The Stranger

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I cannot sleep. There is a desperate burning in my loins, an emptiness begging to be filled. I climb out of bed and pace the room in my flimsy nightgown. I wore it hoping to entice my husband to make love to me. I practically begged him to fuck me. He said he was tired and rolled over. Now he lies there snoring.

My husband shows no real interest in sex anymore – at least not with me. Occasionally he will climb on top of me, stick his penis into my vagina and quickly deposit his semen. There is no foreplay. He doesn’t even kiss me. I need more than that. I need someone to make me feel like a woman again.

I look out the window. It is raining. I am startled to see a man wearing a hooded rain jacket standing in the yard. I know I should scream for help but I don’t move. The emptiness in my loins draws me to him. One of my fantasies is being taken by a stranger. Lightning flashes and I get a brief glimpse of his rugged face. I shudder.

“It’s only a fantasy,” I tell myself, “It could never really happen. It would be reckless and dangerous.”

Lightning flashes again. He is looking up at me. Every nerve ending in my body comes alive. Moisture gathers in the crevice between my legs. My nipples feel like they are going to burst. I slide a hand under the short hem of my gown to touch myself. I know it’s crazy but I am going to masturbate while looking down at this man I don’t know.

I turn my head to make sure my husband is asleep. When I look back into the yard the stranger is gone. I feel disappointed and cheated. I rub my swollen sex. It feels good, but it’s not the same without the stranger there to watch. I know that I am being silly and pull my hand out from between my legs.

I go downstairs to the kitchen to make sure the door is secure. I look out the kitchen window. Part of me hopes he is still there but the stranger is nowhere to be seen. I nervously open the back door to make sure he is gone. Suddenly he steps out of the shadows and stands directly in front of me.

He is a big man – tall with broad shoulders. I know I should slam the door and scream. I don’t. My heart is racing. Excitement seeps from my body. My swollen nipples burn with desire. I no longer care how dangerous he might be. I want this man to take me, to fill me, to fuck me until I beg him to stop.

I move back from the door practically inviting him to enter. He steps inside. Rain drips from his jacket onto the floor. My heart pounds in my chest with a mixture of fear and excitement. He reaches up to touch my face. His fingers brush across my cheek. Despite the cold rain, his touch burns into my flesh.

My breathing is heavy. My breasts are heaving from the exhilaration I feel. His fingers trace along the line of my jaw. In the darkness I can almost feel his eyes boring into me and telling me of his carnal desires. His huge hand moves down to my neck and then to the deep-cut of my gown. His fingers graze the valley between my breasts.

I am trembling – not with fear, but with need. Every nerve ending in my body is screaming for his touch. His hand moves inside my gown and cups my breast as if weighing its fullness. His thumb brushes over the hardened bud poking out from my nipple. I moan softly into the quiet night.

Using both hands the stranger slowly pulls the nightgown up my body. I raise my arms over my head and let him remove it. Lightning flashes through the window exposing my naked body to his gaze. He presses a hand between my legs. His fingers slide across the moist petals of my womanhood. An audible gasp escapes my throat.

The stranger slides a large finger into my moist hole stretching me open. I spread my thighs and tilt my hips forward. He pushes a second finger inside me. My mind is unable to form complete thoughts. I am only aware of the rhythm of his fingers stroking me, filling me, plunging into the depths of my desire. The other hand squeezes the soft tissue of my breast and tortures my burning nipple.

His thumb finds the tiny button at the top of my opening. It is already swollen with excitement. I try to contain the pleasure güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri coursing through my loins but it is impossible. I squirm against his hand. My breathing becomes erratic. A series of spasms grip my insides. I let out an audible squeal. My body quivers from the momentary release.

His fingers continue to move inside me. I grab his arm for support. Another series of spasms sends me spinning into a storm of orgasmic bliss. My legs get wobbly. I am shaking uncontrollably. The pleasure is too much. In an act of desperation I squeeze my thighs together and push his hand away. He holds onto me to keep me from collapsing.

The stranger guides me across the room to the kitchen table and sits my naked body in one of the chairs. I am still trembling with excitement. He shrugs off his rain jacket and lets it fall to the floor. He steps directly in front of me. I look up and try to make out his features in the darkness of the night.

A bolt of lightning illuminates the room. The stranger is wearing a black t-shirt molded tightly to his powerful arms and torso. He pulls it over his head and lets it fall to the floor. My eyes travel down his body. Another flash reveals the outline of his firm manhood bulging out from the front of his jeans. I slowly raise my hand and trace my fingertips along the length of his shaft.

My nameless lover unbuckles his belt and pulls down his zipper. Using both hands I tug on his jeans and yank them down his thighs. Another flash from the storm illuminates his erect member straining to rip through a pair of tight briefs. I hook my fingers in the waistband and pull them down freeing his massive hardness from its prison.

I can barely make out the shadow of his manhood swaying freely only inches from my face. A series of lightning strikes hit close enough to shake the house. The naked flesh of his hard penis comes to life in the strobe-like flashes. My body trembles at the sight of his throbbing member.

I lean forward and swirl my tongue over the tight skin of his crown tracing it along the ridge leading to his shaft. Slowly I explore every inch of his hard flesh with my lips and tongue, kissing down the length to his testicles. I take each one into my mouth before moving back up and sliding my lips over his swollen tip.

It has been much too long since I have pleasured a man this way. I realize how much I have missed the feel of hard flesh sliding through my lips and throbbing against my tongue. I take him deep into my mouth savoring the salty flavor of his manhood. It feels so alive and full of sexual energy. My nipples are bursting with excitement. My pussy seeps with desire.

The dormant skills for pleasuring a man with my mouth quickly return. I move my lips up and down massaging the ridges and veins of his bulging flesh with my tongue. I warp my fingers around the base and stroke him in perfect synchronization with my lips. He puts his hands on my head and rocks back and forth pushing in and out of my mouth to match my movements.

The tingling between my legs can no longer be ignored. I slide a finger along my open folds and find the swollen button pushing out from its little cave. A soft moan is muffled by the massive cock stuffed deep in my mouth. I move my lips up and down his length faster and faster. My moans become louder and more desperate. The pressure in my loins continues to build. It releases with a burst.


He falls from my mouth. My pussy clenches in a series of spasms. Spit drools from my lips and dribbles down my chin. I gasp and cough squeezing my trembling thighs together to contain the explosion. I catch my breath and take him back between my lips. I want to devour his hard flesh and suck the essence from his body. I want to feel his ejaculate fill my mouth and savor the taste of his unbridled passion.

My lips move faster and faster. I pump him with my hand. My tongue swirls around the tight skin of his bulging crown. My fingers gently massage his testicles. I feel them tighten. He swells between my lips. His fingers güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri grip my head. He thrusts into my mouth and grunts. His creamy essence explodes across my tongue and splashes against the opening to my throat.

I feel him pulse again and again filling my mouth with spurt after spurt of hot ejaculate. I wrap my lips tightly around his flesh and suck the last few vestiges of semen from his spent member. He stays hard. I don’t want to let him go. His warm seed is pooled deep in my mouth. I swirl it around with my tongue and savor the taste. I have become his shameless whore, his wanton slut.

He pulls out. I swallow. The stranger lifts me from the chair like a feather and lays me on the table. He pushes my knees back and spreads my legs. His lips tease the insides of both thighs. He blows gently on my moist folds sending a shiver through my body. His tongue reaches out and flicks over my hard little bud and then plunges into my steamy passage.

“Oh god… yes,” I moan.

He clamps his lips around my quivering plum and continues to pleasure me with his tongue. I squirm on the table and push against his mouth. My hands find the back of his head and try to pull him into me. My moans become louder and more desperate. My thighs begin to shake. My toes curl. The pressure in my belly becomes unbearable. It releases in a violent orgasm.

I buck and jerk against his mouth. Ripples of pleasure grip my insides in a wave of bliss. My shrieks and squeals fill the air. His tongue laps up the juices pouring out from my opening. I move my hands from his head to my breasts. My fingers pinch my burning nipples. I arch my back and grit my teeth. Another wave of spasms grip my pussy.

His tongue moves to my clit fluttering across it like the wings of a hummingbird. Two fingers plunge into my quivering chamber. It feels like my insides are going to burst from the explosions of pleasure gushing out from between my legs. I hear a scream and realized that it has come from my own mouth. My breasts heave up and down as I gasp for air.

My body is still shaking when he finally pulls away. He removes his jeans and kicks off his shoes until he is standing in front of me completely naked. Bolts of lightening reveal a body that looks like a Greek sculpture. His over-sized member juts out from a mass of dark pubic hair. I can see it throbbing with life.

The stranger pulls me towards him until my ass is hanging over the edge of the table. He pushes my legs back towards my shoulders and guides the swollen tip of his huge shaft between my folds. I feel his bulging knob at my entrance and know I am about to get what I have so desperately craved.

“Fuck me,” I hear myself say using words I haven’t said to a man in ages.

His hips leap forward driving his hard meat deep into my body. He plunges into me again stretching my tight passage to accommodate his size. He continues to plow into me filling me like no man has ever filled me. Every nerve ending in my body can feel his hard, almost violent, thrusts.

My head jerks backwards each time he slams into me. He wraps his hands around my thighs to keep my body from sliding away. I grab the sides of the tabletop in a death grip in an attempt to maintain my bearings but it is a losing cause. I feel like I am being torn apart by the non-stop explosions ripping through my pussy.

“God yes… fuck me… FUCK ME…”

My screams of pleasure turn to whimpers of exhaustion. He finally stops moving. His huge cock is still buried deep inside me. The walls of my vagina twitch against him as the convulsions slowly subside. The stranger pulls me into a sitting position and kisses me hard on the lips. He lifts me into the air and cups the cheeks of my ass. I throw my arms around him.

He holds me like a feather with his cock buried deep inside my body. I pull myself up his length and plunge down impaling my pussy on his huge shaft. I do it again and then again and again and again. He guides my movements with his hands and thrusts up into me each time I come crashing down on güvenilir bahis şirketleri him.

“Oh god… yes… more… fuck me…”

He staggers across the room with me impaled on his stiff shaft. We knock over a chair. I desperately hold on tightly and ride him like the whore I have become. He slams my back against the wall and fucks me hard jerking my head upward on each powerful thrust. My heels dig into the cheeks of his ass. My fingers claw at his back. I sink my teeth into the thin skin of his neck. I can’t get enough.

He pulls me away from the wall and staggers through the open door onto the porch. I desperately cling to him as I continue to pull myself up and slam down on his hard cock driving it deep into my pussy. He steps off the porch. Rain hammers down on our naked bodies. A bolt of lightening flashes dangerously close but I don’t care. All I want is to get fucked by this stranger.

He lowers me to the soaked grass with his cock still buried deep between my legs. I pull my knees to my shoulders and feel him driving straight down into my twitching pussy. He fucks me hard and deep. Explosion after explosion shakes me to the core. My fingernails desperately claw at his back. My screams of pleasure are drowned out by the pounding rain and crashing thunder.

The stranger rolls me over until I am face down on the soaked ground. He lifts my ass into the air and rams his cock deep into my pussy from behind. He slams into me hard and fast driving me across the puddled lawn and through the soaked grass with each powerful thrust. My hand moves under my body. I find my clit.


More explosions grip my pussy. The stranger continues to drive his cock between my cheeks and deep into my quivering chamber. I push back against him trying to pull him even further into my womb. My fingers fly across my clit. One orgasm after the next crashes through my exhausted body until my screams turn to whimpers. I am barely conscious when I feel him swell inside me.

I hear his primeval grunt and feel a new warmth spread through my belly as he pumps semen into my body. I squirm against his spewing member. My pussy clenches his thrusting cock trying to squeeze out every drop of his ejaculate into my hungry passage. It seems to go on forever. My body shudders with a final spasm when he is finally finished.

The stranger stays inside me. I feel his heavy weight pressing me into the soaked grass. Rain comes down harder drenching our naked bodies. My pussy twitches against his spent member in a series of post-orgasmic spasms. I continue to squirm against his cock trying to keep this moment alive for as long as I can.

He finally pulls out and stands over me. I roll onto my back and look up at him in the pouring rain. The next flash of lightening shows him staring down at my naked body with a confident smile of conquest on his face. He nods at me and then turns towards the house. I see the powerful cheeks of his buttocks flex as he walks away – the same cheeks that were the force behind his deep thrusts into my body. I shudder.

I continue to lay there letting the rain pound down on me. I feel his essence slowly seeping out from between my legs and realize that he might have impregnated me. I haven’t been on birth control for over a year. I was hoping to start a family, but my husband fucks me so rarely that it hasn’t happened. It should bother me that a stranger might be the father of my baby but it doesn’t. A part of me hopes I am pregnant.

I watch him enter the house. I finally get up from the soaked grass and stagger on wobbly legs towards the back door. The stranger, now fully dressed, meets me on the porch . He grabs my naked body and kisses me hard on the lips. He finally lets me go. The stranger doesn’t say a word as he disappears around the corner. I wonder if I will ever see him again.

I find my nightgown and pull it over my head. I notice his briefs sitting on the kitchen table. I lift them to my nose and smell a strong fragrance of semen and pussy. He must have used them to clean his cock. I shamelessly slide a hand under my gown and rub my pussy while holding his sex-stained briefs to my nose. I feel like such a slut.

I return to the bedroom and hide the briefs in my dresser. My husband is still snoring. I climb into bed and slowly drift off to sleep with a satisfied smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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