The Shift

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The bed shifts, allowing jumbled memories to rise to the surface, pushing dreams aside. At least I think they do. I’m not sure which is which. I stretch a little, sinking back deeper into sleep. In my mind I see my wife, skirt short enough to glimpse the tops of her black thigh highs, standing at a bar. We’re laughing, yelling over the bass beat of the band, her head leaning in. I stare at the tops of her full breasts, and love the nipples poking through her thin top. Definitely dressed to impress.

I’ve had this dream before, and hope it ends the way I think it will. I feel my breath quickening, trying to rush the plot along faster to the good part. I’m aroused, but that’s how I usually wake up. I feel pressure but I don’t reach for my cock. It’s better this way, waiting, building for the best part.

A sharp stab of pain tells me the pressure was not in my head, but in my ass. I jerk a bit, confused, trying to see what part of the dream is causing me pain, trying to wake enough to move the narrative. Slowly I relax and the pain fades, leaving a pleasant fullness behind.

More memories replace dreams, and I recall the guy at the bar. He said something funny, and made my wife and I laugh, and we ended up talking while we drank and watched the dancers. A good looking guy, his eyes drink in my wife’s body. Her tight top stretched across her full braless C cup breasts, and lingering on the hem of her short skirt. Younger, but built like me, tall slim and blond. He seemed like her type. Apparently she was his.

After a while, my wife and I move to the dance floor and forget him, too involved in the foreplay dancing often is for us. Running our hands along each other’s tight bodies, staring into each other’s eyes, letting the tension build. We know where this is going, to our room upstairs at this upscale hotel, and to a night of hard, deep fucking. I casually brush my fingers across her nipples, causing her to close her eyes and drop her head back. I knew she’d be wet then, ready to cum if I touched her clit. I reach up and pinch a nipple quickly, a furtive move. She groans and drops her head against my chest, panting. I grab her hand and move back to the bar, ready to get our things and leave.

“My God you guys are hot!” I look up startled and see the guy. He’s been watching us and I can tell it’s had an effect on him. His pupils are dilated, and his breathing is short and sharp. He’s staring at my wife, so I glance down for the final confirmation. Yes, he likes what he saw.

I feel the pressure again, gently pushing and pulling. Stroking slowly in and out, it probes deeper with every pass. A groan escapes my lips. I push back, trying to force it deeper. Not even sure what is back there, all I know for sure is I want all of it. I realize my cock is rock hard, and that It’s being stroked in time with the slow deep pulses into my ass. Another groan is torn from me as the grip tightens.

“I think he’s waking up” says a soft voice. I open my eyes and see my wife lying on her side, facing me. Her eyes are excited, glistening. Her breathing is deep, but fast. I imagine I can smell her pussy dripping.

“Hey sweetheart” she says. I groan again.

My wife is reaching for the purse she left on the bar. He looks at me, catches my eye, and says “you can’t take her without letting me have at least one dance.” My wife looks at me questioningly, flushed and ready from our dance. I look at her, smile, and say “of course, you’re right. Honey, you’re up for one more, aren’t you?” We both look at her, but her eyes are on me. She knows me too well, and she’s a little afraid. “I guess one wouldn’t hurt” she says. I smile, place her hand in his, and watch as he leads her onto the dance floor.

As I watch them dance, I think about the fantasy that I know is running through my wife’s mind. We’ve talked about it many times, every time leading to explosive orgasms for both of us. It’s funny how conventional it is, yet how powerful. No strings attached, pick up sex. Another man to fill one of my wife’s holes while I fill another. A new, different cock for her to stroke, suck and to stretch out her tight pussy. If things go really far, and I hold out long enough, the fantasy moves to me in her tight, hot ass, and the stranger in her pussy. We never get past that.

And while we love this fantasy, my wife always brings me back to earth afterwards, making sure I know it’s just a fantasy and nothing she would ever do. I assure her I know this, but as I watch them dance, I doubt she think it is any longer. He’s made her laugh a few times, but now they are pressed together. As she moves her body against his, pressing her hips to his, I know she is thinking about our fantasy. As his hands slide down and cup the firm globes of her ass and squeeze and kneed the tight flesh, I wonder if she’s cum yet. Their hands are moving slowly, exploring in the dark and the noise.

Five minutes later they walk off the floor, hand in hand. “Wow. You guys were illegal bahis amazing” I say with a smile for both. They grin, and my wife blushes, reaching up to push her auburn hair behind her ear. “Can you guys watch my stuff?” he asks, pointing at his phone and keys. “I’ll be right back”. We nod yes and he wanders off towards the men’s room.

“So that looked hot” I say. My wife smiles a bit, eyes dropping, biting her lower lip. I put my hands on her shoulders, pulling her in close to me, pressing my body against her in a hug. Into her ear I whisper “was his cock hard?” After a moment, she nods yes. My hands rub up and down her back, smelling her sweat and heat. “Was it big?” I asked. Again, a pause and then a sharp nod yes. “Did you cum?” I ask quietly. No response. I push her gently away, and lift her chin, looking directly into her hazel eyes, smiling while I do. “You know I’ve always wanted this, right? I love you so much. And sex is just fun, nothing more. I will not love you one iota less no matter what you say. Or what happens.” She looks into my eyes, closing out everything else around us. Suddenly she pulls me into a tight hug, leans back to kiss me, and whispers “yes!” just as she presses her lips to mine.

My eyes open a little further, taking in my wife’s lean body stretched on top of the sheets, her arm reaching down towards our waists, moving in and out. I’m still groggy, but her small smile under sleep tousled hair tells me all is well. Her tongue darts out to wet her lips, and her hand tightens again. I feel the smooth, sleek object in my ass speed up, stroking to its maximum depth over and over, sliding past my prostate, pressing it deliciously. I can feel pre-cum running out of my cock, and know my wife is using it as lubrication. My breath is coming in gasps now, and I’m groaning with every inward stroke.

Ten minutes later we are all standing in our hotel room, awkwardly looking around. He comments on what a nice room it is, and we all laugh, eyes on the large king sized bed. “Let me open the champagne” I say, walking towards the ice bucket with a chilled bottle of Dom resting in it. Luckily I always get champagne when we go away. I love what it does to my wife. He ducks into the bathroom and comes back with a glass. I pop the cork, and pour for us all, two flutes and one tumbler of sparkling refreshment. “To new friends” I say, smiling. We clink glasses and drink.

I pull my phone from my pocket and pull up Pandora, starting a play list I’ve prepared for the weekend. As smooth jazz slides from the speaker, he reaches for my wife’s hand. She smiles, finishes her champagne, and steps into his arms. They begin to move slowly to the music, only aware of where their bodies touch. The music forgotten. I refill my champagne and watch as they slide together.

I look up again and they are kissing. Slowly and deeply. My wife’s hand is rubbing up and down along the clear outline of his shaft in his slacks as they sway to the music. His hand is under her skirt, clearly touching her pussy. I walk up behind her and slide my hands down, grabbing the hem of her shirt and smoothly pull it over her head. She lifts her arms to let me, and turns her head smiling. We kiss deeply as his hands rise to her nipples, his left wet with her cunt juices. He pinches and pulls on her hard nubs, dropping his head to suck on the one coated in her essence. She groans and closes her eyes.

Breaking our kiss, we all move back toward the bed, gently lowering her down. I take over playing with her wet nipples as he slides down her body, reaching under her skirt to pull her panties off. They are soaked, and the smell fills the room. He parts her legs, and bunching her skirt at her waist, looks at her pussy. Smoothly shaven with only a wisp of hair at the top, her lips are proudly displayed, glistening and swollen open. Her clit pokes out proudly, throbbing. With a smile he drops his head between her nylon covered thighs and begins to feast. I pull one leg toward me to spread her further open for him, and pinch and pull her nipple with the other, smiling at her pleasure.

The effect is immediate as she arches her back and moans loudly. I watch transfixed as he begins sliding first one finger and then another into her dripping cunt as he continues to lap at her clit. She pants and groans and throws her head back again, this time screaming “I’M CUMMING!! OH MY GOD!! AGHH!! AGHH!!”. She thrashes on the bed for a full minute as he continues to push her through her orgasm, one tremor following the next.

He rises and stares down at her, breath coming in huge gulps, face wet with her juices. His cock is straining against his pants. With a glance at me, we both step back and disrobe. About the same height, he is a younger, more fit model of me. In addition, the cock that springs up when he pulls his boxers down is truly impressive. A full nine inches long, it is thick and veiny, capped with a bulbous head. I look at my wife, see her eyes glued to the illegal bahis siteleri monster he has shown her, pure lust flashing in them.

She slides to the end of the bed and drops to her knees in front of him, reaching to hold it’s firm weight in her hands. With her eyes locked on his, she slides her mouth over the head, pulling it deeper. She only gets half into her mouth before she starts to gag, but she simply pulls her head back and starts bobbing up and down on it. Saliva drips from her mouth, coating the shaft. She uses both hands to pump in time with her mouth, slowly capturing more with each downward thrust. A groan escapes his mouth and I pull my eyes away from the erotic sight in front of me. He is straining, trying to hold back, but it has been a long night with a tension filled build up, and he can’t. With a shout he grabs her head in his hands and pulls her deeper, grunting as his cock pulses and pulses, shooting thick ropy streams of cum into her mouth. My wife squeals and tries to suck it all down, but his sperm escapes her mouth and drips onto her heaving breasts, mingling with her sweat.

Finally, they pull apart. He staggers back and leans against the dresser. My wife looks up at me, eyes glazed. I smile, and she reaches her hand out, grasping my aching dick. She pulls my seven inches towards her mouth as I step towards her, and lovingly takes me in. I slide easily into her warmth as her tongue swirls around my head. I’m on fire as I watch my lovely wife, now a cock craving slut, bob her head up and down my throbbing dick, taking me deeper than ever before.

After a minute she stops and pulls her head off, and pushes me onto the bed. She climbs up and kneels over me, pushing my legs apart with hers. Looking down, she slides her finger into her mouth, sucking slowly. I look over at him, and he’s smiling at us. As he sees my eyes on him, his cock begins to grow again. Oh to be young.

The shaft in my ass is pounding into me now, rocking the bed. My eyes are locked with my wife’s and I grunt and groan with each stroke, feeling the fat shaft and bulbous head pressing hard against my prostate with every thrust as it slides past, so deep. She is panting too, her hand moving back and forth faster and faster, but squeezing me harder all the time. She reaches her second hand down and begins to pull on my balls, drawing them down and away from my cock, stroking them in time with the cock.

My wife engulfs my cock again, pulling my eyes back to her. As her head begins to bob, I notice two things. The first is that she has presented herself to him for mounting; her hips high with legs spread wide, her head low over my cock, her dripping pussy open and swollen and pointed directly at him. A fact I know he is aware of as he begins stroking his cock to full hardness. The second is her salvia slicked fingers probing my ass hole. We’ve engaged in anal play many times in our marriage, but I’ve been hesitant to ask for it as often as I’d like. But tonight is definitely a night without secrets, so I press my ass against her fingers, urging her to penetrate me.

First one, then two fingers slide into my hot ass, stretching me open. It always hurts a bit, but just as reliably feels fantastic once we get going. I hump my ass against her, groaning as she takes my cock deeper into her mouth, sawing her fingers in and out. He kneels on the bed by my head, and I get a close look at his throbbing cock. It looks even larger than before, drops of precum dripping off of the end. He is watching her head bob up and down, and slides his hand across her ass into the crevice of her pussy, slipping fingers into her again. My wife moans, but keeps up her efforts as he begins to fuck her with his fingers, his other hand pinching her nipples.

His cock bobs next to my head, swollen and ready. Lost in the moment I reach out with my mouth and lick the drops of cum off the end. I’ve never thought of a man’s dick in this way before, but right now it seems like the right thing to be doing. It bobs up at my touch and comes to rest on my tongue again. I look up and see his eyes staring at me, a smile on his lips. He nods his head and slides his hips towards me, pushing his warm dick into my mouth.

It tastes sweet and a little salty and smooth and hot, so hot. I’m so fascinated by the sensations I don’t realize he’s continuing to push it deeper until I start to gag. I pull my head back and continue to swish this new thing around in my mouth. He pulls back and just as I think he’s going to take it away, he pushes forward again. I groan and begin to bob my head up and down on his cock, all my senses focused on it, reveling in new tastes and textures.

After a few minutes, he pulls out completely, and slides up to put his hairy balls in my mouth. I eagerly reach out with my tongue, welcoming this new sensation, realizing at the same time that my cock is out in the air. My wife’s hand is stroking my shaft furiously, and at the same time pounding canlı bahis siteleri my ass with her fingers. He pulls back again and steps off the bed.

My wife is staring at me, eyes completely lost, panting. “That was so hot” she said softly. “I love you” I reply, straining to keep from releasing my load and letting this moment escape. As we stare into each other’s eyes, he climbs back on the bed behind her, his huge saliva coated cock bobbing in front of him.

He reaches for her hips and slides his dick into her pussy and she wails. She cries out in ecstasy and lust as he stretches her pussy with his huge cock. He slowly rocks back and forth, driving more and more into her with each thrust. She is babbling incoherently, “OH GOD!! OH GOD!! SO BIG!! OH MY GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD!!” He finally bottoms out, his thick cock having stretched her pussy in ways she has never experienced. She screams as her orgasm hits, her entire body going rigid. “YES, GOD YES!!” she wailed again. “OH GOD!! MORE!! DON’T STOP!!”

He begins rocking back and forth into her, and she starts pushing back to meet him. She drops her head onto my cock, crying out onto my dick as he pummels her. I lose all control and shoot stream after stream of cum into her sucking mouth, her fingers buried up my ass. He keeps fucking her hard, and she pulls her head off of my spent cock and fingers out of my stretched ass, groaning continually, sweat dripping from her.

After five minutes and a steady, almost unending stream of orgasms for my wife, their bodies coated in sweat, he pulls out of her and she mewls “No!” He rolls her onto her back next to me, and climbs between her legs. Slipping his cock into her again, she pulls her stocking covered legs up and wraps them around him, pulling him as deep into her as possible. Their mouths entwine in a sloppy kiss, both groaning and grunting as they do, lost in passion.

I feel my cock starting to get hard again as I watch my beautiful wife turned into a cock hungry slut. She is begging him to fuck her harder and deeper, over and over. He pushes up into a pushup position, while I get on my knees and present my cock to her. She reaches for it, but directs it to his mouth instead, somehow understanding that he wants this. He immediately leans down and sucks me in, washing my shaft with his tongue as he swallows me down. My dick quickly hardens at this new and intense feeling and I grab the sides of his head and start sawing my dick in and out of his willing mouth. After a minute he pulls back and says “play with my ass” and drops his head back down.

All I can hear is the sounds of his body slamming into my wife’s, her grunts and gasps, and the sounds of his mouth on my cock. I reach back along his pistoning butt and slide my hand between his clenched ass cheeks. There is plenty of moisture from my wife’s continuous orgasms, so I pull some of it up and begin playing with his asshole, quickly sliding a finger in as far as I can. The effect is immediate as he groans loudly into my dick. I start sliding it in and out as he continuously grunts. After a minute, I slide a second one in, and then a third.

I can feel my orgasm building as his ass loosens up around my fingers. Suddenly I know what I want. I look at my wife, her eyes barely open as she grunts and continues to pull him into her. I slide my fingers from his ass and pull away from his sucking mouth. He looks at me, lost. I smile and shift around behind them, putting my hands on his hips. He immediately understands, and slows his fucking, pushing his ass towards me. My wife asks “what?” as she tried to understand why the onslaught has slowed.

I line my dripping cock up with his wet hole, and push. He clenches and then immediately relaxes. I think he’s done this before. My cock slides forward into the inferno that is his ass. Hot and smooth and unbelievably tight. I slide smoothly until my balls rest against his, and know I’ll never experience this for the first time again. I slowly pull back, and drive in again. As I do, he drives into my wife. After a few slow tries, we are pounding into each other. My wife is screaming as she cums again on his monster cock. He is yelling “HARDER!! HARDER!!” as I ream his ass. I want it to last forever, but I know it won’t. In what seems like moments I can feel the cum climbing my cock and exploding into his ass. I cry out as I empty what feels like every drop of cum in the world into his tight hole. He cries out as well, and I know he is pumping his hot cum into my wife’s drenched pussy.

We collapse into a sweaty, exhausted heap on the bed. I’ve never been so drained in my life. I reach for my wife and we kiss, smiling at each other. “I’ll be right back” I say, and walk to the bathroom to wash my dick clean. When I come back he is asleep on one side of the bed. I slide between he and my wife and reach for her again. We drift off, eyes locked.

I’ve lost all sense of what’s happening, my body a taut, pre orgasmic string waiting to snap. Sensations that where intense are becoming overwhelming. I’m gasping for air as I feel the cock in my ass swell and grow even larger, stretching me as I’ve never been stretched before. My wife is staring into my eyes, her hands a blur.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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