believe him?”

Stella got up, strutted across the room and opened my laptop, where she brought up my browsing history.

“These are some of the videos he’s watched. ‘Bbw fucked doggy style, Bbw titfucks lucky guy, woman with huge ass suck dick, Bbw with big ass titties swallows cum, cumming on my bbw wife’s huge tits.’ Still don’t believe him?”

“Oh,” said Sarah, starting to understand.

“Listen, here’s what’s gonna happy, cutie pie. I’m going to fuck your boyfriend unless you do. Ready?”


“Here we go.”

Stella got down on her knees and started sucking my cock. Just like that. Sucking my cock, which shot up like a rocket.


But Stella wouldn’t wait. She sucked my cock. Slurped it with abandon, and jerking it with her hand. She pulled down her hair, removed her glasses and tore open her shirt, allowing her massive tits to flop free. She kept sucking, undid her skirt and tossed it away. She was now wearing nothing but the thigh-high fishnets and high heels. With her free hand she started rubbing her sopping pussy. This whole situation had gotten her so wet. I was moaning with pleasure, not even caring what this was doing to Sarah. Stella got up, turned around and sat on my dick. I slipped right in her. She started bouncing on my, tits flying everywhere. I grabbed at her belly and he tits, grinding into her big juicy ass, having the time of my life.

I snuck a peek over at Sarah, who was watching with horror. See, Stella had figured this would go one of two ways: either Sarah would fight for me, or she would bolt. My heart sank, realizing we’d pushed her too far. All of her coldness and distance was just fear and shame. She’d been too afraid to reach out. And now we’ve scarred her. It was a bitter realization, but I couldn’t be too upset. At least this would clear the way for me and Stella, which if nothing else, would be a wild fuckfest for as long as it lasted.

Then something happened. At first I could barely believe it. I thought I was being things through the thin blindfold. But no, it was happening. Sarah slid her hand down her pants. She started rubbing her pussy. There was no denying it. She started going harder, moaning, watching us with wide open eyes. She pause and pulled off her coat, lifted her turtleneck over her head, removed her functional nude bra. She undid her jeans and slid them down, along with her threadbare panties. Her bush was thick and unkept, she hadn’t been grooming. She even had hair in her armpits. She kept her glasses on. She started rubbing her clit again, pinching her pink nipple and squeezing her breast.

“Uh huh,” she said. “Yeah fuck him. fuck my boyfriend. Ride his big dick. Fuck him you fat bitch.”

“You like this, you fucking horny slut? You like your boyfriend’s dick up my sopping wet pussy?”

“Yeah, I love it. fuck him harder.”

She did. She was slamming up and down. I’ve never seen a big girl move like that. Her flab was flying everywhere and it was amazing.

This was all too much for me. I felt a swelling in my balls like nothing before. I came with the force of a tsunami into Stella. Just then Sarah came all over her hand and crumpled to the floor.

Stella got up off me, walked over to Sarah and squatted over her. Cum dripped out of her pussy, and to my surprise Sarah opened her mouth and let it drop on her tongue. She swallowed it. Stella sat on Sarah’s face, and Sarah started licking her pussy.

I pulled off the blindfold. This was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen.

Stella was loving it, closing her eyes and grinding her pussy into Sarah’s face. Sarah was lapping it up. Stella grunted and came in Sarah’s face.

I stood there, cock slick and dripping, staring at these two plump beauties intertwined. My mind was exploding. Stella was a fucking genius.

“Come here, stud.”

The next few hours were madness. I fucked Stella’s tits while Sarah ate her ass. Then I titfucked them both at the same time. They 69’d while I stroked my cock, then I got a double assjob from both of them, back to back and bouncing up and down. I went down on Stella while Sarah licked my ass. But Sarah and I never went one-on-one. Little did I know this was Stella’s true plan.

Sarah came again while Stella fucked her with a strap-on, and I took Stella from behind while she rubbed her own clit and came on my dick. Finally I came on both their faced and we collapsed.

After caught our breath, Stella spoke.

“Little you fucking perverts. I just saved your relationship. You owe me. From now on, I fucking own you.”

To Be Continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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