Spanish Goddess Seduces a Lover Ch. 01

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This story is complete fiction and nothing about it is real. Everyone is way over 18 and the Spanish goddess has a heavy Latino accent. To add realism to her dialog I typed the words as though I heard her speak them in my mind, and they are not typos. Therefore while reading them, sound out the syllables since it is how she pronounces the words to the best of my ability anyway. Being around Hispanics like I have for years gave me insight to write this and some of her accent I made up to add interest. I hope you enjoy my fantasy fling, I really enjoyed creating it.

By D. Byron Post


I just walked out of the courthouse and proceeded to the parking lot, I heard the birds chirping and other sounds filling the air as life for everything else went on like normal. I felt alone and numb as I got into my Luxury SUV, one of the few remnants I had left of a once, nice, happy, lifestyle. Now it finally hit me, I was irrevocably divorced. She wanted it over a year ago and did everything to pay for and initiate it. Slowly realizing I was now homeless and jobless the hopeless feeling of depression started to set in. The drive home was mindless and as I pulled into my parent’s driveway I wondered how I got there. Decades of going to their house had wired my brain into autopilot.

Fast forward 5 years, being 50 Plus now I still had not even been on a date, not sure if I wanted a relationship or not. Oh I wanted, no needed to be with a woman after having made long, sensual, passionate love for over 2 decades of marriage. Trying on-line dating sites turned me off even more as the supposed women in foreign lands in the chat rooms trained to entice lonely old men out of their money with fake pictures and fake names. Or at the other extreme were desperate lonely women way over weight with photos that magically hide the obesity. None of the women I found remotely attractive who seemed legit, wanted anything to do with me. They had one excuse after another, never answered the “flirt” or what ever I sent them. I was not going to waste money on that each month. So my self esteem was shot from rejection and being laid off several times the last few years in the horrible economy. I had no money to date, let alone do anything thing like the normal life I had just a few years earlier. So now I lived like a pauper and a hermit. I was unemployed for over a year, then only working part time at several different jobs over the next few years.

Then last year I finally got what seemed like the perfect job I loved again, being the company computer person.

I was very good at it having done it for 2 decades and enjoyed being able to help the staff with any issues that arose. Some issues were very simple like shutting the printer off or telling them to reboot. I created programs and macros which made life easier for all of us at work. I have to get rid of viruses from time to time and do other highly technical tasks on the network as well. I was now also the maintenance man it seemed as the position become open. I am good with my hands and simple tasks like changing light bulbs and painting come up constantly were among the easier things I did. Being one of the few guys I get called upon a lot. I keep my tools in my SUV all the time now for just such cases. Since my schedule can be flexible, I can run and do something quickly when the need arises. They have come to depend on me for the odd jobs as well as computer support. I love being needed now for all my tasks, and I switch hats as they say constantly throughout the day. Not like before at some companies where I was just another number on the time clock in a revolving front door workplace so to speak.

I was the I.T. Guy as someone said coming up with a new title for my new position. They had no on staff I.T. person before so they loved the fact that I could come quickly and solve an issue instead of waiting days. This was my new lease on life and I loved the job. Everything was as normal as could be in a great recession. I still live like a pauper on the part time salary but did’nt have to worry too much about having enough money to meet my meager expenses. I was still not dating or anything resembling being remotely close to a woman except interactions at work. This plagued me constantly and I was way long past time to be with a woman again. I dreamed and fantasized about just holding a woman let alone making passionate love to her as I had done so many times before during marriage. Both of my previous marriages were to very large women though and moving into their houses since I still lived with my parents. I got married to them each time partially to get away from my parents. After the first divorce it was back to my parents since I did not have anywhere to live. Then after losing a lot of extra weight while working out constantly, I took the next two years to get my life back on track. But needing be with a woman again I got married the second time.

Being attractive in shape and as she would soon find out a fantastic lover having 10 years of practice married to the first wife. I did love both my wives a lot and they canlı bahis were both very voluptuous and they taught me how to make love to them and how to treat them with respect. I could not help but worship their huge breasts. After my second divorce I yearned to be with a slender woman though. Wearing glasses, being skinny and way too shy in high school to even ask anyone out, I missed my opportunity to be with someone young and slim. Both wives were older than me so I have no idea what it is like to be with a gorgeous, slender, younger woman. Now at 50+ that is a long gone, missed opportunity and I kick myself saying, if only I knew then what I know now. My luck was about to take a 180 turn for the better and make a life long fantasy come true of being with a slender gorgeous woman.

We worked together and I met with her more and more frequently as computer issues arose now and then. I was attracted to her from the beginning since she was many inches shorter than me and slender or so it seemed at first. I joked she looked like a child sometimes when I saw her from afar. She had just turned 40 though, but to me she looked late twenties. Her straight black hair framed her face exquisitely with bangs on top. Her hair style reminded me of the much younger Terri Nunn of band Berlin back in the 1980’s except it was all black. It was one of my favorite hair styles and I loved black haired women for some reason.

They say gentlemen prefer blonds, maybe since I preferred dark haired women I thought of myself as a rebel, and in fact I was quite a loner and did not go with the norm. She was Hispanic and her bronze colored skin was exquisite with just the tiniest hint of dark hair on her forearms. I have soft dark wispy haired forearms, legs and chest and somehow was intoxicated by women who had slight body hair. Her eyebrows were very thick black and more than manly. But her face was that of a goddess, perfect in every detail. Her large dark eyes and small nose were very appealing to me. Her figure although very slender was far from skinny or boney. Her breasts jutted out past the sides of her frame but only noticeable in certain tops.

It was almost like she was two different women. If she wore baggy comfortable cloths she seemed to have no figure at all. She looked way more slender and there was no hint of the exquisite sensual shape that lay beneath. I reasoned since she was so attractive she made herself down and wore baggy cloths. She did wear makeup but the newer fresh look I guess they call it. But the few days she wore a tight knit dress or tight top, her figure was stunning and very curvy, not too athletic but very fine.

Her oh so narrow waist was contrasted by her curvy butt which was very stunning to me in a particular dress she wore once a month or so. Not fat but very shapely and very grab-able and an enticing giggle that had my loins stirring. In the right shirt her cleavage keep me on my toes not to stare so blatantly that it made her self-conscious which I inadvertently did from time to time.

To me she was a goddess, the rare combination of female attributes passed on from ions of mating to form her into an exquisite female. Her voice was soft and slightly lower and she would blurt out excitedly from time to time. Her Hispanic accent was mesmerizing to me. She was very emotional and she laughed constantly, she smiled effortlessly and her perfect teeth made me stare at her mouth and soft full lips. This drew me to want to be near her and I found myself drawn to her. I came out of my I.T. hole whenever I heard her distinctive voice.

She was in the copier/printer room frequently getting supplies and making copies which she needed to do often. This was a central gathering place for most of us throughout the day as we did the days work on computers. Anastasia was her name and she was to me a Spanish Goddess. She was in her second marriage I found out through various conversations we had, and obviously had taken good care of herself.

One day I noticed she was crying as she wiped the tears from her eyes to hide her shame. I was one of the first to find out the issue being the IT guy, her information needed to be changed in the computer system. No words were spoken as to exactly what was wrong though.

“Seniorita,” as I called her, “What’s wrong?” I said quietly.

She looked into my eyes as she used one finger to wipe her flowing tears from her cheeks.

“Eats Ova!” she blurted in her Hispanic accent shaking papers at me.

“What’s over?” I said.

She just shook her head and clinched her mouth; her lips trembling as she tried in vain to hold back the crying and tears. She was shaking her gorgeous head and looking up slightly to get the hair off her face and looked up at the ceiling trying to compose herself and speak. As her eyes welled up with tears again she put her head back down, hair falling forward as she was shaking her head. She was too upset to utter a sound, wiping the cascading tears from her face with her fingers and thumbs. I could barely make out the all too familiar look of legal divorce documents she clutched in her hand.

As bahis siteleri she got up and tried to walk away she started to wobble and was about to fall over from her state of shock. I instantly lunged forward and grabbed her in a bear hug from behind and she fell back to me. I was surprised at how light she felt as she leaned on me. Being a virgin til age 22 and getting married to a large woman I never held a slender lady ever. Being with very large women I could normally not get my arms around, I was amazed I could wrap my arms all the way around her. She was like a child in my muscular arms. As I eased my squeeze on her,

“Hold me, Hold me.” she quietly said and was trembling as she started to cry uncontrollably.

I helped her move to the nearest chair and she fell into it.

“Aye” she exclaimed while I grabbed a box tissues and handed it to her. She looked directly into my eyes in wonderment at the kind gesture.

“I can’t continue… I have to go home.” Anastasia said as she put her head down and started sobbing.

I was heading back to my room since she had calmed down.

“You have to take her home; please will you take her home!” our manager blurted.

I looked a little shocked at the manager as she spoke.

“Now! She lives near you. You don’t have to come back since its late and a long drive. But make sure she is alright, Ok”.

“Uh sure,” I said.

“I fear for her safety.” our manager said quietly.

I moved over and kneeled down to Anastasia and as I reached out my hands toward hers I could see the scar lines crisscrossing her wrists and I knew instantly why our manager wanted me to attend to her.

“Anna, I want to take you home.” I said softly.

She looked up and shook her head to move the hair from her eyes then looked at me with her large doe eyes and smiled briefly at me.

“Let me help you up.” I said and helped her to her feet holding her slender shaking body toward me. Our manager grabbed my shoulder and whispered in my ear as we were leaving.

“Promise me you’ll stay with her.” Our manager said.

As I glanced at her I could see the worry in her face. I nodded and Anastasia and I very slowly hobbled out to my SUV. I had to support her since she could barely stand if at all. Neither of us spoke a word as we walked. I didn’t want to pry or upset her anymore having to speak about her traumatic experience while she was wiping her nose and eyes the whole time.

My SUV was nearly too high for her to get in, so she leaned on me while trying to get into it. Her dress was scrunching up barely revealing her pink panties as she climbed up in. My eyes were glued to her curvy, tan, smooth as silk thighs and calves which were so shapely and exquisite. I stared at them as she wiggled in the seat to get all the way in. She was not interested in straitening her dress in her state of mind. She did notice where I was gawking though and then looked directly in my eyes. She was shaking her head to get the hair out of her eyes and get an unobstructed view of me. She did not say a word but only sniffled and blotted her nostrils with a tissue as we starred into each others eyes for the longest time.

It was magical to me as we seemed to be closer than just co-workers. It was like we were married for years and knew each other well. Little did I know my caring and concern for her well being combined with my much larger frame protecting her and comforting her in her worse time of need, was just the beginning of amazing things yet to come. I was about to find out her appreciation in ways I had never known, ever, nor even could image as actions speak louder that words.

Anastasia was a lot calmer now as I drove to her home in silence.

“Pull in here!” She blurted out suddenly.

I was a little stunned by her sudden outburst as I whipped into the liquor store parking lot quickly not to miss the entrance.

“Can you buy me some vodka?” Anastasia said directly then more softly and shyly “I’ll pay you back.”

I pulled the car into a parking space and put it into park then looked over at her.

“Please I need these, Please.” she begged as she put her hands on my arm.

“Please do this for me Ok, And, I’ll; I’ll make it up to you, Ok; Please.”

As she looked deep into my eyes for a bit and I found I could not refuse her pleading doe eyes. I shut the engine off and got out.

A few minutes later I came back with the bottle in a small tan sack. When I handed it to her, she quickly grabbed the cap and opened it, then took a huge gulp. She choked and spewed vodka on the glove box in front of her and on her dress as she leaned down to stop choking and catch the room temperature vodka with her hands.

“Its HOTTT! OH my GAUD! I’m SOOO sorry.” Anastasia exclaimed loudly.

“I am SOO sooorrey!!” she apologetically.

“It’s Ok Anna, it’s OK this is an SUV it’ll be fine.” I said as I grabbed fast food napkins I stow in the glove box for such spills.

She took a few smaller sips as I blotted the mess and handed her some napkins. Next Anastasia said something to me I will never forget.

“Ok!” bahis şirketleri with a smile “Take me home and Fuu…” She said excitedly then paused suddenly, jerking to look into my eyes realizing what she was about to say in her state of mind.

She put her head down as she wiped her mouth and snickered, then looking back at me shyly I could see her eyes dance back and forth as she stared into mine for a longest time. As I put my hand to put the key in the ignition, I looked over my shoulder back at her face and was astonished that she might be serious.

“OkAyyy, let’s get you home!” I exclaimed.

After the long drive which she pointed where to go at each turn, I pulled into her driveway and stopped. I then turned off the engine and looked over at her. She was just staring straight ahead not moving or talking at all.

“Are you OK?” I said in anxious anticipation.

She said nothing but then slowly started to shake her head no.

“Unt Uh.” She said quietly in a barely discernable heavy Latino accent.

As I got out she was still sitting there clutching the bottle.

“Do you need me to help you get out?” I said slightly scared, since she just sat there and did not move a muscle.

Then she slowly looked over at me nearly white as ghost and nodded. As I came around to her door she was still sitting there as though in a trance. I tapped gently on the passenger side window. She slowly turned her head to look at me, then she popped the latch on the inside. She was leaning on the door handle and was about to tumble to the ground as the door swung open. I grabbed her as she slide down. That’s when I felt her amazing form as she slide down on me. First I felt her much wider hips, then her narrow waist, and finally her breasts squished against me just as her feet touched the driveway. Her breasts were touching right above my stomach since she was that short compared to me.

“Oh my fucking god!” I thought as I held her to me, then quickly let go so as not to lose control and start caressing her.

I had to help her walk slowly toward the house since she was so drunk having drank half the bottle. As we got to the door she handed me her keys. I nodded and opened the door. She stumbled in and plopped down on the close by couch hugging the bagged bottle with both arms.

“Seat with me, for a while… will ju?” Anastasia slurred as she patted the couch next to her. Her accent was heavier than normal as she spoke slowly and raspy.

“Yes of course.” I said as I moved quickly and gently sat down a foot away from her. She was drinking a lot of vodka on the way home and still.

“Maybe you should slow down?” I said in desperation.

“NOOOO!” she blurted, “I want to get so drunk to passsssh Ought!” She slurred as she wiped her drooling mouth on her sleeve.

She almost dropped the bottle and I grabbed it to keep it from spilling. She grabbed my arm as I was about to set the bottle on the end table and said.

“Stay with me, Please I don’t want to be alone now.” She said with such concern and pleading.

I looked at her questioningly, makeup smeared, hair in her face and matted, dress still damp, wrinkled and scrunched up. After I set the bottle down on the table and looked back at her, and she could see the reluctance in my face.

Her face suddenly changed from happy to sad again. She started to get up and almost fell over the table and couch arm then she started to fall back toward me. I instinctively reached to the closet part of her which was her hips and butt to steady her. For the first time I felt the most amazing butt ever as I held her there. Her glut muscles flexing as she steadied herself. She was making indiscernible sounds as my hands held her butt and she seemed to be leaning back instead trying to stand up. Her Gluts were strong and I gasped as I eased my grip on them, then she began to stand up straight.

“I have to get these wet cloths OFF!” Anastasia exclaimed loudly and proceeded to pull up her damp clinging dress over her curvy butt. It seemd glued to her skin as she struggled to remove it. I turned my head away in the other direction so as not to stare so blatantly.

As I ever so slowly peeked back, I saw her wiggling her gorgeous hips in a cha-cha-cha motion as she pulled the dress up until it was above her hips. Then she changed her hand positions and she pulled the dress up above her head in one quick movement and it was off in an instant. Next she swung it around over her head like a scarf as she moved in an ethnic dance swaying her amazing shapely hips in a very provocative manner. Suddenly the dressed slipped from her grasp, or maybe she threw I was not sure. As it flew across the room it landed on the book case draping over it askew. I was now bugged eyed, my jaw dropped open as I was gawking at her hot pink panties. They were very tight and nearly shear as they hugged her gorgeous shape and I gasped in awe as she moved her hips back and forth trying without success to flip off her sandals. Then hearing my sounds she looked me directly in the eyes with intense concentration while she reached behind her back with one arm and unsnapped her matching pink lace bra. In an instant it fell to the floor and I could now see her naked breasts in all their glory as the large perfect forms giggled and swayed provocatively.

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