The Three of Us

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Frankly, I had never heard of the particular drug which my doctor was now prescribing. Not that I was a pharmacist or anything, but I had been on so many prescriptions, established and experimental, since my dicey gut and chest injury and recovery that I was no longer surprised by anything which was prescribed.

Besides, Doctor Tansie Orlane and I had now known each other for more than five years, since the start of my recovery from the industrial accident which had left me slightly crippled and thoroughly screwed up internally. I liked her and trusted her implicitly. She was one helluva good looking thirty-eight year old.

“Look, Brad, this is new, I know, and I also know how many drugs we’ve tried on you in the last five years — probably sixty, seventy?”

“Seventy-three,” I said, sourly. Then I smiled, ’cause I liked Tansie and she wasn’t trying to do me anything but good.

“I thought you’d have kept count,” she grinned. “This is still so new, it’s almost still in the experimental stage — but I’ll personally guarantee that it will do you no harm, if it proves not to do you any good.”

“That’s a pretty sweeping warranty, Tansie. And just how would I collect if the warranty comes into play?” We both laughed. Yet I was thinking of one possible — I hoped, likely — way to collect on such a warranty, not that I didn’t want the drug to do me the most good of which it might be capable.

Despite having become good friends, I had always carefully disguised my feelings about Tansie. For a long time now, I had wanted to make ardent love with her, and my penis began to harden as I thought about that. I wondered if she knew how often I’d masturbated just thinking about her and that imagined lovely body of hers. My penis was just longer than my cupped hand, though, not very large.

“Well, Brad, take one of these capsules the first day, every four hours during the daylight hours — eight in the morning to eight at night — one at eight, one at twelve, one at four and one at eight, again. Second and succeeding days, one a day for the rest of the week. Come back and see me then, and we’ll check any results. O K?”

“Yes, ma’am, doctor.”

So, I took the first four pills — they were slow-dissolving capsules, compounded by Tansie’s own hand — she had been a pharmacist before going to med school — and then six more capsules. I couldn’t feel any effect, and I told her so when I went back the next week.

“So. No feeling better, a better outlook on life, no urge to go out and chase women… nothing like that?” I thought I’d fall off my chair.

“Tansie, the only woman I want to chase is you!” I said that in complete amazement at my temerity. I had never meant to let the way I felt about her slip from my mouth.

She grinned. “I think there must have been some effect, Brad. You’ve never said anything like that to me before.”

“M-maybe n–not, Tansie, but I’ve been feeling that way about you for th-three years, anyway.”

“Hm-m. I wonder if the drug…?”

I sat there blushing in deep embarrassment while she consulted her laptop. Her fingers flew over the keys as she sought some site that might answer her question. Of course, because this was a brand new drug — ohmigod, I thought, s’pose it hasn’t even been approved, yet! — not many sources knew anything about it. In fact, as I gathered from Tansie’s worried frown, none.

“Stop taking this until I get back to you, Brad. How do you feel, otherwise. Can you go without a prescription for your old medicine for a few days?”

“Sure. The old stuff wasn’t doing me any good anyway, remember?”

We left it at that and Tansie told me to check in with her on her cell phone if I felt badly, odd or dizzy at any time. I was to come back in four days in any event.

* * * * *

Five days later I was in Tansie’s office, being seen by a colleague of hers that I hadn’t known she had. Doctor Lausen was a Swede, or at least he sounded like one. Tansie had called him in, I supposed, as he was supposed to be one of the discoverers of the drug. I certainly got that impression, anyway.

“But, Toctor, ve can inyect wit’out bad effects, chew know!”

Tansie agreed to that, and asked me, although Lausen had not thought to consult his patient — me — at all,

“May we try this injection, Mister Hunt?”

I guessed she was formal because of the other doctor standing right there, her voice sounded strange, so I supposed she was under a strain. Damn him, he had the syringe already in his hand, pushing his fingers on the cross-piece to force liquid from the sharp tip. I nodded assent and lay on the gurney.

God, that’s a bi-ig needle with a lot of stuff in it! I remember thinking.

Before I could think much further, Lausen had me over on my chest and belly — they’d healed enough not to be sore — and had poked that long needle into my buttock, close to my spine! Jeez, that hurt! Only for as long as it took to “inyect” the drug, though. I was so angry I wanted to hit the bastard canlı bahis when I rolled back over and started to get up.

“Hey, where is he?” I asked Tansie, who was standing by the gurney looking stunned.

“Who?” she asked me, still looking dazed.

“Tansie, you O K? You don’t look too good.”

“I-I’m all right. It was just a very odd moment there. I thought I was seeing a man standing right here, and…and then I wasn’t seeing him, all at once!”

“What the hell. . .? You mean the doctor? Doctor Lausen? Your associate?”

“What are you talking about, Brad? There was no other doctor here. I don’t have an associate! I was going to give you a different formulation of the drug, and I must have just had a very short black-out from pure fatigue, I guess.”

“You’ve been working too hard, have you?”

“Oh, God, yes. Eighty-two hours this past eight days, and not able to sleep.”

“Well, you’ve got to rest. Lie down on the gurney and I’ll watch out for any more patients while you take a nap.”

Tansie looked at me, hesitated, then turned, got up on the gurney, and lay down. She seemed to go to sleep at once, out like a light. Weird. It was as though my suggestion had put her to sleep. Then I remembered her sleep deprivation.

For no good reason, for I certainly was not thinking about her and me just then — worried more about why she passed out so quickly — my penis was hard and my testicles itched internally. My thoughts were far from Tansie, though, as I wondered about the doctor who had “not been there.” Remember, I was still standing without trousers or underpants, and I felt around with my fingers to my butt. There was a small lump there, and I tried to see what it was without dislocating my neck. I looked around and found a hand mirror. With that and the big mirror inside one of the cabinet doors, I could see that there was a red spot on my ass, with the mark of a — something — in the middle. Probably where the point of that needle had gone in? If there had been a needle? If there had been a big Swede doctor to give me an “inyection?”

Tansie had seemed thoroughly puzzled, maybe angered, by my reference to another doctor in the room with us. That couldn’t have been my imagination, could it? Was the mark on my stern a bug bite? Nah, it had to be that injection, and besides I could feel something tingling through me, like the effects of some injections I’d had in the past five years. They had made me feel good, temporarily, but had no lasting effects. I looked agin and that damn mark was fading!

Now I happened to look down at my erection, wondering why I was feeling it as weighty.

“Oh, great Goo!” I looked again, then felt it to make certain. My formerly decent size penis was at least nine inches long and close to two inches thick. It had grown by two inches! Inside my lower belly and at the end of my tail-bone was a strong urge, making me want to move my hips back and forth as though I were a dog mating with a bitch. With a supreme effort I managed to control the movement, but at the same time my mind was telling me to go out into the corridors of the hospital and get me a cute nurse.

A saner thought brought up the penalties for rape, assault, felonious exposure, and other wonderful charges, while the slowly ascendant inner, less inhibited mind said, “So what? Go, man, go!”

Just at that moment Clementine Rash, Tansie’s chief nurse and friend, entered the room. She did not see me for the first couple of moments, but concentrated on Tansie’s form recumbent on the gurney.

“Doctor Orlane, are you all right?” she asked in a tremulous voice. She turned as she sensed a presence.

“Why, Mr Hunt!” she squeaked, shocked at my partial nudity, and the huge penis sticking out at her, I suppose. Maybe thoughts of rape crossed her mind, for she started sidling toward the door as I spoke in a deeper voice than I had ever used — or even knew I had — and she turned to confront me,

“Stay, Clemmie! Tansie is all right, she had a dizzy spell after she injected me with the new drug, and I told her to lie down. I think she’s been working too hard.”

“Clemmie” — Tansie and I both called her that, or “Clem,” if we were kidding her, but only when we three were alone in the office, not at the hospital, I remembered too late — seemed to relax and she just stood there, still looking at me, but with a slightly goofy expression instead of the alarm she had just expressed.

At any rate, Clemmie was a good-looking, brunette, unmarried, dedicated nurse of about thirty-six, with what I considered a stunning figure, even in a nurse’s whites. I had wondered idly to Tansie if Clemmie were lesbian, but Tansie said she had never tried to put the make on her and had she been so inclined, there had been plenty of opportunities.

I knew Tansie was no lebbie, she and I had exchanged some pretty hot embraces once or twice, but she’d always pulled away too soon and said “Not right now, Brad. Not professional.”

Clemmie stood bahis siteleri there looking at me with that look for long enough for me to get a little pissed.

“Why don’t you check Doctor Orlane and see that she’s all right, then, Nurse?” She did, using her pocket stethoscope and the mercury thermometer from her breast pocket. She grinned, and said,

“She’s all right.” Then she went to looking at me again.

“What’s with you, Clemmie?” I asked, abruptly. She reddened slightly.

“Brad, don’t be angry! You smell so good, you must be wearing a new scent . . .um . . . aftershave. I love that smell!” Her eyes were big, her pupils dilated as though she were on drugs. I knew damn’ well she wasn’t, not Clemmie.

My inner nasty self surfaced. I could feel what I wanted, and my big penis was beginning to rise again.

“Clemmie, are your panties wet?” I asked, watching her face. A huge smile split it.

“Oh, yes, I’m sopping, Brad. Can’t you smell me?” She spread her legs and raised her starched skirt at the same time.

I did catch a whiff of some odor, warm, moist, faintly like . . . my mind said, She’s in heat, Brad!

I looked toward the open doorway just as a doctor or intern put his face and head in.

“What’s going on here?” he said, trying to be stern. I knew by that he was either an intern or a resident, no real authority.

“Close the door, stay away and tell others to stay away from here. I am conducting an experiment, Doctor, you should know that!”

He apologized, backed out, closed the door softly and apparently put a “Do Not Enter” sign on it.

“C’mere, Clemmie,” I said, tenderly. I still wanted to work my perverted will on Tansie, but Clemmie was awake and closer. She came to my arms and her starched uniform rasped against my bare lower body.

“Clemmie, you’ll have to take off your uniform, dear. It’s too stiff and starched,” I kept on in a reasonable tone of voice, “and if we want to make love — you do, don’t you? — we’ll have to be comfortable.”

She heartily agreed and she was out of all her clothing in less than three minutes. Not only that, but she undressed me with a nurse’s skill, so that I was bare and pointing massively at her in only a few minutes overall.

Her hand went unerringly to my penis, which by now was trembling on the verge of an ejaculation. Clemmie took care of that. With a nurse’s skill at managing obstreperous parts of the human body she massaged it so that I felt simultaneously great ecstasy and ultimate repression at the very verge of coming. She managed me so well that it was easy to slip into her without any hesitation on either of our parts. She simply raised one leg enough for me to open herself wide enough. Then I lay back on the floor — how I got there I don’t know — and she bent forward over me so that I might suck on her lovely nipples — they were longer than I had thought women’s nipples got — while she moved softly and lasciviously around on my huge stiffy. She was certainly good, and it was a long time before I came, although Clemmie must have had four orgasms by then. As I reared up under her in my final paroxysm, we heard Tansie’s voice, plaintive, above us.

“You could let me in on the fun, you know, you two!”

“Well,” I smiled up at her inverted face, “get down off the gurney and join us.”

“I can’t, Brad. You told me to lie here.”

“Well, love, now I’m telling you that you may get down and come over here. Get naked, like us.”

Tansie must have set a record stripping. There were clothes, mine, hers and Clemmie’s, all over the room. I looked for something more comfortable than the floor or that damn’ gurney. I had a sudden idea, put forward by the bad me which now apparently governed my actions.

“Let’s go find a nice room with a big bed, girls,” I said cheerfully. Without any comment they started to follow me from the room.

“Maybe . . . yes, bring all our clothes, it’s cold outdoors.”

We sallied from the room quite naked, stared at by passing out-patients, visitors and the hospital staff. I waved to each person who looked as though their curiosity might become more officious and they passed us without any other comment, if they had made one at all. We made our way to the lobby, where I told the girls to dress as I got my own clothing on.

“Where are your coats, girls? Clemmie, please go get yours and Tansie’s, right?” She was back in a few minutes with Tansie’s usual anorak and her own heavy driving coat,.

“Let’s go to . . . hey, Tansie, how about your office? It’s comfortable, and I have always thought you had a bed in the back. Do you?”

She grinned broadly and winked at Clemmie.

“Yep. We used to take turns lying down after a day of difficult patients. But let’s go to my house.”

I wondered for a moment if they hadn’t done a bit more than “lying down,” but I let it go. My penis was stiffening again as I thought of Tansie’s lovely body — now that I’d seen it I had a better idea of what was waiting bahis şirketleri for me — and that just made me harder. I had my arms around both girls as Tansie drove us to her home.

It was a pretty place out on the fringe of the city’s commercial center, abutting one of the “garden belts” which the city fathers had made some years back when air pollution had begun to get really bad. Using eminent domain and all the legal angles they could find, they had demolished a belt of houses about two blocks wide, re-settled the inhabitants into newer housing, and made green belts.

We pulled straight into Tansie’s garage, the automatic door sealing behind us and I heard it lock.

“Dangerous out here, Tansie?” I asked out of idle curiosity. My real thoughts were on her and how many positions we could try before I blew again.

“To a degree, Brad. We’ll be O K inside, though. It’s all BP glass, steel shutters if I have to, and a grate across the chimney, so no one can come down that way!”

“My God,” said Clemmie, aghast. “I thought it was bad in center city where my aunts live. It’s this bad out here, too?”

Well, in other times I could have listened to them compare such notes, and probably contributed a wisecrack here and there, but my penis was becoming more and more insistent..

“‘S’nough, girls! Upstairs! Let’s get these clinging things off and change into bare skins!”

We trooped in a increasing hurry up the broad stairs — this had been Tansie’s grandparents’ home when it was in the country — tearing off articles of clothing as we went.

As soon as we entered a bedroom with a huge King-size bed, Clemmie grabbed my penis, which was leaking and throbbing

“Gimme, gimme,” she cried, but Tansie grabbed her and flung her down on the bed.

“Hey, love, it’s my turn. You play around with something else, O K?”

Well, I guess that told me that they’d been making out fine before I came on so raunchy, didn’t it?

Tansie had me by the gonads now, pulling me onto the bed under her. She didn’t even fool around, she was putting the big thing into herself before I had a chance to stop puffing from all the excitement. She moved softly and persistently up and down, occasionally bending over me so I could lick, kiss and suck on one or other of her nipples. I massaged her breasts, too. They were bigger than I had thought they were, firm and rounded, with big areolas, from which her long, stiff but soft nipples stuck down at me aggressively. I could hear Clemmie doing something to Tansie down by my balls, and then Tansie gave a squeak and clamped hard on my big penis with her well-developed muscles. I felt myself beginning to flow, from my tightened testicles into my penis, and then with a tremendous push upward and a gush of fluids, I had come into her.

“Oh, Clem’, that was so good. This big thing is even more fun. It’s your turn.” Tansie got off, leaving me with a still rigid penis and with Clemmie looming over me. She slipped more slowly down my shaft, enjoying its hardness against the walls of her cunny.

For some reason I was quite ready and better than just able for the two of them. Actually I wanted more. I wondered where we could get some?

The three of us slept for awhile, and I woke hungry.

“Is there anything to eat here, Tansie?” I asked, and Clemmie immediately piped up,

“Hey, if there isn’t, I’ll go get something. There’s a New Store on the corner, I saw it when we came. It’s daylight, safe, isn’t it?” Tansie nodded.

Tansie and I smiled at her, our thoughts on the same track.

:Get a lot, hon’,” I grinned. “We’ll all need sustenance.” I gave her a lot of money.

“Tansie, do you have any young, sexy clients, maybe around college age?” I asked my doctor.

“Yes,” she replied, without any hesitation. There was still something about me that compelled these women to do what I asked, or told them to do, or it seemed, even hinted, and they answered my questions right away, too. I was beginning to like this situation, maybe too much?

“There’s Gina Allbrock, Allie Campbell, Wendy Crocker, Pat Storm . . . .”

“Whew, that’s enough. How often do they come see you?”

“Not very, but they’re all home from college right now. It’s winter vacation, or inter-semester break for all but Gina. She works.”

“Sounds Dutch, that ‘Allbrock’ last name. The Dutch’re supposed to be really hot numbers.” I could barely believe that I was talking like this, but my bad side was gaining a considerable ascendancy. Whatever had happened to me, it had affected Tansie, too.

“Can’t be any hotter than me . . . or Clemmie, Brad!” She bent forward and began licking my penis. It was, to my astonishment, semi-hard, but her tongue surely felt good on it, and it began to rise into combat position right away.

“Clemmie may take awhile, Brad.”

“Yeah. Let’s see how we can occupy ourselves while she’s gone.”

I had never tried cunnilingus with anyone, but of a sudden I really wanted to taste what a woman had in that mysterious cave from which we all came originally. Tansie’s, I was sure, would be among the best of the vintage.

“Tansie, I’m gonna lick and kiss your cunny, honey chile, and you’re gonna love it.”

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