The Stranger on Cliff Lane Pt. 02

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Double Penetration

Diane stood naked before the mirror and gave herself a critical once over. A bit thin but not too bad for someone in their mid fifties she thought to herself, twisting sideways to try and get a look at her silhouette. She’d been blessed in her youth with small high breasts, and even though the years had taken their toll they had only sagged to what would usually be classed as acceptable. Yes, not too bad at all. Her stomach was still pretty flat too and her bottom still firm and the only visible wrinkles were on her face, character lines she liked to call them when makeup failed in its job. Yes, she would do, she wasn’t quite past it yet.

It seemed strange to look at herself in that sort of light once again. Only a few days ago she wouldn’t have cared, resigned to decaying slowly into a decrepit old age, a dried up widow with no chance of attracting any more male attention. But then two nights ago a man had literally walked into her life, meeting her on the clifftop lane that passed her door, and unexpectedly seducing her out in the open where anyone might see. Not that anyone was around or that they would see much in the evening gloom, and not that she would have cared if they had. He was her first lover since her husband, David, had passed away and it had been so good, so damn good, and not just the sudden sex, but the fact of being reassured that she was still a sexually attractive woman.

But whether she was attractive enough to maintain his interest remained to be seen, for she hoped to meet him again soon. He’d dropped an enormous hint by telling her what time he would be walking back to his holiday cottage tonight, and she intended to be by the fence, just as she had been before. Her newly regenerated but still fragile self-confidence relied on him having not decided that she was a scrawny and aging widow and not good enough for a good-looking man at least ten years younger then she was. If he did come along, then she hoped he would make love to her again, and if he didn’t – then at least she would know.

The night ‘it’ had happened she had come back indoors with her underwear in her hand and a smile a mile wide, and her breasts still throbbing from where he had mauled them as he played with her. She had climbed into bed naked, not wanting to destroy the mood with nightwear, and laid herself flat on her back, one incredulous hand exploring a pussy still wet with his cum. She didn’t play with herself, that would have spoiled things; she just wanted to reassure herself that it really had happened.

She didn’t want a relationship; losing David to a heart attack was still too close to the surface for that. In fact she was torn between feeling desperately guilty at having betrayed David’s memory and equally guilty for knowing that he would want her to move on. Not that she was anywhere near ready to move on completely yet, but the new awareness that she could if she wanted helped no end. She had been confused and despondent about a future on her own, and so the optimism that her mystery lover had brought was just what she needed. A short term fling, a passing conquest, that was all she wanted to be to him, someone for him to remember fondly after he had gone home to wherever that was and she was left behind. To her, he was the mystery man, whose name she had avoided learning, the man who had made her realise that her sex life did not have to die with her long term partner. He was the man who had relit her fire. He was also tall, muscular and too bloody handsome for his own good, and she wanted him.

She wondered what she should wear for him, certainly not jeans or slacks, that would represent too much of a barrier. A summer dress perhaps, just as she had worn the last time, or maybe skirt and top, something light and perhaps flimsy enough to suggest that just a little wantonness hid beneath the surface of her usual respectable modesty. What about underwear, should she wear something sexy or something practical, should she wear any at all? Just for a heart stopping moment she decided on a summer skirt and white blouse with nothing beneath, but then reality kicked in and she knew she couldn’t. The skirt and blouse idea was fine, but she’d have to wear something underneath.

She picked a loose pale green skirt and a short sleeved white blouse over white undies, the bra deliberately front fastening. She put them on but left both blouse and bra temporarily undone, and then stood there before the mirror for a few moments, looking at her small breasts peeking out from between her open clothing. Yes, she nodded to herself as she turned away and fastened herself up; the outfit gave the right balance between demureness and availability.

She was dressed and ready, now all she had to do was hope that he was there and that he would want to do the same to her this time as before. She closed her eyes and squeezed her own breasts as lurid memories of what he did to her flashed into her mind. She remembered his fingers investigating her pussy, going right up inside her and exploring her before he showed them to her and made her suck her own juices canlı bahis from them. That was something she had never done before, but with his strong personality he seemed to take it for granted that she would. Then she remembered him squeezing her breasts and tugging quite hard at her nipples, the one thing guaranteed to get her going. She shivered as she remembered what she’d allowed him to do, what they’d done together, the thoughts sending an unexpected little frisson of pleasure running through her.

His fingers were followed by his cock, his big hard cock. She’d sucked that too, and she wanted to do it again, this time to take his cum in her mouth and swallow. Stop it, she scolded herself, you’re thinking like a teenager not a fifty-six year old widow. The chances are he wouldn’t turn up anyway, or if he did then a polite hello as he passed was probably all she was likely to get, or maybe an apology for his previous conduct. That, she thought, would probably hurt more than anything, if he felt sorry for having had sex with her. Go out, she decided, and if he was there, then he was there, and if he wanted her again it would be nice, but if not, well she’d still be able to remember the night when he had.

She looked at the clock, slightly over a quarter of an hour to the time he said he’d be passing. Should she go out now and be ready? Perhaps she’d better. She glanced out of her bedroom window. The day had been oppressively hot and now a band of heavy purple clouds was piling up on the western horizon, covering the setting sun and throwing a deep red halo around themselves, giving the light that still lingered a red cast and making the evening darker than it should be for the time.

She opened the cottage door and, with a brief look along the empty lane, crossed quickly over and went to lean on the wooden cliff edge fence, looking out to sea just as she had before. The heat of the day had gone now, swept away by the gentle evening wind that blew from the land to the sea, but it was still a pleasantly warm summer’s evening. She could feel the breeze playing softly on her back and around the back of her legs, exploring mischievously under her skirt. She smiled, now all she needed was her mystery lover to do the same. Strange wasn’t it, but the fact that she had purposely avoided learning his name had made her exploits seem all the naughtier, all the more daring, and all the more thrilling. God, she felt randy already, just in the hope that he would come to her.

She stood by the fence, gazing out to sea, looking for ships making their way in from the Atlantic, or maybe sailing out across the world. It was one of her favourite relaxations, watching them come and go and imagining their exotic home ports and destinations. At this time she would probably only see them by their lights unless they became silhouetted against red of the western horizon, but there were none to be seen, though that didn’t matter for she was paying little attention to the ocean anyway, concentrating much more on listening for the first crunch of feet approaching on the gravel of the unmade road.

Five minutes passed, then ten, and she became increasingly sure that he wasn’t coming. Perhaps he had deliberately given her a wrong time to throw her off the scent and let him pass unimpeded, or he had cut his holiday short already to avoid meeting her. She knew in her logical mind that neither made much sense, but her illogical, emotion led mind couldn’t dislodge the thought that he wouldn’t turn up. Fifteen minutes now since she had left the safety of her cottage. It was the time he had said, and he wasn’t there. He wasn’t coming, she’d been right, she was such a fool, now all that was left to do was to go back in and turn the telly on. She should have known, stood up at her age.

Diane blinked back her sudden tears and turned to go back in, glancing up and down the lane as she habitually did. There was hardly ever a car, but getting run over now would just about top it. Something caught her eye and she looked again, and there in the far distance came an indistinct figure, a male figure. Was it? She could just about make him out in the twilight, he had the same confident walk and he had the same muscular build. It was! She chided herself for being foolish; of course he wouldn’t let her down. She turned back, nonchalantly leaning on the fence as if she hadn’t a care in the world, trying to calm her pounding heart before he got there. Now she was suddenly certain that he wouldn’t walk straight past, he would stop and… Well, she knew what she meant, and hoped.

His footsteps were audible now but she purposely ignored them, looking out to sea and pretending not to notice his approach, letting him feel just a fraction of the uncertainty she had suffered. He got closer and she listened for any reaction to her presence, any faltering, any uncertainty, but the footsteps came on, confident and steady, louder and closer, until suddenly they were gone. She panicked and turned, then she giggled to herself, he was still there, silently walking the ten or so yards on grass as he bahis siteleri angled across towards the fence.

‘Hello.’ She broke the silence herself this time.

‘Hello.’ He answered, smiling down as he reached her.

‘Fancy meeting you here.’ She joked weakly, unsure what else to say.

‘I do.’

‘What?’ She frowned, puzzled by the reply.

‘Fancy meeting you here.’

She laughed as his meaning sank home. ‘I’m glad, and it’s mutual.’

He reached out and took her hands in his, raising them both to his lips and kissing them like an old-fashioned beau, all the time looking into her eyes. She smiled back; she couldn’t help it, even though his excess of gallantry had made her blush, and when he finally released her fingers they moved forward into an embrace as if they’d been lovers for years.

‘I thought you might not be here.’ He whispered into her ear.

‘And I thought you wouldn’t come.’ She told him sincerely, wanting to say more but stopped by his lips descending on hers.

They kissed warmly and tenderly at first, but it rapidly became more ardent as they clung to each other, their tongues probing and exploring deep in each other’s mouths. Once, twice they paused for breath, not quite taking their mouths apart before returning to their kisses, hands running over each other’s backs, stroking, caressing, all hinting at what was to come.

‘Phew.’ He laughed as they finally pulled apart. ‘Take it easy.’

‘Take it easy yourself.’ She laughed back, breathing more heavily than before.

Just for a moment she considered asking him in, taking him to bed properly and hoping he’d be there when she awoke in the morning, but she knew it was only lust talking. Neither of them really wanted that sort of thing and it would probably spoil things anyway, and how would she explain to herself afterwards having had someone else in David’s bed? Besides, it was so much naughtier in the open air.

‘You didn’t regret it, the last time?’ He asked suddenly. ‘I thought you might have wished we hadn’t done it.’

‘Regret it?’ She laughed quickly. ‘Not a chance.’

‘Good, me neither.’

‘You can never know how much you did for my confidence.’ She added quietly.

They stood quietly and looked at each other, trying to make out each other’s mood in the gathering purple dusk, and then she turned away, leaning on the fence and gazing once more across the dark sea.

‘Do you remember last time how you began last time?’ She asked softly. ‘You stood behind me on the pretext of protecting me from the sea breeze.’

‘I remember.’ He said, unsure if he were about to be reprimanded.

‘I think the breeze is getting up again.’ She was startled by her own blatant hint, but the words were out before she had time to think about their reception. She needn’t have worried because he understood and promptly stepped into place, his arms encircling her from behind.

‘We can’t have you getting cold.’ He whispered, his lips only inches from her ear.

‘I don’t think that will happen now.’ She glanced up at him and leaned back, closing her hands over his, moving them up so that they were against the underside of her breasts.

‘Careful.’ He jested. ‘You’ll start things off again. I’ve only just calmed down after our last kiss.’

‘I don’t think so.’ She told him pointedly, trying not to giggle.

‘Oh him, well he’s got a mind of his own.’ He smiled, pulling her closer so that his erection pressed harder onto her bottom through their clothes.

‘But are his intentions honourable?’ She asked, teasing.

‘Probably not.’

‘That’s all right then.’ She pushed back gently, deliberately placing his hands over her breasts at the same time, still surprised at herself for making the running.

He cupped and squeezed them gently. ‘You’re feeling naughty tonight.’

‘And whose fault is that?’ She asked him, a happy smile in her voice. ‘You’re the one who prodded me back into life.’

‘Prodded, eh?’ He pushed against her, chuckling, his erection digging into her buttock.

‘You know what I meant.’ She glanced back at him, giggling at his innuendo.

For a few minutes they just stood there, gazing over the darkness of the sea while he gently massaged her breasts. Her hands still covered his for a while but then she moved them back to hold his hips, keeping him close.

‘I love what you’re doing to me.’ She told him, meaning more than just the physical contact.

‘Good.’ His voice behind her ear sounded as though he understood both meanings.

She squeezed his hips briefly and then reached between them with one hand, searching for his erection. He felt hard and long beneath the denim and she moaned quietly as she remembered the size of it, wanting it even more now. She stroked him through his jeans, letting her fingernails buzz against the material and knowing how the vibration would transfer.

‘Mmm, that’s nice.’ He whispered into her ear.

She leaned back, looking up at where the first stars were just becoming visible, feeling his hands begin to fumble for the buttons bahis şirketleri of her blouse.

‘Who said you could do that?’ She teased him, still stroking his denim covered shaft.

‘Who said I couldn’t?’ He responded as the buttons came undone.

‘Good point.’ She nodded sagely, feeling the front of her blouse fall open.

He bent forward a little and kissed the nape of her neck, creating little shivers of enjoyment before crossing his hands in front of her and scooping into her bra to hold and massage her breasts. He seemed to know just the right combination of fleeting kisses and firm but gentle squeezes and she was soon breathing much more heavily.

‘They will come off you know.’ She hinted softly.

‘And that zip still works.’ He responded, leaving her breasts to unclip her bra and slide both it and her blouse from her shoulders. He pushed her clothing away, leaving her naked to the waist, and the cool of the evening air instantly turning her nipples into hard little knobs, ready for him to play with. She loved her nipples being ill-treated and to have someone tugging on them to the point of hurting, was an instant turn on for her.

‘So it does.’ She pulled at the zip he had mentioned and worked her fingers awkwardly into his jeans, finding his cock, enjoying the feel of its solid warmth in her hand.

He reached around her, knowing instinctively what she needed, one hand across her breasts to roughly cup and massage the soft flesh, while the other hand reached lower, grabbing at her skirt and furling it up with his fingers until he could reach the front of her panties and worm his way inside. She gasped with the unexpected pleasure, wishing for the moment that she had done as she had briefly intended and left her underwear in the bedroom. She felt him bend around her, his fingers sliding roughly through her pubic hair, and she opened her legs for him, standing with her feet perilously far apart.

But then, before he could find her pussy they suddenly heard the mumble of approaching voices and the faint crunch of feet on gravel. She started, alarmed that someone was about to catch her in such a position. Women in their fifties were not supposed to cavort half naked in public.

With hers the middle of only three cottages along the lane and the occupier of the far one actually with her, she hadn’t believed for a moment that anyone would come along. But they were, and she was partly undressed and with her hand wrapped around a man’s cock.

‘Someone’s coming.’ She whispered urgently.

‘Yes, I can hear them.’ He responded as if nothing was wrong, although his fingers retreated back across her pubes so that he could stand straight behind her with just his fingertips inside the waistband of her panties.

‘But they’ll see us.’ She was panicking at her imminent exposure. Before when she had made love in the open it had been with her husband and on the beach below, well away from prying eyes.

‘And does it matter? They can hardly see anything in the dark and you’re facing the sea anyway.’

The sun was gone now and the night was as yet still moonless and dark, other then the faint light from the myriad of stars.

‘But they’ll know what we’re doing.’ The sounds were getting closer.

‘So what do you want to do, make a run for it and hope they don’t notice?’

His calm logic made her think. He was right, getting dressed again was too slow, and grabbing up her bra and blouse and darting across the lane would attract more attention than simply standing as they were, with their backs to the walkers, and letting them go past. Her panic subsided as she realised there would be very little to see.

The voices were becoming clearer now, resolving themselves into those of a couple, still hidden by the darkness but getting closer. They were no doubt out for a late stroll and probably intending to do just the same as we are, she told herself. In any case, being caught was something she’d known was a possibility and even vaguely thought of it as an exhilarating possibility.

‘No, it doesn’t matter.’ She told him decisively. ‘Let them see us.’

It was too late to do anything else, the voices were close enough to make out the words and out of the corner of her eye Diane could see that their indistinct figures only about twenty yards or so away.

‘As long as you’re sure?’ He asked, pulling hard at her nipple.

‘I’m sure, especially when you’re doing that.’ She groaned.

‘So you want them to see you?’ His voice held a playful note.

‘Yes.’ She detected that there was mischief behind his words, but she no longer cared.

‘That’s good.’

She should have seen it coming, but she hadn’t. He took his hand from her breast, wrapped an arm around her front beneath her breasts, gripped her upper arm in his hand, and spun them both around so that he was leaning his back on the fence and she was exposed to the passers-by just as they grew level. For a moment she froze in shock, suddenly horrified at being caught with the man’s free hand inside her panties and her bare breasts on full view. She released his cock as she instinctively tried to turn away, or at least to cover herself up, but he held her firm, his strong arm keeping her facing the road and effectively holding her hands away from her front.

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