The Spark Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter of the story about an erotic adventure that Andrew and Janine has begun. They are still at the lake where it all began.

Please feel free to comment, what works for you, what does not.



The warmth was wonderful and soon I could hear his slowing heartbeat and breathing. He was dozing off. I, however, was unable to rest. Full of energy. I needed something. But what? I didn’t have the same sense of needing, wanting or craving as before, so it had to be something differently.

In my mind I could hear a tiny voice “Maybe a good fuck. Uhm, you could suck his cock until he was ready and then you could ride him…”

WHAT? Where did that come from? Me?

Rejecting the strange impulse I sat up, gently without disturbing him. I studied his face and he looked so peaceful and satisfied. I could see he needed the rest. It had been a long hike and the amazing sex we had just had must have taken the remaining of his energy. Not really knowing how to spend the energi I looked around. The waterfall looked tempting. Maybe that was what I should try.

I jumped into the lake, swam the short distance to the waterfall and stood. It was just high enough for me to stand beneath and it almost felt like a shower. The water was cool to the skin. But I was warm and didn’t mind. I was horny. The cool water filled every crevice of my hot body and my body was tingling.

The cold water made my nipples hard. I rubbed and squeezed them just as I liked it. Every touch and squeeze sent shivers down my body, directly down to my clit. It was hard and sensitive. I moved one of my hands to my crotch and began to rub my clit. I was losing myself to the wonderful feeling of masturbating in public. Fuck, this is so good. And I was close to climaxing.

Some sound, maybe a snore from Andrew as he turned over, made me look up and I saw him. Lying there he looked so delicious. My hands got more insistent. I was almost there, so close, and yet… I could not cum. What, why, I am so horny and I cannot cum. A bit frustrated I stopped rubbing myself. Damn, I didn’t care if he needed some rest… I needed him.

I swam back to Andrew.


I wanted to stay awake but I was spent so I dozed off. Remotely I noticed that Janine slipped away. Or maybe it was part of the naughty dream I had.

My favorite pornstar was sucking my cock making it hard and ready to fuck her tight pussy. Satisfied with her work she straddled me and slowly took the whole length in one long penetration.

Slowly riding me she played with her big boobs. Yes, baby touch those big boobs. I love how to squeeze your nipples so hard. I love to see how much you enjoy it. Her pussy was soaking wet and tight. Lifting her to only keep my head inside and slowly taking it to the bottom of her cunt. With closed eyes she was approaching her orgasm. She is not faking it. She was gasping for breath, shivering with lust and squeezing my cock wanting to take it even deeper.

The tightness around my cock felt so real. I could literally hear the moaning. And I could feel legs around my hips. Is this a dream?. I forced my eyes open and looked up at Janine riding me slowly with closed eyes and squeezing her hard nipples. She tried to stifle her moaning but she was not entirely successful. This is so much better. I would much rather have sex güvenilir bahis with Janine than some unobtainable pornstar. Make love to the woman I love.

“Uhm, this is wonderful, sweetheart”. My voice startled her. And for a short while she paused. “What has gotten into you?”

“I don’t know… the warm sun… the soothing noises… the cool water… you… this place.” She smiled at me “It all made me horny again and since you were lying there with a half erect cock I just had to use it to pleasure myself!”

She was much tighter than I remembered, but then again we have never fucked twice in the same day. “Oh you tease. You are so wonderful and you can do whatever you want.” I smiled up at her “What do you want?”

“Hmm, let me see. I like your big cock in my tight wet pussy”. She gave it a squeeze, “but I also like when you pump it in and slowly out…” she started to ride me to the rhythm of her words “in… out… in… all the way in…”.

I didn’t believe it, but I was ready to fill some more cum into her tight hole. She picked up the pace and soon after I exploded into her. I groaned as I filled her pussy with a lot of cum. Not as much as when we made love in the lake, but I was surprised at how fast I was able to go again. The cum hitting her cervix sent her over the edge and she came hard. Panting she collapsed on me.

Almost out of breath I said “Wow loverboy, that was amazing.”

Andrew agreed with a smile. “Indeed, I have never felt like this before. But I liked it… very much!”

He cupped my head and kissed me gently and with a voice full of love and passion he added “You are so hot and I love you so much!”

I almost blushed, he rarely spoke to me like that, I like it. I was sure that he would talk to me like that much more in the time to come.

My stomach felt so wonderfully and my gentle caress was absolutely wonderful. “I love you too, and I can’t believe how much cum you have given me today, I feel so full of it”.

He pulled me to my feet and kissed me again. “It is getting dark, we should be heading home”.

“You are right honey, just give me a second.” I savoured the whole situation. I did it, and wow, it was so good. I loved the lingering feeling in my pussy, having been fucked twice and of course the loads of cum he had given me. I hope it won’t leak out of me. It will be so annoying to walk home in cum soaked panties..

He nodded and started to pack our gear. He smiled broadly when he got my swimsuit from under the blanket. “Oh there it is…”

I smiled knowingly back at him, and then he realized that I had known all along. He pulled me tight and gave me a kiss on my forehead. “Oh sweetheart, thank you, thank you, thank you…”

I was ready to go home and more than ready to start work again tomorrow. Susan is not going to believe me when I tell her about today. I hope she won’t be envious of me. She probably wouldn’t be, her last relationship had ended quite badly.

I could see that Andrew had packed all the other stuff and began to dress. When done we started the hike back to our house. I was really surprised that none of the cum had seeped out of me.


When we got home we were both tired, in a good way, having spent the whole day outside, hiking to the lake and back. And best of all having had the most incredible sex. Ever. I türkçe bahis hope this will not be the last time we have sex like this. I was already picturing us having sex in the lake again. And in some alley with people passing close by.

We made a couple of sandwiches and ate them in silence. Even though it wasn’t interesting at all, it tasted remarkably good. Maybe because we were so hungry. And we didn’t have the energy to create a proper meal. When the sandwiches were gone we looked at each other and yarned at the same time. It made us laugh.

Exhausted, we got ready to go to bed. We kissed good night and I spooned her just the way we always did. Soon after we both fell asleep.

Another naughty dream that day came to me. It was actually a memory from some weeks ago when Janine had dressed up for fun.

I had been at work and it had been a long day. I was famished. And wanted to share a nice dinner with Janine. I didn’t know that she was going to surprise me. She wasn’t at home and had left a note on the kitchen table.

“Hi honey, there is food in the fridge ready for the microwave. I will be home late tonight, so don’t wait up. Love you. Jan”

I wondered where she had gone to. Normally we would tell each other if we had a night out for something out of the ordinary. And as far as I could remember she had not said anything. Still puzzled I heated the food and ate it while listening to a random news show.

Almost done with the food the doorbell rang. I answered it, and outside was Janine in her red dress. The one she had used for a few parties, knee length and showing her figure nicely. She was in her red pumps with three inch heels.

“Hello,” she had said, “may I speak with the man of the house?”

Playing along I had grinned “that should be me I guess. I mean the real ruler is not at home at the moment.”

She smiled and almost fell out of character “Oh, that it is perfect, it was really you I wanted to talk to. May I come in. I have something to show you, and if you like it you will be able to buy it.”

“Oh, please come in.” I had said and invited her in. She walked in front of me into our living room. I admired the red dress and how sexy she walked in those high heels. She looked a million and I was intrigued at what she had planned. “Yes, you had something to sell to me?”

“Oh yes, it requires some music though. She went to the CD player and started it. She had prepared some soft music. Slowly she danced out of the dress, the red half cup bra and matching panties. She looked sexy and was horny. She began to play with herself.

“Okay, okay, I’ll buy it” I grinned “just mention your price.”

“Good” she grinned. Then she kneeled in front of me and got my hard cock out of my pants “and the price is this big guy for the night.”

I half woke and my cock was rock hard. I have to do something about this. Janine was sound asleep and I didn’t want to disturb her so I got up and went to the living room. I sat down and began to jerk off replaying the naughty dream. Oh Jan, ride me like that, let me feel your tight pussy around my stiff cock. Oh baby you look so horny riding me like this. Oh baby do you need me to give it to you from behind. Good, I will give it to you hard . Can you feel my cock going deep into your wet pussy? Can you feel how I pound your tight cunt….

After several minutes I was no güvenilir bahis siteleri closer to a climax that I had been when I had begun. I knew that I needed something extra and went to my computer. Quickly I found my homemade page with links to porn movies that I liked. Which one should I use? It had to be a good one. Scrolling down I found one of my favorites, clicked the link and moved to the start of my favorite scene in that movie.

A big boobed blonde in a tight cocktail dress was standing in front of a black guy. He was wearing a suit that fitted him perfectly. Some loud music in the background gave the illusion that they were at a party and had snuck into an empty bedroom. She was quivering with lust and his huge cock was clearly visible in his pants.

The sex was ordinary, she sucks his cock, he licks her pussy, he fucks her nice E-cup boobs, she plays with her clit, he fucks her from behind, she rides him hard…

I would usually climax when she was riding him hard and loosen her bun and let her hair fall over her big boobs while crying out a satisfying climax.

Nothing happened. After several fake orgasms the black guy turned her around and she made him cum in her mouth. And with a big smile she had swallowed all of it.

Frustrated I realized that I would not be able to get any relief. I went back to bed.


I woke up, hot and horny. I had dreamt something naughty but I couldn’t remember any of it. I must have been intense. What a shame. I was so wet and ready.

Andrew was not in the bed. Where is he? Listening to the sounds in the house I heard low moaning and pleasure screams from somewhere downstairs. Ah, he is watching one of his porn movies. Which one? Probably one of those with a black guy pounding a little blonde.

I tried to picture him jerking off while watching some big boobed blonde being fucked hard. The picture made me even more horny and I started to finger myself. I gave my hard clitoris a good rubbing. It didn’t really do anything for me. Then I fingered my pussy. It was a little better but not enough. Then both the clit and the fingers. It was nice but still not enough. Maybe it was the intense sex we had earlier today? No matter what, I had to relieve myself if I was to get any more sleep tonight.

I picked up the pace and hoped that he would take his time with the movie, because I would need some time to relieve myself. I was still some distance from the much needed release when Andrew got back to the bedroom.

“Did you cum?” I asked. Even before having asked the question I knew the answer. I could sense his frustration and I hated him being frustrated. He groaned and slumped onto the bed.

“Use me!”

“What? Are you sure?”

“Hmm, quite sure. I hate to see you frustrated like this, and I am a bit horny myself”. A bit, who am I kidding?

He spooned me and placed his cock at the entrance of my soaking wet pussy. I moved downwards and got his cock inside me. It was so hungry after his cock, so hungry after another load of hot cum. This feels right.

In one slow penetration he was inside me to the hilt. “Fuck you are so tight, I can feel every ribble of your cunt” he panted. I was in heaven, it felt so good to have his cock inside me. And finally we got somewhere, the orgasm we both had been working on was fast approaching. He fucked me harder and faster and I rubbed my clit harder and faster.

As if on cue we both climaxed at the same time. It was a very satisfying orgasm. And I loved the way his cum filled my pussy for the third time that day.

Satisfied we fell asleep.

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