The Club

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Nacelle walked into the club, and as always, she had been let in instantly, her beauty buying what money could not. She was solo tonight, and didn’t have a problem with that at all. She figured that her own company was the best company, and she didn’t want to deal with her friends that night. All she cared about was what she had been deprived of so long, going out with the bastard that she had caught cheating on her with some plastic infused blonde. Ah, the problems of life. Nothing that one night of sex with a complete stranger couldn’t handle. Besides, she felt perfect, immaculately beautiful, and indestructible in her own way. She had gotten ready carefully, knowing that this was her night, and that she needed it to be perfect. It didn’t matter that this was socially and morally wrong, the careless, premarital sex. All that mattered, at the moment, were satisfying her needs.

She walked over to the bar and sat down, not bothering to fix her skirt, letting it ride as high as it wanted. She flagged down the bartender, and ordered a grasshopper, tipping him generously. She didn’t plan on drinking a whole lot tonight. She wanted what she wanted, and it was not to sit around all night and get sloshed. She sighed as she looked around the club, noticing the loud music and the hard bodies moving at a fast pace. What she didn’t notice was the man at the end of the bar, staring at her.

Justin was taking in everything about her, from her long dark hair cascading down her back, to her exposed thighs, barely covered by the black leather skirt that she wore. She was clad in a maroon woven silk strapless top, her breasts threatening to spill out at any second. He licked his lips, and felt something start to stir in his pants. He cursed slightly, for this wasn’t exactly the perfect time to expose himself. She slowly uncrossed her legs, and then crossed them again, exposing even more leg, if that was possible. He gave an internal moan. He was absolutely fighting the urge to jump over the bar and rip off what little clothes she had on, and fuck her brains out. He smoothed out his shirt and looked away, not wanting to embarrass himself with a hard on.

Nacelle soon got tired of stirring her drink, and got up from her seat to walk to the bathroom. Maybe she would find someone on the way. She walked toward the back, and not looking, bumped into someone.

“Oh, canlı bahis I’m sorry.” She was about to go on her way, but she looked up, and noticed the most handsome man looking in the other direction. He turned around quickly, and slightly jumped.

“No, it was my fault, completely.” Justin was stunned. This was the woman that he had been drooling over less than a minute ago. “So,” he said, never taking his eyes off of her. “What’s your name?”

She looked at his face, which was nice, accentuated by nice blue eyes and cute curly hair. He was tall, and wore a tight black shirt, revealing his chest muscles. Absolutely perfect. She decided to throw all modesty and shame out of the window.

“My name is Nacelle. Before we talk any more, why don’t you come to my place? I have alcohol, and a really soft bed.” He was startled. Usually, he had to put a little effort in trying to get a woman. This time, all he had to do was bump into one. How could he refuse?

“Hell yes…” He murmured, and she instantly grabbed his hand and led him out the door.

“Where the hell is your car?” She demanded. He pointed to a Beemer halfway down the block. She tugged on his arm, dragging him roughly toward his own car. The top was down and she noticed it was a clutch. “Oh man, a manual… let me drive it.” He just smiled at her, amazed at her forwardness, and tossed her the keys. They both got into the car and she gunned the engine, placing her hand on his stick (no pun intended).

The ride to her apartment was driven in silence, both anticipating what they were going to get. When they arrived, she threw her purse down and pulled him into the door, slamming it behind him. She immediately pushed him against the wall, her hands on his chest. She could feel it harden beneath, and she smiled. “Look, I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of whore. I don’t do this on a regular basis, and I don’t want any questions asked, please? Oh, and your name was…?”

“Justin.” He managed to breathe out, feeling himself getting extremely hard. He noticed she was demanding, not letting him take charge like every other woman he had been with. She let go and backed away, tauntingly gesturing for him to follow. They got into her bedroom, and he decided to turn the tables. He pulled Nacelle to him, and pushed her up against the wall.

“I’ll give you exactly bahis siteleri what you need…” He had her arms pinned against her sides, and she panted, her chest brushing against his. He forcefully kissed her, her tongue trying to keep pace with his as he moved quickly. He let go of her arms, and she pulled his head in, forcing his tongue deeper. They kissed frantically, and he pressed himself against her harshly, pushing his erection through his pants into her own. She gasped, and he began grinding his hips into hers slowly, driving her wild. He pulled down her top, and grabbed a breast, kneading the smooth skin roughly, making her moan.

“Justin…” She moaned again, cutting herself off as he pushed her head up and started sucking on her neck. He licked her earlobe, moving down her neck, and continued to move further down with his hard, wet kisses. She only panted, scratching at the walls beneath her.

“Do you like that?” He said, as he stood up and pushed her skirt up to rest on her hips, parting her knees with his own. He reached down and pulled her underwear to the side, and drove two fingers inside of her, pushing them in and out slowly, teasing Nacelle. He looked into her eyes as he did this, and leaned forward and ever-so-lightly licked and nibbled her bottom lip, as she panted heavily. Soon she was pushing her hips against his hand, moaning softly, urging Justin to move faster. The desire was brewing inside of her, and Nacelle reached over and pulled Justin’s hand away, reaching to pull his shirt over his head. Once that was discarded, he pushed her top and her skirt down with her underwear, leaving her naked.

“That’s not fair…” She pouted seductively as he reached out to grab both of her breasts, one in each hand. He pinched her nipples and she yelped.

“What is fair?” he said as sat down on the floor, pulling Nacelle with him. He rolled over on top of her, and began another assault on her mouth, while running his hands down her sides, and grinding his hips into hers. She reached down for his pants, and undid his belt along with his zipper, and pulled him out, not bothering to take his pants off all the way. He was as hard as a rock, and she began stroking it lightly. He pushed two fingers in her again, and began rubbing her with his thumb.

“Wait…” She grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bed, where he laid down bahis şirketleri and pulled her body on top of his. She teased him by hovering just above his erection, dipping down to run her wetness against the tip of his manhood. He finally grabbed her roughly, and pushed her down, guiding himself inside of her. She gasped at the feeling of him, and his strong hands pushed her down further, forcing her to take all that he had. She whimpered in pain, yet started riding him slowly, and soon Justin groaned with impatience.

“No way woman…” He rolled them over, and kissed her hard before driving into her, causing her to scream out. He felt absolutely filling, his smooth skin coursing along the walls of her center. Nacelle felt as if she would explode right then and there. He held himself up above her, arms straight and palms flat on the bed, as he continued to thrust into her, his eyes half closed. “Scream baby… let it all out…” He panted as he went faster, noticing her head thrashing about on the pillow. She began to let out all the pent up moans and yells, filling the whole apartment with her cries.

“Harder…” She managed to get out, and he obliged, his thrusts violently lifting her up of the bed. He rested his arms and moved his head to her shoulder, where he licked a trail to her neck. She bucked her hips up and reached around to grab his ass, needing something to brace herself with. He then reached down and stroked her fiercely as he pounded into her, and Nacelle dug her nails into his arms, leaving horrible scars on his luminescent skin. He pinned her arms down, but then got a better idea.

He pulled out of her quickly, flipped her over on her stomach, lifted her knees up, and then rammed into her unexpectedly, eliciting another loud moan. He fucked her like he never stopped, placing his hands on her hips and pushing harder, as deep as he could. He soon felt her release start to come, and he reached one hand around and played with her breast, pinching her nipples with force.

That sent her over the edge, and her cries could be heard throughout the building as she came, her body violently convulsing underneath him. He then gave his last thrusts, and came after her, holding her hips tightly and shooting everything he had into her. He pulled out and turned her over, noticing the sweat beaded up on her forehead, and her weary expression.

Kissing her gently on the lips, he smiled, and covered up her naked body with her comforter. She reached out for him, and he took off his pants and got in next to her, holding her in his arms as they fell asleep.

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