The Corruption of Sue Pt. 01

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This is the first story I have written in the third person. It has been a bit of an adjustment, but I think it went well. I like that I’m able to explore the thoughts and emotions of multiple people instead of just one person. I have several storylines in mind, so this may go on for several episodes. I hope you enjoy it. As always, I apologize for any typos I missed while reviewing.


Sue Higgins is a quiet, unassuming woman of 23 who lived with her boyfriend of 6 years, Todd, in a small 1 bedroom apartment near the local University. She worked as a receptionist for a small advertising firm and was the sole wage earner because Todd was busy with graduate school getting his MBA. Their arrangement had been that Sue would work while Todd studied and when he finished with his studies they would marry and start a family. Todd had graduated the previous week and had been working hard getting interviews for future employment and had hinted that he had landed an opportunity with one of the biggest finance companies in the country.

On this day, Sue was in a great mood because she could feel that her life’s ambitions would be coming to fruition very soon when Todd secured a good position. She had been dreaming about her wedding for years and knew just the gown she wanted for the occasion. She had been saving money for the big day since she and Todd began living together and had made their pact. She, also, knew she would have to pay for her wedding because her parents had died several years earlier. Sue missed her parents but had moved on with her life with Todd.

On her way home from work, Sue had decided to stop at the store and buy something special for dinner tonight in anticipation of Todd announcing that he had been hired at the finance company. She bought a couple of steaks, baking potatoes, fixings for salads and a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. When the check-out clerk told her the total, she used her debit card to pay the bill. After entering her PIN number, the little machine said that her checking account had insufficient funds. She tried the card several times with the same outcome. Sue noticed that the other people in line behind her were getting a bit frustrated, so she whipped out her credit card to pay for her groceries. Again, the little machine said that her card was refused. She apologized to the check-out person and the person behind her in line and decided to head home and call the bank.

Sue couldn’t understand why her debit card said insufficient funds since she had been paid on this very Friday and the money was deposited automatically in the morning. As she pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex, she had expected to see Todd’s car parked in its regular spot, but failed to see it. When she entered her apartment, she was surprised to see a big mess as multiple items had been knocked over and several things were missing. She went into their bedroom and saw a note on the bed, picked it up and began reading;

Dear Sue,

I’m very sorry to say that I can no longer live with you. To tell the truth, I never

really loved you. I got a position with a big company in New York and have to

be there on Monday. I know you wanted to get married and everything, but

those plans were never going to happen. I know you will manage to get by and

I hope you have a good life.


Sue read the letter several times and couldn’t believe what she was reading as tears began to form in her eyes. She looked in the closet and saw that all of his clothes had been removed and his chest of drawers had been emptied as well. She grabbed her laptop and pulled up their bank account and saw that their checking account was at zero and that their credit card was at its maximum. All of a sudden, it hit her that she was now alone in the world, dumped by the man that she loved and wanted to marry. The tears came hot and heavy as she began sobbing uncontrollably.

After having cried for over an hour, Sue decided she needed to get ahold of herself. She stripped off her clothes and wandered into the bathroom to take a shower. As she waited for the water to warm up, she stood in front of the mirror and assessed herself. She was about 5’4″ tall with long brown hair and blue eyes. She had a good figure due to the time she spent at the gym. Her breasts were looked large on her small frame, but were very firm. Todd had always liked that she had long hard nipples that always seemed to be erect. Todd had, also, insisted that she shave her pubic hair because he said that he didn’t like the look of pubic hair on women.

When the water had warmed, Sue got into the shower and tried to wash the weirdness of the day away, but no amount of scrubbing made her feel any better. Once clean, she dried herself and put on some old sweatpants and a sweatshirt and went into the kitchen to get something to eat. She didn’t feel particularly hungry, but decided she should eat something canlı bahis to take her mind off of her troubles. After she ate, she watched the TV, but didn’t really see what was on since she was so absorbed in her grief. Deciding that she wanted this day to end, Sue went to bed and cried herself to sleep.

As Sue awoke in the morning, she stretched feeling quite good and thought that she must have had a bad dream. She looked over to Todd’s side of the bed and saw that it hadn’t been slept in causing her illusion of a bad dream to come crashing down on her shoulders. She began crying again as the reality of her situation hit her hard. However, after a while, Sue decided to go to the gym like she did every Saturday morning and try to forget her misery. She packed her gym bag with her workout clothes and a towel and headed for the fitness center a few miles away.

Sue’s workout was doing wonders for her as she pushed herself in an effort to put her problems behind her. She had done her weight routine and had moved to the stationary bikes and waited for one to become free. Finally, after 15 minutes a bike opened up, so Sue climbed on and began spinning easily allowing her legs to loosen up. She had gone through several intervals and was in a resting phase when she heard someone yell out ‘TODD!’ Sue whipped her head around thinking that, perhaps, her Todd had seen sense and was coming back for her. She was bitterly disappointed as the Todd in the gym was a 40-year-old man she had never seen before.

After getting her hopes up, Sue’s disappointment hit her hard and she began bawling uncontrollably. She sat on her bike as her sobs overwhelmed her and the sound drew the attention of some of the people on the other bikes. A woman on the bike next to her stopped her pedaling, got off her bike and went to Sue saying, “My dear! Let me help you. Let’s go into the locker room where we can talk.” The woman helped Sue off of her bike and then escorted her into the locker room. When they were in the lounge area, the woman pulled Sue into a hug and said, “Okay, let it all out. Cry as much as you need and then we will talk.” Sue cried for quite a while as the woman held her tight and stroked her head gently. When Sue’s sobs lessened, the woman asked, “A little better now?” Sue nodded and was lead to a chair and was told to sit. The woman sat on the low table right in front of Sue, she took Sue’s hands in her own and asked, “What can be so horrible that could cause such a beautiful young woman to cry so?”

Sue looked into the eyes of the woman and saw a look of kindness and concern and then began rattling off what had happened to her life over the past 24 hours. Talking to this kind woman made Sue feel better as she related her tale. When she was finished, the woman said, “I think you had a stroke of luck! Obviously, this Todd cretin is nothing but a coward and a pig! By the way, my name is Margo Bennett.”

Sue sniffled a bit and replied, “Mine is Sue Higgins. Thank you for taking time from your workout to help me, Margo.”

Margo smiled and said, “It was nothing. I really hate to see upset women. Tell you what, let’s shower, get dressed and go out to lunch and talk some more. I’m starving!”

Sue smiled and then remembered that she didn’t have any money. “I’d like to join you but I have no money and have been saddled with a huge debt and I have no idea how I’m going to pay my bills this month!”

Margo took Sue’s hands and said, “Lunch is on me and money is easy enough to get. I’ll help you out if necessary.”

Sue looked at Margo with surprise and said, “You don’t even know me!”

Margo smiled and said, “I have seen you in here for months. You seem to be a nice young woman that has been taken advantage of. I think there are some things we can do to get even with this Todd asshole and I may be able to help you earn the money that you need. So, let’s shower, get dressed and have lunch.”

Sue and Margo’s lockers were in different parts of the locker room, but there was only one shower area. As Sue washed the sweat off of her body, Margo joined her at the neighboring shower head. Sue looked at the older woman and was impressed with how fit she was. Margo had pretty large breasts that swayed gracefully as she moved. She had an allover tan on very smooth skin and a tight butt. Sue guessed that Margo was about 32 years old.

Margo was assessing Sue’s body as well. She was really impressed with Sue’s tight body and loved her long hard nipples. Though the time wasn’t now, Margo looked forward to when she would be able to suck those nipples, lick her shaved pussy and kiss her perfect ass globes. They split apart once they finished in the shower and got dressed. When Sue was ready she went looking for Margo. Sue was amazed at how great Margo looked in her clothes. She was dressed in some slacks, a button-down shirt with a maroon scarf and loafers. “Wow, you look really nice.” Sue commented.

“Thank bahis siteleri you,” Margo replied. “You look nice as well. You have such a pretty face and a lovely figure. If we could get you out of those dull clothes you would look dazzling!”

Sue looked down her body and asked, “What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“I apologize,” Margo answered. “Your clothes are fine; it just looks like you are going to go to the grocery store. But, in the right clothes you would turn the head of every man you encountered and even more so with a little make-up and a different hair style.”

Sue was aware that her clothes were on the plain side, but she had always worn clothes like this. She was raised in a fairly conservative home. Now she was feeling a little self-doubt after Margo’s words. Margo smiled at Sue, grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s go to lunch and get to know each other a little better. One thing you’ll learn about me is that I have a propensity to put my foot in my mouth. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings in any way. I’ll drive.”

Margo lead the way to the parking lot and to her Jaguar coupe. Sue’s eyes got wide as she admired the car. When she got inside she noticed the leather seats and the solid wood dashboard. “Wow, nice car! Is your husband rich?”

Margo laughed as she started the car up and pulled out of her parking spot. “I’m not married and will never be married. I bought this car from my earnings from my own business.” Margo headed down the street into a part of town that Sue was unfamiliar with. They drove past some upscale shops that Sue had never been in and then into the parking lot of a nice-looking restaurant. “Here we are. I hope you’re hungry because I sure am.”

As they entered the restaurant, the maître ‘d greeted Margo with a “Good afternoon Ms. Bennett, your table is ready. Please follow me.”

The two women followed the maître ‘d to a corner booth away from all of the other patrons in the restaurant. Margo nodded to the man and told him, “This is great. Will you please bring us bottle of that Chardonnay I had here the last time?” As the maître ‘d scooted away, Margo turned to Sue and said, “Order whatever you would like. I generally get the Cobb salad.”

Sue looked over the menu and decided a salad would be good as well. A few moments later, a waiter arrived with an ice bucket and the bottle of wine that Margo had ordered along with 2 glasses. The waiter pulled the cork and poured a small amount of the wine into a little metal cup that was suspended around his neck with a chain. He took a quick sniff and then a small sip and declared the wine fit for consumption. He then poured some wine in each glass, returned the bottle to the bucket, gave Margo a quick bow and then left. Margo handed Sue one of the glasses while taking one for herself, held hers towards Sue in the air and said, “Here’s to what I hope will become a long prosperous friendship.”

Margo touched her glass to Sue’s and then took a drink of the wine. Sue took a drink as well and was surprised by how good the wine tasted. “This is really good! I don’t drink very often, but I like this.”

Margo smiled as she took another gulp of wine and then said, “So, Sue tell me about yourself. Where you grew up, how you ended up here, what are your likes and dislikes. I want to learn all about you.”

Sue began by telling Margo about growing up in a small town in Kansas. Her parents were pretty religious and strict with her while she grew up. The county they lived in was dry, so there wasn’t much in the way of alcohol except for 3.2 beer and she didn’t care for the taste of beer. She went on to talk about how she and Todd began dating their senior year in high school and how Todd convinced her to move in with him while he went to college. She told of their plan to get married when Todd finished with his MBA. She, also, told Margo about her parents dying in a car crash a few years ago and how she had no family left, since her parents were both only children like she was. Sue went on for about an hour, interrupted only by the waiter taking their food order and then bringing their salads.

Margo listened intently to Sue’s story, gleaning tidbits about Sue’s personality. Margo determined that Sue was an uncomplicated, yet caring person who didn’t ask too much for herself and was very giving. The more Sue talked, the more Margo liked what she heard. Finally, Sue had finished and asked Margo about herself. She was particularly curious about what Margo did for a job to afford such a nice car and to come to such a nice restaurant.

Margo told a little about her upbringing and how she was always driven to succeed in life. She said she had done some fashion modelling for a while which allowed her to meet a lot of important and rich people. She often went on dates with these same people and they used to go on about how nice it was to spend time with her whenever they visited. They asked if she would consider going on bahis şirketleri dates with friends of theirs while their friends were in town. “From that I developed my business. I have 15 employees and have been successful for over 20 years.”

Sue looked wide eyed at Margo and cried, “Twenty years! Did you start when you were 12?”

Margo laughed and asked, “How old do you think I am? I started when I was 22 and am now 42.”

Sue was astonished and replied, “When I saw you in the shower, I guessed your age to be about 32!”

Margo got this a lot and was secretly pleased with Sue’s assessment. Margo weighed her words very carefully because she didn’t want to scare this beautiful girl who would be her star attraction in her line-up of escorts. “So, when you told me that you needed to make some money fast, I thought I might be able to help you if you came to work for me. All of my girls do very well for themselves.”

Sue thought for a moment and then asked, “What would I have to do?”

Margo smiled and said, “Whenever my clients come to town, you would go out on a date with them. They would take you out to dinner in nice restaurants like this, maybe go to a play or concert and then spend the evening together until it was time to leave. All of my clients are very nice, are quite wealthy and just don’t want to be bored when they come to our city. You can have a lot of fun and meet a lot of very interesting people.”

“What do you mean by ‘spending the evening together’? Are all of these client’s male and do they all want sex?” Sue asked.

Margo continued smiling and replied, “One third of my clients are women, but the majority are men. I won’t lie to you, Sue, we earn the most money when we take care of our client’s sexual needs. All of our clients have to submit a recent blood test before coming to us to insure the safety of our girls. I realize this may be a little too much for you to digest considering your background, but a girl as beautiful and as sexy as you are could make between $1,000 to $5,000 in a single night or more!”

Sue couldn’t believe her ears. One thousand to five thousand in a single night? It would take her nearly 2 months to make $5,000 and she could really use that money. But, did she want to have sex with strangers? She really wasn’t that experienced sexually speaking since the only person she had ever had sex with was Todd and, frankly, it was never that great. She, also didn’t like the idea of being a prostitute, but, by the sound of things, she wouldn’t be relegated to standing on street corners trying to pick up customers. The prospect was scary and her initial reaction was to say no thank you, but her looming debts were weighing heavily on her mind. She didn’t want to get evicted or lose her car due to getting behind on payments and rent.

Finally, Sue asked, “May I think it over and get back to you?”

Margo took Sue’s hand and said, “You can take as long as you like to think it over. Let me give you my card and you can call me anytime. Frankly, I’ve been trying to figure out what was wrong with that moron you were living with. You may not realize it, but you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. I can guarantee that if you join me, you will never have to worry about money again and you just might have a good time while making it. I sincerely hope you will take my offer.”

Margo drove Sue back to the health club and let her off at her car. Sue drove straight home thinking about Margo’s job offer. Despite the great money potential, she was inclined to not take the offer. As she entered her building, Sue checked her mailbox and looked at the mail as she walked to her apartment. There were 4 more bills for power, gas, cable and her car payment. She sat down and totaled her debts and discovered she needed to come up with $2265 and that was before the credit card bill was added to the mix. Add to that number the cost of food and Sue was beginning to panic. Margo’s offer was beginning to sound pretty good in her desperation. “I could have sex a few times with some strange men. How bad could it be,” she asked herself.

As the evening wore on, Sue began seeing the bright side of Margo’s offer as she pushed aside the unseemly aspects. She went to bed with the intent of calling Margo and accepting her offer in the morning. Sue’s night was rather restless as her brain continued to wrestle with the decision until her last dream of the night. She dreamt she was naked as six pairs of hands ran all over her body caressing her all over. She had let go of her inhibitions and let the pleasure she was feeling wash over here taking her to unknown plateaus. Finally, the sensations she was experiencing became so intense that she had an orgasm in her sleep.

Sue awoke with a start because of the climax she experienced during her dream and discovered that she was sweating profusely, breathing heavily and her panties were soaking wet. She stripped naked and jumped into the shower before the water warmed up and stood there contemplating what had happened to her. She decided that she felt wonderful and resolved that she was going to become one of Margo’s girls.

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