The Sales Lady Ch. 04

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Janice’s day was turning out to be far more than she had anticipated at the most, she was expecting to only deliver Jason’s cologne to him and maybe showing her breasts again. But what she was expecting turned out to be even better or at least she hoped. Jason had taken her to a nice cozy Italian restaurant where they had a really nice meal with a little wine and even better conversation. It actually turned out to be a very romantic lunch date that has led her to where she is now. Totally naked in another man’s bed, whose half her age, and she’s only met twice.

What got her to this place had been nearly 3 years of no contact from another man. No one has told her how pretty she was or to hold her or more important to her now to make love to her. Jason made her feel all these things even though their relationship started out not as romantic by Jason convincing her to show him her bare breasts to complete a sale. That’s not exactly what you would want to tell people about how you met. But from that point on he has been nothing but a gentleman to her. Even when he had asked to see her breasts, he didn’t try anything more as he had promised. What he did do though, was compliment her on how beautiful she was in more ways than one. His reaction to what he saw was very pleasing to him, so much so that he was visibly aroused. This in turn got Janice so aroused that she brought herself to a climax once she got to her car. That wasn’t the only time that she was brought to a climax, it was now every time she thought about him she had to relieve herself.

The kiss that he gave her in the elevator was the most romantic sensitive kiss she had ever had. Then for that to be followed up by the make-out session they had when got into his apartment. That sealed the deal for her, Jason was going to be only the second man ever to have sex with her. The first was the man she was in love with otherwise she would have never done it as she thought of herself as a “Good Girl.” The feelings she was having for Jason was very much like the ones she had for John all those many years back. But could she actually be in love with a man half her age? That was going to be a problem that she would deal with later, who knows he might even be done with her once he slept with her. If that happens so be it, at least she knew other men still find her attractive so maybe there’s someone else out there for her.

Now lying naked under the blankets in his bed, she could only make out the dark silhouette of Jason as he came into the room. Even though it was still during the daylight hours the blinds in the room were drawn making the room very dark. This suited Janice perfectly as she was still a very shy person especially with someone new.

Jason took off his clothes along the same trail that Janice had left. So when he pulled back the blankets to get in bed with her their naked bodies were soon pressed together. He took her into his arms and told her that he would only do what she wanted him to do.

“I know that Jason and thank you,” she said, as she kissed him full on the lips.

The kiss was nothing like she had kissed him before as she was much more aggressive now. It was like she was trying to suck his tongue into her mouth and then pressing her tongue into his. She could feel his manhood pressed against her abdomen and it felt very hard and BIG. Her only experience with a man was with John whom she thought was big. But what she was feeling pressed against her felt so much bigger. Her curiosity was so much that she had to feel it with her hands. Reaching her free hand between them as she was on her side, she wrapped her hand around it or, at least she tried. With John, she could touch her fingers around it and he was just a little bit bigger in the length than her hand. Now, remember Janice’s hands are small and very feminine. With Jason, she would need three hands to be able to cover his cock from base to tip.

Jason let out a low moan as she grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. He stopped kissing her to catch his breath from her touch trying not to explode all over her.

“Baby that feels so good but if you don’t stop we’re going to have a problem,” Jason said, in an almost moan.

“I’m sorry, I’m just amazed at how big you are,” Janice said with apprehension in her voice.

“Is that going to be a problem,” he said as if someone had taken away his candy.

“I don’t think so we’ll just need to go slow as it’s been a while and you’re big!”

“Not a problem but do you want me to wear a condom,” he asked as he güvenilir bahis leaned over to open the drawer to his nightstand.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant and I’m trusting that you are safe as well,” she replied in a question?

“I promise, I’m clean other than Candice you’re the only one I’ve been with and she was a virgin like me,” Jason replied with such innocence in his voice adding. “I’ll be honest with you Janice, I’ve dreamed about you and me together like this but I never believed it would happen.”

Surprised by his schoolboy shyness, Janice replied. “If we’re going, to be honest with each other, I’ll admit I’ve dreamed about this as well, but I never thought such a handsome young man as yourself would ever be interested in a woman of my age.”

As he started to plant kisses all over her face and down her neck. “I guess I’ve always had a thing for older women they just seem more mature to me than you came into my home looking as amazing as you did being honest again, it didn’t matter what you were selling I was buying.”


Jason had taken her very hard sensitive nipple into his mouth and begun to suck, lick, and nibble on it while he was doing the same with his hand on her other breasts. From the way she was reacting to his touch, he knew he was doing it right.

After thoroughly exploring her breasts, Jason started to work his way down her stomach and then between her legs. Leaving a trail of wet kisses down to her thick fur patch. But instead of going right to licking her, he continued kissing the left side of her groin all the way down to her left knee then back up and across and down to her right knee. All the while telling her how sexy her legs are.

Janice in turn was moaning and clutching the sheets to hold on as goosebumps spread across her hot body. When he made his way back up to her delta he could smell her sex and it was driving him crazy. With a flick of his tongue across her labia, it sent tremors through Janice as she’d never felt before. And he kept doing it over and over, again and again. She couldn’t help but hold his head in her hands running her fingers through his hair.

Then he flicked his tongue across her clitoris and that caused an almost premortal moan to escape from her mouth. Encouraged by her response he kept doing it as he ran his tongue over and across and around her now very sensitive swollen clit. Then he inserted one then two fingers deep inside her as he continued to lick her. He then realized just how truly wet and aroused she was. Candice would get wet but not near as much as this and he was under the impression that older women don’t get that wet. With that in mind, he wanted to make sure she was ready before he attempted to enter her. Candice’s complaint was that he was too big so it hurt too much so basically their sex life was him performing oral and maybe a little intercourse but not going deep.

As he continued to lick her and probing her with his fingers he found her G-Spot surprisingly easy. He really went at it with all the manipulations that he was doing to this women then suddenly with load scream of, “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMYYYYY GGGGOOOOODDDD,” Janice climaxed so hard and with such intensity that she was squirting into his mouth and onto his face.

At first, it shocked him but he had seen this in porno movies of women squirting so he knew what it was possible, but he had never seen it happen. She pushed his face away and told him, “please stop,” as she was breathing hard as if she was going to hyperventilate.

Jason did as he was asked by laying his head on her twitching thigh just watching her come down from her, climatic high. As her breathing became less labored he moved back to where he was above her not really touching her. Asking her, “Are you okay?”

“OMG, that was incredible! What did you do to me” she asked? Her eyes still closed as she was trying hard to focus on what just happened.

“Baby, that was the most incredible thing that I’ve ever seen happen. I can’t wait to do it again and again for as long as you will let me,” Jason answered with a thrill in his voice.

“I’m so sorry I’m ruining your bed with what just happened.” She said, truly sorry.

Janice, “I can always change the sheets, better yet I’ll know in the future to put a towel down if that makes you feel better. But you don’t have anything to be sorry about.” He started kissing her on her neck and her cheek then on her lips.

“So is that what I taste türkçe bahis like?” She asked with a smile.

“Yes, now you know why I want more, maybe now!” As he started going back down on her.

“Don’t you dare mister, I want you inside me now or I’m just going to die!” With that, she spread her legs wide to accept him inside her.

Lining up his now very hard tool, he pushed the head inside her. “OHHHHH YEESSSS,” she moaned. As she placed her heels on the back of his firm young ass to push him in further. As he slowly pushed more of himself inside her breathing changed to where it almost sounded like she was preparing to give birth. When he was about little more than half inside her he naturally stopped as this would be where Candice would start complaining about him being too deep. But he kept working his hard cock in and out very slowly. All the while giving her kisses to try and keep her relaxed. But she was so tight, almost virgin tight which also surprised and very much pleased him.

“Are you ok,” he asked, being a very caring lover.

“OMG yes, I’ve never felt this good, you feel wonderful!” As she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down to kiss him more patiently if that was even possible.

As he continued moving in and out of her, he was very slowly going deeper and deeper until his head was pushing into her cervix. Something again, he’d only been able to do 2 or 3 times before. Not only did it feel good for Janice, but it really felt good for Jason to be able to go so deep. Her pussy was like a vice squeezing and releasing over and over again it felt so incredibly good that he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

That’s when she moaned, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW, PLEASSEEEE!!”

That shocked him that such a prim and proper lady would dirty talk but it also turned him on greatly. He almost came as she said it as it was so sexy coming out of her mouth.

But he did as she asked, not hard but he picked up his pace and started giving her longer and deeper strokes. With this increased penetration neither of them lasted long as it was debatable who came first Janice or Jason. But both orgasms were equally explosive. Janice was squirting again so hard that it almost pushed him out of her as Jason shot such a heavy intense load of his own seed deep inside his new lover’s womb. When he was done he unknowingly collapsed down on her with all his weight.

Now unable to breathe Janice finally asked him to get off as she was having problems breathing. But instead of getting off of her, which would require pulling out and that he never wanted to do. He simply rolled over while holding onto her while staying inside her with her now on top of him.

As she laid her head on his chest he could tell she was crying softly. Afraid that he had gone too deep and hurt her, he asked. “What’s the matter baby, did I hurt you as he held her tight all the well still very much inside her.”

“Oh no that was wonderful, it’s just that it was the first time with another man. I shouldn’t say this but we promised to be honest with each other.”

“You don’t have to say anything else Janice, I know you loved John very much and what we just did should never take the place of that.”

Janice raised her head off his chest tears now flowing down her cheeks. With his fingers, Jason lovingly wiped them away.

Looking through her tear-filled eyes she said, “Jason, I never did what I’ve done now twice for you in my entire marriage.”

Knowing exactly what she meant, he replied. “Are you serious, you never got that, Ummm wet before?” He was trying to be gentlemanly about it and not say, squirt!

The way he said that, caused a very cute sexy grin from her as she said, “Well I did squirt once before.”

“Oh really when was that,” he asked?

“It was when I called you to let you know your order was in. After I hung up I was so excited after hearing your voice and I… well, you know.” She said, too embarrassed to say anymore.

What she was telling him was having a special effect on him as his previous semi-erect cock was coming back to life. Not only could he feel it growing but she could too.

“OMG, that’s turning you on isn’t it?” She said, shocked.

“Yes, of course, who wouldn’t be excited after finding that out, I too was excited after hearing your voice that I did something I’ve never done before and won’t ever do again.” He added.

“Oh no, what did you do,” She asked with a sexy giggle?

Blushing, he answered, “I relieved myself in my office güvenilir bahis siteleri and it was a mess is all I’m going to say. I know I can’t do that again at least at work.”

“It’s very nice to know I can have such an effect on you much like now,” she said, as she could feel him growing inside of her now.

“I can tell you’re wanting more aren’t you?”

“Yes, I would love more, you are the best I’ve ever had so why wouldn’t I want more. But only if you want to?”

She didn’t answer him with words but with her actions. She leaned up to kiss him like they now were two new lovers as she rocked her hips to make love with him. At first, it was a little out of rhythm but she soon had it down. As Jason was back fully erect and had her firmly impaled. He told her to raise up so that he could see her perfect breasts above him. She eagerly did as her young lover requested and was now at an angle where her breast was now swinging like pendulums as she moved up and down on his cock. Jason reached up and was pinching and pulling on her nipples driving her insane as she was really bouncing up and down hard now on his cock. He’d never done it like this before and he was loving it.

Her long brown hair was at times hanging down then swinging around, she simply looked to him like the most beautiful woman in the world and at this moment she was all his.

Then she started having little orgasms one after another he could tell by how suddenly her pussy would become almost painfully tight around his thick cock and the erotic sounds she would make. Then she started begging him to cum inside her again.

“I want you to cum deep inside me Baby,” she begged Jason.

But it didn’t take much encouragement especially with her style of dirty talk.

Jason grabbed her by the hips holding her down on top of him as moaned out load, “FUCCCCCKKKKKK,” he moaned, as ribbon after ribbon of his seed shot deep inside her. The second she felt his hot cum shoot inside her it sent her over the top as well as she had another intense orgasm.

She fell on top of him both out of breath, both covered in sweat and their mixed love juices. “Janice will you please spend the night with me,” Jason asked pleading?

“Are you sure,” She asked? As she raised her head up to look him in the eyes.

“Yes, I’m sure Janice, I’d ask you to spend the rest of our lives together but I’m afraid that might run you off.”

Shocked by what he just said, she replied. “I don’t know Jason, I don’t have a change of clothes or,” as she was in mid-thought.

Jason cut her off by saying, “I have a few t-shirts I know you’d look better in them than I can and I have extra toothbrushes. So please spend the night with me.”

Janice thought about it, knowing she wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in Janson’s arms. “Ok, I guess I can, why not, but I probably need to do something with my car.” She said, leaning up to give him a kiss.

“Oh crap, you’re right! Ok from now on you can park in the tenant’s parking area. I have 2 spaces assigned to me so there’s an extra space I never use. I have a placard that you hang from your mirror so that security doesn’t have you towed. It’s what my family uses when they came to visit. But before we move your car we’ll need to get cleaned up. Do you mind if we get a shower together? But if you’re not comfortable with that I can use the other shower and you can use mine.”

Janice’s mind was swimming with being asked to spend the night, to parking her car in the tenant space, to now the option of getting a shower together…

“Baby what do you want,” he asked her. While kissing her on the top of her head as he held her tight to him?

“Oh I’m sorry, I’m just a little overwhelmed right now!”

Apologetic, Jason said, “I’m so sorry that I put so much on you all at once. I’m, just so used to taking charge and getting tasks accomplished efficiently which is easy at work and at home, it’s been just me. I’ll try and be more respectful to you and not push you into doing something you’re not comfortable with.”

“Oh no,” Janice said, “You’ve been nothing but wonderful to me today. Although I must admit I was hoping we might end up like this, I just didn’t want to believe it would happen. And WOW, did it happen, TWICE!!”

They both had to chuckle, with Jason. “Adding and the day isn’t over!”

“Mmmm, I know,” she added. “If you will give me a chance to clean up first before you come into the shower I would love nothing more than to shower with you. After what we just did I’m sure there’s going to be a mess down there.”

“Sure go ahead, everything you will need should be easy to find. Be ok if I come a few minutes after I hear the shower turn on?”

“Yes of course,” Janice said.

To be continued…

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