The Staff Room

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I am sitting in the staff room at the college in Bellingham. I really didn’t want to end up teaching again but here I am and it’s not so bad. I have an hour and a half before my evening class and I’m sitting eating an apple and dreaming. It’s hot. God but it’s hot and I’m in a pair of black jeans, trainers and a blouse, the almost translucent black one with white flowers. I’ve been working out a lot and finally I have got the body I wanted, the body to make you proud and hungry, the body you deserve and it shows through the blouse.

I’m thinking about the upcoming trip to Momument Valley, about what camera gear to take and so on. Just idling time before the lesson begins. It’s always quiet at this time and I enjoy the peace.

But the thing that shatters my peace this evening is welcome indeed. For it is you. Your student called sick and you’re free so you decided to come and bring me a present, you tell me.

I look you up and down. You’re wearing that long skirt, the one with no illegal bahis pockets that I like and a t-shirt. I check, no, you have no bag. Nothing in your hands, nothing up your sleeves. I ask you what you have for me. Actually I try to ask that but I don’t get even half the sentence out as you come forward and take my hand. I say nothing but co-operate, standing and being led by you into the back room, the room where people go to study and mark papers.

You close the door and come up to me, press into me and I am forced to take a step backwards, and another step.

‘I’m hungry’ you whisper in my ear and your right hand is already at my belt as your left fumbles to undo my shirt.

I take another step back.

You’ve got my trousers undone and you tear off the last two buttons from the blouse making me gasp.

I take another step back. I’ve never experienced you so forceful.

My fly is undone and you’re tugging at my jeans.

I take a step back and my butt hits the edge illegal bahis siteleri of the big desk used for marking. I fall back onto the table, feet dangling, butt near the edge. I lie back and relax. Well some of me relaxes. My cock is standing up as hard as its ever been.

You pull my trousers right down. I’m now lying, blouse open, jeans at my ankles, eyes closed and head turned aside and penis erect and pointing to the window.

You lean over me, hands flat on the table and down comes your mouth. I only know it’s coming as your hair tickles my belly.

‘I’m hungry.’ you say and opening your mouth wide you grab me in your mouth. I groan and you begin to eat, sucking and sucking, licking, sliding your tongue around the ridge at the base of the head, drawing every bead of moisture from me. You slip your tongue into the slit and it tickles and fucking turns me on so I think I must die. And then your hand comes up and takes the base of me and you begin to wank me off, slowly canlı bahis siteleri at first and then faster and faster, the bottom half of my cock in the control of your hand and the top half engulfed and reddened in your warm, wet, violently vibrant mouth and you suck and suck. And all I can do is to hold onto the edge of the table and cry out, trying unsuccessfully to keep it down in case someone comes in next door. But soon all caring is beyond me and I begin to cry out louder as I feel my balls rise ready to unload.

You take me from your mouth just long enough to look up into my eyes and say ‘I’m hungry’. and then your down again and I kow what you mean. Your hand gathers pace. Your mouth sucks harder. I’m..Oh God…Jesus…’ And you’re swallowing, swallowing as fast as you can to keep up. And I’m bucking and you keep up the rhythm with your hand and your mouth and I’m still coming and you’re making sure you get every drop from me.

And then I’m lying naked on a desk. You come round to the side of the desk and lean over me.

You say just three words.

‘Now I’m full.’

You walk from the room and in a few moments I hear our Stupid Car start up and you drive away.

Now THAT sounds like a nice evening class!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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