Spring Break

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“Oh my God, Hannah, this was such a good idea.”

My friend Lauren took a sip of her third screwdriver, stretching out luxuriously on a beach chair. She looked great in a new skimpy bikini, which accentuated her flat stomach, perky round breasts and toned thighs.

“This is going to be the best spring break ever.”

I sipped my half empty glass of margarita and made affirmative noises as I flipped through my book.

I didn’t expect a whole lot, to be honest. I wanted to have some drinks, get a tan and finish my final paper on world poverty so I could finally relax.

Lauren had been watching a couple of boys surfing for a while now, occasionally making offhand comments about being single. Her boyfriend had dumped her a few months ago, and she was determined to find us some guys to “have some real fun with.”

I agreed, only because I assumed we’d do what we always did: have some drinks, bitch about being single, get sunburnt, then go home and pig out on pizza and wine and be in bed by ten.

One of the boys had looked over at her a couple of times. She had progressively shed more layers of clothing with each drink, occasionally bending over to get some trivial thing out of her bag, flaunting her body or running her hands through her hair.

Looking emboldened this time, she set her empty glass down with a clunk and pulled out some sunscreen.

“I’m going to get them to come over here,” she said decidedly.

“Okay then,” I replied, not looking up from the page I was reading.

As one guy hauled his board up and started walking towards our spot, she waggled her hand and gestured him towards us.

“Hey!” she yelled, her words sounding a little slurred, “Can you help me??”

She pouted a bit, motioning with her sunscreen bottle. One of the guys leaned over, saying something to the other man, and they headed way.

I had to admit, she’d made a good choice. Both guys wore low slung trunks, showing off tanned, lean bodies and ripples of muscle. As they got closer, I noticed that they were both good looking with sharp features and angular faces.

“Hi,” Lauren purred, reaching out to shake hands. “I’m Lauren.”



They looked at her like one of the triple scoop ice cream cones being sold in the ninety degree weather.

She giggled, flirted, swayed as they talked, explaining they were staying nearby on beachfront property that an uncle owned. I could see Lauren’s eyes light up, as we were currently staying at a cheap hotel a couple hours from here.

“Would you help me put on some sunscreen?” she finally cooed, fluttering long lashes and gripping her hands together güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in a way that pushed out her cleavage.

“Sure.” They said in unison.

She shook out a beach towel, squirted some lotion into both of their hands and then stretched out on her stomach.

I watched, fascinated that she’d actually pulled this off. Both guys gave each other a look of disbelief, then knelt next to her.

Seth, who had blonde hair and freckles, started at her shoulders while Brian sat cross legged at her feet and began massaging her calves. She sighed as their hands stroked along her body, then reached back to undo her bikini top when it got in the way.

They talked about their plans for the week, then Lauren mentioned my name and, on cue, they both glanced towards me.

“Hannah, come over here.”

Resigned, I tossed my book aside and carried my towel with me.

“Hi,” I said, one eyebrow raised.

“Hi,” they echoed back, grinning. Brian had dark brown hair that fell across brown eyes. I couldn’t help but think he was super cute.

“Nice tattoo,” he said, indicating the feather on my forearm.

“Hannah burns easily,” Lauren commented, shooting me a sly smile. “She has delicate skin.”

“Is that so,” Seth said with laughter in his eyes.

Both boys lathered up with sunscreen again and motioned for me to take my place next to Lauren.

Still amused and slightly nonplussed, I mentally shrugged and laid out on my stomach. It was supposed to be a vacation, after all.

I closed my eyes as foreign hands and cool lotion slid across my skin. Both were gentle and slightly tentative, but gained confidence as I let myself relax. I felt Brian’s hands undo my bikini top and it felt like hours while they covered every inch of us in sunscreen.

I imagined they ran out of sunscreen when I finally surfaced, realizing I had almost drifted off to sleep. Lauren was sitting up and let out a loud laugh. I opened my eyes just in time to see Seth lean over and kiss her, his hand resting on her ribcage.

“Hey, you guys want to come grab something to eat with us?” Brian suggested.

Lauren quickly agreed, and they helped us gather up our stuff.

Within the next hour, we had gone out for burgers and were invited to stay with them at Seth’s uncle’s place. Before the sun had even started going down, we found ourselves at a beautiful beach house, complete with a pool, hot tub and fully stocked bar.

I had had a few more drinks, and Brian had been increasingly flirty as the night wore on. Lauren and I had changed into evening wear and makeup, her in a short shorts and a güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tank top, me in a short white summer dress and yellow heels.

Somehow, a game of spin the bottle came up, and before we knew it we were sitting around and taking turns with increasingly risque dares.

“Kiss Hannah,” Seth demanded when the bottled landed on Lauren.

Lauren sidled up me and, both of us giggling, gave me a slow and sultry french kiss.

Both men hooted and groaned as she made out with me. I felt light headed and giddy at their shouts of encouragement.

I spun the bottle this time, and it landed on Brian.

“Take off your shirt,” I taunted, and, turning on the stereo system, did a short strip tease for full effect. We all hooted with laughter, glasses clinking with the sound of crashing waves in the background.

Lauren spun this time and the bottle landed on me.

“Give Brian a lap dance!” she instructed.

With the music pounding, I slowly sauntered towards Brian, who had been plunked into a chair. Swaying a little with the music, I ran my hands up my body and into my hair, sashaying my hips and turning circles. I straddled his lap, running my hands up his chest and then over the tops of his thighs.

He leaned back casually, looking amused as I turned ground my hips down against him.

“Damn,” Seth commented distantly, then decided to get some action of his own and grabbed Lauren as she giggled. “You girls sure are sexy.”

“Mmmhmm,” Lauren planted a kiss on his mouth.

“Hey,” she said, as if just suddenly struck with the idea, “You guys want to have some fun together?”

The boys eagerly agreed. She grabbed Seth’s arm and drug him towards the bedroom. Following suit, Brian swept me up off my feet and laughing, we made our way drunkenly after them.

“Okay, okay,” Lauren said, trying to balance herself, “Both of you get naked.”

“Wait,” I said, “Are we really doing this?”

Lauren looked thoughtful for a minute, then asked them both, “Do you guys have condoms?”

They did. Lauren turned to me.

“You wanna?”

In my drunken and aroused state, I considered for a moment.

“Okay,” I said, “But…”

“Safeword!” Lauren exclaimed, giddy. “We need a safeword.”

Glancing at a pack of Extra on the bedside table, I said, “How about Bubblegum?”

“Good, good,” Lauren agreed. “Okay, condoms, safeword, we’re good?”

“So good,” Seth agreed enthusiastically, pulling her close and working his hands under her cropped shirt.

“Definitely good,” Brian winked, planting a tentative kiss on my lips.

Mmm. He was a good kisser. güvenilir bahis şirketleri My head swam as he deepened the kiss, letting my arms wrap around his neck. His hands slid slowly up my thighs to cup my ass. He squeezed gently and I felt his erection grow through his board shorts.

Were we really doing this?

Lauren was already topless, I looked over, distracted, as Seth gently bit and suckled at her nipples.

Brian pulled my dress over my head, then eagerly followed suit, cupping each of my bra cups in his hands. He kissed me again, squeezing and kneading through my bra, then reaching around to fumble with the clasp.

“You are so sexy,” he mumbled in my ear, his words as intoxicating as the alcohol buzzing through my system.

He kissed his way along my neck, nibbling on my ear. I could hear soft groans as Seth and Lauren fucked on the coach.

Brian pulled me towards the bed, tugging me onto his lap. I straddled him once again as he let my bra fall to the ground, then took one breast into his mouth.

“Oh, God,” I moaned as he squeezed and sucked, running his tongue over my nipple until it grew hard, one hand holding me firmly around the waist and his other hand dipping into my underwear. I felt his thumb brush my sensitive core and shuddered.

“Oh, baby, you’re so wet,” he said softly.

Both hands gripping my hips, I ground against him as he kissed me deeply. I could feel his thick cock pressing through his shorts.

“I want you,” I heard myself say.

Turning, he reversed our positions until I was on my back, and helped me shimmy out of my underwear. Quickly, he undressed and ripped a condom open. He was lean, tan and well hung, I couldn’t help but stare.

His mouth quirked in a smile as he crawled back to me, laying his body over mine. I felt the head of his cock pressing into me, his bare chest heavy on mine. Slowly, he entered me, flexing his hips forward.

“Oh, God, you’re so tight.”

The feeling was exquisite as he pulled out, then pressed gently back halfway in, filling me but not completely. He did that a few times, until I craved more, my nails digging into his back.

“More,” I begged, clawing at his hips.

He thrust into me, until he filled me completely, and I groaned loudly.

“Oh, yes,” I said breathlessly as he fucked me, picking up the pace. “Oh God, fuck me. Harder.”

He held down my hands, thrusting hard, skin slapping skin.

“Oh yeah, baby, spread those legs,” he commanded, pumping me harder.

I wrapped my legs around him, feeling myself grow tighter.

I screamed when I came, gripping his hands as he held them over my head and arching my back.

He flipped me over, pulling my hips up and fucked me from behind. Reaching a brutal pace, he emptied himself with a loud moan.

Spent, he pulled me up against him and I rested my head against his chest.

All of us exhausted, we fell into a temporary sleep.

-to be continued-

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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