The Coeds: Overview of the Girls

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“The Coeds” is a series of short stories (some longer than others) about the sexual exploits of six freshman girls at a fictional college. The stories are organized by character, and, occasionally, the same story is told from multiple perspectives. Although it draws inspiration from real-life events (and some of the stories are not too far off), the names and locations have been changed to protect the horny, and it’s meant to be a sensationalized parody of college life.

All characters are over the age of 18 at all times described herein.

Here is a little about the characters that will guide you through this journey:

Amy Greenberg:

Amy is the main protagonist of The Coeds. She is a cute, medium build brunette from outside of Los Angeles, with C cup breasts and nice round butt (which she views as her best ass-et). She is not shy, and can talk to almost anyone, so she makes friends pretty much anywhere she goes.

Amy was always a bit stifled sexually before college. She had a long-time boyfriend (Jacob) in high school, but he was religious and very conservative. As a result, Amy was always the one pushing their relationship physically, practically having to beg Jacob to do things most guys would jump at.

For instance, it wasn’t until senior year that Amy convinced Jacob to let her give him a blowjob. They had gone to the movies and Jacob had driven her home. They were making out in his car outside of Amy’s house when Amy reached over and grabbed Jacob’s hard cock through his pants.

At first, when Amy told him to “take it out,” she was only planning on giving him a quick handjob. They had done that before, albeit never in such a public place. Jacob was clearly uncomfortable, his darting eyes surveying the otherwise abandoned street, but Amy knew her wouldn’t stop her.

As she undid his fly and angled his cock into the open, she had the urge to go one step further. And Amy didn’t bother asking Jacob for permission. Before he knew it, she was bent over the gear shift of his BMW wrapping her lips around his skinny cock.

After about thirty seconds of Jacob moaning a groaning, she felt his warm cum blast into her mouth without warning. She just kept sucking, swallowing his load and continuing to bob up and down on his cock until it shriveled and went limp.

After that, of course, Jacob couldn’t get enough of it, and wanted a blowjob practically every day. But Amy didn’t mind; she liked sucking his cock. And she got lots of practice that year. She sucked it in the car on the way to school, in Jacob’s bedroom when they should have been studying, in the laundry room at a friend’s party, on a hike in the woods, in her basement with her parents right upstairs, and any number of other places. She also taught him how to eat her pussy, although it took a lot of practice.

They eventually started having sex, but it was always a little vanilla for Amy. She was a highly sexual person and wanted to try other positions than just missionary. She wanted Jacob to talk dirty, slap her ass, and pull her hair when she asked him to. She always wanted to push the envelope; and he always seemed to resist her.

Needless to say, Amy never had an opportunity to fully explore her wild side with her ex. Her prior sexual repression meant she was primed and ready to explore her sexuality as soon as she arrived on campus. As you will see, she wastes little time getting all the dick she can handle…

Megan Mirback:

Megan is Amy’s friend from high school, and they decided to be freshman roommates when they went off to school together. If there is such a thing as perfect, Megan is it. She is beautiful brunette with a mesmerizing smile and big, gleaming blue eyes. She is about 5’8,” with a toned body and long sexy legs. She has flawless skin that turns that perfect golden brown when she lays out in the quad in her scintillating bikinis.

Her breasts are magnificent—a DD cup and perky as can be—with rose color nipples that she loves to have sucked. She also has a phenomenal ass; the kind that drew every wandering eye as she strutted around in her spandex athletic wear. Simply put, her body is the envy of everyone on campus.

She fancies herself an athlete (she used to run cross-country and track in high school) and she works out all the time to keep herself in shape. You’ll often see her coming from the gym with her hair in a high pony, or running around the neighborhood making heads turn. She is very smart and a good student too, so she truly is the total package.

Although she has always been the envy of all the boys at school, Megan prefers more mature suitors. When she was 18, for instance, she started hooking up with a SAT tutor her parents had hired to help her younger sister Jill.

The tutor (“Rob”) was a 28 year old post-grad at the local university looking canlı bahis şirketleri to earn a little extra cash. Megan was immediately attracted to him. He was cute (in a nerdy kind of way), but she was really drawn to him because of his intellect. She wasn’t used to guys that were smarter than her.

One day when Rob was working with Jill in the kitchen, Megan “forgot” he was there and walked in wearing nothing but short shorts and a tank top. She immediately noticed Rob staring at her unsupported breasts. She made sure she spent a healthy amount of time “looking for something in the freezer,” and then teased him as she stood in front of him with her piercingly stiff nipples staring Rob right in the face.

She winked at Rob, and he smiled back, but Megan knew her parents would not approve. Instead, she pulled Rob aside as he was leaving one day and handed him her number. She didn’t have to say anything; she knew he would call.

After hooking up with Rob for a few months, and then dating another older guy she met at the gym, the thought of dating immature college guys makes Megan’s skin crawl a bit. Additionally, although she carries a healthy amount of denial on the issue as a result of her conservative parents, she can’t completely ignore her attraction to both boys and girls.

Before college, she had never had any sort of intimate experience with a girl (save a drunk kiss of a friend on a dare), but for as long as she can remember the curiosity has been there. She often finds her eyes wandering, checking out a classmate in the locker-room, or shower, or just when Amy is getting dressed in their room. In any event, she’s too frightened to act on these feelings, so she does her best to repress them.

Alison Rosen:

Alison is a stuck up red-head from suburban Maryland that lives in the room across from Amy and Megan. She has big—almost too big—EE cup breasts that accord with her plumper frame. She also has big, oversized nipples that are super sensitive. They often stiffen in a cool room and are impossible to conceal, even through a bra.

Alison knew she wasn’t the prettiest or skinniest in high school. She felt pressure to distinguish herself in other ways, and she wanted to be liked. These insecurities resulted in a downward slutty spiral her senior year, when she fucked a not so small contingent of her class, and became well-known as a “sure thing.”

One night Alison was giving a blowjob to this boy she had a huge crush on named Steven. She wanted to be his girlfriend so badly. Steven didn’t really care for Alison at all; but he knew she was a slut and he was just trying to get his dick sucked.

They had snuck off to one of the bedrooms during a party. About halfway through Alison licking and sucking all over Steven’s cock and balls, Steven’s friend Cory walked in on them. Cory just laughed as he closed the door behind him. “I was wondering where you two got off to.”

Almost as if he knew Alison didn’t know how to say no, he unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. He presented it to her, as if there was no explanation necessary. Alison looked up in shock at Steven, but he was just smiling back at her.

“Well it ain’t going to suck itself,” Steven said crassly.

Alison just wanted Steven to be happy, so she started to suck on Cory’s flaccid cock as she continued to jerk Steven off. Cory’s dick grew harder with every smack of her lips, and before long she was alternating between their stiff cocks like a true slut.

The night sort of spiraled from there, as Steven and Cory became increasingly aggressive with her. They took off her shirt, and then her bra. They both groped her massive tits as she continued to alternate from cock to cock. At one point, Steven slapped her face disrespectfully with his cock, and then shoved it forcefully into her mouth. Alison was no longer smitten with Steven as he started to fuck her face insistently, clutching her red hair as he bucked his prick down her throat.

Alison could barely breathe, much less stop Cory as he undid her jeans and pulled them off. She felt him pulling her purple lace throng to the side and rubbing her pussy as Steven continued to fuck her face relentlessly. Before she knew it, she was bent over and Cory was rubbing the tip of his unprotected cock against her sex. She moaned helplessly as Cory pushed his nice cock inside her.

Steven was breathing unevenly and it wouldn’t be long before he pulled out and plastered Alison’s face with his cum. Cory would last only a few minutes longer, spraying his jizz across her lower back. Much worse, the boys told the entire party what happened, and Alison instantly became known as “Two-fer.” She was mortified for the rest of the school year, and didn’t even go to her senior prom.

Although she is still insecure, she has turned a new leaf at school canlı kaçak iddaa and is determined to shed her reputation. She pretends to be prudish and is judgmental of the sexual proclivity of her friends at college, who don’t really know about her sluttier past. But deep down she’s still just as horny as the rest of them, and get this freckled coed behind closed doors and she just might surprise you.

Maggie Thwarderack:

Maggie is Alison’s roommate from Chicago. She is a petite, spunky blonde with perky B cup breasts and a fantastic ass. She’s always been a free spirit and in touch with her sexuality; and she’s also super attention hungry, so she’s not shy about flaunting the goods. She doesn’t care if you can see her nipples through her shirt—in fact, she’s turned on that you’re even looking.

She’s always known how to use her body to get what she wants. The summer before college, she systematically seduced one of her older brother’s friends from college, who was living with her family while he had an internship in Chicago. She started slow, flirting playfully and teasing him with glimpses of her underwear as she uncrossed her legs, or her fantastic body as she walked around in nothing but a towel after showers. Behind her brother’s back, she made sure “Drew” knew what she wanted.

After a few weeks, when she could tell she had her hooks in Drew, she sat down next to him on the couch while they watched a movie with her brother and another one of his friends. She generously shared her blanket with Drew, and then quickly slipped her hand under the blanket and started rubbing his cock. He looked nervous but didn’t exactly stop her as she pulled his cock out and started to stroke him. He came all over her mother’s afghan blanket as her brother sat there completely oblivious.

Her brother would have killed them both if he found out, but for the rest of the summer she would sneak down to their basement where Drew was staying. She would pretend to be going out for a jog, but she would go around the back of the house and slip in the back door.

She liked to wake Drew up with a little blowjob and let him cum in her mouth, or sometimes she just let him fuck her brains out. He had a real nice cock and she liked to bounce up and down on it. Drew taught her a few new tricks as well. One time he licked her asshole and that sent Maggie into a frenzy. It became her new favorite activity, and she wasn’t satisfied unless Drew was ears-deep in her ass.

On one occasion, they were actually interrupted by her brother, although he had no idea it was Maggie. She had already sucked Drew’s cock and taken his cum all over her face. Drew was returning the favor, tonguing Maggie’s butthole while fingering her twat. Fortunately, Maggie was on all fours facing away from him when her brother walked in, so he couldn’t see her face. But he did get a clear view of her pussy from behind, before apologizing and making a quick exit.

Later that night, Maggie had to stifle her urge to laugh as she heard her brother and Drew talking about the incident. When asked, Drew told him that it was just some random girl he met at the bar. Maggie’s brother then unwittingly commented on what a “nice little snatch” she looked like she had, and joked that next time Drew should ask if she wanted to get “two for one.”. Oddly, Maggie got super turned on thinking about her brother jerking off to mental snapshots of her pussy.

Needless to say, Maggie is not shy or afraid of having fun. On campus, she is looking for a good time and some good dick, and not necessarily in that order. She has quickly found a group of like-minded girls who aren’t shy about exploring their wild sides.

Becky Baily:

Becky is from Austin, Texas and just likes to have fun. She looks a lot like Amy, with shoulder length brown hair and a devilish smile. But she is a little shorter and has slightly bigger tits than Amy. She likes to wear low cut tops that show them off. It turns her on when she sees the guys drool.

Becky is definitely a party girl that is ready to have a good time. She doesn’t lack confidence and is comfortable just being who she is. Back in high school, she was a cheerleader, prom queen, and class president, so she knows how to play the good girl. But she’s also the kind of girl that will fuck you doggy style in the back seat of your car behind the movie theater.

Indeed, she’s a handful in the sack, and wants it all the time. She masturbates daily (sometimes multiple times) and she secretly loves when guys cum all over her. She found the last part out with her boyfriend senior year in high school.

Her parents were out of town and she had invited him over to mess around. They took a naked dip in the hot tub, and it wasn’t long before Becky’s boyfriend was eating her pussy out on the edge of the Jacuzzi. He knew canlı kaçak bahis just how she liked it, with two fingers in her aching twat and his tongue flicking against her yearning clit. He had made her cum so hard that she was positive the neighbors could hear her.

For the effort, she decided she would give him something special. With her boyfriend sitting on the edge of the tub, Becky started with a good, long dick sucking. She tended deliberately to every inch of his cock and balls. He had a nice big cock, and she loved to suck it.

When she could tell he was laboring, she sandwiched his cock between her luscious breasts and started to massage them up and down. As he started to fuck her perky tits, his uneven breath became more erratic. The combination of the warm bubbly water and his cock slipping and sliding between her tits sent him right over the edge. “Ohh fuck I’m gonna cum!” He had warned her (as if it wasn’t obvious).

Becky just kept bouncing her tits as his jizz shot all over her tits and face. Spurt after spurt of his warm, sticky spunk covered her skin until he was finally finished. Becky wasted no time seamlessly wrapping her lips back around his donkey cock and sucking it clean.

Becky was surprisingly turned on by the facial. Later that night, when her boyfriend was fucking her from behind, she made him pull out and cum on her face again. And since that day, she isn’t fully satisfied at the end of the day unless she gets some warm salty mess on her face.

At college, she doesn’t live in the same dorm as the other girls, but, ever since she met Amy in orientation, they’ve been chasing dick together. She fits right in with the other girls…

Chelsea Verner:

Chelsea is a good Christian girl from outside of Louisville. She wears clear frame glasses, and is usually conservatively dressed, but behind that meek, nerdy façade is a blonde, blue-eyed bombshell with a tight waist, a round tush, and perky D cup breasts.

Chelsea grew up in “God’s country,” and her conservative upbringing taught her not to flaunt her amazing body. In fact, she had always been taught to do the opposite. Sex was hardly talked about—except that sex before marriage is a sin. And she was never allowed to date, or be alone with boys for that matter—her parents were very strict about that.

The last rule Chelsea had started to bend her senior year in high school. She had grown close with a boy named Kevin who lived down the street, and they used to walk to and from school. One day, walking home they stopped in the woods and kissed. It was just a short peck, but Chelsea felt such a rush.

It became their new tradition, and their secret. After school they would meet and walk home together. Chelsea would have butterflies in her stomach until she reached the woods. She knew Kevin had them too. She could feel the nervous anticipation in the slight tremble in his hand as they walked.

Each time they seemed to kiss a little longer or try something a little different. She had never kissed a boy, so even a French kiss felt risqué to Chelsea. She remembered when Kevin first slipped his tongue inside her mouth; she nearly jumped. Soon she learned to like it. Kevin was more experienced and pushed Chelsea a bit. He touched her breasts through her shirt; he kissed her neck; he pressed his body against hers when they kissed. Things seemed to escalate each time just a little.

Then one day, they were in the woods and Kevin had Chelsea somewhat pinned against the thick trunk of a tree as they were making out. He fondled her breasts (though not very competently) and rubbed against her as they kissed. Chelsea was certain she felt his erect penis, a sharp poke in her thigh, but she pretended she didn’t. She didn’t know if she was supposed to acknowledge it, like that one time she had danced with another boy and he got a boner right in the middle of the dance floor.

But Kevin wanted her to feel it, or at least that’s how it seemed as he continued to grind against her. He moaned softly against her mouth with each slight thrust. He was hard as a rock now.

She noticed him breathing unevenly, panting as they continued to kiss. He didn’t seem himself. “Oh god,” he exclaimed as he pulled back suddenly. “Uhhhh!” He clenched his eyes shut as his hips twitched. “Ohh, err,” he groaned. He almost looked pained.

A wet spot in his khakis formed right at his crouch as Kevin blushed with embarrassment. “Ohh god,” he muttered as he tried to cover it with his hands. Even someone as inexperienced as Chelsea knew what had happened.

She tried to calm him down, but he was so mortified that he practically ran off in his jizz covered pants. That was the end of their rendezvous in the woods, and pretty much scared Chelsea away from any other interactions with boys the rest of the year.

So Chelsea has been thrust into a whole new world at college, with hardly any experience to speak of. Although she was definitely in for a rude awakening, she can only play the “good girl” for so long in the highly charged sexual environment of the dorms.

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