Teach Me Ch. 05

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Chapter 5. As always, reading the ones before will fill in the blanks. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

That was it, just a short 10 minute bathroom suck fest for another week. I tried to get a little action from her but she was very guarded about doing it in class. I tried to focus on my training and was doing the best work I had ever done since I had started. Coach was impressed at my focus and discipline. I was feeling good by the end of the week.

Friday rolled around and I came to class a little late that day. I walked into a very dark room with a movie just starting to play.

“Come here,” I heard her voice.

“Oh,” the class groaned in unison. I’m not in trouble I thought. Little did I know I was. I felt my way through the dark to her desk.

“I need you,” she whispered.

“Right here,” I asked surprised.

“Just touch me,” she begged as she turned her chair to face me.

“I don’t like this,” I whispered. She took my hand and put it under her skirt. It was short and loose. My hand touched two weeks of wet stubble. She was very wet and very naked under her little skirt. I couldn’t even see what she had on the room was so dark. Just a soft glow from the TV was the only thing that showed her to me. I couldn’t resist.

I ran my hands softly over her swollen lips and found her center. I buried my finger into her creaming hole all the way to my knuckle. She was soaking wet. I withdrew and ran my finger to her clit and drew very soft circles around it. Her breathing increased as I softly played with her slippery clit. She reached out and touched my cock.

“Leave it in there,” I whispered desperately. I wanted her but not with the whole class here. I would have taken it had we been alone.

“Yeah I know,” she huffed.

I checked over her shoulder to make sure everything was clear. I couldn’t see a thing since it was so dark. I could barely make her face out. I wouldn’t have known it was her if I didn’t know her pussy so well. I pushed my finger deep into her hole again before returning to her clit. Her juices were flowing hard now as she was close. I pinched her clit with my thumb and finger. She crushed my hand as she started to cum hard. I winced in pain and she bit her lower lip and rolled her eyes with ecstasy. She wiggled on the chair and opened her mouth and gasped silently as she continued to cum.

She opened her eyes and saw my expression. She opened her legs hard and banged the side of her metal desk. It made a loud thud. The class stirred as my hand quickly left her puss. The door opened and light flooded the dark room. Eyes squinted as they adjusted. It blinded us all and may have saved us as well.

She jumped to her shaky legs and started for the door. She wobbled a little as she walked. I couldn’t help but smell and taste her cum. Exquisite. I felt her chair. A puddle lay on the chair where she sat. I wiped it clean as the door opened and who ever had come in left.

“That was close,” she whispered as she returned. She scooted closer and we sat lips to ears so we could talk and not be heard.

“I know,” I replied.

“Sorry I crushed your hand but that was good,” she said.

“No action I take it,” I asked? Bad question to ask.

“Nope and I even tried the other night,” she said. “I am getting so despite.” I grumbled a little.

“He is still my husband,” she whispered. “You can’t be jealous.”

“I’m going to try and not be,” I said. “I am a little,” I admitted.

“You shouldn’t be,” she whispered. “He said he was tired and would try tomorrow, that was three days ago,” she continued.

“Maybe if you shave the shadow off,” I teased.

“Maybe,” she teased. “I haven’t had time to though.”

Her soft perfume and warm skin on my cheek were working thier magic on my hormones. I couldn’t help it as I inhaled her scent deeply before I tilted my head slightly. I softly kissed her neck just under her ear.

She signed deeply as she tilted her head to give me a better angle. I started working my way down slowly as my hand started back up her skirt. She pushed into my kisses letting me know it was okay to keep going. I reached the start of her jaw at her neck as my fingers found her wet outer lips. She moaned very softly as her hand went for my cock.

Hiss! The sound of somebody cracking open a soda bottle broke us out of the moment. She pulled away and stood.

“Who ever has the soda better put it away,” she said. Nobody claimed it was them but I heard some rustling.

She came back and pulled her chair quietly back to her desk. She leaned down to my ear.”We better cool it,” she whispered. I figured that out from the rolling chair.

She sat down and shook the mouse to wake the sleeping computer. A soft light came from the monitor as she crossed her legs and pulled herself under the desk.

She opened some papers and thumbed through them. I turned back around and watched the movie. I wasn’t going to get anything I thought.

The bell rung. Somebody flicked on the lights and everyone started to pack up. canlı bahis The class emptied out. I hung around as usual and waited. The coast was clear as I stood. She met me with a kiss. We kissed softly as I returned my hand under her rather short and wavy skirt. She whimpered as we kissed.

“Why don’t you tell asshole you have a teacher’s conference so you can stop by and we can fuck at my house,” I asked?

“Or, we can go out somewhere,” she said as she pondered the thought.

“I don’t have any money,” I replied. “It would have to be on you,” I continued.

“That’s not going to work,” she replied. “Teachers conferences are always paid by the school.”

“Well, try telling him that anyway and you can stay at my house, I will figure something out,” I pleaded. She thought. “Call me when you get home and tell me whether you can do it or not.” “Your pussy will thank you,” I said as I opened the door and walked out. I ran to the bus and hoped for a call.


The phone rang at half past four. I answered it and heard her voice. “I can come over,” she said quietly.

“What,” I asked not hearing her that well?

“I can stay,” she whispered a little louder.

“Oh, good,” I said. “This is going to be a little strange,” I said.

“What,” she asked?

“My mom wants to talk to you,” I started. She said that you could stay here while your house gets fixed, hint, hint,” I continued. “Your water heater broke and leaked all over the carpet.”

“What…. oh, I get it,” she finally caught on.

“Can you handle that,” I asked?

“If my pussy will thank me then yes,” she teased.

“Let me get her,” I said as I set the phone down and went to find her. Mom came and got the phone and talked to her a while. They were laughing and chatting as I sat on the couch and waited.

“She wants to talk to you again,” mom said as she set the phone down and walked away.

“What’s up,” I asked?

“That was fun,” she said as she started talking.

“You okay,” I asked?

“Fine,” she said. “I can stay for a few days if I like.” “Your mom seems to like me pretty well.”

“Good,” I said, “You two can be buddies then.”

“I don’t know about that,” she replied.

“I think she is happy with you for your help on my project,” I said.

“Well you did get a A+,” she teased.

“Yes I did,” I replied proudly.

“I’ll be over later I need to pack,” she said as I said good-bye and hung up.

Half past six she came over and knocked on the door. I answered and showed her in and around. We sat on the couch as we waited for my parents to leave for a while. Sarah was going to keep an eye on me so I didn’t get into trouble by having another party. The neighbors didn’t like it the last time I had one.

We watched some TV and talked as they went in and out of the room. They said thier good byes and told me to behave. We smiled as they shut the door and disappeared for the evening.

“I have to go to the store to get something for tonight or tonight won’t happen,” she said.

“You couldn’t have done that on the way over here,” I asked?

“It never crossed my mind until now,” she replied. “We aren’t at my house so it’s not like there is a drawer full of them.”

“I will be back soon,” she said. She headed out the door and left me on the couch.

She let herself in when she got back. I was in my room sitting on the bed when I heard the door shut. I greeted her at my bedroom door with a soft kiss. We slowly worked our way into my room and toward the bed. I bumped the bed with my legs.

I reached around and unzipped her dress. I slid it over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it as we continued to kiss. She reached for the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down onto the bed. She straddled my lap as she sat on my legs and continued to kiss.

She pushed on my chest and laid me down. She moved down to my chest and kissed it. She kissed my nipples and licked them a little. She looked at me with those wanton blue eyes as she went for my shorts. She slid my elastic shorts off revealing that I wasn’t wearing any else.

“Oh,” she said as she gave my cock a quick squeeze. “He’s happy to see me,” she smiled as she came back up and started to kiss my nipples again. I lay still wondering if this was another test.

She returned to my face and we passionately kissed. I reached back and struggled to unhook her bra. I worked for a minute but wasn’t having any success. She giggled a little at my situation and she sat up and leaned back. My cock pressed against her lips, pushing her underwear into her snatch a little as she unhooked it for me.

“You might need a little more practice,” she teased as she came back down and we resumed kissing.

My hands cupped the sides of her tits before I started working down. My fingers rippled down her ribs and over her hips as they touched her panties. I slid one hand under the elastic as my other softly scratched the small of bahis siteleri her back. I encountered no hair as my hand found her soaking wet lips. She wiggled a little as I started to rub her increasingly wet pussy.

“I shaved for you,” she panted as she sat up and slid her lace underwear off without losing contact with my finger.

“I see,” I said as she came back down and we continued to kiss. I left her puss and began feeling her body. I loved how soft her skin was. She settled down as my dick slid past her wet lips.

“Oh,” she growled as she felt the heat from my dick. She began to slide up and down on it, careful to keep it out.

She started to build a steady pace as my cock was coated with her juices. One little twist and I would have been balls deep into her hungry cunt.

She is going to get out of hand I thought as I grabbed her shoulders and moved her off of me.

“What,” she asked as I pushed her down?

“You know you are going to get to wild,” I teased.

“I won’t,” she pouted. I sat up and slid down her body to her legs. I positioned my mouth over her clam and started licked and sucking on her protruding clit. She wiggled and screamed with pleasure as she pulled my face hard into her box.

“This will make up for it,” she moaned.

I continued my assult on her clit as she continued to get wetter. I loved her scent and her taste. I couldn’t get enough. I slipped my finger into her seeping center and felt her pussy tighten around my finger. She was close.

She pulled hard as I bite at her clit a little and yelped, “I’m coming,” through clenched teeth.

I lapped up her juices as I used my fingers to spread her open. I knew only to continue for a little while. I released and kissed my way back up to her before I rolled off to lay next to her.

She rolled over and onto me and wrapped her legs around me as she kissed my neck. She softly rolled her hips and ground her pussy along the length of my dick as she had before. My will was melting as her wet hole coated my dick with fresh slippery cum. I wanted to push it inside and bury it to the hilt. Should I, I wondered? I can’t I thought. She made it clear to me that she didn’t want it in her until she had the pills. She sure was making it hard though. I couldn’t take it any more.

“No,” I said as I grabbed her shoulders and moved her off again.

“What,” she cried as I looked at her?

“You’re killing me,” I cried. My cock was so swollen and was coated with her cum and my pre cum.

“What do you want me to do,” she asked harshly? Like I was holding her back or something.

“What ever you want,” I said. “If you want it there than get back on and put it there,” I said blankly.

“We can’t,” she said as she sat up and got on all fours.

“I know, but you seem to want it,” I said slowly and deliberately.

She gave a growl as she bit her lower lip. “I so want to but you know that we just can’t without one,” she said softly. I already knew that.

“How about this,” she asked? I turned and looked at her lips peaking from under her perfect ass.

“The butt right,” I asked to make sure?

“Maybe,” she teased. I smiled at her as I set up and got behind her. I ran the tip of my dick into the pool of juice that was clinging to her lips.

She retracted her ass and said, “Wrong hole.”

“Oh,” I said teasing her.

“I didn’t think you were going to,” she said.

“I’m getting it wet,” I reassured her as I spit on her butt and lined my cock up.

“Well here,” she said as she scooted away and off the bed. She grabbed her bag and pulled out a small bottle of lube.

“Try this,” she said as she returned. I looked at it, KY warming I read as I opened it. I squeezed a little out onto her asshole. I positioned my cock over her hole and ran it over the pool of lube. I put it up to her puckered butt hole and carefully pushed it into her.

My head slowly opened her up and I eased into her hole. The head pushed past her ring. I stopped and waited for her to push back and continue to accept it herself. She pushed back until most of it was inside her. She rocked back and forth riding me.

“That was easier than the other night wasn’t it,” she asked? I didn’t answer, I was concentrating.

Her asshole was tight and the lube made it really wet and stimulating. I knew I wasn’t going to last long as the warming effect of the lube heated her asshole. I looked down and watched my cock saw into her ass. I looked at her flared hips and slinder body on the way to her head. It was buried into the pillow with soft moans of pleasure escaping her lips. I was so lucky I thought. I reached under her and rubbed her pussy to give her a little extra excitement and take my mind off my own.

I slowed to a stop as I rested but continued to rub her. She started pumping until I said, “I’m going to cum soon.”

“Me too,” she puffed. “Don’t cum yet, pull out and keep rubbing me,” she cried.

Am I going to have blue balls all night I wondered. I slowly pulled my cock from her asshole. bahis şirketleri I watched as my head appeared from inside slick with lube and pop out with a swish. Her asshole held its expanded shape for a second before closing slowly wondering where the invader had gone. I pushed her butt up to get her cunt to stick out further. I slid back on my knees and leaned down for a lick.

“Hum,” she growled. “That’s much better then rubbing,” she cried. I felt a rush of cum flood my mouth as she cried with pleasure. She shuttered as she came down from her high. I knew her body now and gave her slow and soft licks. She loved that I understood her now. I sat up as she pulled away. She turned quickly and grabbed my cock.

“Your turn,” she cooed. She took my shorts and wiped my cock off.

“Stand so it’s easier for me,” she requested. I slid off the bed as she reached out for my cock.

She leaned down and inhaled my swollen cock. She knew I wouldn’t last long and I would have a lot. She prepared as my ball contracted and fired. She opened her mouth and let shot after shot dump in as she jacked me softly. She caught every last drop before she swallowed and smiled.

“Um, that is so good,” she cooed.

“Fuck me,” I said. It was hot watching her that way.

“You like,” she teased. She ran her tongue around her mouth as I crawled back into bed. She knew how hot she was.

“Hot,” I cried. “Both the cum shot and that ky in your ass.” “My mouth is on fire too.”

“Hum,” she growled. She wanted more. She reached the tip of my cock and swallowed it up. My cock became hard in no time. She tried again to get all of it in. She got almost all of it before she had to pull back out.

“I’m going to get it all the way one of these time,” she cried. She reached for the bag of rubbers and pulled one out. It fell from her hands and she turned. She grabbed it from the floor and handed it to me.

“Where do you want me,” she asked as she sat there looking at me with her deep blue eyes and sexy little smile?

“Damn, you are sexy,” I said as I looked at her.

“Yeah,” she teased, “You already got me now so where do you want me?”

“I mean it,” I said as I motioned her up. “Maybe we could try doggy style,” I suggested.

“Sure,” she said as she turned around and presented her butt to me.

I took it in again. The curve of her back, the flare of her hips, the roundness of her ass. What a sight I thought as my cock swelled with desire.

I tore open the package quickly and rolled it out. I assumed the position behind her and slapped her wet little pink pussy with my dick. She shrilled as I entered her and stretched her. I started pumping at a slow pace.

“Harder,” she ordered as she dropped from her hands to her elbows, making her butt rise up and allowed a better angle. I started pushing it harder as she reached back and rubbed herself.

“Harder,” she ordered as she dropped down again and rested her weight on her head, neck and shoulder. I grabbed onto her hips and pounded her as she rubbed herself at a rapid pace.

I slowed as I felt a cramp start to form in my abs. She rose back up to her elbows and asked, “What’s wrong,” as she huffed with pleasure?

“I got a little cramp,” I said as I grunted with joy.

“Want to stop,” she asked?

“Hell no,” I said as I continued to push in and out. She continued to rub as I licked my pinky and touched her butt hole with it. I left it there for a second and then carefully pushed it in a little.

“Oh,” she cried as she wiggled a little. I slipped it in all the way and worked it back and forth. “Uh, that’s good,” she purred as she screamed with pleasure.

“You’ll like this then,” I said as I changed out my pinky for my thumb.

“Oh, yes, I love it,” she cried. I pushed down with my thumb in her asshole and felt my cock sliding in and out of her through the thin skin that seperated her holes.

I continued as she screamed, “I’m going to cum.” Her pussy contracted around my cock as I pumped.

“Oh I’m coming,” she cried out as she reached for my pillow. She buried her face into it and screamed. I pulled my thumb out and smacked her ass.

“Oh,” she teased as she turned to look at me. I smacked it again. “Ouch,” she cried as she looked. I grabbed onto her hips and started hammering her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh my gosh,” she screamed as I railed her. The waterbed helped my fucking. She held her arm over her shaking tits as I continued to hammer her. I got off both knees and went to just one. It increased my pace just a little. It sent me over the edge.

I pulled back on her hips hard as I grunted loudly as I shot off my load inside of her. She moaned with joy as she felt my cock expand inside of her to push out my seed. We collapsed, exhausted, and laid next to each other. I pulled the used rubber off and tossed it onto the floor. We curled up next to each other under the covers and kissed a little.

“You better go out to your bed,” I said as we started getting sleepy.

“I will,” she sighed, “I like lying in your arms.” She turned and smiled. Before I knew it we were asleep.

I woke up and went to roll over but something was weighing my arm down. I looked and there was Sarah. “Shit,” I said out loud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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