2035 – The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 04

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When the honeymoon ended, I hoped that Patrick would leave our life but since he lived in the same city and worked in the same industry as Rebecca, it proved impossible to ignore him. Rebecca in truth had no intention of doing so. She quickly made it clear to me that it was the cultural norm for her colleagues and peers to have cock caged husbands and large cocked lovers.

What sort of twisted universe did we live in now since cock cages became the norm? It was true. Women really were bitches. At least when men ruled the world and made most of the money, they played the happy family whilst shagging their secretaries on the side. Here women had climbed to the top and they really did want their cake and eat it. They wanted to have that doting dad (whether he ended up the biological dad or not) but they still couldn’t resist the alpha male either who were typical dicks who only thought with them.

I wished Rebecca was not like that but in a frank heart to heart she admitted she was and it would actually look bad on her in the workplace if she didn’t have both. I was her obedient husband. It was the role I was born to play.

Life was still good for me. In truth I enjoyed satisfying my wife be it in the kitchen, around the house or between her legs. Sex between us was still wonderful even if my caged member begged for release. Once she came home canlı bahis in the evening from a hard day’s work, we had our little ritual. Candles were lit and her bath was ready. I kneeled on the mat whilst I removed her stockings. She said her feet were always killing her so I massaged them as I went. Next I helped her out of her work jacket and skirt. Then I carefully unbuttoned her blouse as we chatted about the day we both had. Next I removed her bra before dropping to me knees and sliding her panties down her legs. Always she faced away from me at this point and always I would kiss her derriere.

As she lay in the bath, the sound system would play her favourite tunes or sometimes she liked to watch the news on our all in one entertainment system. I then put the finishing touches to dinner and set the table. I’d return as she was finished and again dropped to me knees and dried her by patting her gently all over with our soft towels. She’d head for the bedroom to throw on her sexy pyjamas and return to the kitchen where I’d have a daily dish laid out and a glass of wine.

Her choice in television was awful as she indulged in every trashy show known to man. Her favourite was a prime time talk show hosted by this god awful black bitch who loved to empower her fellow women into being ‘all they can be’. Women sat around a table and freely talked about bahis siteleri sex, money, power and entertainment of the day. It was a real cheerleader to the ideals that all husbands should love their wives enough to ‘LOCK THAT COCK’.

I hated that black bitch but if my cock was free I’d love to stroke myself thinking about her saying really nasty demeaning stuff to me. If she did talk nasty about sex it normally got Rebecca in a mood and it would normally result in my crawling between her and licking her to an orgasm. Sunday nights were my favourite as it meant I got unlocked. Once a month I got to actually have sex with my wife but she never seemed to enjoy it that much and just lay there whilst I got my treat for being such a good boy. Other times she loved to tease me and wanted to get me to cum without being touched. Often she’d sit on my face with my cock free and shout really nasty stuff about Patrick fucking her with his massive cock to see would my penis explode by itself.

It was her way of testing me, to see how I’d handle if she brought Patrick into our marital home. As she lay on top of me the profanities started.

“God I love controlling your tiny cock baby. I want to lock you up for longer just to see how horny you could get. Hmmm, What if I locked you up for two weeks next time or a month. How horny would your little boy get if bahis şirketleri I did that? Would it get as horny as when that big bad man with the big bad cock was fucking your sexy little wife?”

All the while I kept licking her labia whilst by cock bounced free in the air underneath.

“Would your little penis like it if you saw a real cock entering this pussy again?”

I licked faster and faster hoping to bring her off and she could grab my cock which was now aching for her touch.

“Please grab my cock baby,” I pleaded.

“No no no. I want to cum first. I come first and I cum first…ALWAYS…your little boy is looking very red. Is he about to explode thinking about another man entering his wife? Because if it does I’m going to have to ring that big bad man with his big cock to come over here next Sunday on your next release date…don’t you dare cum just by thinking about it….ooohhhh.”

I licked faster and faster and she reached her crescendo all the while my cock started to feel like a diamond cutter and I did indeed fear I was about to cum again without being touched

“Ooooh baby yes I love your tongue so much. It really worships me…ohhh yessss I’m gonna cummm. Cum with me baby. Cum all over yourself and I promise I’ll ring Patrick for you and get him over here so you can watch him fuck me…I promise…I promise..AAAAAHHHH,” she came and started to ride my face like a bucking bronco. I was in nirvana and felt it.

Rope after rope of cum spewed from my penis. I had failed her test. She would be calling Patrick

To be continued

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