The Secretary , the Apprentice

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It was a crisp, warm Monday morning. J.T was settling into his new job quite well. He had been working for a week already and was loving it. This was his new apprenticeship, and he was determined to show the boss, Mr Runie, what he was made of. Runie had already made comments on how impressed he was with some of the work J.T had done within his first week and J.T planned to keep it up. He had ended up in the shit with past employers (often not at his fault) and was trying to keep his ‘nose clean’ so to speak.

J.T is 19 years old. He measures 5″9 with broad shoulders. He’s built and strong. He has light brown, almost blonde hair, and a smile that all the girls at school said was to die for. His blue eyes sparkle like ice on a mountain top and he loves to make a joke. He has a very light hearted and playful personality. His broad built body and six pack are usually masked by loose clothing, his hands are stained with grease as he has always loved working with his hands, cars and mechanics used to be his hobbies. J.T’s face is already dirty from the work he’s done this morning and he has smeared hand prints on the bottom of his shirt.

Tightening the last bolt, J.T looks up from his project and glances at the digital clock above the entrance to the office. Just before 9 o’clock, he had been here almost an hour now. His gaze moved from the clock down to the door. He wondered who worked in there as he hadn’t seen anybody since he started. Just as J.T was turning his head to return to work, he saw something moving past the large open roller door at the entrance of the factory. As a natural instinct, he turned and looked. His jaw dropped as his gaze laid itself upon her. She was slim, shapely and sexy. She seemed to drift along the ground. She wore a black skirt that dropped just past her knees. It was tight around her ass but fell from her thighs. Her white blouse followed her curves. It seemed to tighten around her bust and belly but flair out and sit on her hips. She was boosted up by small black heels and her light brown hair was tied up in a high bun with the morning sun making it glow a goldish blonde. She looked young, no younger than 18 but no older than 21. J.T didn’t know exactly, but what he did know was she was hot. In the distance J.T began to hear a beeping sound. The mysteriously beautiful lady disappeared on the other side of the roller door and J.T’s eyes were ripped towards the clock. It just hit 9. He looked back at the door, wondering who she was.

“You saw that young girl who just walked past?” J.T heard from behind him. He turned his head and there was Mr Runie.

“Yes I did sir, I was just wondering to myself who she was.” J.T replied as he turned around to face him.

“That’s Adriana, my Secretary” Runie reported, J.T glanced back at the roller door “And my Granddaughter…” Runie added, with a sly smile. J.T felt his jaw drop even further than what it had when he first saw… Adriana. He turned back around to face Runie. “She takes care of almost everything around here and you will be dealing with her a lot of the time, getting her to make orders and what not, you had better go introduce yourself.” So without hesitation J.T headed for the office door.

Still trying to figure out what to say to her, he pushed his way through the office door, went down the short hall and entered the office. Adriana was bent over, fooling around with what looked like her hand bag. J.T could see her skirt had a slight shine to it and that helped accent every curve in her ass. He felt himself start to stiffen, and seeing it as an awkward situation backed out of the office and into the hall. Recomposing himself, and repositioning his boxers so as to hide all tell tale signs of horniness and arousal, he walked around the corner again, this time Adriana was sitting on a chair behind the computer screen. She looked up at him and slightly smiled. Clicking on a few more things, she stood and walked around the front of her desk and stood before J.T.

She had brown eyes and freckles lightly showered her face. J.T never really liked freckles, but they seemed to fit Adriana so well. She was petite in size but perfectly proportioned, her breasts, round and perky, sat proudly on her chest. She had soft plump lips, highlighted with a clear gloss and her eye lashes gave her puppy dog eyes. She looked so sweet and attractive, a lot more beautiful than what he saw at first glance. J.T had to try hard to keep his tongue from rolling out onto the floor.

“Hi! I’m Adriana, the secretary” she said, extending her arm as to offer a hand shake. As J.T went to shake it, he realised his own hand was filthy from working. With a small chuckle and a nervous glance at Adriana, he grabbed the rag attached to his pants and wiped them as clean as he could, then took her hand and smiled.

“My friends call me J.T, I’m the new apprentice… Mr Runie told me to come introduce güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri myself.” In saying this, J.T’s eyes drifted down from Adriana’s and landed on her chest. He noticed he could see her cleavage, and that her breasts were bouncing with every hand shake. He could feel himself getting hard again, and released himself from her grip.

“Well, if there’s anything you need, I’m right here. I should be able to take care of it for you.” With that comment, she turned and drifted back behind the desk, J.T’s hand brushing softly against her ass as she passed him. “But right now,” she continued as she sat on her chair “I have some things I need to take down about you, have a seat.” She gestured towards the chair opposite hers, on the other side of her desk. As J.T seated himself, Adriana rolled herself on her computer chair to her printer which had just spat out a piece of paper, retrieved it, and rolled back picking up a pen on the way.

“Now…” she breathed, studying the page before her and placing on some reading glasses, “this is all just standard stuff… name, date of birth, address etcetera. Just employee details I keep on my record. If you could be so kind as to fill it out for me…” and she tilted her head, looked into his eyes and smiled as coy and cutely as she could. This time, J.T felt his dick go instantly hard, throbbing with his heart beat which was beating increasingly fast with the thoughts coming to his head. He gawked back into her eyes smiling goofily, took the pen, looked down at the page and began filling it out.

His mind wondered as he wrote. J.T began to question himself about her. ‘I wonder if she has a boyfriend. Or what she looks like in a bikini… I wonder what it would be like to…’ and his pen slipped off the page leaving a line of ink trailing from the question to the edge of the paper. J.T felt his face go red as he considered his current thoughts came at an inappropriate time, he glanced nervously over at Adriana, and noticed she was engrossed in something else, getting himself back on track, shaking the previous thought from his mind and feeling his erection push harder against his restricting pants, he began yelling at himself inside his head. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing??? Fantasising about the boss’s granddaughter… Screwing with Runie’s granddaughter is defiantly no way to keep this job!! She’s pretty and nice but she probably wouldn’t have any interest in you anyway…’ and with that he dismissed the idea, finished answering the questions and excused himself back to work.

Throughout the whole day, Adriana was in and out of the factory, back and forth to Mr Runie. J.T watched her, admiring the way she walked and talked, she looked so beautiful when she smiled and laughed, her bust bounced with every chuckle she expressed, and J.T found her to have an awesome sense of humour, although she was off limits in terms of having a sexually fun time, he was going to enjoy being able to work with her and make her smile. Just the feeling she gave him when he was around her was enough to make him feel intoxicated with lust. His boner being rock hard every time he looked at her sexy body drove him wild and left him craving her return every time she left his presence.

J.T was flat out with work but he still managed to get a glimpse of Adriana every time she was around, and although he had dismissed the idea of getting with her due to her lack of interest in him, he began to notice the look in her eyes every time they crossed paths. As she floated passed him, their eyes would meet and the corners of Adriana’s mouth would slightly curve up into what looked like a faint smile. Her eyes looked as if they were shinning every time J.T spotted it. Other times J.T felt like he was being watched, he would glance over his shoulder, half expecting Runie to be checking out what he was doing, but would catch Adriana staring after him. He’d swear he would see her turn her head away just as he turned to face her. He wasn’t sure if he was imagining it because of how he felt or if she really was watching him like he hoped.

Apart from the introduction this morning, J.T hadn’t spoken to Adriana all day and before he knew it, it was time to head home. Mr Runie had left earlier to attend a meeting and J.T had to make a quick trip to the kitchen for his lunch container before he left, he figured he would head through the office and say goodbye to Adriana.

She was seated at her desk when he arrived. By this time, Adriana had her hair down and from what J.T could tell, she was finishing up some accounting documents that were getting printed. As the printer worked away Adriana looked up from behind her glasses and smiled at J.T.

She slowly took her glasses off, but not once taking her eyes off him. “Ahh… time to head home…” J.T managed to say before losing himself in her eyes. “I just wanted to come and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri say goodbye”

“Well, that’s very kind of you, J.T…” she replied in no more than a whisper, flicking her hair off her right shoulder. “It’s a shame you were so busy today. I would have liked to get a little more acquainted with you.” And there was that cute, coy smile she used this morning. J.T’s dick was rock hard as it was, that look just made him lust for her more. She stepped around the front of her desk, stood directly in front of J.T and lent back on her desk, her shirt tightened around her breasts and they seemed as if they would make the buttons on her top pop off. She breathed in deep and looked J.T up and down.

By this point his heart was racing a million miles an hour. She was there right before him and all he wanted to do was reach out and take hold of her tits, massaging and caressing them. He wanted to grind his pelvis against hers and make her feel his stiffened penis, push it into her pussy and make her quiver with pleasure. Adriana must have seen the want in his eyes as she looked up at him. A devilish look swept over her face, her eyes seemed to slightly squint and her coy smile turned to a smirk.

“I noticed you looking at me and watching me a lot today.” she said staring up at J.T and stepping forward. She lifted her hand and let her finger trail down the buttons on his shirt. “I couldn’t help but watch you working too.” She smiled again and her hand brushed over J.T’s pants, lightly touching his already swollen cock. “You look so HOT when you’re working…” J.T couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was she really coming on to him? Did she really feel as sexually attracted to him as he did to her? So he thought he would throw one her way…

“Well… you’re just hot all round…” he said smiling back.

Adriana, slightly blushing, stepped back and lifted herself onto the edge of her desk, her feet dangling off the ground. She slowly opened her legs and lifted her skirt up to about mid thigh. She started running her fingers up and down the inside of her thigh, sending goose bumps down her legs. “Do you wanna touch me, J.T?” She asked in a quiet, seductive voice, still running her fingers up and down, seeming to get closer and closer to her, now throbbing, clit.

As much as J.T wanted to, he knew he shouldn’t. This was his boss’s granddaughter. That would get his ass fired for sure! Adriana, still looking into his eyes, smiled even more seductively, the twinkle in her eye shone even brighter and J.T felt himself being drawn towards her. With no control over his legs, he felt himself stepping towards her desk.

With his arms outstretched, his large hands clasped onto her hips pulling her closer to the edge of the desk. Without skipping a beat J.T lent in and pushed his lips against hers. Adriana didn’t pull away or even flinch. Her hands made their way up to his neck and they began to kiss passionately. Surges of what felt like electricity ran through J.T’s body. He pushed his throbbing cock in between Adriana’s legs, pressing against her pussy. She let out a squeal of pleasure when she felt it and her eyes opened wide with excitement. J.T started to kiss down her neck and make his way to her chest. Her blouse was buttoned just up to the top of her cleavage so he pulled it to the side and started sucking and kissing the top of her breasts. Adriana’s head rolled back, her eyes closed and she let out a small moan as J.T made his way further into her bra. After nibbling and sucking her perfect tits and stiffening her nipples, J.T lifted his head to meet Adriana’s, moved his body close to hers and again pushed his rock hard dick into her soaking snatch. She bit her lip and looked into his eyes.

Adriana’s hand moved down J.T’s body and sat on his tented pants. She slowly moved her hand up and down his shaft. With her other hand she took hold of J.T’s and placed it on her breast, encouraging him to play with it and feel her up, kissing him as she did so. As they gently played with each other she gracefully slide herself forward, off the desk, turned them both around so that J.T was able to lean against it. She continued to kiss him, moving from his mouth to his neck, her hands now undoing his fly, she pulled out his long shaft. As it sprang from its restraint and pushed against Adriana’s stomach, she looked down to admire her recent discovery. It was 8 inches long, with a nice shape. It was thick enough to fill her but not too thick that it was unattractive. Adriana looked up at J.T. Her eyes seemed to gleam with surprise and arousal.

“It looks perfect… and soo delicious…” she said stroking its bare skin and licking her lips. J.T quivered as her fingers moved up and down his length, gasping at her gentle touch. She lowered herself so she was eye to eye with his cock which was seeping out pre-cum. J.T stared down at güvenilir bahis şirketleri her, his eyes wide open with excitement. She looked up at him, smiled and then licked the tip of his cock. “Mmmm…” they moaned in unison, Adriana loved the taste of it and J.T loved the feeling. She did it again, this time swirling her tongue around the head. She stared for a couple of seconds… then the whole thing disappeared into her mouth. J.T threw his head back in ecstasy moaning loudly. “Oooohhh… Adrianaaaaaa…” he breathed. She was moving slowly, up and down. As she reached the end of his dick, she would swirl her tongue around the head and flick the tip of it, then dive right back down to the base. J.T would gasp every time, his face would cringe and breathe in deep. She knew just how to work her tongue. J.T could feel the tip of his cock push against the back of Adriana’s throat, she took the whole thing with ease. She slowly started to increase her speed, adding her hand to the mix, moving it with her head. J.T lightly rested his hand on her head, letting them move together.

She was so good at this, it felt so good and he didn’t want it to stop but he wanted to give something to her in return. J.T wanted to show Adriana how good he could make her feel. As Adriana pulled his sopping wet stiff erection out of her mouth and began to pay some attention to his tightening balls, in one swift movement J.T stopped her, picked her up, and swung her around laying her on her desk. With out a word, he pulled open her blouse and ripped her skirt down her legs and threw it over his shoulder, her sexy red g-string gone with it. His hands moved over her shaven haven, rubbing her glistening clit which was moistened with pussy juice. She gasped in as his touch sent tingles through her body. He lent down and breathed in, smelling her scent. It just made him hungrier for her pussy.

His tongue flicked out and run up the outside of her lips, over the top of her mound and down the outside of the other side of her lips. He was teasing her… and she loved it but hated it at the same time! Then he moved from in between her legs and went down to her right knee. Starting on the inside of her thigh, he let his tongue lightly trail up getting closer to her aching hole. As he got to her lips, he jumped over her clit and starting at the other lip, licked all the way down her inner thigh to her left knee. Adriana was almost squealing by the time he reached there. J.T moved his head back in between her legs and slowly licked from her wet hole all the way up to her clit. Her muscles tightened, and she breathed in deep. J.T could tell she was enjoying this. He did it again, this time pressing harder. She gasped again. Suddenly J.T pushed his tongue into her hole, following her folds up, moving his tongue viciously around her clit, slurping and sucking on her pulsating pussy. Adriana was squirming all over her desk, moaning and breathing heavily. “J.T… oh my GOD… J.T!!!” She was starting to feel the familiar feeling of orgasm building as J.T worked his tongue away. He didn’t slow down, he kept going… it felt like he wanted her to come. “Make me cum, J.T, make me cum baby!” she panted. Her hands moved up to her breasts and she started caressing them, moaning louder than before. Suddenly, her arms flew up ripping her hands from her chest. She seemed to try grab onto the desk. With her arms open and her hands gripping to the desk like she was nailed to the crucifix, she began to breathe in deep and fast, as if she was hyperventilating, her eyes closed and her head turned from side to side. Her face seemed to scrunch up like she was in major concentration mode and she felt the power of her orgasm over take her body. She was practically screaming with pleasure by the time she hit climax.

After she began to calm down, J.T raised his head over Adriana’s mound to see her face. Her perfect breasts raised and fell with every breath she took as she tried to return to reality. She lifted her head, and when she saw J.T staring at her from between her legs she threw him a massive smile.

“Your turn to cum…” she said smiling wickedly, “…Fuck me…” J.T needed no more instruction from then. He stood and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Adriana’s sex. Her desk was the perfect height for this! He slipped the head in and then back out. He pushed it in again, except this time, a bit further, and then all the way out. Then with one big thrust his whole entire length was inside her soaking wet pussy. She was nice and moist from the orgasm J.T just gave to her.

The both moaned and fell into each other as they savoured the feeling. Adriana lent back on her elbows and J.T stood up straight. He took a hold of her hips and started slowly pumping into her. Instantly, Adriana started moaning out in pleasure. J.T’s eyes stayed glued to her perfect body, watching her breasts bounce as he moved in and out of her. The sight of it was overbearing, and the feeling was so intense he couldn’t help but moan with her. J.T increased the pace as the sensations intensified, his slow pumping now erupting into full throttle thrusts. Adriana’s moans turned into cries and yelps as her orgasm climbed to the point of no return.

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