Tasneem, You Make Me Smile

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I was working as a contract computer trainer at a really small, Muslim-family-owned company. I was 27, recently separated, and a bit lost at times.

Tasneem was a member of the family that owned the business. She was youthful, cute and full of energy and smiles.

Where I live, Muslim families cover the full spectrum from very conservatively dressed (think women fully covered, including gloves and gauze over the eye slits of their headscarves) through to “modern”, “Westernised” women who don’t even wear headscarves on important religious days.

Tasneem was kind of in the middle of this spectrum. She wore a lightweight black robe over her normal clothes, and a headscarf at all times, but with her face fully exposed.

And what a face it was!

She had beautiful golden-brown skin, with strong features – dark eyebrows (I am such a sucker for dark eyebrows, go figure), full, pouty lips, and a delicate jaw line.

On the few occasions I had spoken with her, I had enjoyed her easy-going nature. Mostly I watched her from afar, watched her drinking in the flirtatious attention of the boys that hung around her.

One day I got to the office early, to find it locked, and only Tasneem waiting in the corridor outside. We chatted, about nothing in particular, with me simply enjoying her animated face, and wanting so, so much to gently bite her pouty lower lip. The tension in me was building moment by moment, until I just had to release it somehow.

I took a momentary lull in our conversation to look her in the eye and say, “You are really beautiful, and I would love to kiss you!”.

Her eyes widened, and she burst out laughing – the kind of laugh that is a mixture of surprise and delight, not one of derision (thankfully!).

I waited, breathless to see her further response, imagining/hoping that she would leap into my embrace and give herself over to the moment.

She paused, and then said softly, “Thank you. I have never been kissed, and I am going to wait for someone I am in love with.”.

At that point I felt really tender towards her, said “OK. I understand…” but I couldn’t resist, and added “Are you sure?” and grinned.

She laughed and nodded, and that was the end of that. I still saw her every now and then, and smiled at her the smile of someone loving her from afar.

Several months passed. Once I was catching the lift down to the ground floor, and so was she. We were alone in the lift. I just looked at her, enjoying her face, and not making any attempt to hide it.

I always find that furtively looking at someone feels creepy. On the other hand, I love those few moments I have experienced where I can be honest about my attraction without it being awkward for the woman – this was one of those times.

She looked at me curiously and asked, “Do you still want to kiss me?” I grinned like an idiot and nodded my head vigorously.

She just gave a small nod of acknowledgement, and with impeccable timing, the doors opened, and she swept gracefully out into the concourse. “Aaaaarrrrgghhh!!”

A few days later, the same situation occurred, just the two of us in the lift. I could see the tension in her shoulders as she stepped in and heard her take a deep breath. I turned towards her, about to ask her if she was alright, when she stepped right into my space, looked up at me and said “OK”.

I was so tempted to rush this, given that we only had 20 seconds or so until the lift stopped, but I found a calm settling over me. I placed my hands on her hips, slid them gently up her back, and drew her towards me. I brushed my lips over hers, savouring her soft, full mouth, and then gently bit her lower lip.

Her response was electrifying! She moaned into my mouth, pressed her body tightly against mine from head to chest to groin to thigh, and leaned in for a hungrier kiss. Ding! The lift door warning sounded, and we pulled apart, very mindful of the need for a “proper Muslim girl” not to be caught snogging in a lift!

We stepped out, both gasping for air and in a daze. We looked at each other and started laughing! She said “I have to go!” and I said “I’ll be riding that lift up and down all day tomorrow, if you are interested.” She touched her fingers to her lips, turned and walked off.

The next day, as I left the office, I noticed Tasneem grab her things and follow me out. We were careful not to make eye contact, or walk to close, given that we were surrounded by her family members!

When we got to the lifts, without canlı bahis looking at her, I asked her if she wanted more that 20 seconds. In response, she lightly grasped my fingers. I drew her away from the lifts, and up the nearby staircase, which only led to the lift machine room.

Soon we were standing on a darkened landing, breathing each other in, and waiting. We started as we had the day before, with soft exploratory kisses, my hands on her shoulder blades, and hers on my biceps.

Soon we were open mouthed, with questing tongues, and bodies rubbing up against one another. My hands moved all over her back, sliding over the sheer material of her black robe. I traced the lines of her neck and shoulders, ran my hands over her waist, and then slid my hands onto her curvy tight ass and pulled her hard against my straining cock.

“Oh! I love this! I didn’t know…” she whispered in my ear. Then she drew away, slipped silently down the stairs, and went back to work. I waited for my cock to subside, and my breathing to return to normal, and then went on my way home, stunned at the passionate intensity of someone I assumed would be repressed and disempowered – clearly, I needed to update my notions of the personalities “underneath” the robes of Muslim women.

We grabbed a few more moments like these over the next few weeks, but it was getting harder and harder to break away. We wanted more!

As I was getting in my car in the parking lot, I heard “Pssst!” and looked up to see Tasneem running towards me. “Can I get a lift?” she said, as she hopped into the passenger seat and clipped the seatbelt. “Sure. Where to?” I asked. “Your house!” she grinned.

As we drove, I ran my hands over her legs and hands, enjoying her firm body. At first, she hunkered down in the seat, hidden from view, but as we got further from the office, she relaxed and sat up.

“So, what are we going to do at my house?” I asked. “Hmmm! We are going to kiss and touch and enjoy each other” she said, “without having to worry about being caught”.

I pulled into my garage, and we went inside to the lounge. I started kissing Tasneem, only to have her pull back. I was surprised, until she undid the clip of her headscarf, unwound it, and shook her hair free. God, she was gorgeous! She had shiny black, wavy shoulder length hair that softened her face.

“It’s nice to see you” I said, running my hands over and through her hair. She responded with a warm, full-bodied kiss that took our intimacy to another level. We stood entwined, kissing with such hunger and need.

I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. She hesitated at the doorway, so I turned to her and said “Everything you want to do, nothing that you don’t. This is a safe space for loving and exploring.”

“Thank you” she said, walked in and stood awkwardly by the bed.

“Tasneem, its lovely to see your hair. Do you want to show me more of yourself?”.

Without looking at me, she undid a few buttons on her robe, and pulled it up and over her head, dropping it to the floor, and dropping her arms to her side. She just stood there in her “Western” clothes, head down and still.

She was wearing a tight white t-shirt that accentuated the lines of her shoulders and collar bones and clung to her pert small breasts. Her tummy was flat, and her hips had a gentle girlish charm in her fitted jeans.

I let my soft gaze roam her body as I waited for her to look up. When she did, I smiled and said “Hello, beautiful!”. We moved together into a warm embrace, still standing next to the bed.

I could feel her complex mix of excitement and hesitation. We had reached a fork in the road.

“Have you ever explored a man’s body?” I asked. She just shook her head. “Would you like to explore mine?” A small nod.

I sat down on the bed, pulled off my shoes and socks. I stood and in one continuous movement pulled off my shirt, dropped my longs to the floor and slid out of my underwear. My cock was glad for the release, dropping and bobbing free at last!

I grinned at her, spread my arms and said “Ta da!”. She made brief eye contact and then looked away. “Tasneem! You can look at me, you can touch me, you can kiss me all over. I promise I will enjoy it. Anything you want to do, nothing you don’t.”.

With that, she started the most intimate exploration of my body and being I have ever experienced. Her eyes followed her fingertips as they moved over my shoulders, chest, arms, hips, dodged my cock, flowed down my legs, up over bahis siteleri my ass and up my back.

She lent in, smelling my skin, pressing her lips to my skin and gliding them across my shoulders and chest.

I sank down onto the bed, drawing her down onto me. She moved in to kiss me and ended up with her jean-covered thigh pressing down on my throbbing cock. She froze!

I encircled her, moving her next to me. As I kissed her, I placed her palm on my cock, and waited to see what she would do.

“So soft” she said in a whisper, drawing her fingers across my girth.

“So hard” she said, encircling my cock and squeezing slightly.

I responded with a hungry, absolutely desperate kiss, my hands involuntarily grabbing her breasts for the first time. I felt her suck in air like she was drowning. I came to my senses and pulled my hands away.

“Tell me about your breasts”, I said. “I want to know their shape, what colour your nipples are, what they taste like, do they like to be sucked?” She giggled and said, “I have no idea!”. All this time, she had a possessive but comfortable hold on my cock.

“Tasneem, please give your body to me, as I have given mine to you. I want to see you naked, and explore you.”

“Um!…The thing is…I want to…I’m a…I’ve never…”

“You are a virgin”

“Yes. I am, and…”

“You have to stay a virgin for your marriage night.”

“Yes” she said, with relief.

“So how about we love and explore and pleasure each other, we make love in every way except cock in pussy. I want to make you the most well fucked virgin in the world.”

She kissed me, hard, and murmured “Yes” into my mouth.

My heart was pounding as I pulled her back to her feet, and proceeded to undress her. First the t-shirt, then her shoes and jeans, down to her cute plain white underwear. She was shaking with nervousness and desire.

I moved behind her, pressed my body to hers, and breathed in the scent of her skin. As I kissed her neck, I unclasped her bra and slid it from her body, followed to the floor by her panties.

Still behind her, I used the press of my body to move her onto the bed, spooning as closely as I have ever done. I wrapped my arms around her, my hands cupping her naked breasts, revelling in the feel of her hard nipples and firm flesh. My cock was pressed up against the first flesh of her curvy ass, and I was in heaven!

She rolled over to look at me, and I said to her, “show me your body”.

She took a shallow breath, lay on her back, lifted her arms above her head, pressed her breasts out, arched her back and spread her legs. Her movement reminded me of a flower opening in a time lapse movie. I have never seen a movement so graceful and natural and free. It is committed to my memory forever.

My explorations mirrored hers from earlier. I followed the lines of her body with my eyes and fingers and mouth.

The golden brown of her face continued over her entire body – no tan lines or any evidence that any part of her had seen more sun than any other.

Her small, taut breasts were capped with dark, intense nipples, long and hard. When I tasted them, she whimpered and pressed her body up towards my face. Her nipples tasted delicious, subtly different from white women I have tasted. She was the first Indian woman I had been intimate with, and I guess the taste and smell of her reflected the difference in diet. I was totally captivated by the full experience of her – sight, taste, smell, touch, everything!

I moved down her body, planting light kisses as I went, heading for her pussy!

I could feel her starting to tense, and then finally jumping in alarm, as my lips brushed the crest of her pussy mound.

I came back up to head height and kissed her some more, moving my hands all over her smooth skin.

“I want your pussy! I want to do everything to pleasure you. I want to know how you come. I want to be able to walk past you at the office, and remember the colour and folds of your pussy, the smell and taste of you. I want to have a conversation with you about nothing in particular, all the while remembering the sound of you having an orgasm.”

She took my hand and placed it on the swell of her breast, where I could feel the pounding of her heart.

She then dragged my hand down her body, between her legs and onto the swollen wet lips of her shaved pussy.

I kept eye contact with her as I explored her folds, with light touches of just one finger, followed by my whole bahis şirketleri hand grasping her mound, and one finger dipping towards her entrance.

She whimpered and spasmed against my body, bumping up against my cock. As if reminded it was there, her hand snaked out to wrap around it, and then to move up and down a little. “My friend Ilhaam told me boys like this”, she said with an enquiring tone. “Mmmm” I murmured in her ear.

I switched to 3 fingers along the length of her pussy. The outer two pressed against her fleshy lips, pulling her clit around, and the middle finger siding into her cleft, with the tip just dipping in and out of her. She went wild!

I bent my head, captured her thrashing body by the nipple, and sucked almost the whole of her breast into my mouth.

Her hand clenched my cock, her breathing turned to a desperate pant, and with a squeak she came, her body shuddering next to mine.

I just held her as she came down and then with a grin said “Now I know how you come, and what sounds you make”. She just grinned and snuggled into me.

“I still don’t know how your pussy tastes” I said, as I extracted myself from her embrace, flipped around and darted my tongue into her pussy cleft. She screamed and spasmed afresh.

“Oh! Oh! Fuck!” she gasped, which I took to be encouragement, and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and started swirling my tongue over them.

I collapsed next to her, my cock lying on her breast, and proceeded to give her an extremely comprehensive pussy licking. She just melted into it, lying back at ease, moaning and caressing my body and her own breasts like they were part of one being.

Mischievously, I started pumping my cock over the crest of her breast, my slippery pre-cum making the friction delightful rather than irritating. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it even more vigorously over her nipple, grunting with each pass. This took her over the edge, and she came, hard against my face, grunting, moaning and making unintelligible sounds.

We both collapsed, sweaty and gasping on the bed. My head was by her thighs, and my cock was brushing up against her cheek.

After a while, she turned her head so that her eye and the eye of my cock lined up.

“Hi!” she said, talking to my cock. “You are a strange but interesting creature. It is a pleasure to meet you!” With that she planted a playful kiss on the tip, causing me to explode with pent up passion. I leapt up and she sat back, eyes wide in shock. “Sorry” she said.

She looked lovely, sitting up with wide eyes, breasts jiggling, and the flush of the well-fucked spread across her chest.

I needed to stick my cock in her. Now! With her pussy off limits, and given her inexperience, I should have hesitated, but I was beyond control. I shuffled across the bed, and thrust my aching cock between her open pouting lips.

She pulled back in shock, looked at me for a second, then darted forward, mouth wide open and sucked in half my cock!

“Keep your teeth out the way and use that lovely tongue of yours.”

With an intensity I have never experienced since, she did just that, licking, sucking and kissing my cock till I felt my balls tighten.

I pulled out and bent down to eye level.

“I’m going to cum soon. Do you know about how guys come?” Shake. “We spurt a few teaspoons of salty liquid that contains the sperm.” Giggle. “Some women don’t like the guy to come in their mouths. Others don’t mind, and swallow it. Some guys like to come on the woman’s face and breasts.” Grimace.

Softly “What do you like?”

“I would like to stay in your mouth while I cum. I would like you to keep sucking and licking while I cum until I can’t take it anymore. When I touch your shoulder, I’ll need you to stop”.

“OK” and with that she returned to giving me the best blowjob of my life.

I lay back, relaxing, watching her head bob, her breasts jiggle, and the curve of her ass beyond. Soon I could feel myself going over. “Don’t stop!”

She carried on, her finger tips on my balls as they tightened until I started cumming, squirting into Tasneem’s beautiful mouth, over and over until I just couldn’t handle another swirl of her tongue, and I touched her shoulder insistently.

She pulled off, with cum leaking from the corner of her mouth.

Then she sat back on her knees, straightened her back, pressing her breasts out. With an impish smile, she looked at me and swallowed my cum. God, she was so sexy! Another video recording in my mind forever.

Totally spent, we lay back, entangled, enjoying our nakedness and chatting easily. I kept drinking in every detail of her being, mindful that this may never happen again.

And it never did.

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