A Blue Satin Thong

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When Bonnie picked up the CD from the floor her shorts slid down enough so I could see that she was wearing a blue satin thong. From that moment on I regularly fantasized about getting her into bed wearing only that thong.

The opportunity came a few months later when she decided to stay with her dad over a long weekend. I knew that she would be more than a little hesitant to allow me to act out my fantasy so I carefully prepared a script ahead of time.

I planned to visit her father on Saturday afternoon so I could whisper my script into her ear. The opportunity came up a couple of hours later. Her dad was out on the deck smoking a cigar and Bonnie was in the kitchen.

The script I used was, “I have a great idea. Put your dad to bed at his usual time, about 8:30. At exactly 9:15 I will come to the door. If it is open I will come in very quietly and get into bed with you. Then we will take it slow and only do as much as you want. You don’t even have to answer me now. I will just come to the door. You can decide whether or not to leave it open it right up to 9:15.”

I left right after our conversation and a hard-on almost continuously from then until I got to the door at 9:14. I push on the door at exactly 9:15.

It opened.

The hallway was canlı bahis dark but I saw a slight candle flicker in the guest room where I knew Bonnie was staying. As I entered the room I noticed that there was one small candle lit and sitting on the dresser in the far corner of the room. It took my eyes a while to adjust but as they did I noticed Bonnie was over to one side of the bed either asleep or pretending to be. I quickly took off my clothes down to my shorts and quietly got into bed next to her.

By this time my hard on was raging but I took my time moving over toward Bonnie’s side of the bed. When I put my hand on her shoulder I realized that she was wearing a satin nightgown. But as I moved my hand slowly down her body I found that it wasn’t really a nightgown but only the top and she was naked from the waist down.

Up to this point she had not moved so I began to lightly stroke her stomach. As soon as I did she began to stir, turned fully on her back and slowly spread her legs. I then moved around in the bed until my head was close to her theft thigh. I gently lifted her thighs up so I could get my head between her legs and my mouth next to her pussy. I couldn’t see anything at all but as I gently began pushing my tongue toward her, I realized that she was bahis siteleri fully shaven. I started gently by putting my tongue on her slit and began to lick her slowly. Within a few minutes of my beginning to probe just the outer lips of her pussy with my tongue she started to move to position herself so my tongue was able to get a little deeper and a little higher. One more slight shift in her position and my tongue was exactly on her clit. As soon as I touched it she exploded with a gush that made my entire face wet with her juices.

After she calmed down for a few minutes, and I wiped my face on the sheet, she turned onto her left side and began to look for my cock. Given its engorged state, she had no trouble reaching into my shorts and finding it. She then twisted her head around just little bit more and pulled it into her mouth.

I was very surprised at how good she was. She knew just how to use her tongue to tease the very tip of my cock. I must admit I lost track of time and just completely enjoyed her incredible mouth.

Eventually I forced myself to move away from her mouth and put my hand under her top to find her nipples. They were very big and very hard. As I expected she had great tits. As soon as I took one of the nipples between my thumb and forefinger bahis şirketleri she let out the first sound she had made since I had been in bed with her. I am not sure what it was but it encouraged me to unbutton the top and began to feast on both of her nipples. As I started moving between them she got more and more animated and by the time I was sucking on her left nipple a third or fourth time she had another orgasm, not as big as the first one but still wonderfully intense.

I quickly put a rubber on not knowing exactly what was gong to happen next but quite sure it was going to great. After taking a moment to recover, she took off her top and got up onto her hands and knees and moved around so I could place the head of my cock right up against her wet pussy. As she move back toward me she whispered, “Please, please, fuck me now and do it hard.” She was dripping wet so I easily slid into her. I then immediately grabbed her by the hips and pulled her onto my totally rigid cock. From that point on she took control of the rhythm and the angle. Within a few minutes she whispered, “My god, I am about to come again. Please, please, explode inside of me so I can feel your cock pulse in my pussy.” After a couple more thrusts we both exploded as she drove herself back against me.

We didn’t say anything more and after a brief nap, I cautiously got up, got dressed and went home; still thinking that it wouldn’t be long before I would get her into bed with just the blue satin thong on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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