Stolen Moments

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Charlie stood in the doorway admiring Jayne’s lovely rounded ass, as she carefully bent over and laid their small baby into the cot by the side of the bed. Even though their child was only three months old, Jayne had worked really hard to get her body back into shape.

When Jayne turned and saw Charlie watching her, she was surprised as he was not usually home this early in the afternoon. She put her finger up to her lips to warn him not to make any noise.

Charlie went silently over, smiling down at their baby daughter. “How’s my little girl?” he asked softly.

“Ruth’s fine, I have just got her off for her afternoon nap,” replied Jayne.

Charlie pulled Jayne closer and kissed her softly, “How’s my other girl?” he whispered.

“I’m fine,” replied Jayne, kissing him back, then she moved away. “Charlie, your mum is downstairs; she could come up at any moment you know?”

“Hey relax; she has just nipped out to the market to get some more wool for the jumper that she is knitting for Ruthie. She will be gone for at least an hour, and you know what that means… don’t you…?”

Jayne looked puzzled, “No, what does that mean?” she asked curiously.

Charlie dropped a kiss on the top of her head as he drew her into his arms once again, so that her back was pushed against his chest. “It means, my love that we have the house to ourselves; at least for the next hour or so anyway.”

This in itself was unusual for the Howard household, which was normally bustling with people throughout the day.

“Oh I see,” said Jayne turning her head round to him. “Did you have anything in mind for us to do then?” she added giving him a sly look.

“Well I am sure we can find something to amuse ourselves, after all it has been so long since we have had anytime alone.”

Charlie began to nibble at Jayne’s neck and his hands moved to stroke and caress up and down her arms and shoulders. Jayne sighed contentedly and melted into his embrace, feeling his obvious arousal pressing into the small of her back. bahis firmaları Charlie’s hands undid her blouse buttons and it slipped to the floor. He turned her around to face him and unclasped her bra at the front. His hands caressed and squeezed her breasts, fingers toying with her now erect nipples. Jayne moaned as he bent down to lick and suck at first one of her nipples and then the other.

Jayne let her hands slide over Charlie’s shoulders and pull at his t-shirt; feeling no resistance as she pulled it off him completely. He stood up next to the bed and drew her towards him, kissing her with such fervour. He glanced down at his sleep daughter and back to Jayne; the unspoken question showing in his eyes.

“She’ll be ok if we don’t make too much noise,” Jayne assured him as she slipped out of her skirt and knickers.

Charlie hurriedly kicked off his trouser and boxers. He looked at her, “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” he asked as he stroked her cheek.

Jayne blushed.

As they kissed Jayne’s hands wandered down Charlie’s chest, past his stomach until at last she found what she was looking for; his firm arousal. She pushed Charlie backwards onto the bed and got between his legs, her hands stroking him, making him even harder. She looked up at him, smiled, licked her lips and began to kiss his hardness all over. Charlie groaned and his hands went to her head as she licked him up and down his long firm length, then she slowly sucked him into her mouth a little at time, her hands fondling his sacs.

“Oh fuck yesss…” Charlie moaned after a while as Jayne relaxed her throat to let him slide right down deep. Jayne sucked harder as she bobbed up and down; gently letting her teeth graze down his length. Jayne found herself becoming more and more aroused as she pleasured Charlie with her mouth, enjoying the fact that Charlie was totally at her mercy. Charlie nearly lost control as her tongue flicked around and over the tip of his penis, pressing into the sensitive slit on the top. kaçak iddaa “Oh my ggdddd Jayne…Stop or I’ll lose it!” he panted.

Reluctantly Jayne pulled away, but she had a smug look on her face. “I think you liked that didn’t you?” she asked him cheekily.

“Mmm you know I did… too much in fact,” Charlie replied, pulling her to him and kissing her hungrily. After a moment he gently laid her back onto the bed and whispered in her ear, “Now it’s my turn!” His kisses trailed down from her mouth, nipping at her neck and then down to her breasts, teasing her nipples in his teeth, sucking hard on them and enjoying the milk which seeped out.

Jayne laughed, “You’d better save some for Ruth.”

Then he licked down to her belly, trailing kisses along the faint silvery stretch marks down to his goal. He found Jayne extremely wet and quickly slid in his tongue whilst his fingers parted her. “Mmm Charlie,” Jayne sighed contently.

Charlie plunged his tongue in and out of her centre before he sought out her sensitive nub, sucking on it, making Jayne’s body quiver and she gripped the sheets on the bed. He slipped two fingers into Jayne and moved them back and forth as his thumb pressed down onto her nub. Jayne’s body bucked and she cried out “Oohh, Charlie,” softly as she came.

Charlie positioned himself between her legs and he quickly sank into her warmth, he could still feel the ripples of her orgasm. He looked down into her soft brown eyes; they kissed as they slowly started to move as one together. Jayne ran her hands over Charlie’s broad shoulders and back, enjoying the closeness of their joined bodies. Her moans became louder as Charlie’s thrusts became deeper and more insistent; she drew her legs up higher around his waist. “Oh damn… you feel so good,” Charlie told her huskily rotating his hips as he moved.

Suddenly Jayne cried out, “Oh god Charlie… I’m coming.” Jayne clung to Charlie as she found herself being carried away on the tidal wave of pleasure that swept through her body.

Charlie kaçak bahis could not hold back any longer as he felt Jayne tightening around him, with a soft growl he thrust hard and came, spilling his seed deep with in her. They took a few moments to catch their breath; Charlie still lay buried inside Jayne. “I love you Jayne,” Charlie whispered.

They shared a long lingering kiss and held each other tight. “I love you too Charlie,” Jayne told him.

“Well if this is the kind of welcome I get when I get home earlier than usual, then I will have to do it more often.” Charlie told her.

Jayne sighed, “Your Mum is usually here though, and I can’t see her needing to go out each time each time we are alone, and we must be careful. Oh, I do so wish we could have more time alone together, but the way things are we can’t. We will just have to enjoy these stolen moments.”

As if baby Ruth knew that it was safe to wake up, she began to stir. Jayne leaned over and gave Charlie a quick kiss and started to get dressed, she looked at the clock, “Your Mum could be back at any moment, so you had better get dressed.”

A few hours later, when the whole Howard family where sitting having their evening meal Ron stood up and cleared his throat. “I have an announcement to make,” he said. “I got offered the promotion that I was going after in work this afternoon, and after talking it over with my wife, I have decided to accept it. However it does have a down side, it will mean that I will be away from home for three or four days at a time every couple of weeks. But we feel that it is worth it as it comes with a hefty pay increase, which we could really use now that we have a baby.” Ron looked over at Jayne who sat with Ruth on her lap and then at the rest of his family before he finished off saying, “I am counting on all of you to look after my wife Jayne and our daughter when I am away.”

The table erupted with congratulations and reassurance that of course they would all look out for Jayne and baby Ruth. As Charlie got up from the table he glanced up at Jayne and smiled, “Don’t you worry yourself little Bro,” he said under his breath “when you’re not here, I will make sure that they are well taken care of.”

The End, or is it?

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