The Taste of Us

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Big Tits

I’d started the evening nervous. Things had been going well with us so far but I wanted to make sure our first Valentine’s date was right.

In the weeks leading up I had been considering every Valentine’s dinner offer that I’d passed by, each time worrying if you’d like the menu and if that set-menu thing was even your vibe. Now I was glad I hadn’t taken those deals and my gamble to keep it local and simple had paid off. I’d remembered your love of board games and craft ale, so I found the cosiest pub to host that. Thankfully you loved it and the night had flown by with the you consistently beating me in Scrabble whilst the lewdness of the words rose with our alcohol intake.

Now with the alcohol stripping me of my inhibitions my mind lingered on the thoughts that had lay at the back of my mind all night. How I watched your curvy ass sway when you walked to the bar. Looking down at your cleavage when you were figuring your words and thinking about how that loose top was barely covering your perfect nipples that I love in my mouth. When you kissed me gently earlier how I hungered for longer deeper kisses and for those lips to touch me elsewhere.

So, when we finally got through the door, I couldn’t wait any longer.

As soon as we get through, I grab you close by your hips and kiss you deeply, pressing you against the closed door. My hands run over your dress working round to your ass where I give a playful smack that encourages you to kiss me deeper, our mouths almost swallowing each other. My hand now slides from your ass towards the warmth between your legs, glowing through the dress. You subtly move your pelvis into my hand and I move my kisses to your ear, taking your earlobe between my teeth and gently grazing, whilst I move the skirt of your dress to ease my hand underneath, now touching your bare thighs and rubbing the damp crotch of your pants. Short, sharp breaths escape you as I massage your sex. Between us my cock starts to swell.

I break our kiss, take my hand from your crotch and take your hand to lead you across the room to a table. I give you a firm short kiss and then turn you around, holding you from behind so you can feel my hardness pressed against your ass and my hot breath on your neck. I lift the skirt of your dress up and reveal your thong-clad ass and give it another smack, harder this time, which you meet with a gas. I mould myself against you as my lips caress the back of your neck with short, light kisses. illegal bahis I hold your tummy and then work my hand up so I am cupping your breast. Firmly I squeeze. You moan in response and I pull the dress and bra strap down, then pull your bra cup off so your tits are poking out the top of your dress. I cup your breast again then find a hard nipple between my thumb and fore-finger. I squeeze it gently and roll it between my fingers. ‘Fuck me’ you gasp. I straighten up looking down at your sexy form, begging for my cock, grinding your beautiful smooth ass against my jean bound cock. I grip the top of your pants and tug sharply down, swiftly moving them down. Now I can see your full lips, swollen with desire, dark pubic hair round the sides slick with your juices. I press against you, rubbing my crotch against, my hard member throbbing under the rough fabric of my jeans. I whisper into your ear ‘I want to make you come’. My index finger gently strokes up and down your lips, gently spreading them apart. Feeling you ready, your sex wet and open, I press two fingers into you. You are so wet; my fingers slide easily as I start to pump them in and out of your cunt.

I keep pumping, my fingers thick with your juices. You start letting out small moans with each entry. My cock is so hard for your, desperate to fuck you hard, but I enjoy hearing you moan. I look down at your beautiful body, your curvy ass and the perfect pussy in between with your tight ass just above. Still fingering you I lower my mouth to the bottom of your back and kiss down, pushing the dress away with my free hand. My kisses lead down to your asshole and I circle the kisses around before using the tip of my tongue to circle. I go slowly at first, feeling it flex when I touch your clit, letting me see your pleasure. My tongue now flattens against your asshole and I start licking the whole of it up and down in quick deliberate strokes. You squirm in pleasure as my fingers fill your cunt and my tongue feels your ass. You start pinching and pulling at your nipples. You are moaning louder and louder. I can feel you are close to the edge and I want to see you cum. I stand up straight again so I can finger you harder, going deep and fast now, your cunt juice now starting to run down your thighs. ‘Cum for me’ I say with a short slap to your ass. I pump so fast it is nearly a blur and you start to scream, your body tightening, your cunt gripping my fingers and your asshole tightening. ‘Fuck’ illegal bahis siteleri you gasp as the last wave rolls over you and you now slump on the table. I take my fingers and lick your juices off. It’s always worth making you wet just for that taste.

Between deep breaths you say ‘I want your cum inside me’, slyly looking back at me. I want to tease you but I can’t wait any more. My cock is so hard it aches and looking at your wet slit bent over the table I can’t wait any more. While I take my jeans off you gently rub your lips and have a taste of yourself.

I get the head of my cock and make it nice and wet first, rubbing it against your slick lips and up towards your ass, before going down again. I push my cock deep into your cunt and stand there, letting you feel how much I fill you up. I thrust slow and deep letting my cock fill you each time, your cunt embracing me. ‘Harder’, I grab your curves and start to pound you harder. With each thrust you moan softly. Each time I thrust into you there is a soft smacking sound from the wetness of your cunt. My hard cock pounds you and each time I can feel my orgasm building. I take one hand to squeeze your tits and you look back at me. The fire in your eyes tips me over and with another thrust I feel my cum filling you up, my cock pulsing as it release my desire into you. I stand there, my cock inside you and kiss your back.

You stand there, bent over, panting. ‘I need you to make me cum again’ you say.

‘Lie down then’. You step out of your pants, lie down on the floor, pulling the skirt of your dress up and quickly spreading your legs, letting me see your flowering lips and my white cum slowly running down your thigh toward your ass. I lie down on top of you and eagerly take a nipple in my mouth, holding a rock-hard nipple between my teeth before gently pulling upwards. Your hand grabs my wrist and moves it over your cunt, wet not only with your juice but my cum. I place my hand over your sex, gently cupping it, then with a few fingers firmly rubbing your sticky lips. With my index and middle finger, I hold your clit between them and gently rub it up and down. You moan but I know it could be louder. I move my lips away from your tits and to your ear, give a kiss and then whisper ‘I want to taste us’. You quickly move out from under me. Once I am laid down you squat down on my face holding your dress up, your cunt, slick with our juices, now rubbing my lips. You look down at canlı bahis siteleri me with lust in your eyes. My hands grab both your ass cheeks to fix you onto my face. And I start eating your tasty cunt.

First I start slowly but firmly repeatedly licking upwards from the bottom of your pussy to your clit. I can taste your sweet juices and my own cum in every lick. I then move my tongue up to below your engorged clit and gently move side to side. You start to squirm around and I grab your ass to keep you on my face. My tongue moves faster and you start squeezing your tits and pinching your nipples. One of your hands falls behind you and squeezes my cock, making me moan into your lips.

My tongue laps up the juices dripping from your cunt as you gently grind on to my face. My lips start to give you gentle kisses instead of the hungry lapping ones, teasing you, gently kissing your pussy, working upwards. Once my lips are near your clit I give one firm kiss and then gently suck on your clit and flick the tip with my tongue, forcing you to let out a gasp. I start with gentle kisses again, but you look down at me and I can see you are desperate to cum. I consider teasing you some more but think about how much I love seeing you orgasm.

I circle my tongue slowly round your clit then settle my tongue just below to flick slowly side to side. My fingers roll your hard nipples and occasionally pinch and pull. I speed up my tongue, enjoying the taste of you. Your hips start rocking and I give you a firm smack on your ass so you settle down and I can enjoy your cunt properly. As I speed up more I trace a finger round your mouth and then you take it into your mouth, circling your tongue around the tip. You start to clench your thighs around my face, and I know you are close. I hold your hips as I start flicking your cunt with my tongue firm and fast.

Our eyes lock and I flick my tongue side to side to side, just below your clit,, feeling your lips move and tasting out juices together. My mouth full of your cunt I eat it desperately, pulling your closer. Your thighs now clamp tight, your head tilts back and you let out a wail as I now feel your cunt pulsing, squeezing our juices into my mouth.

You lean all the way back to sit between my legs and I sit up to kiss you, our tongues meeting and now not just tasting saliva but your juice, my cum, all together. I pull up the straps of your dress so your breasts fall back in. You walk over to where your pants lay on the floor. You bend over to pick them up, then pause. Your skirt riding up to reveal your wet fuckable behind. ‘You want more?’ and look at me over your shoulder. You walk into the bedroom and I follow. I could eat your cunt all day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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