A Catch Up Night

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The story that follow’s was an email I wrote to my girlfriend of the time. A virgin we had a highly charged, extremely intimate relationship, where she discovered her true sexuality and ability for multiple orgasm. We regularly wrote emails to each other at work outlining the night ahead, or replaying a night just gone. What follows is one such email. We’re no longer together, so rather than bury the replay of our night, I’ll post it here. Enjoy!


I’m waiting at the door to our bedroom. Ten minutes you said. My pulse is racing as I mentally try to pull myself in check. It’s not like this is our first time. Hell it’s like it’s not our 100th. But it always feels like the first. There’s a level of uninhibited intensity coupled with familiarity with our sex, our fucking, our lovemaking that’s so completely addictive.

It’s been 24 hours since we last had each other and we’ve both been chomping at the bit all day. My jeans are tight thanks to a granite like erection. It’s practically throbbing and is ready for use, it’s been ready since I woke up and you had gone. Missing our morning shower fun my cock has gone too long without you. Let make a night of it you said, and here I am at the door. Ten minutes gone yet? I don’t care, I want you, I want to taste you, I want to feel you, and I don’t want to wait any longer.

I open the door and step in, I audibly gasp and my cock surges at the sight. You’ve pulled the covers of the bed down, and lying back teasingly in the middle. You stroke your hands up and down your body, cupping your breasts and squeezing them gently before sliding down over your stomach to your thighs that were stretched out together all the time watching me standing at the foot of the bed.

No words are spoken as I began undressing, stepping out of my clothes and as you watch my every move as I get closer to being naked you spread your legs, and spread them wide. Your knees out to the side on the bed as you pulled them up beside you so wide that those swollen lips of your pussy open on their own showing me just how aroused you are. Your breathing quickens as you run one hand down over your stomach down between your wide spread legs, your eyes locked on me, watching me soak you in and you can feel your wetness increasing in your swollen pussy, feel your lips and clit swelling, nipples hard and standing tall, your sexual hunger growing. My own breath quickens seeing how you show your body off to me in such an incredibly sexual way

Completely naked now, I get onto the bed and start stroking the insides of your thighs, so soft and smooth. Stroking higher up your thighs until I’m stroking down that juncture between your thighs and those thick swelling lips of your pussy. You’re waiting, just waiting until your pussy gets that attention it needs. I kneel forward getting closer to your sweet opening, your lips are swollen open so I can see your wetness plainly, your clit is hard and throbbing all are a deep pink showing me how ready you are. Using my thumbs I stroke slowly up and down on your lips, just taking time to let that inner need in you build. Your juices are seeping out and I rub them all over your lips making them slippery. I can smell your sweet scent more and more and I just need to taste you. Bending closer still I take the tip of my tongue and just touching your lips I stroke slowly up and down one and then the other.

Again and again I do it as your breathing deepens and that heat rises deep inside you. You let out a soft moan as feel me starting to eat you out, feel my tongue on your pussy. You bring your hands to your breasts and those hard nipples pulling on them gently as you relax into the bed knowing that I’m going to be between your legs for hours now, building up that sexual heat inside you slowly, taking my time to bring you to orgasm after orgasm. I start licking you deeper, licking up between your lips, tasting more and more of your sweet cream. I slide my tongue inside you and start sucking gently and that’s all it takes for your first orgasm to roll through your body. I can feel your pussy pulsing on my tongue as I’m flooded by a wave of your cum and I drink it down, sucking on the opening to your pussy for more of that sweet liquid. I keep sliding my tongue back and forth in your pussy, gently and softy fucking you with it as you let go those quiet moans of pleasure.

Another orgasm rolls through you and I lick hungrily on more of your cum, you taste so good, just so good. I move up to your swollen clit, so hard and desperate for attention. Just using the softness of my lips I start rubbing up and down on it, barely touching it and you let out a loud moan as you arch your back and twist your hips in complete arousal to demand more. Pulling the hood back off your clit I part my lips around it and start giving it those soft gentle butterfly sucks.

Over and over I ever so gently suck on your clit as I stroke your swollen lips with my fingers, keeping that slow gentle pace that just makes your whole body tremble. You can feel that orgasm canlı bahis grow in you, from deep down it flows through your body like a wave of pure ecstasy.

The sheer thought of having me finally between your obscenely wide spread legs focusing totally on the most intimate part of your body, devouring your swollen, heated pussy the way you always dreamed is enough to make you dripping wet with desire, but feeling my lips locked around your clit brings out your true heat and you moan loudly and shudder through another orgasm.

For the longest time I suck ever so gently on your swollen clit, letting you ride from orgasm to orgasm. After a while I slide two fingers between those dark red lips, sliding deeply, feeling your wet tightness grab them like a cock. I curl my finger tips and find your gspot, a shiver runs through your body as I start teasing that doorway to your soul. It only takes 4 strokes on your gspot and the continual suckling of your clit for you to cum again, moaning loudly and shuddering through an orgasm. I keep stroking and suckling as you cum and you do cum, your sexually charged body shakes and bucks as you cum, then as it starts to subside you explode again, letting out a deep breath before tensing up through another one, this one longer, deeper more complete than the ones before it.

On and on it goes until you begin to come down. You realise then that I’m still there between your legs, still pleasing you, worshipping your inflamed, dripping with desire pussy. Then you feel a change in the way I’m eating you, my lips on your clit and their soft slow suckling changes to a constantly sucking as you feel something soft, slippery wet and squirmy move over your clit in slow teasing movements. My tongue on your clit you realise, letting out a chorus of moans as feel your arousal, your sexual hunger deepen, your body becoming more charged and open for passion than you’ve been before. I’m still working away on your clit and gspot and can’t get enough of your pussy, and your sweet creamy cum. As you ease off your orgasm I continue my slow teasing letting another build in you.

It’s not long before you breath catches, your body tenses up and cum, your legs spreading wider, opening up and pushing your pussy out at me for more attention. I can read you, your body, knowing what you want and need and speed up my tongue on your clit, increase the speed and pressure of my fingers on your gspot. Your orgasm grows and grows, so much stronger, and it goes on and on, rippling through your body like electricity. When you finally relax from your long orgasm I go back to that soft gentle teasing of your swollen, throbbing clit, my fingers ever so gently stroking back and forth inside you in slow motion as I wait for you to build again. The signs are there and I can feel the energy from your body as you come up to heat quickly.

You’ve given yourself over completely to me and to the pleasure you’re getting and it’s turned that switch on to your sexuality, deep inside you this intense sexual heat, this hunger for deeper, more passionate and extreme sexual desire is unleashed, that hunger you’ve kept in check, because no one has given you what you needed, until now. Now someone has come to you, who knows your body, who knows you have that hunger, who wants to join you in letting it free and using it. Your orgasms are becoming deeper and longer, those complete body orgasms you’ve needed. Now someone is giving them to you and you get to lay back there and experience every single one. And you have let go, your orgasms are coming freely as I devour your throbbing pussy. I’m there between your legs, which have spread as wide as you can, giving me complete access to everything and hiding nothing. You scent, your sweet juices are intoxicating as I focus everything I have to give you everything you need.

Another orgasm ripples through your body coming from nowhere. Again my tongue and fingers work harder and faster. You orgasm is long and it doesn’t fade, you exhale before grabbing another breath to ride this cum. On and on it goes as I keep up the speed and pressure, moving my free hand up to stroke your stomach, feeling how tight it is, they way it shivers with every wave of ecstasy. You arch up on your shoulders as your cum finally peaks and you shudder before lay back breathing heavily. Such a strong orgasm… So intense, and it’s what you crave. You can feel the last of the tremors still lingering and I’m still there, back to giving you the slow and gentle treatment. Your body is flushed with a sheen of sweat from cumming. Your hands are at your hard nipples, pulling and twisting them until they turn a lush deep red.

You come again, just as intense as before, your body tensing up as you shudder though a long, very deep orgasm that you feel right down to your toes. You want to keep your legs spread wide to show that your pussy is all mine but the orgasm is so intense that your squeeze your thighs together on me as I suck harder, my tongue working wildly, fingers stroking wild on your gspot, pushing you deeper into your orgasm.

Each bahis siteleri time you think it will peak and start to fade you feel another powerful wave of ecstasy roll through and you roll with it. I’m amazed. You’re a true strong sexual woman with such a rich passion and hunger for that deep orgasmic release. I keep eating you out in a way that penetrates to the very core of your body where everything I do only makes you cum. Your orgasm peaks and then starts to fade but I don’t slow down on your pussy, keeping the pressure, the wet slippery firm caressing and you go right back into another hard deep orgasm. You twist and shake as it goes on and on, even longer than the last one.

Your man, so incredibly hungry with desire for your swollen, open, dripping womanhood is just devouring you and you absolutely love it. You know that he’s eating you with a passion for your pleasure, but deep down you know he’s doing it for his as well. With that thought, you experience your first multiple of the night under his tongue.

You’re orgasm rolls into another orgasm without fading and you ride with, opening your body completely for that unbelievable ecstasy that is just coursing through you. You body is so taut, your thighs squeezed around me, your hands that were nonstop on your hard nipples and on my head, holding me to your clit, begging me silently to never stop what I’m doing. I don’t stop and you flow into another orgasm, gasping and breathing deeply you moan loudly as it ripples up and down your spine, to your breasts and your hard sensitive nipples, and down your soft smooth legs.

I change the strokes of my tongue from using the soft underneath to that rough side and begin rolling my tongue around and around it as I suck even stronger. You let out a long deep moan as you peak in a huge orgasm, my tonguing and fingering keeps you on that peak for a long, long time. Your back arch’s up again and you thighs clamp on me even tighter as you shake and squirm. You can feel the bolts of electricity coming from your pussy and roll through your body over and over again, and it feels like your pussy is just melting as you cum uncontrollably from your mans tongue.

When you finally start to ease off your peak I slow down and go back to those slow teasing caresses, kissing and suckle gently on your swollen inflamed womanhood. You cum is dripping from your spread open pussy down between the cheeks of your ass and I lick slowly from down between them, up and to your pussy where I suck and lick every drop I can get.

Your juices, your sweet cum is intoxicating, it goes straight to my head, and straight to my cock. I spend an age just licking at the opening to your pussy, and you can tell by my slow leisurely pace that I’m lapping up your sweet cum. Knowing your man has such a craving for your taste sends a shiver down your spine, you pull your legs wide open, your lips opening up with them as you give your womanhood to me.

Moving up over your body I come to your amazing big breasts and those huge nipples. They’re so swollen and a deep red colour obvious of your deep arousal. Bending I gently lick your right nipple across the tip with the tip of my tongue. I do it again and again as it hardens. You can feel shivers of ecstasy going from your nipples to your clit. I take it between my teeth and squeeze it gently, rolling it back and forth, nibbling on it. I suck it hard, opening my mouth wide and sucking in your breast and nipple as I circle it with my tongue.

Soon I move to your left nipple and begin working it over just the same. I suck longingly on your nipples, holding one breast each in my hands, sinking my fingers into them, massaging and caressing. I push your tits together so I can lick at both nipples together and just feast on them. Your arms are up over your head as you let me go crazy on your chest. You can feel those electric shivers going from your nipples to your clit and down your legs. Your legs are restless and you can’t help but let out your soft moans. Taking your nipples between my thumb and fingers I roll them back and forth constantly as I move further up to lick and kiss and nibble at your neck. I work my way from one side to the other, still working your swollen deep red nipples.

You can feel your pussy still throbbing from its long oral workout, your juices still dripping, your clit still throbbing. You also feel that itch, that constant itch deep inside you that needs attention, needs to be scratched and kneaded by a cock… a nice big hard cock.

You’ve never been so hot and aroused. Never been so incredible wet and ready. Your whole body feels sexually charged, on a peak higher than you’ve been before. You’re ready for anything and everything. You want me to do anything I want to your body as you know I will push you past your limits, let your crash into unbelievable ecstasy. You’re breathing heavily, you feel like you could orgasm again, you want to.

You whisper to me exactly what I know you want, what you know is coming to you, what you need desperately, “I need you inside me… please fuck me… bahis şirketleri please”.

For a while you think I didn’t hear you as I continue what I’m doing, but I release your nipples from my fingers and stroke them down your sides slowly and deliberately. Moving them down even further to your thighs I hook them under your knees and push your legs wide. I can smell your arousal, and I gaze over your swollen cunt, lips partly spread still damp with your leaking juices, you clit hard and erect, just begging for attention. You feel your heart pulsing strongly as you lay back, legs spread back and open so wide, exposing everything to your mans eyes. At one time you would have been too shy to do this, but now, it turns you on to show your body off to your man in the most illicit ways, you know it excites your man and you know it silently tells him so many things.

I’m so tempted to go back to sucking on you, and I know you would absolutely adore it, but I’m ready, and I know you need me inside you. Taking my rock hard cock I stroke the thick head up and down your open lips covering it in your wetness. I move it up to your hard little clit and begin rubbing it in circles around it. You moan loudly at the touch of my cock on your pussy, your clit buzzing now, throbbing powerfully that you’re so close to having me inside you. For quite a while I stroke your swollen pussy lips until you move your legs restlessly, bucking your hips up at me.

I look up and ask you “Are you ready baby?”

Your reply is only, “Oh god yes.”

Still stroking up and down your spread cunt, I stop on the down stroke, holding at the entrance to your body and look up at you. You feel me pause at the opening to your hungry pussy, breathing heavily you look at my cock, and then you look up at me. When our eyes meet we hold that look for a few seconds before you feel it, feel what you’ve been waiting for so long, what you’ve needed for even longer, you feel me sliding inside you.

Holding your gaze I slowly, very very slowly enter you. Inch after slow inch my cock slides inside your body, your tight cunt so very wet grips me, spreading to take me deeper, you’re so hot and tight, your heartbeat making your cunt pulse as I continue sliding deeper and deeper. You hold your breath as you look at me, wanting to savour and remember every single moment and every single. You can feel your cunt spreading wide and then wider still to accept as it slides through your wetness and slowly goes deeper, opening you up inside as your pussy wraps tight around me devouring every inch and hungering for more, and deeper. So wet and so hot that there is no resistance and we both know that I’m going to slide it completely inside you in one stroke. On and on I slide into you, going deeper, and you can feel my thickness, that heat of my cock over the burning arousal of your cunt, you can feel my heartbeat in it as I continue to push it home. You can feel that fat cockhead touch that magic spot deep inside you, that itch you have that needs attention and then you feel my balls, heavy and hot touch your ass as my hips press into yours first gently touching and then firmly to ensure every last inch of my cock is completely inside you.

We both moan loudly. I moan as I feel your cunt gripping my entire cock so tightly, so deep in your simmering wetness. You moan as your cunt is filled and stretched by your mans hard thick cock that is deeply encased in you, balls deep. We’ve both been waiting for this moment and we both hold still, savouring the feeling of each other, my cock completely held and caressed by your very tight, incredibly hot and amazingly wet cunt. You feeling that sweet feeling of fullness with slight stretching, the thick head of my cock throbbing with my heartbeat deep inside you pressing against the back of your womanhood, my hips locked firmly against yours and those heavy balls resting on your ass. We’re both still, breathing heavily, soaking up the feeling of being joined together. I stroke my hands up your thighs, over your hips, and up your sides over your ribs and back down again. We stay like this for a long time savouring the divine feeling of initial penetration. Our electrically charged fingertips crackling over the others skin as our hands roam over freely.

My eyes wander to your heaving breasts and those deep red swollen nipples standing up so far begging for more attention and I stroke my hands further up your sides until I get to them, squeezing and stroking them again before once again giving special attention to those huge nipples. I tease just the tips of them, softly and gently running the tips of my fingers across them, and can feel what it does to you as your pussy twitches and squeezes on my cock. Letting your nipples go for now I move my hands back to your thighs, looking back at you I very very slowly pull my cock from deep inside you, the soft walls gripping me to tightly not wanting to let it go. More and more of my cock slides out of you until just the swollen head is locked inside, your lips wrapped tightly around it. I look down at my cock, so hard, the veins running along the length all bulging and pulsing with my heartbeat. It’s all slippery and shiny, covered in a glistening coating of your arousal and we can both smell your sweet sweet scent now even stronger.

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