The Couples Retreat Ch. 02

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It was almost 10 am. I was the first to get up. Matt and Monica were asleep in their own room, Tanya was sleeping on her tummy beside Tim, her dark hair spread out on her pillow. and Kathy was breathing deeply on the pillow next to mine. When we’d all finally gone back to bed, we were totally spent and decided that we should sleep with our own spouses.

Kathy had thrown off the covers. She was curled up on her side facing Tim and Tanya. Careful to make as little sound as possible, I thought about covering her up but just spread the sheet over her hips then I put on some jeans and walked silently to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. I sat by the table while the coffee brewed and contemplated what had happened last night. I poured my first cup and grinned.

I wondered why I didn’t feel guilty for last night. I should but I didn’t. How long had I fantasized about both Tanya and Monica? I’d also wondered what it would be like to see Kathy in a swap with another couple. We never talked about it but WOW! It all actually happened! We weren’t sneaking around and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I wondered what today would bring. Second thoughts? Embarrassed looks? Remorse? More of the same? I couldn’t stop smiling.

I heard movement behind me in the kitchen. Tanya was rustling around, pouring her own cup of coffee. She was wearing the same shirt of mine that she put on last night. She walked over to the table, leaned down and kissed my cheek, then looked at me and said “Good Morning.” Then she asked “Second thoughts?”

I smiled back and said “Good morning. I thought you’d sleep ’til noon! No… No second thoughts at all. In fact, I was just wondering if it all really happened and how everyone else would feel this morning. It was incredible.” It looked like she was naked under the shirt and had only buttoned one button. I thought to myself “Well…She’s not TOO embarrassed”.

“I woke up when you got up. I know what you mean. Was it all a dream?” She replied as she sipped her coffee. “I never imagined we’d EVER do anything like this, much less with you two, and Matt and Monica of all people. You’re all the poster children of straight laced!”

“You are too. That’s what made it so hot. I can’t believe Kathy let anyone even see her naked.” I said “Much less do… well… some of the things she did. She’s not like that at all. I mean, she’s done it with me sometimes but…. You know.”

She grinned “I KNOW! Once she started she was insatiable. I could tell Tim’s mind was blown!

I laughed “It wasn’t just his mind that was blown.”

She laughed and asked. “And that didn’t bother you?”

“I always thought I’d be furious or crushed if I ever saw her with another man, but watching her with Tim and then with Matt was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I could tell she loved it.”

“Does she do that a lot?” She asked.

“She does it. But not that often.” I replied. “It took me a long time to get her started, but yes she likes to suck cock. Do you?” I don’t normally talk like that but I decided to see how Tanya would react.

She blushed a little, bit her lip and nodded. “Sometimes I do. Tim loves it.”

“I love it too. She’s never sucked anyone else before though.” I added.

“I haven’t either.” Tanya said softly. “I thought the same thing about seeing Tim with another woman too.” Tanya went on. “I mean, I thought I’d be really upset. Maybe because we were all together, I loved it. I didn’t think I’d ever let another man touch me either and I never imagined I’d let someone else… fuck me… then what you did… wow.”

I grinned back at her and winked “Anytime. I’m glad you let me!”

Tanya smiled. “Me too.”

“Would you ever do it again?” I asked.

Tanya looked at me for a long moment thinking. “Yes.”

“Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.” I said. “Did you know we were awake when you started last night?”

“Not at first but I thought you might wake up and I knew that once Tim got started, he wouldn’t quit if you did.”

“That was quite a show. We saw ah… everything.”

“I’m glad you liked it. It was a turn on for me to know you were watching and I’m glad it all turned out the way it did” She grinned back at me. “I enjoyed watching you too.”

I got up. And poured us both some more coffee. I looked at Tanya on my way back to my chair and grinned at her. I could see the swell of her breasts where the shirt was open. She unbuttoned the shirt but left in in place revealing just a little more of what was underneath…. Nothing. She tucked her foot up under her other leg and with a grin moved the tail of her shirt to barely cover her dark brown tangle.

“I wonder how everyone else will feel about it this morning?”

Tanya sipped her coffee and grinned. “We’ll see soon enough. There was enough of Kathy on display to get Tim’s attention. Was that intentional?”

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. “Maybe a little. Is that ok? You certainly have mine.”

Tanya smiled. “Sure. Kathy’s boobs have fascinated canlı bahis şirketleri Tim for years and he loves morning sex. Did you cover her up?”

“just from her waist down.”

She chuckled “I pulled the covers off. I guess I should feel guilty about setting my friend up to… fuck my husband.”

“Yeah.” I grinned. “Something kind of hot about that though. I guess it doesn’t bother you either.”

“No. I don’t mind.”

Maybe we should too.”

“Should what?” Tanya grinned impishly.


Our eyes met “Should we fuck in here or in the bedroom too?” Tanya asked then giggled “I never say that word, but it’s fun.”

“Let’s let them sleep or fuck or let Kathy suck his cock in the room” I said. “and fuck in here.”

“Mmm yes! Let’s fuck in here. Fuck me Sam.” Tanya said in a husky voice. I stepped closer and she put her foot back on the floor. Her shirt was open as she reached out and tugged at the button and zipper on my jeans. “Oh MY!” She added as my hard cock seemed to spring out at her.

I slid my pants down and stepped out of them as Tanya caressed my cock. She looked up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes and kissed the tip. With a wicked twinkle in her eyes she teased me with her tongue and then she took me inside her mouth. I rested my hands on her hair as she slowly bobbed up and down. She took me out and stroked me, cupping my balls. “Like that?”

All I could manage was a hoarse “ohh FUUUCK.”

She took me back into her mouth, sucking me in deeper this time. I fought the urge to cum right then with all my might. Tanya’s nails scratched lightly on my ass, pulling me closer. Then she pushed me away and stood up. My cock was purple and throbbing. “Sit down.” She said, pointing at the chair. I sat and she straddled my knees. Her pussy lips were swollen and dripping wet. I ran my hands down her back and squeezed her ass cheeks as she guided me into her. “Ohhhh” she moaned with a half-smile as she sank down onto me. “That feels good!” She put her hands behind my neck and started to move her hips.

I leaned forward and took her nipple in my mouth. She moaned again as I swirled my tongue around the hard knob and nibbled it. Tanya started moving her hips in a circle. I moved my hands to her hips as she rocked “Damn girl…. You can FUCK!” She smiled, sucked on her lower lip and kept moving.

Her eyes held mine as she moved her hips even faster. I gripped and squeezed her bottom. Tanya’s body began to tremble. I began to throb. She tossed her head back and moaned. That pushed me over the edge and I felt like I exploded inside her. I felt her buck and shake as she gripped my shoulders. Her back arched, she pushed hard and she moaned loudly. My cock jerked as she squeezed it and milked it dry.

We both clenched each other tightly. I looked up into her eyes we both smiled and said “Mmm YES!!” at the same time. Her body jerked a couple more times. Neither of us wanted to move. Our chests were heaving as we tried to catch our breath. Tanya’s nipples were hard as rocks. Both of us were a wet slippery mess. Tanya seemed content to stay where she was. I was weak and shaky. She leaned down and whispered in my ear “Anytime.”

“You are both bad, bad people!” Matt said grinning as he and Monica walked into the kitchen.

“But that was hot to watch.”

Tanya Blushed. “I’m not used to other people watching.” Then she looked down at me, ran her finger along my chin and smiled. “or fucking my best friend’s husband.” I caressed her back and hips and winked at her. She slowly climbed off me and said “I’ll be right back.” She picked up her shirt off the floor and tossed me a towel as she walked toward the bathroom.

I cleaned up, stood up and put my jeans back on.

Matt poured us all some coffee. “Where’s Tim and Kathy?”

“They were still in bed when we got up.” I said.

“Kathy and Tim were still asleep.” Tanya said as she walked back into the kitchen. “Kathy is naked and had kicked off all her covers so they may not make it out to the bedroom for a while” She had put her shirt back on but didn’t button it. She picked up the towel and put it on her chair before sitting down.

Matt handed Tanya’s coffee cup to her and then walked over and sat down at the table next to her. He looked her over and winked. “Nice shirt Tanya!” She blushed but smiled.

Monica gave both of us a kiss on the cheek before sitting down in the chair next to mine. She was wearing her silk pajama top and as she sat down I saw that she wasn’t wearing panties either.

“We were just talking about things.” Matt said. “Not exactly what we expected when we drove up here.”

“No. It’s not! But I think If we are honest, we’ve all wondered what it would be like to be with others though, haven’t we?” Monica said. “Was it really Kathy’s idea? Did she really start it?”

I repeated the story from last night. “Tanya sort of instigated it. She jumped in bed with me naked while Kathy was in the bathroom. When Kathy walked back into the canlı kaçak iddaa bedroom her jaw dropped.”

“Naked? TANYA! I’d have loved to see Kathy’s face… Sam’s too!” Monica laughed.

“We were just messing with her head.” Tanya added.

“To be fair though,” I said, explaining further, “Kathy caught Tanya and Tim in the act, woke me up and after watching the two of them we got horny and when we finished, we all sort of added round two.”

“We all got a good laugh out of it and climbed back into bed. Our own beds.” I said looking at Tanya. “After thinking about it a little bit, Kathy just said “Why not?” It wasn’t hard to convince Tim and Tanya to play.”

“Kathy is the LAST person I would have imagined doing something like that. She is one of the pillars of the church!” Monica said.

“We were just talking about that too. That’s what makes it that much hotter! So unexpected from any of us.” I said.

“Neither one of us have ever been with anyone else… Ever.” Monica said. “Somehow doing it with you guys was different.”

“Are you glad you did it?” Tanya asked.

Matt looked at Monica then at Tanya and said “Yeah. I am. I always wondered if it would be better to do something like this with someone we didn’t know or friends. I worried what you would think of us if we mentioned it. I guess if we were ever going to do this I’m glad it was with you all. Besides,” He chuckled. “I wondered what you and Kathy were like in the sack.” He winked at Tanya.

Tanya smiled at Matt. “Well… Did we pass the test?”

“Oh HELL yes.”

Monica looked back at Matt and then at me and nodded. “It felt so naughty… Like Matt said, I’ve never been with anyone else and to do it with both you and Tim in the same night, all seems like a dream, but I loved it. You each felt… different, but so good. I can’t believe everyone was watching either. So wrong but so… HOT!”

Tanya asked “Do you think you’d ever do it again? I think I would.”

Monica looked at Tanya then at me “I think so.” then she laughed and added. “I believe you just did.”

Tanya laughed. “True, and it was great!”

“Hmmm. Yes we did.” I said, warming to the subject. “Kathy hadn’t let anyone get beyond second base when we got married. Last night was a first for her too. I was really surprised when she walked down the hall naked. That alone was hot to watch. When she came back and we… swapped, the first thing she did was go down on Tim and suck his cock. It was like once she started there was no stopping her.”

“I couldn’t believe Kathy!” Matt said. “She was great! Like a machine.”

Monica surprised me and said “When I saw Kathy go down on Matt, I never thought about it being hot to watch someone else suck him…and then watch him fuck her or to be watched while you guys fucked me, but it was. Before this, Matt’s the only man to ever see me naked and I’d never seen another man naked either. You and Tim are… built differently than Matt and you both have different… styles.”

“I think the differences are great! You, Kathy and Tanya all smell and taste different.” I grinned, “You all kiss differently and you all fuck differently.” Matt nodded in agreement.

Almost as if on cue We heard Kathy moaning “Yes! Yes! FUCK YES!” from the bedroom. “I think we know where Tim and Kathy stand on the issue” Tanya said. We all laughed.

I stood up and adjusted the hardening bulge in my jeans. I walked over and got the coffee pot and poured everyone some more. “Listening to that isn’t something you experience every day either is it?”

“No. It’s not. But she seems to be enjoying it.” Monica said. “I’m sure Tim is too.”

I stood behind Monica and put my hands on her shoulders. I brushed her long hair back and she rested her hand on mine. Matt reached over and put his hand on Tanya’s knee then he tugged on the shirt Tanya was wearing, pulling it off her breast and uncovering her pussy. Tanya bit her lower lip as her shirt opened up. Monica and I watched as Matt reached out and caressed her breast, gently squeezing it. Her nipples were already hard and her pussy lips were swelling through her dark hair. Monica squirmed in her chair.

“Stop staring you guys! You’re making me nervous.” Tanya said, giggling.

Monica unbuttoned her pajama top and shrugged it off. I unzipped my jeans and stepped out of them. “Better?” I winked at Tanya.

“Matt, Tanya told me she liked sucking cock.” I said as I met Tanya’s eyes and grinned. She stuck her tongue out at me.

“She does huh? It looked like it. Monica is pretty good at it too. Aren’t you honey?”

Tanya groaned and rolled her eyes looking at Monica. “God we’re such sluts.”

Monica smiled wickedly and said “I like to be sometimes.”

I stood behind her and leaned down kissing Monica’s neck while I ran my hands over her breasts and down her stomach. Matt and Tanya watched as I caressed Monica’s trimmed bush, sliding my fingers over her wet and slippery pussy lips then briefly inside.

Tanya reached canlı kaçak bahis behind her and rubbed Matt’s cock through his shorts. Her shirt was wide open. Matt slid his shorts down and stepped out of them and tugged his tee shirt off over his head.

Monica stood up in front of Matt and Tanya then squatted down in front of me. With one hand on my leg to steady herself she began to stroke my cock. “You like that Sam?” she asked.

I grinned and replied “OH yeah!”

She looked up at me and brushed her hair back over her ear and took me in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around me as she slowly moved her head up and down on me. She took me out and said “I wondered what that would taste like.”

What would what taste like? I asked.

“Tanya.” Then she took me back inside. Matt was naked and Tanya was stroking his cock as they watched us. I gathered up Monica’s hair and held it in a pony tail. She gripped my ass cheeks as she took me deeper, looking up into my eyes as well. She ran her nails under my balls and teased them with her long slender fingers. She pulled her head back until her lips were just over the head of my cock. She flicked and swirled her tongue around the tip then she quickly took me back in again. Each time she did it, she took me a little deeper. This woman had some serious cock sucking skills.

I began to move my hips and my grip on her hair tightened. She looked up into my eyes and winked. I groaned and I could feel my balls tingling. Monica took my cock out of her mouth and held it while she sucked on one of my balls gently. I helped her stand up and kissed her. We teased each other. Swirling and sucking each other’s tongue.

I turned Monica around kissed her neck up and down. I nibbled on her ear as her breathing became heavier. She moaned loudly when I cupped and squeezed her breasts. She lifted her arms over her head and I slid my hand down her tummy and slipped first one, then two fingers inside her. She moved her hips in a swaying motion as I moved my fingers over her hard clit.

I gently leaned her forward over one of the chairs while I caressed her back and ran my hands down her hips and bottom. She reached underneath to guide me into her. She was wet and slippery. I parted her lips, pushed into her and started thrusting, each movement taking me deeper. She gripped the chair and pushed back against me. I could see her breasts swaying beneath her with each thrust.

Matt and Tanya were watching intently. Tanya had lifted her knee and put one of her feet up on her chair. She was caressing herself with one hand and gripping Matt’s arm tightly with the other while he kneaded her breast. She was biting her lip as she circled her clit with her middle and ring fingers. She turned her head and took Matt’s cock into her mouth. Funny what you focus on, but I watched her upturned chin as she took him deep into her mouth.

I gripped Monica’s hips and pulled her closer. Our bodies were making slapping noises as we came together. Using my thumbs, I squeezed her ass cheeks, spreading them and losing consciousness of everything else as I slammed into her from behind. She was hot. She was wet. She was tight… she had a perfect pink puckered rosebud. I looked down to watch the exquisite curve of her hips and saw myself disappear into her soft pink folds over and over again.

I slid my thumb down between her cheeks and pressed on the small pucker. I felt Monica shudder and heard her moan a hoarse “OH GODDD.” as I pushed harder and reached my own peak. I pulled her tightly onto my cock as it jerked and throbbed deep inside her. My own body went rigid. My legs were shaking but I held her close. Monica flooded me with warmth and wet. I felt her body tighten like a bowstring and her knuckles were white gripping the chair. We both quivered for a bit and then slowly relaxed.

Tanya stood up and quickly cleared half of the table and sat on the edge. She lifted her knees and spread them and leaned back on her elbows. Matt stood between them and slipped his cock inside her. He held her knees and pushed into her. I looked up to see Tim and Kathy watching from the kitchen. Tanya’s knees rocked back and forth as Matt thrust harder. Her breasts bobbed in time with their movements.

I slipped out of Monica as she stood up, turned around and kissed me deeply. She pressed her body into mine as our tongues danced and swirled around each other. I looked over at Kathy and she smiled at me. She and Tim were naked as well. I ran my hand down Monica’s back and over her bottom then squeezed it. Her skin was so soft and smooth between her cheeks.

Tanya was moaning louder. Matt was grunting as he thrust harder and faster. Tanya lay back and her head hung off the table. She looked at us with half closed eyes as he continued to push deeper. His hands pulled her hips closer as he stiffened, arched his back and made one last powerful thrust. She wrapped her legs around him and held him tight. I saw her body shake as her orgasm washed over her. Matt reached down and took her hand to help her sit up. She gripped his hand and kept her legs wrapped tightly around him holding him inside her. Tanya closed her eyes and bit her lip while she quivered and jerked a few more times and then collapsed back on the table.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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