The Surprise

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She heard him come in, so when he came up behind her, it didn’t startle her. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck and earlobes and his hands squeezed her gently. He let his fingers roam up her torso and he slowly unbuttoned her shirt and let his hands slip beneath feeling the skin of her warm breast. She bent her neck to give him better access to one of her most vulnerable places and he took full advantage, letting his tongue graze the tiny hairs on the nape of her neck. She got shivers and moaned softly.

His hands went back to unbuttoning her shirt and his fingers traced her belly button as he opened the shirt exposing her body to the cool air of the large empty room. He kissed her shoulders as his hands slid gracefully up her sides to the middle of her back where her bra was hooked, enslaving her heaving breasts so cruelly. He unhooked the bra and slid the straps over her shoulders, freeing the breasts from the bra but enslaving them anew with his hands, kneading them, squeezing them, cupping them as his fingers lightly pinched her erect nipples.

One of his hands slipped away and headed for her pants. He expertly undid her belt with one hand and then unhooked the pants, then the casino şirketleri button within. He then lowered the zipper and gently pushed the pants to the floor. She took the hand he had left to caress her bosom and held it in hers, she kissed his knuckles. Her other hand reached around to fondle his hard erection through his pants.

He continued his kissing of her neck and shoulders but pulled his hand from hers and with both of his hands, slipped her panties down to the floor, exposing her already wet mound to the chilled air. He then let his hands glide back up and he rubbed the tops of her thighs, never stopping his oral lovemaking of her neck and shoulders.

She slowly turned toward him and stepped back a bit indicating that is was his turn to undress. She undid two buttons of his shirt and then slowly knelt in front of him undoing his pants and sliding them down. Now it was HIS turn to feel freedom as his erection sprang forth as his briefs were lowered. She took him in her mouth and with now, Herculean effort, he managed to undo the rest of his buttons and remove his shirt.

He raised her up and then guided her to the couch where he laid her down, spreading her legs. He entered casino firmalari her as deeply as he could and she gasped as he did. He closed his eyes at first, lost in the ecstasy of the moment but then felt compelled to look down upon her. Their eyes met as the rhythmic lovemaking began in earnest. They were in perfect harmony, their hips bumping together, grinding like some erotic symphony punctuated by their moans, groans and gasps for air. The sweat built on them and dripped off as the passion became more intense.

His member thrust in and retreated with ease helped along by her natural lubricants. She was SO wet that he could HEAR each thrust and withdrawal he made. She took him in, her muscles squeezing his shaft as a hand would milk a teat. The grunting became guttural as climax approached for each of them, then suddenly he felt his body tighten and he released his semen into her, his thrusts becoming more for HIS satisfaction now as he pumped out every drop. Yet he continued. She was NOT satisfied yet.

He pumped for all he was worth and listened to her for hints of orgasm. He would NOT let her up until she had cum, and she kept him there willingly.

His penetrations became güvenilir casino faster as if he was racing against a clock, almost expecting the friction to cause a fire, but there already was a fire, a fire of passion and sensuality that burned hot despite the wetness within her vagina. She reached down, loving his efforts and enjoying every feel of his hard cock rubbing her inner walls, yet losing some patience, wanting to climax as fully as he had. She began to rub her clitoris, a mere 1/4 inch from where his shaft was busily working overtime. She rubbed. He pumped. She wrapped her legs around his hips and could slowly feel her own orgasm working its way through her system, feeling it’s way to its outlet as if a desperate soul in a burning building trying to find an exit.

It hit her full force and she groaned loudly as every muscle in her body tensed and she pulled at his arm with her free hand. She came two, three, four times, almost as if she had never cum before.

Then they collapsed together, drained of their juices and energy. They kissed gently and embraced, covered in saliva, sweat and cum, feeling their bodies, soiled by their lovemaking, squeezing tightly against each other. They felt so good against each other, yet, they knew they had to get up and get dressed. There was still lots to do before the night was over. One thing they agreed on was, no matter what else happened that night, nothing could top the last hour they had spent together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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