The Redhead Redneck 01

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Sexy Ass

My name is Megan Redd and I am a firecracker…to say the least. I act like a tomboy, but don’t look like it. I have freckles all over my body, big ass tits that get in the way of doing normal activities, and a decent ass, if I don’t say so myself. I also can kick some ass when needed, I’ve even kicked some guy’s ass before, I should say nuts.

There is one thing that always fascinates me, guy’s balls. The feel of them as I grab and squeeze them or feeling them as I kick them.

So let me get to the reason for writing about this…I owe 5 guys…I owe them big time. You see I like to tease, I’ll admit to giving guys blue balls. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever help them cum, but it’s funnier to mess with them and leave them wanting more. Well I guess I teased these group of guys a little too much, I even had them jerking their dicks all at once before just walking away. They got pissed then got me into trouble…with the law. I don’t try any drugs, but I do make some money selling the shit. Those assholes turned me in, so I’m dealing with the possibility of going to jail!

I won’t be the only one…I got one down just the other night. Here is what happened:

His name is Ricky, he is a dumb jock, but has some massive balls…I’m talking about the size of softballs! His dick can be just as massive, one guy I thought about letting him impale me until this shit happened with the law. So I led him to believe I was going to let him see my tits and I would help him blow his ball juice. I told him to meet me at the park at around midnight. He showed up in his truck, nice truck too, and canlı bahis saw me in this nice BMW I was driving. I motioned him to come to my car and he couldn’t race over fast enough.

We made small chat…

“Meg, sorry for that the guys did, I tried to get them to just forget it,” He said, I think he honestly meant it.

“It’s ok, that’s why we’re here idiot!” I said, he would be very sorry later, but the one not to get hurt as bad as the others. “Let’s get in the back so I drain those cum buckets you got in your pants.”

He had the door open and was in the back before I could even shut my door! First we started making out and I let him rub my tits. He did have nice hands and was gentle which surprised me. I thought he would be the rough type. By the time my hand touched his crotch, his dick was massive and hard. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them all the way off letting him be half naked with his huge balls resting on the leather seat and his dick pointing straight up.

“Now Big Ricky, if you want me to help your balls blow that huge load, I get to tie you up,” I say smiling while rubbing my hand under his huge balls.

He thought for a moment, “Alright, Meg baby.”

I smiled as I tied his hands to the back of the seats and made sure his hands couldn’t get free. His feet were under each of the front seats and I pushed them back so he could barely move them. After making sure he was secure I started to stroke his big dick. He started moaning and leaning his head back.

“You like the baby?” I cooed as I spit into my hand then rubbed and squeezed his balls gently bahis siteleri while I kept up my stroking of his hard dick.

“Meg, you are fucking good with those dirty hands,” He said keeping his eyes shut.

“They are dirty, I use them to cut fish guts out, play with my dogs with them, and of course stick them in my wet tight…pussy” I said making sure to stroke down hard on his dick when I said pussy.

“Fuck yes!” He said and laid his head on the back of the seat.

I massaged his huge balls and even rubbed the taint behind his balls as my hand kept up the stroking. He was getting close now, I felt his balls start to tighten.

“Getting close now baby” He managed to say in between groans and moans.

“You want to blow that load baby?”

“Yes, I want to cum so fucking bad!”

“How bad baby?” I said smiling and took my hand off his balls. My free hand reached down into a little bag I had shoved down by my feet.

“So bad I would let you do whatever you wanted to make me blow!” He answers and keeps his head back with his eyes closed.

“Ok baby!” I said pulling out a spring mousetrap. “I’ll put something under your balls to catch the cum baby.” As I slid half of the mousetrap under his balls.

“No problem baby!” He said and even spread his legs open more letting his full sack lay on the trap, causing me to giggle a little.

He started to grunt and breathe faster, knowing he was very close now I pulled back the metal bar of the spring mousetrap and held it there. I stroked his big dick faster and faster, waiting for the big surprise…for both bahis şirketleri of us.

His hips lifted and a huge load shot out going up towards the front of the car. Right after he shot the first, I let the bar go and it snapped shut right at the base of his dick and even smashed his balls some. His eyes shot open as another load sort of shot out, but seemed to dribble out of his dickhead. He looks down and screams in pain.

“Oh baby! You can still cum, just looks more like a river than a cumshot” I laugh as cum was running down his shaft over his moustrapped balls. He groans as more cum runs out of his dick, but also the pain in his balls. “Now that’s for being a dick! Also, this car…not mine. Stolen actually, so don’t worry you won’t be in pain long.” I get out of the car and call the police.

“Hello, police? Yeah, I saw this weird guy jerking off in a car in the park. It’s weird, looks like he tied himself or something and is pleasuring himself…with toys or something. Please come fast! I’m at Norfolk Park.”

I come back to the car to wipe it down and make sure I didn’t leave anything. I grab Ricky’s truck keys out of his discarded pants.

Ricky starts pleading with me to let him go, but I stop him. “Save it Ricky, you got to cum, but you pay the price for fucking with me. You have with the cops when they get here. Maybe keep that dick huge and hard, might make one of the cops jealous.” I wink and leave him there.

I heard sometime later that the police showed up and arrested him. I also heard his balls were bruised for over a week from the mousetrap, but that was just the beginning of his troubles. He got charged for stealing the car, he had a hard time explaining why he was naked and tied up in the car and his cum in the front of the car. Like I said…1 down, 4 more to go!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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