The Trooper’s New Fuck-Buddy Pt. 02

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Author’s Foreword: Welcome back to one of my submissions. Thanks for the nice private comments. My usual warnings who are new to my work apply: First, this story part will make no sense unless the reader first reviews/reads the original part. Second, there is nothing here for skimmers who need a private place to enjoy Literotica publications. The errors are mine: I am trying to improve.


For the first year and a half Tom and Celina were roommates, Tom was in a blissful heaven. Celina had taught the Trooper to do sex mixed with Tantric practices when fucking and his ecstasy was beyond description. This was especially true because Celina had hand carried supplements from Latin America that had controlled Tom’s staying and firmness abilities – at least the Trooper was convinced that the potions did that, and so they did.

But Tom began to sense that something was not exactly right in Celina’s world, and he had known for sometime his world was askew. He began worrying that she was very much caught up in religious rituals and beliefs learned in childhood – and the Trooper was respectful, and to some extent, supportive, but indifferent to those or any beliefs. Moreover, Tom sensed that she missed friendships and camaraderie of Cultural Spanish speakers. She also found that their Anglo and Black friends lacked something that neither could define and formed no close attachments. It was the same with native Spanish speaking couples, as they all drifted off. Tom’s suspicion was that since the wanton Latino had once been caught fucking her husband’s brother, word just got around in their small tight-knit community.

Part 2’s action starts on a beautiful warm summer day when Tom left his patrol area early to enjoy the gorgeous mid 80s day. The patrol car’s A/C needed servicing so he was sweaty and tired. He walked into his condo and immediately secured his weapons and unbuttoned his uniform shirt. He then heard Celina on her speaker phone in her room speaking Spanish. He did not at first pay close attention as this happened from time to time, since she was usually tutoring a student.

Apparently, she had not heard her ‘policeman’ come home. Tom was a fluent Spanish speaker because of state paid schooling and Celina’s tutoring daily for the past year and one half. He peeped in the cracked open door for a moment intending to announce he was home. He was surprised to see that on her very large computer screen was Celina’s ex-brother-in-law, Sergio Santos, naked and playing with his erect cock while Tom’s roommate sat in her room apparently naked as she had taken her arms out of her gown and her Tits were displayed. She was masturbating with her right hand while holding a giant nipple up to the screen for her partner’s pleasure. Their cyber-sex session was apparently nearing an end as both were making sexual ecstasy sounds and Celina was oblivious to Tom standing at her opened door.

Not surprised as he had noticed that her interest in Tom Sullivan had waned. But, he remained mildly interested in her. He was surprised to see her doing cybersex, and further surprised to see who her ‘partner’ was. He reminded himself, “We are not in a committed relationship,” and continued, “You are a kind of runner-up prize for Celi. Well, Tom, at least you know who now has the keys to her heart today!”

Then it dawned on him the significance of her partner being her ex- brother in law. Tom was aware that she had previously been fucking him for years while married to her husband. His assumption was that Sergio Sanchez would soon be returning to Boston. And that would mean Tom’s relationship with Celina would end. The trooper’s immediate reaction was dread because he had grown to really savor their fiery sex sessions and that part of him dreaded losing her. Overriding those thoughts, however, was his silent scream, “You need more than just a hot fuck, Tom! You are not getting any younger. Maybe its time to ask her to move out, and for you to start looking for someone who reflects more of what you want in a woman companion.”

After their cyber-sex was over, Celina said to Sergio, “Oh that was good! I can hardly wait until you are in my arms again. But, its almost time for Tom and I have to dress and grade papers before I leave for class. Call me same time on Wednesday.” Her cyber lover had replied, “Yes, my wonderful woman. Until then.” Her screen immediately went blank and she stood up to carefully put her arms in the sleeves and pull the housecoat around her.

At that point Tom, pushed open her room door, “Celi, I am home…” and walked in on the startled lover. It was obvious that Celi worked hard to mask her disappointment that he arrived early. The trooper suddenly had a large erection because of what he had just seen and began making his way to Celina to get it on. He grabbed her and they started passionately kissing. Celina, already hot from her cyber-sex, was all over Tom. But, the trooper suddenly stopped his advance and pushed her away.

He mobilbahis güvenilir mi thought, “Its not me she wants even though she would enjoy fucking me after fingering herself. But, do I really want to be second string?” So he recalled working a terrible accident scene which softened his raging erection and zeroed his desire. Tom acted as if he was none the wiser about her and Sergio and said, cheerfully, while dressed in his swimming trunks, “Celina, lets wait as you will be late for class and I came home early after an awful day in my car and decided to go for a swim. Want to play hooky and go with me?”

She passionately grabbed his limp cock through his thin swimming trunks wanting to excite him. Smiling relief, since she thought she was not found out, Celina said, “Oh! What a nice surprise, your being early, I was just telling a student that it was almost time for you to come home. I really don’t have time to make whoopee and swim because I leave for my command performance at school soon, but we could have a quickie. How about lets finish what we started?”

It was put-up-or-shut-up time for Tom Sullivan. He recalled the many lonely hours in his cruiser where his vivid memory of ecstasy when Celina rode him, dominated his thoughts. That part wanted to rip off her housecoat and get it on. The other part, however, kicked in and said, “It’s not you that she wants, DumbAss, wouldn’t you rather pass and look for a woman who wants Tom Sullivan, and only you?”

Tom smiled and said in Spanish, “You know I don’t enjoy quickies very much because our minds are somewhere else. Let’s pass and wait for a better moment. What do you say?”

Celina faked a passionate kiss and said, “As usual, My Favorite Policeman, you are exactly right.”

Tom said goodbye to her and walked to the complex’s pool, deep in thought about the future. He started swimming laps for the cardio exercise in the nearly empty pool. His thoughts were, “The chivalrous knight learned long ago the hard way that rescuing ladies in distress did not make for sustained happiness – it only gave a fleeting thrill – and here I have learned that age-old lesson once again. And that is all you have been getting, Tom, for the past 19 months.

Celina has only been your roommate, fuck-buddy. You can do better! And it is time to move on.”

“But how might I meet such a lady?” Tom pondered to himself as he pulled himself out of the pool and grabbed his towel and lay on a lounge chair, totally exhausted. He was face down enjoying the warm sun on his back, and then drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later he was awakened by laughter from a nearby shaded table. He looked over and saw a pot bellied man and even more obese wife, who were property owners and Bridge players whom he and Celina knew on a speaking basis. What interested him, however, was a third beautiful Irish woman who was their guest. The blond, svelte woman was anxiously watching a teen try to turn a one and a half gainer dive off the low diving board.

Tom sat in the lounge chair and picked up his Kindle. But, his interest was not in the novel as he kept looking at the side profile of the visiting lady, his staring undetected because of his sun glasses. She had stunning blond hair and was mid-40s age he guessed. But it was her confident chatter with the property owners that riveted his attention…, the Trooper missed her kind of relaxed, peaceful laughter in his life, spoken by a savvy, liberally educated, well read woman. Staring at the blond, Tom introspected, “I miss that light, ‘all is at peace with the world’ type of laughter. That is the exact opposite from Celina’s nervous and tense laughter. Sullivan, are you kidding yourself?

Celina pines for someone she relates to exactly like you pine for someone you relate to as well. She has known this for a while and you just figured it out with her accidental wake-up call this afternoon. You long for some relaxed, comfortable, and happy laughter. The one thing I don’t get after a stressful day is a sense of peace and serenity – all I get is fire in my groin.

“I now have learned I am damn tired and too old for hanging out with a fuck-buddy who offers ecstasy for my body but nothing for my soul. I know that Celina is faced with the same frustration – that video call cinched it. There can be no turning back now, Tom! Your roommate must go!”

The neighbors and their visitors got up from their table and started walking out of the pool area. He had notice that the Irish lady looked closely at him and then leaned over to ask her friend, Ira, a question.

It was two weeks later and Celina was in Mexico for two days working. The trooper had just finished ticketing an ‘aggressive driver’ who was a very hostile young man and sat in his oven-like car filling out paper-work. He looked at Celina’s snapshot on the dash while he thought about the nice looking Irish lady he had only seen once at the swimming pool. Talking to himself he said, mobilbahis “Hey Tom! You don’t admire one lady’s pic while pining for someone else.” But the ache and the emptiness of his relationship with the fiery Hispanic bore down on him more and more each day.

This was especially true for Tom now since his sense of things were that she was biding her time until her former Brother-in-Law had resettled in the U.S. and she could be with him. He concluded his introspection by cursing fate and said, “So, Celina wants someone else and so do you! My God! This is the same feeling you had during the final two years of your marriage! Get out of this relationship, NOW!” The finality of his words in the trooper’s mind was such that he made a note to check exactly when Celina’s lease would expire.


Tom had driven the state car home and had then driven his personal car to the shop for periodic maintenance. He went into the customer waiting room that only had a single customer waiting and made himself a k-cup coffee and headed towards an empty seat. Then he recognized the blond Irish woman he had seen as his neighbors’ guest at the swimming pool recently. She was skimming a fashion magazine. He moved to sit at a right angle to her and she instinctively looked at Tom showing recognition in her smiling face.

Both then looked closely at each other in their mutual recognition. Tom spoke first, “You are Ira and Jeff Vandenberg’s friend aren’t you? My name is Tom.”

Suddenly lighting up with excitement, she offered her hand and said, “I remember that your last name is Sullivan and that you are a State Patrollman. Hello, I am Naomi Riley and am a divorced Mom of the 14-year-old son, Mark, you watched diving off the board that afternoon. My work is that I am an accounts receivable accountant for a regional chain of 40 restaurants in the Boston area. I rent an apartment a few blocks from here. Ira also said that you are the roommate of the Hispanic woman whose life you saved. Still the case?”

Tom smiled, kind of shocked at her abruptness and that Ira would gossip so much, and said, “Hey! The whole condo community knows about that incident, I guess. But I like people who come straight to the point. So yes, she is still my roommate but I have learned that even though she lives with me her heart is with another who remains in the old country for only a few more weeks and will relocate here. Then I will gracefully say goodbye to her. Tell me about you, if you would, since everyone seems to know me.”

She said, “Wow! You do tell the truth right up front, don’t you? Before I tell you about me, however, one question I have is: Has your live-in fuck-buddy became something more and permanent, from whom you will need to get over?”

Tom was astonished at her precise language but he chuckled and said, “No. My illusions about love fled when my previous marriage failed. I have a grown son and a grandchild who visits me from time to time as a product of that marriage. I was only determined to enjoy the passions of that Latino while it lasted. So tell me more about you?”

Tom’s honesty captured her attention and Naomi said, “Yes, I have a boyfriend who takes me to fancy dinners and supper clubs in Manhattan occasionally and tells his friends that he has a ‘fuck-buddy.’ And, as we both seem to be into truth today: She is me! This guy was my son, Mark’s, sperm donor. But the youngster can not stand his biological Dad and prefers to spend time with his legal father. This birth-certificate father also supports him financially as the boy refuses to accept help from or even visit his sperm donor natural father. But, Mr. Sullivan, I want more than being someone’s fuck-buddy out of life. I am always evaluating candidates in my search for someone who reflects the best in me, back to me! More importantly, the man wants more than a fuck-buddy in his love life.”

Tom smiled and asked, “Did the sperm-donor offer to marry you after you were divorced from Mister Riley?”

“Tom, My husband, Mr. Riley, left me for another woman unaware that I was pregnant at the time. He at first considered himself lucky that I wanted no alimony or child support. Actually, the reason I refused support was because I knew the child wasn’t his. The end of the story has an interesting twist, however. My ex-husband did learn after the woman he left me for, left him later, that Mark wasn’t his child. He became angry at me and the world because he felt cheated in a way he couldn’t explain to himself.”

Stunned by her explanation and her candidness, she continued in the silence, “But Mark continued his visitations with his ‘legal’ Dad and gradually the two learned to like each other. So, the short answer is, ‘No, the sperm donor is a devout Catholic and wouldn’t consider divorcing his wife,’ plus, I don’t want him anyway as a significant-other or spouse – heaven forbid.”

Tom opened his mouth to ask a question when the counter clerk called out, “Naomi Riley?” So, mobilbahis giriş instead of asking his question, Tom asked, “Naomi, may I telephone you?”

Standing and looking down at Tom, she noticed that she had the man’s complete attention, she smiled and said, “No. But, as soon as your neighbor, Ira, informs me that your Latino roommate has moved out…, I will contact you. My thought is that you haven’t lied once in our short conversation either by omission or commission. For that reason, you are worth a second look. Goodbye, Tom Sullivan,” as she shook his hand.

Later, driving back to his condo, Tom tried to ‘get his arms around’ what was going on in his life at this time. He mused out loud to no one, “So what do we have here, Tom? Naomi is a successful woman with a fucked-up love life. She carries a torch for her husband even though she fucked around on him and got herself pregnant. My guess is that she still carries a small torch for her ex-husband – and that she is sorry she fucked around on him. But that man remains bitter and doesn’t trust her at all. And, it’s almost funny that husband Riley has his revenge for her cheating in the worst possible way: He adopted and coopted the love of her son by another man. Naomi is left with being someone’s fuck-buddy with no future possibility with him as a couple. And the clock, too, is ticking for the forty-something woman – because when sitting close to her unmade-up face, the lines were definitely showing. I wonder if she has learned her lesson – in fact, Tom, have you learned your lesson,” as he pulled into his numbered parking spot at his Condo complex?


One week later, Tom and Celina were in Tom’s bed on a day neither had to rush to get ready for work. The Trooper lay awake with his head in his hands asking himself, “Should I wake her up and let’s fuck because she will be mighty pissed if I just get up and go about my business. Or is this the day I stop using another woman’s body to masturbate myself? Damn, I want more than Celina! But, if I pass on enjoying her wonderful body now, I will kick myself later. So what is it going to be, Tom? O.K., this is the last goddam time, Mister Sullivan. Grow some balls and dip your wick in a better receptacle in the future!” About that time, she awoke and got up to refresh herself in the bathroom and came back to the bed with a glass of water in her hand and offered it to Tom.

She said, “This is another potion I bought on my last Chiapas trip that makes your body spurt testosterone while keeping you hard for at least three hours. You game and want us to play for a while since we both have some fun time?”

Tom gulped the glass of liquid down and smiled and said, “Thank you for asking,” and then jumped into bed.


Three hours later the exhausted lovers sat at the Brunch table satiated and enjoying their desert coffees. Celina looked to Tom like she rode in on a broomstick. It occurred to Tom, “She is ugly when she is without make up, and the lines are really pronounced in her face. God, I can not believe what we just did, again, and feeling like shit after sex with this hot woman has just got to stop!” He chose this moment to say, “Celina, your lease will be expiring in a month and I do not intend to renew it.”

She stopped and looked at her lover for a minute obviously thinking about something and then said, “Tom, Sergio has applied for his resident visa again. Our plan was for me to move out and set up an apartment for us, but his application has been held up.”

Tom asked, “Why, he has children who are citizens here, it should be just a formality?”

Celina replied, “Because he was classified as a ‘Person of Interest’ after the incident where you saved my life when my ex-husband caught us in bed together. The classification has not been changed, even though my ex-husband, Juan, and Sergio have forgiven each other – and filed a deposition to that effect. Still, Sergio’s visa application is held up.”

Tom replied, “Celina, if there is anything I can do to help, let me know, but I still do not intend to renew your lease, and you will need to move out. I want to get on with my life just as you do when Sergio finally gets here.”

“Tom, would it be possible that you would ask one of your police friends to look into this?”

He said, “I don’t have any influence down there as I just know a couple of detectives, so probably not. Do you know the INS case number?”

“Oh yes, my life saver,” as she jumped up to get her purse and returned with an official looking sheet of paper. She returned and said, “I will do anything if it will help. I am anxious for Sergio to come here.”

The next morning a uniformed Patrolman Tom Sullivan walked into the office of Justin O’Malley, chief of detectives in their city. O’Malley and the trooper went back a few years when Tom had ticketed the detective’s son with reckless driving rather than his third DWI. The son had been drinking heavily but like many Bostonians, the trooper sensed that the hot-headed young man could hold his liquor. Chief of Detectives O’Malley knew that the lesser offense had saved the young man’s drivers license from being suspended. The old Chief never forgot the impromptu decision that Tom had made that helped his only son.

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