The Trap

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It’s been a week since this incident happened. I decided to sit down and write about it. So here’s my story.

Katherine was the new girl at work, A very reserved young woman with a high standard of morals from her strict family upbringing. She was also a newlywed of 3 months married to some guy named Henry. At work she kept mostly to herself but was very particular about her name. She preferred being called Katherine didn’t mind Kate or Katie but hated being called Kitty she said it sounded obscene.

Keeping to herself like she did everyone at work thought Katie was a prissy spoiled young little bitch…a daddy’s little girl. I thought Katie exuded an aura of chastity that was a turn on for me. When the topic of conversation would turn to raunchy sex at work, Katherine would just stand there being silent. Her reddened face like that of the blushing bride that she was. I worked beside Katie and being a couple years older than her, she would confide in me. By her old- fashioned upbringing… SEX was solely for reproducing not pleasure. She frowned upon birth control. She believed the subject of sex should only be discussed with your husband. Also, as long as she was wearing this… pointing to her wedding ring being promiscuous or flirtatious was unthinkable. Never did I see Katherine flirting or say something with meaning to be sexual not even a dirty joke.

Being new to the area I helped Henry and Kate move into their house even though our relationship was strictly from working together. There, stood Katie decked out in pair of frayed jean shorts and a halter. Her long tan legs leading up to cute little ass cheeks just barely concealed by the frayed threads. Katie’s small size breasts just trying to poke out over the top of her low cut halter. I overheard her husband calling her Kitty a few times and her playfully grabbing his crotch several times. Seeing and hearing this was quite a change from the “Katherine” I knew from work. I must say Henry was some lucky guy, his 21-year old wife was a real cock teaser outside of work. My dick and I was glad to help them move in that day. All afternoon I got to watch Kate’s tight little ass wiggling at me while she lifted boxes, her small titties being exposed as she would lean forward. Needless to say I jacked-off in the shower that night fantasizing about Katie. But, even after becoming neighbors we still remained just work friends.

Then about a month ago Katie came into work and said she needed time off that her husband had been in an accident and needed her care. Upon hearing this I told Kate, “If there is anything you need I’m only down the street!” She replied, “I’ll keep you in mind Todd.”

I emphasized again, “ANYTHING” as she rushed out the door like an angel of mercy.

About 5 weeks had passed since Katie left work and it was a Saturday afternoon my phone rings its Katie. She is frantic, in a desperate voice stating she needs my help please get over here as soon as you can. I drop the phone while telling her I’d be right over. I sprint up to her house. Katherine meets me at the door still in her blue pajamas. My eyes were glued towards her sexy pajama clad body while asking, “what’s wrong?” She is about to explain what the problem is when “ring-a-ling-ring-a-ling” this bell rings from upstairs.

She tells me it’s her husband signaling for something and she’ll be right back. I watch her run up casino şirketleri the stairs her sweet little pantiless ass cheeks waving to me through her thin pajamas. My cock starts to swell. Upon her return down the steps I coyly watched as her braless perky titties jiggled with each step she took only making my dick get harder.

She returns and explained her husband was still bedridden. Katie starts into detail about his eyes being bandaged and temporary loss of feeling in his lower extremities. Trying to look concern my eyes are darting between her face and the tiny nipples poking through her pajama top all the while trying to hide the increasing bulge in my pants.

I catch Katherine glancing at my growing problem as she blurts out “could I get into her p-trap?” Daydreaming about her, I misinterpret what she said, looking down at her pussy through her slinky pajamas. I stutter out, “w-well s-s-sure.”

She grimaced and said “Todd I mean my sink p-trap” and explained that she lost her wedding ring while washing her hands in the guest bathroom. Katie proceeds to tell me how much the ring means while sneaking looks between her hands and my erection. I reassure her it’s no problem and ask about tools. Katie replied back, “Henry doesn’t have any wrenches even the one tool he does have isn’t working anymore” as she spied another quick glance at the hard-on I was trying to conceal and said, “From looks of it I’m not the only one with a plumbing problem.” Hearing Kate say anything that was sex related was never heard of…After making the comment she blushed and looked away.

I told Kate I’d go home and get my tools in which she instructed me to leave myself in and the guest bathroom was down the end of the hall. Meanwhile, she had to go back upstairs to administer Henry’s therapy. Just then the bell rang again Katie gave one more lustful eye pass at my embarrassing bulge and said, “thanks for your help Todd but I gotta go” and darted up the stairs. As I went to leave I stuck my head through the sliding door just to catch Katherine’s ass cheeks bounce one more time going up the steps.

Upon my return I made my way up the steps and down the hall to the guest bathroom. Passing the master bedroom I could hear faint moans coming from inside. The door was shut and with the ooohhhhing and aaahhhhing that I was hearing… I figured I wouldn’t announce my being back But, curiosity got the best of me so I decided to take a look through the keyhole.

As I crouched down to look and figuring the morals of Katherine, she was probably just giving Henry a full body massage. Getting closer to the keyhole I was excited to see Katie spread over Henry’s mouth her pussy being licked and eaten and she was doing all the moaning! Kate’s voice moaning in ecstasy, referring to herself as Kitty, “Lick your little Kitty, Henry” “that’s right make Kitty cuuuummmmm!” Talk about therapy.

I pushed my eye closer my dick getting harder. Kitty I mean Katie is desperately stroking, kissing, sucking, biting, and nibbling Henry’s paralyzed dick. I watched as Katie pleaded, “please Henry get hard Kitty needs a good fucking!” No matter what she did the only cock that was responding was mine. I was aroused to hear Katherine the young girl with the high family upbringing begging for a good fucking. I ogled until she gave up on Henry’s unsatisfying limp dick. Poor fellow, I thought casino firmalari as my raging hard-on and I proceeded to the bathroom to retrieve Katie’s ring.

I made my way to the guest bathroom and proceeded to make some noise so Kate realized I had returned. My erection had subsided just before Katie entered the room thanking me again for going to the trouble to try and find her ring. She looked sexually discontented and was just about ready to leave when I asked if she wanted to help? She said she knew nothing about plumbing I said you could hand me the wrenches. As I lay in the vanity Katie bent forward handing me pipe wrenches. What a sight! Every time she bent over her top would droop giving me a glimpse of her tanned bare titties, her nipples still hard like little pencil erasers wanting to be nibbled on. I was glad I brought more than one wrench I asked for every size just to view her luscious tits. The only problem was my cock was creating a bulge in my pants and I didn’t know how Katherine was going to react.

Katie had then crouched down saying she wanted to get a closer view. I didn’t know if she meant observing my swelling cock or me removing the trap. While she squatted my eyes redirected their view towards her cunt. The inner thighs of Katie’s pajama bottoms were soaked with pussy juices from the tongue-lashing she had just got. As I’m loosening the trap Kate is talking to me about how it has been 5 weeks since Henry and her made love. Trying to console her I replied don’t worry Henry will be up in around in no time. Upon glancing out I see Katie rubbing her pussy lips through her pajamas with one of my pipe wrenches while lustfully looking at my bulging dick. She catches me looking her way and sighs, “Let me see your cock. Please let me see your cock Todd.” Not wanting to disappoint her I unleash my dick to where she whimpers, “It’s so hard. Stroke it for me Todd. That’s right stroke it and make Kitty hot.” I obliged her as she kept rubbing herself with the wrench, her little breasts now exposing themselves to me.

Katie’s breathing got quicker her breasts going in and out as she watched me stroke my 8-inch member. Not wanting to surrender to her strict morals she didn’t want to touch my attentive dick. She’s still rubbing her clit with the pipe wrench panting more heavily and staring at my cock. I start to coax her, “does Katie want to be called Kitty?” her eyes craving my cock she’s smiles nodding her head yes. I then ask her to show me Kitty’s pussy… she pauses… but willingly pulls her bottoms down exposing her nicely trimmed beaver. Her engorged cunt lips are glistening with pussy juice just wanting to be fucked. Still stroking myself I ask Kitty if she wants to take over jacking me off. Reluctant at first I guide her hand over to the head of my rock-hard dick she quickly responds by stroking my cock up and down. While stroking my meat she wallows how hot and hard my cock is. It was so exciting to see Katherine so helpless and longing for my cock. So I took a chance and asked, “Would Kitty like to beg for my hard hot cock fucking her wet pussy then a cold pipe wrench?”

Katherine abruptly stops stroking me her eyes stare disbelief into mine. Hesitating… then murmurs, “Kitty wants to be fucked and fucked right now.” “Please Kitty wants to fuck you. ” She anxiously grabs me by my swollen dick and leads me to the daybed in güvenilir casino the guestroom. Her precious wedding ring the last of her thoughts. She strips my pants and her pajama bottoms off and pushes me back on the bed. She has taken total control while softly whispering to me, ” Kitty needs fucked bad. Kitty’s cunt needs a hard cock.” Just hearing her talk this way almost made me blow my load. Kitty climbed on top, her wet pussy lips engulfed my cock head immediately. Her hot juicy cunt slid the whole way down my dipstick on the first plunge. Not wanting to come to soon I pulled out and started teasing her love hole by just sticking the head of my dick in her wet gash while fondling her little titties. She started begging, “More, More, Fuck me hard and deep” her moans getting louder, “OOOhhhhh FUCK ME, FUCK MY LITTLE CUNT!” Fearing her husband might hear I stuck part of her pajama shirt in her mouth to quiet her pleasure.

Kitty started riding my dick like a young girl on a pogo stick. Bouncing up and down excitedly, her head flailing back as her warm pussy juices cascaded down the length of my cock onto my balls. I could feel my dick getting ready to fill this 21year old newlywed with a gallon of cum. Kitty’s gagged mouth muffling through her shirt, “HARDER” “DEEPER” “ooOOHHHHHH” “it feels ssooooo good!”

Kitty was bucking away on my cock while caressing my balls her shirt stuffed cries of joy have turned to whimpers. Hopefully her husband couldn’t hear us down the hall. My balls are beginning to tense. From Katie’s short quick breaths I can tell she getting close. She’s pumping away with her drenched pussy, her ass cheeks smacking my pelvis. I manage to get a finger in her puckered tight asshole sending her over the edge. She plunges down deep and hard on my cock. I start thrusting up to meet her plunges. I can fill my jizz rising to the top of my penis. Katie’s wildly bouncing close to an orgasm. Biting down on her pajama top seconds away from climaxing. My pulsating dick readies to shoot hot jism into her cock loving pussy. Then, That’s when it happened….

That goddamn annoying bell started “ring-a-ling-a-ding” “RINGGG-A- LING-A-DINGG” ringing nonstop! Hearing this my cock starts to soften… Kitty ignoring the bell ringing continued intensely riding on my cock, her still gagged mouth ordering me to make her cum. Obeying her I ram my cock as deep as it would go. Kitty arches her back, turning her head toward the door and spits out her shirttail and yelled….


“iiiiiiimmmmmm cccuuummmmiiinnggggg HENRIIiiiiiiiii!!!!”

Seeing her arched back her erect nipples pointing upward her body enveloped with goosebumps while she pushed her pussy down on me while responding back to her husband in turn made me start to cum which Kitty whispered, “not inside me” and spun around to catch my torrent of jizz. I shot my load onto her chin and in her yearning mouth. She looked like a little kittie lapping up my cream purring softly from being satisfied. Kitty finished squeezing the last drops of my cum out and gobbled it up. That’s when I notice her wedding ring was still on her hand. She kissed the head of my deflating dick and squeezed my balls emphatically saying, “Thanks Todd.” then caught my eyes gazing at her ring… She winked and gave me this sultry look saying seductively, ” Its just our little secret and Todd, after today you can call me Kitty!” She then left to check on her husband Henry.

I gathered up my tools and before leaving Kitty asked if it was okay to call if there was another emergency…Hold on my phone is ringing?…

The End???

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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