The Quickie

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All characters are most definitely over 18…


Janet, 19 year old student, was going out for the evening with her friends Emily and Suzy. She had arranged for them to meet at her house for “pre drinks”…

“Dad, I’m running a little late, can you send them up when they get here please?” she asked her father Mike. “No problem,” He replied from his office.

Her 45 year old father Mike was catching up on some work after dinner when there was a knock at the front door.

As he answered the door his mouth fell open at the sight in front of him. “Hi,” He said as he looked up and down Emily’s slim body. She was a little older than Janet and was a thin 5’6″ with a short blond bob, wearing 4 inch heels and stockings below a very short skirt. She had no bra below a tight blouse, tucked neatly into her high skirt. He was sure he could see a hint of her panties at the top of her legs.

He stared at her crotch.

“Hi to you too,” Emily smiled as she cocked her head to one side. She slid a hand down the front of her skirt and gently pulled the front down.

“Sorry,” He stammered, “Come in,” as he ushered her into the house. He called up the stairs to Janet that Emily had arrived.

“I’m still in the shower dad,” Janet shouted back, “I’ll be 10 minutes or so, can you get her a drink.”

Emily came into the house and stood in the middle of the lounge.

“How are you?” She asked as she shuffled her feet. In the process she moved her legs about two feet apart.

As she did this her skirt rode up revealing a little red patch as her panties definitely came into view.

Mike couldn’t take his eyes off her body as he switched from her crotch to her dark nipples.

Emily smiled as she watched his erection start to tent the front of his pants; she felt her heat start to rise. Her nipples tingled as she felt them start to stiffen. Mike watched them harden.

“Enjoying the view Mike?” She asked.

“Christ yes,” he whispered.

“Did she say she was going to be 10 minutes?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Mike managed as he studied her perfectly made up full red lips.

“I’m horny Mike, do you fancy a quick fuck?”

Mike was stunned. “Are you serious?” He asked.

Emily smiled, “Oh yeah,” as she slipped off her heels, turned, then lifted her short skirt to reveal red panties and thigh highs. canlı bahis She bent over and pulled her panties down to her hips. As she did she looked over her shoulder and breathed “Come on, do it!”

Mike couldn’t believe this was happening. He dropped his pants and shorts to reveal his rock hard thick 6″ cock.

He moved up behind her as she said quietly “I can’t fucking believe we’re doing this.”

Mike reached forward and rubbed two fingers over Emily’s cunt. She was already wet. He slipped two fingers into her and slid them in and out. He pulled his fingers out and rubbed them over his purple cock head. He stepped forward and slid his cock into her.

“Fucking hell yeah,” Emily said as Mike started to fuck her. He grabbed her hips and started to ram in and out.

“This is fucking crazy Emily,” he managed, “Yeah,” she panted as she pushed back onto his cock with every thrust.

“I’m going to cum really quickly,” he said as he speeded up his thrusting.

“Cum inside me, fucking cum in my skinny cunt Mike,” she shouted.

“Fuck, I’m Cumming, I’m fucking Cumming,” Mike hissed as he rammed in and out and loosed jet after jet of cum into his daughter’s skinny friend.

He pulled out and stepped back with cum still dripping from his cock. Emily stood up and pulled her red panties up as spunk started to ooze out of her red pussy.

“I’m out of the shower Emily, you can come up if you want.

Mike pulled up his pants and managed “Thanks…” As Emily smiled and said “No, thank you!” And started to giggle. She pulled her skirt down as far as she could, slipped her heels on and went to find Janet.

Mike was stunned; he’d just fucked one of his daughter’s best friends. “Fucking fantastic!” He thought to himself.

A few minutes later there was another knock on the front door. He answered it to find Suzy, another of Janet’s friends on the doorstep. She was wearing a short figure hugging halter neck dress with stockings. Suzy was a tall 5’10 with a curvy 38D 28 36 figure. She had long brunette hair tied into a bun.

After what had happened in the last 20 minutes she looked fucking amazing.

Whilst Emily had been Mike’s number one stroke fantasy, Suzy was a close second.

“Hi Mike, is Janet here?” she asked.

“Hi, come in Suzy, Janet’s upstairs with Emily,” he said as she came in and bahis siteleri went straight up the stairs.

Mike went back to his work but after a minute or so Suzy came back down, looking a little distracted.

“Hey, everything OK?” He asked.

“Err, yeah,” She managed, “They’re err… busy,” she said, looking away and blushing.

“Really?” He asked, “What are they up to?”

Suzy blushed a deeper shade of red as she responded “They’re err, doing girl stuff I think.”

“OK, have a seat, I’ll make us a drink,” Mike said as he got up to go to the kitchen.

Again, given what had just happened with Emily, he was curious what had fazed Suzy. He quietly crept upstairs and as he approached Janet’s room he could hear Emily saying “Lick it harder, fucking finger me harder Janet, I need to fuck cum!”

“Christ,” he thought to himself, is this real? Is Janet licking my cum out of Emily?

His cock was instantly hard.

He went back downstairs and looked around the corner into the lounge. What a fucking crazy day this was.

Suzy was lying back on the sofa with her dress hitched up, her legs wide open. She had a hand in her panties, she was flushed red, eyes closed and panting raggedly.

“In for a penny,” Mike thought as he walked into the room and quietly said “Need some help with that?”

Suzy screamed and struggled to cover herself up as she said “Oh god, sorry, I’m so sorry…”

“Don’t panic Suzy, I’ve just been upstairs, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what they’re doing,” Mike said as he took a good look at her huge tits and long legs.

“Do you really know what they’re doing?” She asked, then after a pause, “Did you just fuck Emily?”

“Yes I did,” Mike admitted, “Why?”

“Your daughter is upstairs eating your cum out of Emily Mike, that’s really fucked up you know, but so fucking hot.”

Mike dropped his zipper and pulled out his cock. He stepped towards Suzy and simply said “Suck Emily’s juice off my cock Suzy.”

She looked up at him, opened her mouth and closed her eyes. He took a step closer and pushed his cock head past her red lips. As he pushed his cock further in, she put one arm behind her back. She then parted her legs and pushed the other hand back into her panties and he watched as she started to finger herself.

Mike grabbed her bun to hold her head still bahis şirketleri as he pushed further in to her mouth. He watched as her fingers speeded up, she pulled back and looked up at him.

“Will you fuck me too?” She asked, laying back and quickly removing her panties. She spread her legs wide and pushed two fingers back into her very wet cunt.

Mike didn’t say anything; he knelt down and lined up his cock. He pushed forward and slid into her sopping gash.

He reached behind and grabbed her full butt as he rammed in and out. This was absolutely fucking fantastic he thought as he leaned in to meet Suzy’s red lips to kiss passionately as he fucked her hard.

“I’m fucking Cumming,” she gasped as they continued to buck against each other. They continued to fuck furiously for another minute or two when they were interrupted by Janet’s voice.

“What the fuck’s going on?” She demanded. Suzy screamed and tried to close her legs and push him off.

Mike looked over to her and simply said “I’m fucking Suzy, Janet, just like I fucked Emily 45 minutes ago.”

Janet was beetroot red, Mike assumed with rage, but before she could respond Emily came into the room and said “Hang on Janet, you just ate your dad’s cum out of my cunt, I don’t think we can say anything about Suzy taking the opportunity to fuck him.”

Mike pulled out of Suzy and stood with his still hard cock sticking out in front of him.

Emily knelt in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. She sank deeper and deeper onto his length. He grabbed her head and started to fuck her face.

“I’m going to cum Emily,” he breathed as he pumped her throat.

Emily lifted off and looked at Janet, “Come and get it from the source Janet.”

Janet knelt in front of her father and took his cock into her mouth. As she licked around the head and bobbed up and down, Emily and Suzy whispered “Suck it, take it, suck his cock, make him cum,”

This was too much for Mike, he erupted.

Whilst leaning on his daughters two friends he spurted jet after jet of hot cum into his daughters hot mouth. Cum started to dribble out of the corner of her mouth. She lifted off and Emily immediately French kissed her sharing the cum. Suzy went down on his cock to clean it up and suck the last of his cum.

Janet broke her kiss with Emily and looked into her father’s eyes. All he could see was lust.

“Upstairs now Suzy, I need to cum.” She said and the three girls got up to leave.

Mike looked at the three young women and said “Wake me up when you get back later…”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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