The Conference

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“Damnit” she swore softly under her breath as she stepped off the plane. Running her hand through her hair she sighed, this was the last place she wanted to be this week. She would rather be curled up in her bed hiding from the world, like she normally did after a bad breakup. However, duty called so here she was, a thousand miles away from home attending a convention for a week. She took a short cab ride to her hotel, checked in and went to her room, kicked off her shoes and flopped on the bed.

Stretching out, she thought about the past week’s events. She had finally dumped her boyfriend of 5 years. She was tired of being treated like crap and truthfully if the break up hadn’t been so ugly, she would have felt wonderful. Even despite the yelling and screaming, after it was all over, she felt relieved and more like herself than she had in ages. She supposed she should be happy about that turn of events anyway.

Shaking herself out of her reverie, she glanced at the clock and jumped off the bed, she was going to be late if she didn’t move it. “What the hell am I supposed to wear?” she muttered to herself as she riffled through her bags. She didn’t want anything that would attract attention, especially from men. She wanted nothing to do with men right now. Smirking to herself, that wasn’t entirely true, she wouldn’t turn down a little fun in bed if the right opportunity presented itself. She finally chose a conservative suit, pinned her nametag on the lapel and headed downstairs to the convention.

Entering the conference hall she was relieved to see some faces she knew. She supposed she ought to go schmooze, even if she didn’t feel like it. Walking over to a group of people she struck up a conversation and chatted for a little while. She was in mid-sentence when her jaw dropped as she spotted a man she thought she knew. She excused herself and strode over to him.

“Hello, I’m Ellie Carmichael” she introduced herself. She laughed lightly at the look of shock on his face as realization dawned on him. “Ellie? Ellie is that really you, jesus it’s been ages…what 12 years or so?” Smiling softly “Yes it’s really me Brian, it’s great to see you again and yes it has been 12..wait..almost 13 years now.” He couldn’t believe it, the one who had slipped canlı bahis away had suddenly walked back into his life, as gorgeous as ever.

He scanned her from head to toe, she looked almost the same, though possibly more beautiful. Her long dark hair framed her face and the caramel highlights made her green eyes sparkle with a fire that was purely hers. She was wearing a dark blue blazer and skirt and a cream colored blouse that should have downplayed her good looks, but to him she looked more alluring then he remembered. She also smelled heavenly, like lilacs or lily of the valley, he couldn’t quite pinpoint the scent. But it was one he associated only with her.

Smiling, she looked into his eyes, “It’s great to see you again, how have you been?” She noticed the visible slump of his shoulders as he answered her. “I’ve been better, but let’s not talk about that. Have you had lunch yet?” She shook her head, “I just arrived a couple of hours ago…I haven’t had a chance to do much other than check in.” He grinned and took her hand in his, “Well let’s go then.”

They found a little corner café that served simple sandwiches and drinks and filled each other in on the missing years. It turned out he had just broken up with his long-term girlfriend and was pretty much in the same situation as she was. He sympathized with her and it felt wonderful to know she was not the only one out there with relationship problems.

She glanced up into his cerulean eyes and wondered what had ever happened between them. It seemed like a lifetime ago maybe….shaking her head to clear those thoughts out of her mind, she saw him smiling at her. He placed his hand on hers and she shivered at the feel of his rough skin contacting hers. “Whatever happened between us Ellie?” Shrugging her shoulders, “I have no idea Brian…I was just wondering that myself actually.”

Brushing a stray lock of hair off her face, she sighed and looked down at her hands, “I think we were just too young, going into college…the timing just wasn’t right.” She shrugged “Who knows……..” her voice trailed. She looked up again to find him staring at her face as if trying to memorize this moment, burn it into his brain. She blushed lightly and let the hair cover her face again. After all bahis siteleri these years one look from him could still make her breathe faster and her insides soften with anticipation. “We should go Brian, we need to get back to the convention.”

He nodded, rose and pulled her chair out extending his hand for hers. They walked hand in hand back to the hotel and entered the lobby still talking as if the almost 13 years had never existed. He called the elevator for them and as the doors opened he pulled her inside and rapidly pressed the close button so no one else could enter with them. Pushing her against the mahogany walls he placed a fleeting kiss on her lips….so soft it was almost like a whisper.

Startled she almost told him to stop but it brought back so many memories…the long nights in bed making love until the dawn broke. He had been her best lover, the most attentive and as he kissed her lips, lingering on them, she wondered if he was still like that. She made a split second decision then. She didn’t care where this led every fiber of her being wanted him again.

She wound her arms tightly around him and pulled him close, kissing him gently as she pressed her full length against him. He groaned into her mouth “I’m won’t be able to stop if you keep rubbing against me.” In answer she rotated her hips against his evident arousal, smiling the whole while. “I don’t want you to stop, I want you to fuck me right here, right now” she whispered huskily in his ear, the desire evident in her voice.

That was all he needed to hear. One hand groped for the stop button of the elevator as his other hand slid up her skirt and he gently explored her wetness with his fingertips. She gasped as she felt one finger penetrate her, teasing her mercilessly. It had been so long since she had felt this desired, this sensual. His finger slowly pulled out and then pushed back in again as his thumb grazed her clit making her hips jump at the contact. After all these years he still knew how to get her worked up.

As if reading her mind he chuckled “I see that still works very well…what about this?” His thumb traced little circles rapidly around her clit as she drew in a sharp breath and gasped. He circled faster and pressed slightly harder, listening to bahis şirketleri her moan as her body tightened around his fingers, clenching them through her orgasm. Breathing hard she pulled his lips to hers and panted one word….


Leaving his fingers in place, he took his other hand and freed himself from his slacks. She looked down watching with rapt fascination. She had always loved his cock, to her it was a thing of beauty, silky smooth skin, a pearly head and a seeming life of its own. Withdrawing his fingers he pressed himself against her glistening folds, the head slipping between them. Her breath hitched as she felt it barely slide into her.

She arched her hips and instinctively wrapped her legs around him to draw him further inside of her, but he wouldn’t allow it. He had always been a master at teasing her and this time wasn’t any different. He would have her begging before he took her to glorious heights. Slowly he pulled just the head in and out of her making her weak with desire. Whimpering she bit his earlobe “God, just fuck me….please” she demanded and begged in the same breath.

With that he thrust into her in one smooth sweep, taking her breath away and leaving her yearning for more. With strong fluid strokes he slid in and out scrapping her clit with each movement. Her body was wracked with pleasure as he pushed into her harder and harder driving her to the edge. He snaked a hand under her shirt, feeling the softness of her breast as he curled his fingers around her painfully hard nipple. Every muscle in her body tensed as he flicked her clit with the tip of his thumb and squeezed her nipple lightly, bringing her welcome release.

She could see nothing but the multitude of colored flashes behind her eyelids as her head rolled back and her body clenched around his cock gripping it even tighter than before. The spasms surrounding him drove him to thrust even harder and faster and she could feel his body tensing with impending orgasm.

Still in the throes of her own pleasure she felt each jet of his cum splash inside her, sending her over the edge once more. Shaking she chuckled into his ear “Why did we ever break up again?” Rotating his hips, he listened to her gasp yet again and she heard the smile in his voice “I don’t know….care to explore that a little further?”

“The convention….”

He laughed as he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the elevator.

“Forget the convention…your room or mine?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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