The Circle of Friendship Begins

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Jack arrived home from a long day at work to see Jane dressed in the red nightgown he bought her for Valentine’s Day. She walked over to him with a wine in her hand. He accepted the glass and took a long drink. Jane kissed him tasting the merlot on his lips. She led him to the kitchen table, where she helped remove his clothes. Being newlyweds Jane’s aggressiveness did not surprise to Jack, and he hoped she would desire him the same way well into their golden years.

Between a full glass of wine and Jane’s revealing negligee Jack needed no further stimulation. His cock stood fully erect waiting to plunge inside her vagina. However, instead of lying down on the table, Jane knelt in front of him with her mouth wide open. She flicked her tongue teasing his ultra sensitive tip of his penis. She built to long licks from his balls all the way up the shaft. Jane knew he would come as soon as she put any pressure on his cock, so she slowed down and eventually stopped.

She stood up and looked at Jack, “oh, stop with those sad eyes. Just fuck the shit out of me for however long you can hold out!” she yelled at him as she lied back on the edge of the table. Jack wasted no time and walked right into her. He did not last very long. After five thrusts he could not hold back anymore, and he let loose deep inside of her.

As they washed each other in the shower Jack finally asked Jane, “what’s the occasion?”

She was not going to play coy by denying her intentions, but Jack would go along with that for about five seconds. Moreover, Jane had planned this answer, since she left Westchester earlier in the day. “Well you know I went to Pam’s today. She has such a great house, and we got around to talking about you and me moving up there. So we went with her friend Susan, who is a broker, to look at a few places, and I fell in love with a Tudor on a great piece of property. I know it will stretch us financially, and we’ll have to commute back to the city. But we want to have a family soon, and this will be better.” Jane hesitated to gauge Jack’s reaction. He had on his poker face, so she continued. “Many of our friends have already moved. I can work from home, and maybe you can also some days. I love this house!” She sounded more frantic than she wanted, but she got it all out.

Ordinarily Jack would placate her for a while, and then allow the subject to die down for a few weeks until her next trip to a friend outside the City. However, this time she had much more urgency, and she would probably do almost anything for this house. “Alright let’s go take a look, so I can see why you are so excited.”

The following Sunday Jane had Susan show them six houses including the Tudor. Jack took it all in stride asking pertinent questions, but he did not display too much emotion about any of the choices. On the train ride home he thought about what he would say to Jane. “I like the Tudor and the colonial in Rye very much. Also, all of your logic makes a lot of sense.”

Jane’s waning patience came through, and she interrupted with a “but.”

Jack finished, “We will still have to commute over an hour every day. Our social lives will change. We’ll have to postpone our trip to China, and all our extra money will go into fixing up the house. Basically, we’ll be living for the house for a few years. It’s not something I really want now.” Jane’s face dropped. “But I can see you are willing to sacrifice a lot.” Jack hesitated trying to read her face, and whether she would give in to his demand. “I’ll need you to give me a weekend. You will do everything I ask.”

Jane thought for a moment. “I can see we will have to make a lot of changes, but I love the Tudor. I want to have our family living in that house, and by the time we finish debating the merits of moving the house will be sold to someone else.” She paused for a second then continued, “plus, filling all your desires for a weekend sounds like fun. Nothing permanent or harmful, and I can back out of anything. But don’t worry I am game for almost anything. I’m so excited.” They used their secret handshake to seal the deal.

Jack got a hotel room overlooking Central Park for the next weekend. They both slept well in the room on Friday night, but they withheld from intimacy. Jack told Jane that over the next few days he would be sexually spent, so he wanted to save up his energy. On Saturday morning Jane left for the day spa. According to Jack’s instructions she was to have a complete body waxing, a massage, manicure, pedicure, and anything else she wanted. She was not to have her hair done because he would go with her later for that. He had some ideas. Jack had asked her to cut her hair shorter a few times, and Jane figured he would take this opportunity to get her to lop off a few inches. Jack instructed her to buy a short, loose-fitting dress, and she was to wear a thong underneath. She should also buy a pair of boots to match. “Just make sure you can walk in them,” he explained.

He waited for her canlı bahis şirketleri in front of the hotel, as she returned from her morning at the spa. “Wow, what a knockout,” he thought to himself as she walked over to him. He could see many men around the hotel checking her out.

“I’ve got to be careful. Everyone can see up this dress as I move around. Just a little wind and it will be over my head.”

“I’m counting on that,” he said. As a matter of fact don’t pull it down right away. I want lots of people to get a good view of that great butt.” Jane did not refuse. She also was quite proud of her butt, and this was a good chance to bring out her inner exhibitionist. They walked down into the subway. Jane was not sure where they were going, but she grabbed Jack’s hand as the train came out of the tunnel towards the platform. Jack knew this stop produced a great breeze and sure enough Jane’s dress blew up. He still had her hand, and he could sense she wanted to pull down her dress. But she held firm, and everyone saw her thong.

A group of teenage boys were howling, “Did you see that lady’s ass?” They were in heaven.

The train let them off in the Village. After lunch at an outdoor café near Washing Square Park they strolled by a barber shop that had some commotion going on. “Let’s go in here,” Jack said.

Jane noticed lots of video cameras and plenty of people. Many of them had buzzed hair or were completely shaved. There were even a number of bald women. Jane now knew why Jack told her to leave her hair alone at the spa. She was not going to have a trim; she was going to lose all of her hair. She thought about running out of there, but she committed to this day with the secret handshake. Moreover, she could see that Jack really wanted her to do this. Now she asked coyly, “what’s going on here? Why are all these people bald?”

Jack answered with a little embarrassment, but he did not provide his real reason. “It’s a cancer charity head shaving event. People raise a lot of money for this, and also donate their hair. I’m going to get a buzz.”

“That sounds pretty drastic. If you want that, then go right ahead.” Jane’s answer did not betray her knowledge of her own fate. They walked over to the table and found out the details about sponsorship and raising money. Most people had this lined up ahead of time. However, a lot of people walked in, and raised the money later. Jack got in line, sat in the chair, and had his head buzzed within 20 minutes. Jane rubbed his head enjoying the feel of the bristles.

“That feels cool. I wonder, if I got a buzz how much money could be raised?” Jane said seeking Jack’s reaction.

“Well, I kind of was going to ask you get a short haircut, and I already started your donation,” he responded with a stammer. He was ready to confess his hair fetish. “I fell for you and that pixie haircut you had the moment we met two years ago. Unfortunately, you have been growing it out ever since. You pretty much dismissed my suggestions to cut it again, so I dropped it. Now with this house thing I got my chance. However, I’ll let you back out of this, if you really want to keep your flowing locks.”

Jane looked him in the eye, “I love you. I’m ready. No backing out. We shook on it.” she said with as much confidence as possible. Jane got in line and eventually into a chair. Lots of people crowded around and the videos started. It was always great to have a woman in the chair at these events.

“You want a high and tight flat top,” Helen the barber confirmed with Jane.

Without any further hesitation Helen started cutting away Jane’s long dark hair making sure to reap good pieces for the wigs. Once Jane’s hair resembled the pixie had two years ago, Helen got out the clippers with a number 2 attachment. Jane bit her lip. Helen clipped all around Jane’s head leaving soft bristles. The barber changed guards to shape the flat top.

“You know what Helen. I really like the way this feels. But I’d be willing to go all the way, if we can raise $1000 right now,” Jane said with great shock even to herself.

“I’ve got fifty, here’s a hundred” cried members of the crowd. Before Jane knew it they collected the $1000.

Jack was dumbstruck. His wildest fantasy was coming true, and he had to partake. “I’ll put up another $1000, but I want to be the one to shave my wife’s head.”

Helen gladly handed Jack the clippers. He gave Jane a long kiss, and then he plunged the clippers with no guard into the shock of hair remaining on the top of her head. Up and over, side to side, and carefully around the ears he removed the remaining hair Helen had left behind. Only a slight dark shadow remained. Jane reached up and rubbed her hands all over her scalp. Jack did the same. Then he nibbled her nape and told her how gorgeous she was. After a couple of moments, he got a warm towel and rubbed Jane’s head with it. Jane had not yet seen herself; she was waiting for the finished product. The shaving foam came canlı kaçak iddaa next. Jack spread it all over her head, massaging it into her scalp. “Jane, I think a professional should give you the first shave. I don’t want to cut you. Helen you shave her smooth, and I’ll apply the lotion after.”

Helen took her time carefully avoiding any little nicks to Jane’s scalp. Jack stood in front of Jane. No words were said; they just locked into each other’s eyes. But the message from Jack was clear. “I love you. You are beautiful, brave, loving, and the best wife.” He saw in her eyes a look of contentment. Then as Helen was almost finished the look changed to the one Jane has, while she is bouncing up and down on his cock. “Oh man, she had an orgasm in the chair,” Jack thought to himself with absolute certainty. Jane just smiled. Jack came back into the moment. He took some lotion and smoothed into her scalp relieving any irritation. “Let me help you up. You’ve got to look at yourself. Jane, you’re gorgeous.”

Jane did not rise right away. She whispered, “Jack, do you have something in your backpack that I can wrap around myself. I think this dress might look funny.”

“You had that look about you. I think I have a jacket.” he whispered back into her ear.

After tying the windbreaker around her waist Jane looked into the mirror. She immediately brought her hands to her head. “Wow it’s so smooth. Jack, give me a good rub.”

“Jane, if I do that, I am going to have to take that windbreaker back from you. I’m dying here. I originally thought about parading your new look around the city for a while, but that will have to wait. Let’s get back to the hotel before I explode.” They said goodbye to Helen and all the patrons, who helped make the day more exciting.

Back at the hotel the bald couple quickly walked through the lobby to many stares in Jane’s direction. In the elevator hands groped heads and lips locked. Jack fumbled the key card, but he managed to get inside the room with his clothes on. Jane ran inside and pulled her dress over her head, and she slipped the thong down her legs.

Jack stared at her in a beguiled state. He was looking at the women he loved, bald and naked. “Jane, come over here and let me see how good a wax job they did.” He started to rub the smooth delicate skin of her mound and lips. Jack lied back on the bed. Jane climbed on top of him lowering her pussy onto his face. He barely touched her clit with his tongue, when she exploded. All of the excitement of the day washed through Jane’s body. She mashed her whole vagina into his face. Jack’s tongue was as far up as it could go. Finally exhausted Jane rolled off Jack settling her bald head into his arms.

“Jane, as much as I want to hold you, I will burst in a minute.” Jane answered his plea by unzipping his pants. Jack sat up on the edge of the bed, and Jane kneeled on the floor taking his erection into her mouth. After sucking him for only a minute Jack said, “I’m going to come in a second. You can either swallow my load, or I can come all over your head.”

Jane decided on both and she released his penis for a second to tell him, “I’ll lead you.” She engulfed him again, and Jack started to come in her mouth. She took out his penis in her hand and guided it to her bald head. Jack finished his orgasm by depositing the rest of his load on her scalp. Still quasi erect he stood back and watched Jane. She rubbed the cum into her head, as she rolled the first part of his orgasm in her mouth eventually swallowing it with great gusto. Again she gave him a huge smile. “Let’s go shower and clean off.”

Jack could not get this day out of his mind. Jane had been a great sport, and she even enjoyed most of it. He knew later in the week they would have to explain their appearance to everyone. “It was for charity,” he knew would be the excuse. That was partly true but not the real reason. In the meantime they had the rest of the weekend, and Jack could not wait to display his bald beauty.

“I hope Jen will be ready on time tonight,” Sam thought to himself as he put on his new blazer. It had been six months since they first started dating, and she was late more often than not. On their last date he waited for over thirty minutes. Granted the wait was worth his time because she paid for dinner, the movie, the popcorn, and she gave him the best head when they got back to her place. She did not want to fuck that night, but blowing his dick was okay. Who was he to argue?

Tonight they were going to have dinner in Soho, and then go over to a new club. Since Jen wrote and edited for a well known entertainment magazine, she got guest passes to these clubs all the time. Sam on the other hand did not like loud music, and these places tended to make him claustrophobic. However, she assured him the music would be great, and the dance floor had plenty of room. This time Jen was waiting for him as his Uber pulled up to her building. She looked great. Her blond hair hung canlı kaçak bahis straight down below her shoulders. He ogled her amazing body encased in tight leather pants, a halter top, and a matching leather jacket. Her breasts really knew how to fill out a halter. Jen hopped into the cab and gave Sam a big kiss. “I’m starved,” she announced. “I hear this restaurant has killer sushi.”

Sam shared a few cucumber/avocado rolls and a variety of sushi and sashimi. They downed two bottles of sake, and both of them had a sweet buzz heading over to the club. As their taxi pulled up in front, Jen could see the crowd of people waiting in line was going to have a long night. While Sam held the door for her to step out of the cab, another couple started to get in. The guy said to them, “this line is impossible. We waited over thirty minutes and did not move. I hope you guys have more luck.”

Jen felt bad for them and suggested that they come in the club using her pass. “Will that be a problem?” asked the women.

“No, I could probably get eight people in on this thing. Just follow me. We are Sam and Jen. What are you names?”

“Jane and Jack,” answered the women.

Sam could not take his eyes off this woman. She wore a short tight skirt with a pair of four inch heels. Normally, that would keep his attention focused on her ass. However, this time he could not take his eyes off of her head. It gleamed in the lights because no hair grew on it. She was completely bald. He wanted to touch her head to feel the smoothness he saw.

“What are you two drinking?” asked Jack. “At least we can try to repay the favor.”

“I’ll come with you,” said Sam. “Jen, are you good with a martini?” She nodded. Jack and Sam lined up at the bar, and Sam could not hold back his questions. “Wow, why did you guys shave your heads. You’re not a couple of college kids having a goof.”

Jack responded, “do you want the official response? We decided to make a charitable donation of cash and Jane’s hair. Now the real reason is she wanted a house in Westchester, and I got her for the weekend. Earlier today we wound up at a barbershop having a charity shaveathon. It was my idea for her to get a short haircut, but she got really into it and went for a total shave. We barely made it back to the hotel, and the sex we had this afternoon was insane. We would have stayed in all night, but I wanted to display my beautiful Jane in front of the world. Surprisingly, she loves this exhibition more than I do. I thought that her baldness would help us into the club, but the bouncer just said nice shave and the back of the line is over there.”

Sam responded, “She looks amazing. You are lucky to have her so enthused about the transformation. I started losing my hair in my twenties, so I am used to being bald for years. However, I have never been with a bald woman.’

They took the drinks back to the VIP table that Jen procured with her pass. Jane was finishing telling the same story to Jen. “Sam you need to feel Jane’s head. Don’t worry! I already asked permission for you.” Sam reached up to ply his fingers on top of Jane’s head. Jen noticed the erection growing in his pants.

After another drink Jack and Jane went to dance. Everyone in the place had their eyes on Jane. “She is quite a spectacle,” said Jen.

“She sure is,” agreed Sam. “Let’s dance for a while.”

After a number of dances Jen spoke to Sam. “Between the alcohol and the loud music, I’ve got a spitting headache. Please take me home. I think some coffee and Advil will help me.” They said goodbye to Jane and Jack. Sam slipped Jack’s business card into his pocket, as they walked outside. Their Uber pulled up in a couple of minutes, and Jen rested her head on Sam’s shoulder for the ride to her apartment.

“Sam, I need to run into Duane Reade to get some Advil. Please go to Starbucks and get me a latte. I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

As Sam returned with the coffee he thought to himself “At least she is not blowing me off tonight.”

In her apartment Jen and Sam sipped their coffee. “Feeling better?” he asked her not remembering, if she took the pills.

“Oh my head is fine. I needed to get out of there.”

“Why didn’t you just say you wanted to leave? You did not have to twist my arm.”

“I know, but then I would not have been able to surprise you.” She emptied the bag she got at the drugstore. Sam looked at a hair clipper, scissors, shave cream, razors, a cape, and Noxema. “I saw you look at Jane. And that erection you had while touching her head, very noticeable. She told me that Jack’s been horny all day. Did you know he came three times in a little over an hour? Not bad for a guy in his mid thirties. I want you to be able to do the same for me. Now you will always want me. Not just for my body, but for my head. Ha, I made a funny.”

Jen stood up and peeled off her pants. She wore no underwear. She untied her halter allowing her breasts to spill out.

Sam stood there startled. Of course he would shave her head and have crazy monkey sex with her, but he was not sure about the next step in their relationship. “What’s the matter with you he thought to himself? Shave her and fuck her. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.”

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