The Swiss Trip

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I arrived at the hostel later than planned as my flight had been delayed and I had missed a train. After checking in I went up to the room and was surprised at the beds. There was an ordinary set of bunks and a sort of cross between a bunk bed and Austrian twin – on each of the two levels there were two mattresses, each with a separate duvet, but with no space between them. The only place left was one of the those on the top of the Austrian-twin bunk, so that is where I went.

The next morning some of the people in the room left and by the time I went to bed the space beside me and the one below it were still free, but all the others were taken. About an hour later two Japanese girls, in their early twenties, came in and looked round the room; after a somewhat annoyed sounding conversation they went out again. A few minutes later they were back with the manager who was explaining to them (in English) that the hostel was completely full, there were no other beds available and they were told when they booked that they may be sharing with both men and women.

They reluctantly accepted the two beds that were left and the girl who took the one next to me built a wall of clothes and bags where her mattress met mine. They then went away and half an hour or so later came back and went to bed – almost fully clothed.

During the night, I woke up feeling something around my groin and I realised that there was a hand unbuttoning the fly on my boxers. The hand then pulled out my cock which instantly became hard. It then wrapped itself round my cock and started gently stroking. I didn’t want to risk cumming, so when I felt I was getting close I slowly turned over and the hand retreated back under the wall.

In the morning Hina (as I found was her name from her luggage label) barely acknowledged me. When I spoke to her she just replied “no English” (even though she seemed to have been able to talk to the Swiss manager in English the previous evening). I didn’t see her or her friend again until the evening.

They mobilbahis güvenilir mi came back as I was getting ready for bed and Hina went to bed a few minutes after me. She was wearing rather less than the previous night – just a T-shirt and knickers, and there was much less of a wall. More or less immediately a foot came across and rested on my legs and I waited to find out if anything would happen that night.

Obviously Hina was waiting for everyone in the room to be back, in bed and unlikely to turn the light on again. A few minutes after the last person in bed had finally put away his phone, Hina’s hand came across again. It started like the previous night with her taking my cock out through the fly of my boxers (which was easier for her this time as I had not buttoned it up), putting her hand round it and gently stroking. Again, when I was getting close to cumming, I started to roll over, but this time, after letting go of my cock, she took hold of one of my hands and guided it across and inside her T-shirt to her breasts.

I ran my fingers round her nipples, which quickly became rock hard, and then started gently squeezing them, alternating between her breasts. After a bit she took my hand again and guided it down, into her knickers. At first I gently stroked the general area between her legs and the concentrated on her clit for a while before inserting a finger into her moist opening. After a few minutes she took my hand again and guided it back to my side. I went to sleep hoping that she was staying at least another night (as I was staying for one more) and wondering what would be in store if she was.

Again, in the morning Hina virtually ignored me and I didn’t see her during the day.

In the early evening I was caught out in a short but torrential thunderstorm and came back to the hostel completely drenched. My clothes were dripping so I wanted to get out of them and into something dry as quickly as possible. When I got up to the room, mobilbahis Hina, who was sitting on her bed doing something with her iPad, was the only person there. I stripped off my wet clothes (leaving them in a pile on the floor) before finding my towel and some dry clothes. While I was naked Hina looked up and scowled at me leaving me wondering whether I had done something highly inappropriate and blown the chances of anything happening that night.

After getting changed, and hanging up my wet clothes, I went to a nearby bar for a few beers and when I got back to the hostel I hung around downstairs until I was ready to turn in.

When I went up to the room, Hina and her friend seemed to be getting ready for bed (with Hina wearing T-shirt and knickers again). Before going to bed I went to the bathroom and when I got back Hina was in bed – and this time all there was to the wall between us was one, rolled up, towel.

I waited and waited, not knowing if anything was going to happen. Some of the others in the room were not back until some time later and once they were they seemed to take ages doing things. Even after all this I must have waited for at least an hour with nothing happening before I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up hearing rustling from Hina’s direction. I soon realised that she had taken the towel and was unrolling it under her duvet, she had also moved her duvet across so it was overlapping with mine. When she noticed that I was awake she grabbed one of my hands and placed it between her legs revealing that she was not now wearing knickers. She also moved across onto my mattress and started grinding her bum against my hard cock through my boxers in a spooning position. I continued stroking and fingering her like the previous night, with occasional detours to her breasts, for several minutes until she stopped me.

Quite suddenly Hina stopped grinding, she took my hand and placed it on my body and moved away from me. She started moving things around again and mobilbahis giriş then everything went quiet. I though that she had finished for the night (and the holiday). But after two or three minutes her hand came across and took my hard cock out of my boxers. She was not gently stroking as before, but was pulling and I needed to move towards her to avoid it being uncomfortable. As I did so, I felt the towel and realised that she had laid it out between us and wanted to get me on it. When I moved fully onto the towel, she reverted to the gentle stokes, but not for long.

She turned over and moved back towards me into a spooning position and as she did so guided my hard cock into her moist opening. She started slowly moving up and down on my cock and I joined in by thrusting in the same rhythm. I was a bit too energetic and the bed started creaking – we both froze. After what seemed like ages (but was probably only a few seconds) Hina started slowly moving again. I decided to leave her in control, but started fingering her nipples.

Almost as soon as we had got going again a phone went off and again we froze. A man in a bottom bunk got up and started rummaging in his bag while we lay, coupled but motionless. Eventually he found the phone and went out of the room. For some time we remained like that, but eventually Hina started moving again, until we were interrupted again when he came back in again.

Once he was back in bed we carried on and after several minutes I came in Hina. She held my cock as she slowly slid herself off it and when it was fully out she squeezed the last drops of my cum onto her fingers before licking it off. She then dried my cock with the towel and tucked it back into my boxers.

At 6am two alarms went off and Hina and her friend got up and started packing. For about an hour they were in and out of the room; everyone else was still in bed and I think all except me went back to sleep. Eventually they were finished and the two of them went out together with all their bags.

Just as they were going through the door, Hina said something and then came back in, leaving her friend in the corridor. She climbed up onto her bed, squeezed my cock, and whispered “arigato gozaimasu, otosan” to me. She then picked something up off the bed and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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